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East Kent Regiment Table: W

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29730Waby, R WEast Kent RegimentG/3424Lance Serjeant Acting Serjeant --Link
29731Waby, R WEast Kent RegimentG/3424Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/3424 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/3424 Corporal Link
29732Waby, Robert WanstallEast Kent RegimentG/3424Lance Serjeant --Link
29733Wacey, J HEast Kent RegimentG/12015Private --Link
29734Wackrill, WilliamEast Kent Regiment779Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 779 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 48170 Company Quarter Master Serjeant Link
29735Waddell, HoraceEast Kent Regiment201943Private --Link
29736Waddingham, R HEast Kent RegimentG2215Private --Link
29737Waddington, R HEast Kent RegimentG/2215Lance Corporal --Link
29738Waddup, REast Kent Regiment52Private --Link
29739Waddup, RichardEast Kent Regiment52Private [1] East Kent Regiment 52 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200003 Private Link
29740Wade, CharlesEast Kent Regiment10770Private [1] East Surrey Regiment L/6113 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 10770 Private Link
29741Wade, D WEast Kent RegimentL/10513Private --Link
29742Wade, E HEast Kent RegimentL/4937Bandsman [1] East Kent Regiment L/4937 Bandsman [2] East Kent Regiment L/4937 Corporal Link
29743Wade, G TEast Kent RegimentG/3503Private --Link
29744Wade, George NEast Kent Regiment202626Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202626 Private [2] Labour Corps 641189 Private Link
29745Wade, George WEast Kent RegimentGS/7514Private [1] East Kent Regiment GS/7514 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/386023 Private Link
29746Wade, H VEast Kent RegimentG/21723Private --Link
29747Wade, JamesEast Kent Regiment10970Private --Link
29748Wade, JamesEast Kent Regiment202573Private --Link
29749Wade, R WEast Kent RegimentG/7580Private --Link
29750Wade, S EEast Kent RegimentL/10199Private --Link
29751Wade, W GEast Kent Regiment10776Private --Link
29752Wade, Walter AEast Kent Regiment24875Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24875 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79381 Private Link
29753Wade, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/1680Private --Link
29754Wade, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/10770Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 6113 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10770 Private Link
29755Wadey, JesseEast Kent RegimentG/23800Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/57287 Private [2] Training Reserve Battalion 21578 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion S/29622 Private [4] East Kent Regiment G/23800 Private [5] Labour Corps 442724 Private [6] Royal Engineers 564173 Private Link
29756Wadham, A EEast Kent Regiment270537Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 693 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270537 Private Link
29757Wadmore, W GEast Kent RegimentG/26175Private --Link
29758Wadsworth, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/29247Private --Link
29759Wadsworth, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/10368Private --Link
29760Wady, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/9393Private --Link
29761Wager, T WEast Kent RegimentG/12073Private --Link
29762Wager, WilliamEast Kent Regiment202586Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202586 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79454 Private Link
29763Waghorn, AlfredEast Kent Regiment2521Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2521 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240791 Private Link
29764Waghorn, CharlesEast Kent RegimentS/711Private Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment S/711 Private Corporal [2] Tank Corps 75974 Private Link
29765Waghorn, CharleyEast Kent RegimentG/26622Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26622 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11679 Private Link
29766Waghorn, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/8200Private --Link
29767Waghorn, G IEast Kent Regiment6122Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6122 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 242895 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment TF/1354 Private Link
29768Waghorn, G JEast Kent RegimentL/8796Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8796 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6278114 Private Link
29769Waghorn, Harry JamesEast Kent Regiment-- [1] East Kent Regiment - - [2] Dorsetshire Regiment - Lieutenant [3] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
29770Waghorn, J EEast Kent RegimentL/7239Private --Link
29771Waghorn, J EEast Kent RegimentG/11443Private --Link
29772Waghorn, S AEast Kent RegimentG/3707Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3707 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 203918 Corporal Link
29773Waghorn, SidneyEast Kent RegimentL/10266Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10266 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10266 Corporal Link
29774Waghorn, Sydney GeorgeEast Kent Regiment270623Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 950 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270623 Private [3] Royal Field Artillery - Second Lieutenant Link
