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East Kent Regiment Table: Y

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32261Yalden, C JEast Kent Regiment201171Private --Link
32262Yapp, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/13976Private [1] North Staffordshire Regiment 27362 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13976 Private [3] Royal Air Force 139385 Private Link
32263Yard, William TEast Kent Regiment8762Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8762 Private [2] Royal Scots 302736 Private Link
32264Yarnold, William SEast Kent Regiment4782Sapper [1] Royal Engineers WR324246 Sapper [2] East Kent Regiment 4782 Sapper [3] Army Cyclist Corps 21106 Sapper [4] Royal Engineers 317463 Sapper Link
32265Yates, A AEast Kent RegimentG/13354Private --Link
32266Yates, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/14031Private --Link
32267Yates, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/18997Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/18997 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 22372 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR/10/52668 Private [4] Labour Corps 356878 Private [5] Royal Engineers 347812 Private [6] Royal Engineers WR/279216 Private Link
32268Yates, H GEast Kent RegimentG/18735Private --Link
32269Yates, JohnEast Kent Regiment3648Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3648 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241546 Private Link
32270Yates, RichardEast Kent RegimentL/12135Private [1] London Regiment 593375 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12135 Private Link
32271Yaxley, C TEast Kent RegimentL/12514Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 70159 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12514 Private Link
32272Yaxley, G EEast Kent Regiment265312Serjeant [1] Norfolk Regiment 2217 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 265312 Serjeant Link
32273Yaxley, W GEast Kent RegimentG/22017Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22017 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11560 Private Link
32274Yeardye, A EEast Kent RegimentS/405Private --Link
32275Yeatman, James REast Kent Regiment25116Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25116 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102474 Private Link
32276Yellowlees, David MacKinlayEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders - Second Lieutenant [3] Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders - Captain Link
32277Yendall, Henry AEast Kent Regiment203003Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203003 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 275252 (Incomplete) Private [3] London Regiment 275252 (Incomplete) Private Link
32278Yeo, Charles H JEast Kent Regiment733Private [1] East Kent Regiment 733 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 34632 Private Link
32279Yeoman, EliasEast Kent Regiment2815Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 2815 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 365073 Serjeant Link
32280Yeoman, W CEast Kent Regiment37Serjeant --Link
32281Yeomanson, G EEast Kent Regiment201159Private --Link
32282Yeulett, H CEast Kent Regiment3428Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3428 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241358 Private Link
32283Yolland, Harold JEast Kent Regiment20313Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20313 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 215257 Private Link
32284Yondin, R J CEast Kent RegimentL/9794Private --Link
32285York, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/10373Private --Link
32286York, C JEast Kent RegimentG-23546Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 17241 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G-23546 Private Link
32287York, CuthbertEast Kent RegimentG-19027Private --Link
32288York, Horace HEast Kent Regiment14804Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 39847 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14804 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22429 Private Link
32289York, Walter WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/24123Private --Link
32290Yorke, A CEast Kent Regiment9377Private --Link
32291Yorke, A HEast Kent RegimentL/12955Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/7807 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12955 Private Link
32292Yorke, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/29263Private --Link
32293Yorke, E KEast Kent Regiment2420Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2420 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240726 Private Link
32294Yorke, Herbert WEast Kent Regiment12869Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 2923 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12869 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 76102 Private [4] Royal Engineers 310592 Sapper Link
32295Youden, R J CEast Kent RegimentL/9794Private --Link
32296Youles, J WEast Kent RegimentS/9870Corporal --Link
32297Young, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/809Private --Link
32298Young, ArthurEast Kent RegimentL/9259Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9259 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9259 Serjeant Link
32299Young, C JEast Kent RegimentG/6713Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6713 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 3103 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 241080 Private Link
32300Young, C JEast Kent RegimentG/27776Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 206152 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27776 Private Link