29775Waghorne, CharlesEast Kent Regiment711Private [1] East Kent Regiment 711 Private [2] Labour Corps 388752 Private Link
29776Waghorne, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/8200Private --Link
29777Waghorne, WilliamEast Kent Regiment1672Private --Link
29778Wagstaff, Edwin JEast Kent RegimentL/10913Lance Corporal Acting Serjeant [1] Royal Fusiliers L/14983 Lance Corporal Acting Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/10913 Lance Corporal Acting Serjeant Link
29779Wagstaff, RonaldEast Kent Regiment25828Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25828 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/19430 Private Link
29780Wagstaff, W JEast Kent RegimentG-23942Private --Link
29781Wagstaff, Wilfred LEast Kent Regiment29286Private [1] East Kent Regiment 29286 Private [2] Leicestershire Regiment 65367 Private Link
29782Wagthorne, WilliamEast Kent Regiment1672Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1672 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240430 Private Link
29783Waight, A WEast Kent Regiment/7224Private --Link
29784Waight, A WEast Kent RegimentG/7224- --Link
29785Waight, J HEast Kent RegimentG/5967Private --Link
29786Wain, FrankEast Kent Regiment5373Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 8121 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 5373 Private Link
29787Wain, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/29255Private --Link
29788Wain, William JEast Kent Regiment1035Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1035 Private [2] Labour Corps 532299 Private Link
29789Wainwright, F JEast Kent Regiment200741Private --Link
29790Wainwright, J GEast Kent Regiment1623- [1] East Kent Regiment 1623 - [2] Cadet Corps 1623 - [3] Guides/Indian Army - Lieutenant [4] Sikhs - Lieutenant Link
29791Wainwright, W PEast Kent Regiment2151Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2151 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200466 Private Link
29792Waite, F WEast Kent RegimentL10775Private --Link
29793Waite, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/35895Private [1] East Surrey Regiment G/2372 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/35895 Private Link
29794Waite, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/3522Private --Link
29795Waite, Joseph ThorpEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
29796Waite, S SEast Kent RegimentG/2084Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/2084 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/2084 Private Link
29797Wake, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/13319Private --Link
29798Wake, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/23274Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 95465 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/23274 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 58204 Private Link
29799Wakefield, C HEast Kent Regiment1217Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 1217 Serjeant [2] Essex Regiment 54709 Serjeant Link
29800Wakefield, Thomas WEast Kent Regiment4428Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4428 Private [2] Labour Corps 437516 Private Link
29801Wakefield, W SEast Kent RegimentG/26709Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26709 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 62173 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment L/12562 Private Link
29802Wakefield, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/6613Private --Link
29803Wakeham, HaleEast Kent Regiment10406Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10406 Private [2] Labour Corps 494253 Private Link
29804Wakelin, A CEast Kent RegimentG/660Lance Corporal --Link
29805Wakelin, A GEast Kent RegimentTF/660Private --Link
29806Wakelin, FredEast Kent Regiment200855Private --Link
29807Wakelin, LewisEast Kent Regiment14090Private [1] West Riding Regiment 202707 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14090 Private [3] Welsh Regiment 67861 Private Link
29808Wakeling, FrankEast Kent Regiment8490Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8490 Private [2] Royal Air Force 134334 Private Link
29809Wakeling, Stephen HEast Kent RegimentG/1653Private --Link
29810Wakelon, A GEast Kent Regiment077Corporal --Link
29811Wakeman, A REast Kent Regiment270914Corporal [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1947 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 270914 Corporal Link
29812Wakeman, S WEast Kent RegimentG/673Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/673 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 203115 Lance Corporal Link
29813Wakeman, S WEast Kent RegimentG/673Lance Corporal --Link
29814Wakeman, WilliamEast Kent Regiment20345Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20345 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 205768 Private Link
29815Wakerley, Victor SEast Kent Regiment26670Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26670 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/62160 Private Link
29816Walbancke, RichardEast Kent RegimentG-19192Private --Link
29817Walbey, C WEast Kent RegimentG-23522Private --Link
29818Walden, AlfredEast Kent Regiment204468Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204468 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 163502 Private Link
29819Walden, HEast Kent Regiment Depot19603Private --Link
29820Walden, HarryEast Kent Regiment203966Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 203115 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203966 Private Link
29821Walden, Harry WEast Kent RegimentG/14378Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 16817 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14378 Private [3] Army Pay Corps 24841 Private Link
29822Walder, N FEast Kent RegimentG/5979Private --Link
29823Waldie, J DEast Kent RegimentG/14375Private --Link
29824Waldon, Thomas SEast Kent RegimentG/14120Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14120 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38565 Private Link
29825Waldron, A WEast Kent RegimentG/10206Corporal --Link
29826Waldron, Horace GEast Kent Regiment204017Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204017 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 201527 Private Link
29827Waldron, ThomasEast Kent RegimentS/13269Private --Link
29828Waldy, BrienEast Kent RegimentG/11692Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/11692 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers PS/9419 Private Link
29829Wale, AnthonyEast Kent RegimentG/23297Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 88798 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/23297 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265256 Private Link
29830Wale, Norman GuinessEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
29831Wales, George FEast Kent RegimentG/20316Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/20316 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58192 Private Link
29832Wales, WalterEast Kent Regiment17603Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17603 Private [2] Labour Corps 584494 Private Link
29833Wales, Walter J J DEast Kent Regiment240320Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240320 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 245397 Private [3] London Regiment 245397 Private Link
29834Walford, N PEast Kent Regiment243302Private --Link
29835Walker, AEast Kent Regiment18832Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 18832 Serjeant [2] Essex Regiment 54731 Serjeant Link
29836Walker, A EEast Kent RegimentG/4076Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/4076 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/4076 Serjeant Link
29837Walker, A JEast Kent RegimentG/3521Private --Link
29838Walker, A WEast Kent Regiment4454Private --Link
29839Walker, Albert EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/4076Private Lance Corporal --Link
29840Walker, AlfredEast Kent RegimentSR/6221Private --Link
29841Walker, Alfred JEast Kent Regiment17842Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17842 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 65383 Private [3] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102649 Private Link
29842Walker, ArchibaldEast Kent Regiment242441Private [1] East Kent Regiment 242441 Private [2] Labour Corps 420973 Private Link
29843Walker, ArthurEast Kent RegimentL/9983Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9983 Private [2] Royal Engineers 246853 Acting Corporal Link
29844Walker, BertieEast Kent RegimentG/3397Private --Link
29845Walker, C A TEast Kent Regiment2172Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2172 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200477 Private Link
29846Walker, C CEast Kent Regiment1498Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1498 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 209504 Private Link
29847Walker, E WEast Kent Regiment240338Private --Link
29848Walker, EdwardEast Kent RegimentS/9683Private --Link
29849Walker, F CEast Kent RegimentG-8562Private --Link
29850Walker, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/7602Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/7602 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/7602 Private Link
29851Walker, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/10128Private --Link
29852Walker, Frank GilbertEast Kent RegimentL/11864Private --Link
29853Walker, FredEast Kent Regiment11279Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11279 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 40350 Private [3] Gloucestershire Regiment 53658 Private Link
29854Walker, G AEast Kent RegimentG/3340Private --Link
29855Walker, G DEast Kent RegimentL/7095Corporal --Link
29856Walker, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentS/769Private --Link
29857Walker, George CEast Kent Regiment1498Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1498 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 209504 Private Link
29858Walker, H J GEast Kent Regiment2565Corporal --Link
29859Walker, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/26569Private --Link
29860Walker, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/25786Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25786 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38566 Private Link
29861Walker, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/22320Private --Link
29862Walker, Harry HEast Kent Regiment3205Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 3205 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 541990 Serjeant Link
29863Walker, HenryEast Kent Regiment565Private [1] East Kent Regiment 565 Private [2] Labour Corps 406841 Private Link
29864Walker, I EEast Kent RegimentG/5938Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/5938 Corporal [2] Hampshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
29865Walker, JEast Kent RegimentG/14687Private --Link