32301Young, C SEast Kent Regiment270468Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3097 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270468 Private Link
32302Young, C TEast Kent RegimentG/6088Private --Link
32303Young, C TEast Kent RegimentL/8102Private --Link
32304Young, Charles MauriceEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Yorkshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
32305Young, D LEast Kent RegimentG/27905Private [1] Army Veterinary Corps SE/33675 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27905 Private Link
32306Young, E EEast Kent Regiment5344Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5344 Private [2] Essex Regiment 31373 Private Link
32307Young, E FEast Kent RegimentL/5376Private --Link
32308Young, Edward EEast Kent RegimentL/7646Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/7646 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 49471 Private [3] Royal Defence Corps 91572 Private Link
32309Young, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/21745Colour Serjeant --Link
32310Young, F GEast Kent RegimentS/87Private --Link
32311Young, F GEast Kent Regiment2427Private --Link
32312Young, Francis TheophilusEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
32313Young, FrankEast Kent Regiment18644Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 18644 Acting Corporal [2] Middlesex Regiment 41524 Acting Corporal [3] King's Own Scottish Borderers 242232 Acting Corporal Link
32314Young, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/3056Private --Link
32315Young, FrederickEast Kent Regiment9866Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9866 Private [2] Labour Corps 609298 Private Link
32316Young, Frederick GEast Kent Regiment1814Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1814 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/28917 Private Link
32317Young, GEast Kent Regiment317Private [1] East Kent Regiment 317 Private [2] Essex Regiment 54707 Private Link
32318Young, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/8930Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/8930 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 61054 Private Link
32319Young, George PEast Kent Regiment3194Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 20107 Private [2] Royal Engineers 262474 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 3194 Private Link
32320Young, GilbertEast Kent RegimentG/3068Private --Link
32321Young, H EEast Kent RegimentL/9289Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9289 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9289 Serjeant Link
32322Young, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/6635Private --Link
32323Young, Horace REast Kent Regiment9761Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9761 Private [2] Labour Corps 597222 Private Link
32324Young, J EEast Kent Regiment11765Private --Link
32325Young, JackEast Kent Regiment Depot3/10546Acting Serjeant --Link
32326Young, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/24341Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24341 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/18523 Private Link
32327Young, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/21913Private --Link
32328Young, JohnEast Kent RegimentG-8160Private --Link
32329Young, John GEast Kent RegimentG/20330Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/20330 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58207 Private Link
32330Young, John WEast Kent Regiment10181Private --Link
32331Young, Philip HarryEast Kent RegimentG-20037Private [1] East Kent Regiment G-20037 Private [2] South Lancashire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
32332Young, R TheodoreEast Kent RegimentG/10845Serjeant --Link
32333Young, Robert AEast Kent Regiment10103Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10103 Private [2] Border Regiment 28381 Private [3] Royal Munster Fusiliers G/40874 Private Link
32334Young, S W TEast Kent Regiment201043Private --Link
32335Young, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/543Private --Link
32336Young, WilliamEast Kent Regiment5938Private --Link
32337Young, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/13930Private --Link
32338Young, William AEast Kent Regiment25492Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25492 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79345 Private Link
32339Young, William GEast Kent Regiment11761Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11761 Private [2] Army Service Corps R/366753 Private Link
32340Young, William JohnEast Kent Regiment4880Private --Link
32341Younghusband, JohnEast Kent Regiment8/28189Private [1] Army Veterinary Corps SE/31339 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 8/28189 Private Link
32342Youngman, A G FEast Kent RegimentG/35639Private --Link
32343Youngman, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/14287Private --Link
32344Youngman, WilliamEast Kent Regiment24125Private --Link
32345Youngs, A BEast Kent RegimentSR/10601Private [1] East Kent Regiment SR/10601 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10601 Private Link
32346Youngs, Albert CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/28241Serjeant [1] Royal Horse Artillery 87953 Serjeant [2] Royal Field Artillery 87953 Serjeant [3] Labour Corps 534125 Serjeant [4] East Kent Regiment G/28241 Serjeant Link
32347Youngs, H EEast Kent RegimentG/2899Private --Link
32348Yoveish, KonstantEast Kent RegimentG/26284Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26284 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/2248 Private Link