29866Walker, J AEast Kent RegimentG/14687Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 13460 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14687 Private Link
29867Walker, J HEast Kent Regiment3360Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3360 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241300 Private Link
29868Walker, J H AEast Kent RegimentG/14868Private --Link
29869Walker, J JEast Kent RegimentL/12962Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/6841 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12962 Private Link
29870Walker, J SEast Kent RegimentG/29251Private --Link
29871Walker, JamesEast Kent Regiment14691Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 81563 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14691 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 88950 Private [4] Northumberland Fusiliers 4257456 Private Link
29872Walker, JohnEast Kent Regiment204503Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 1638 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204503 Private Link
29873Walker, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/24340Private [1] Army Service Corps T/3406 - [2] Army Service Corps T4/241136 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/24340 Private [4] Royal Sussex Regiment G/18522 Private Link
29874Walker, JohnEast Kent RegimentS/821Private --Link
29875Walker, JohnEast Kent Regiment265237Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265237 Private [2] Labour Corps 522369 Private Link
29876Walker, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/3518Private --Link
29877Walker, JosephEast Kent Regiment24590Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24590 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102510 Private Link
29878Walker, LeonardEast Kent RegimentG/14554Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 61572 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14554 Private Link
29879Walker, MauriceEast Kent RegimentG/29259Private --Link
29880Walker, MauriceEast Kent Regiment3638Acting Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 3638 Acting Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 241536 Acting Serjeant Link
29881Walker, P JEast Kent RegimentG/20907Private --Link
29882Walker, R JEast Kent RegimentL/8766Private --Link
29883Walker, R P SEast Kent RegimentG/25539Private --Link
29884Walker, R WEast Kent RegimentG/21372Private --Link
29885Walker, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
29886Walker, RichardEast Kent RegimentG/7180Driver [1] Royal Field Artillery 16291 Driver [2] East Kent Regiment G/7180 Driver Link
29887Walker, RobertEast Kent RegimentG/2870Private --Link
29888Walker, SamuelEast Kent Regiment19370Private [1] Royal Fusiliers SR/47 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 19370 Private [3] Labour Corps 320797 Private Link
29889Walker, T GEast Kent RegimentG/20967Private --Link
29890Walker, T HEast Kent RegimentG/18228Private --Link
29891Walker, W SEast Kent Regiment270811Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1655 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270811 Private Link
29892Walker, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG-24051Private --Link
29893Walker, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/10775Lance Corporal --Link
29894Walker, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/29250Private --Link
29895Walkerley, George BourkeEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Sussex Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
29896Walkom, F JEast Kent RegimentL/8883Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8883 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8883 Corporal Link
29897Walkom, George AEast Kent RegimentL/7233Private --Link
29898Wall, AEast Kent RegimentG/10282Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment G/10282 Serjeant [2] Essex Regiment 43827 Serjeant Link
29899Wall, AlfredEast Kent Regiment827Private [1] East Kent Regiment 827 Private [2] Somerset Light Infantry 44817 Private Link
29900Wall, C JEast Kent RegimentS/741Private --Link
29901Wall, F JEast Kent Regiment200683Private --Link
29902Wall, F WEast Kent RegimentL/5595Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/5595 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/5595 Acting Warrant Officer Class 1 Link
29903Wall, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/4432Private --Link
29904Wall, HerbertEast Kent Regiment12197Private [1] East Kent Regiment 12197 Private [2] Labour Corps 610805 Private Link
29905Wall, JohnEast Kent RegimentSR/10927Private --Link
29906Wall, JosephEast Kent RegimentL/7039Private --Link
29907Wall, P HEast Kent RegimentL/8209Private --Link
29908Wall, R REast Kent RegimentG-19081Private --Link
29909Wall, StanleyEast Kent RegimentG/6748Private --Link
29910Wall, W JEast Kent RegimentG/260Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/260 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/260 Serjeant Link
29911Wall, W JEast Kent Regiment260Lance Corporal --Link
29912Wall, W JEast Kent Regiment260Corporal --Link
29913Wall, W JEast Kent Regiment260Lance Corporal --Link
29914Wall, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/25965Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25965 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79341 Private Link
29915Wall, William JEast Kent Regiment10359Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10359 Private [2] Labour Corps 120720 Private Link
29916Wallace, A EEast Kent RegimentL/6217Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6217 Private [2] Essex Regiment 31342 Private Link
29917Wallace, DanielEast Kent RegimentG/4144Private --Link
29918Wallace, E JEast Kent RegimentL/12619Private [1] Lincolnshire Regiment 43928 Private [2] Labour Corps 603470 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/12619 Private Link
29919Wallace, RobertEast Kent RegimentG/25149Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/25149 Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22430 Corporal Link
29920Wallace, RobertEast Kent Regiment25149Corporal Lance Serjeant --Link
29921Wallace, SamuelEast Kent RegimentG/1816Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1816 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1816 Corporal Link
29922Wallace, W CEast Kent RegimentG/9992Private --Link
29923Wallace, W EEast Kent Regiment DepotG/36904Acting Lance Serjeant --Link
29924Wallace, W EEast Kent Regiment35776Private [1] East Kent Regiment 35776 Private [2] Royal Engineers 205674 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/310837 Private Link
29925Wallace, W JEast Kent RegimentL/7865Private --Link
29926Wallace, WilliamEast Kent Regiment2525Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2525 Private [2] Labour Corps 428005 Private Link
29927Wallaker, William GEast Kent Regiment1962Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1962 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13470 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 210593 Private Link
29928Waller, A TEast Kent RegimentG/26158Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26158 Private [2] Army Service Corps MR/47724 Private Link
29929Waller, E GEast Kent RegimentG/21477Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21477 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11766 Private Link
29930Waller, G WEast Kent Regiment4048Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4048 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 201378 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/13354 Private Link
29931Waller, J HEast Kent RegimentG/13184Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 13999 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13184 Private Link
29932Waller, J REast Kent RegimentG/14651Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 8356 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14651 Private Link
29933Waller, Leslie ReginaldEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 9363 Private [2] Officer Training Corps Infantry Corps 6723 Lance Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
29934Waller, Reginald JEast Kent Regiment202263Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202263 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204569 Private Link
29935Waller, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/26112Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26112 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38567 Private Link
29936Waller, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/6139Private --Link
29937Waller, W TEast Kent Regiment203744Private --Link
29938Waller, Walter ArthurEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
29939Waller, William REast Kent Regiment23444Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23444 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79383 Private Link
29940Walley, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG 11666Corporal [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/7775 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G 11666 Corporal Link
29941Wallington, G FEast Kent Regiment201891Private --Link
29942Wallis, A J BEast Kent RegimentG/12865Private --Link
29943Wallis, ArnoldEast Kent RegimentG/20800Private --Link
29944Wallis, Benjamin JEast Kent Regiment4023Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4023 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 311052 Private Link
29945Wallis, Bernard S BEast Kent RegimentG/12022Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/12022 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22427 Private Link
29946Wallis, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/18623Private --Link
29947Wallis, FrankEast Kent RegimentL/6153Private --Link
29948Wallis, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/15703Private --Link
29949Wallis, Frederick GeorgeEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
29950Wallis, George TEast Kent Regiment17996Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17996 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65405 Private Link
29951Wallis, JohnEast Kent Regiment9/854Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9/854 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 132969 Private Link
29952Wallis, RobertEast Kent RegimentG/1296Private --Link
29953Wallis, Sidney SEast Kent Regiment13502Private [1] East Kent Regiment 13502 Private [2] East Surrey Regiment 42764 Private Link
29954Wallis, ThomasEast Kent Regiment270595Serjeant [1] West Kent Yeomanry 891 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270595 Serjeant [3] Royal Air Force - Second Lieutenant Link
29955Wallis, W AEast Kent Regiment2212Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2212 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270986 Private Link
29956Wallis, W AEast Kent RegimentG 11693Private [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/7534 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G 11693 Private Link
29957Wallis, W JEast Kent RegimentG/20874Private --Link
29958Wallis, W VEast Kent RegimentG/20819Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/20819 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11610 Private Link
29959Wallis, W VEast Kent Regiment241198Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 16994 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241198 Private Link
29960Wallis, WalterEast Kent Regiment4512Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4512 Private [2] South Lancashire Regiment 63920 Private [3] Labour Corps 401198 Private Link
29961Wallis, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/3242Private --Link
29962Walmsley, J FEast Kent RegimentL/8716Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8716 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8716 Private Link
29963Walpole, ArchibaldEast Kent Regiment2904Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2904 Private [2] Gloucestershire Regiment 33871 Private Link
29964Walpole, Charles HEast Kent Regiment2903Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2903 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 036558 Lance Corporal Link
29965Walpole, William LEast Kent Regiment9203Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 9203 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 9203 Serjeant [3] Labour Corps 74804 Serjeant Link
29966Walsh, E LEast Kent RegimentG/12238Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/4082 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12238 Private Link
29967Walsh, J REast Kent RegimentG/27740Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 29408 Private [2] Labour Corps 61673 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27740 Private Link
29968Walsh, JamesEast Kent Regiment241239Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 15267 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241239 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3290 Private Link
29969Walsh, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/4834Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/4834 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/4834 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
29970Walsh, PatrickEast Kent RegimentL/10418Lance Serjeant --Link
29971Walsh, PatrickEast Kent RegimentG/13255Private --Link
29972Walsh, RichardEast Kent RegimentL/13185Private [1] Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 27711 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/13185 Private Link
29973Walsh, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/26069Private [1] Rifle Brigade 13591 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/26069 Private Link
29974Walsh, V PEast Kent Regiment-- --Link
29975Walsh, WilfredEast Kent RegimentG/27758Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 74887 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27758 Private Link
29976Walter, ClaudEast Kent RegimentG/2269Private --Link
29977Walter, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/543Private --Link
29978Walter, J FEast Kent RegimentG/11806Private --Link
29979Walter, R PEast Kent RegimentG/13826Private --Link
29980Walter, ReginaldEast Kent RegimentG/11667Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/11667 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers PS/8656 Private Link
29981Walter, V J TEast Kent RegimentG/23298Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 88790 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/23298 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265255 Private Link
29982Walter, WilliamEast Kent Regiment3539Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3539 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 35847 Private Link
29983Walter, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG14379Private --Link
29984Walter, William H JEast Kent Regiment3639Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3639 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 48953 Private Link
29985Walters, AlbertEast Kent Regiment2530- [1] East Kent Regiment 2530 - [2] Royal Engineers 1346 - [3] Royal Engineers 127940 Pioneer Link
29986Walters, CEast Kent RegimentG/2269Private --Link
29987Walters, C WEast Kent RegimentG/15779Private --Link
29988Walters, DavidEast Kent RegimentG/22541Private --Link
29989Walters, F JEast Kent Regiment201260Serjeant --Link
29990Walters, FredEast Kent RegimentG/29260Private --Link
29991Walters, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/14568Private --Link
29992Walters, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/14568Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 48254 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14568 Private Link
29993Walters, P GEast Kent Regiment270677Serjeant [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1082 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270677 Serjeant Link
29994Walters, WilliamEast Kent Regiment1444Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1444 Private [2] Royal Air Force 300736 Private Link
29995Walters, William MosleyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Shropshire Light Infantry 12184 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
29996Waltham, J WEast Kent RegimentG19625Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/469 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G19625 Private Link
29997Walton, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/7576Private --Link
29998Walton, George AEast Kent Regiment201792Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201792 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/64108 Private Link
29999Walton, HoraceEast Kent Regiment202374Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202374 Private [2] Labour Corps 616028 Private Link
30000Walton, HoraceEast Kent Regiment20244Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 20244 Corporal [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79344 Corporal Link
30001Walton, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/13284Private --Link
30002Walton, PercyEast Kent Regiment4793Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4793 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41509 Private Link
30003Walton, PercyEast Kent Regiment201023Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201023 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 229365 Private [3] London Regiment 229365 Private Link
30004Walton, RennieEast Kent RegimentG/4009Private --Link
30005Walton, W ERoyal Army Medical Corps attached East Kent Regiment1294Private --Link
30006Wandspeer, S LEast Kent RegimentG/13746Serjeant --Link
30007Wanstall, Albert EEast Kent Regiment201019Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201019 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 229362 Private [3] London Regiment 229362 Private Link
30008Wanstall, AlfredEast Kent Regiment270465Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3093 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270465 Private Link
30009Wanstall, EdwardEast Kent Regiment3980Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3980 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241622 Private Link
30010Wanstall, Elton CyrilEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers 3369 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
30011Wanstall, F NEast Kent RegimentG/7628Private --Link
30012Wanstall, FrederickEast Kent Regiment200864Private --Link
30013Wanstall, JamesEast Kent RegimentL/8243Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8243 Private [2] Tank Corps 76106 Gunner Link
30014Wanstall, PercyEast Kent Regiment4022Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4022 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241631 Private Link
30015Wanstall, S WEast Kent RegimentL/10060Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10060 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6278372 Private Link
30016Wanstall, T FEast Kent RegimentG/7626Private --Link
30017Wanstall, W GEast Kent RegimentS/11578Corporal --Link
30018Wanstall, WalterEast Kent Regiment203316Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203316 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204513 Private Link
30019Wanstall, WilliamEast Kent Regiment201035Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201035 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 229364 Private [3] London Regiment 229364 Private Link
30020Want, Henry WEast Kent Regiment5427Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5427 Private [2] Labour Corps 641323 Private Link
30021Want, JamesEast Kent RegimentG-18902Private --Link
30022Wapshott, StanleyEast Kent RegimentG/25483Private --Link
30023Warbey, H FEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
30024Warburton, EdwinEast Kent RegimentG-22321Acting Serjeant --Link
30025Warby, W REast Kent RegimentG/10875Private --Link
30026Ward, A EEast Kent Regiment204427Private --Link
30027Ward, A EEast Kent RegimentG/24707Private --Link
30028Ward, A EEast Kent RegimentG/10407Private --Link
30029Ward, A EEast Kent RegimentL/7115Private --Link
30030Ward, A JEast Kent RegimentG/27739Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 46222 Private [2] Labour Corps 71263 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27739 Private Link
30031Ward, C W MEast Kent RegimentG/2012Corporal --Link
30032Ward, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/10094Private --Link
30033Ward, Charles FEast Kent Regiment17827Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17827 Private [2] Labour Corps 602544 Private Link
30034Ward, Charles WEast Kent RegimentSR/662Private [1] East Kent Regiment SR/662 Private [2] Labour Corps 41439 Private Link
30035Ward, DavidEast Kent Regiment710889Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 10626 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 710889 Private [3] Labour Corps 154050 Private Link
30036Ward, Dudley EdwardEast Kent Regiment DepotL/10517Private --Link
30037Ward, E REast Kent RegimentG23911Private --Link
30038Ward, EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/11807Serjeant --Link
30039Ward, ErnestEast Kent Regiment243222Corporal [1] Kent Cyclist Battalion 266333 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 243222 Corporal Link
30040Ward, Ernest JEast Kent RegimentL10807Private [1] Essex Regiment 10814 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L10807 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6278584 Private [4] Royal West Kent Regiment 6278584 Private Link
30041Ward, F OEast Kent RegimentG/21262Private --Link
30042Ward, FrankEast Kent Regiment240306Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240306 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 245401 Private [3] London Regiment 245401 Private Link
30043Ward, FrederickEast Kent Regiment206060Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 2191 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206060 Private Link
30044Ward, FrederickEast Kent Regiment3889Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3889 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41510 Private Link
30045Ward, FrederickEast Kent Regiment206004Lance Corporal [1] Yorkshire Regiment 2029 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206004 Lance Corporal Link
30046Ward, Frederick AEast Kent Regiment10204Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10204 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58139 Private Link
30047Ward, Frederick WEast Kent Regiment6719Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6719 Private [2] Labour Corps 395825 Private Link
30048Ward, G DEast Kent RegimentG-23448Private --Link
30049Ward, G WEast Kent RegimentL/10376Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10376 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10376 Acting Corporal Link
30050Ward, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG8156Private --Link
30051Ward, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/8349Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8349 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8349 Acting Serjeant Link
30052Ward, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG9576Private --Link
30053Ward, H TEast Kent Regiment201137Serjeant --Link
30054Ward, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/11694Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/11694 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers PS/7526 Private Link
30055Ward, Harold EyresEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
30056Ward, HarryEast Kent Regiment8492Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8492 Private [2] Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 58813 Private Link
30057Ward, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/3517Private --Link
30058Ward, HerbertEast Kent Regiment23906Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23906 Private [2] Royal Lancaster Regiment 28127 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 158658 Private Link
30059Ward, HerbertEast Kent Regiment23906Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23906 Private [2] Royal Lancaster Regiment 28127 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 158658 Private Link
30060Ward, Horace EEast Kent RegimentS/25570Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 66686 Private [2] East Kent Regiment S/25570 Private [3] Seaforth Highlanders 30605 Private Link
30061Ward, JEast Kent Regiment8438Serjeant --Link
30062Ward, J HEast Kent RegimentG/17660Private --Link
30063Ward, J WEast Kent Regiment3640Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3640 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241538 Private Link
30064Ward, J WEast Kent RegimentG/35638Private --Link
30065Ward, JamesEast Kent Regiment4306Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4306 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/398589 Private Link
30066Ward, JamesEast Kent Regiment242761Private [1] East Kent Regiment 242761 Private [2] Labour Corps 651217 Private Link
30067Ward, JamesEast Kent Regiment6280097Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/9192 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment L/13797 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6280097 Private [4] East Kent Regiment L280097 Serjeant Link
30068Ward, James FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/24591Private --Link
30069Ward, JohnEast Kent Regiment240111Private --Link
30070Ward, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/8438Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8438 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8438 Serjeant Link
30071Ward, Lawrence SEast Kent Regiment10984Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10984 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58140 Private Link
30072Ward, LentonEast Kent Regiment204346Private --Link
30073Ward, R O CEast Kent Regiment-Temporary Captain --Link
30074Ward, RobertEast Kent Regiment1816Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1816 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240518 Private Link
30075Ward, Robert Oscar CyrilEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] Tank Corps - Major Link
30076Ward, SEast Kent Regiment2322Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2322 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200561 Private [3] East Lancashire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [4] East Lancashire Regiment - Lieutenant Link
30077Ward, S GEast Kent Regiment203220Private --Link
30078Ward, SamuelEast Kent Regiment206750Private [1] East Kent Regiment 206750 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/64127 Private Link
30079Ward, SidneyEast Kent Regiment12788Private [1] East Kent Regiment 12788 Private [2] Labour Corps 615815 Private Link
30080Ward, Stanley NEast Kent RegimentG/22175Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22175 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69682 Private Link
30081Ward, StephenEast Kent RegimentG/813Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/813 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/813 Corporal Link
30082Ward, StephenEast Kent RegimentG/13256Private --Link
30083Ward, SydneyEast Kent RegimentG/21261Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21261 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58194 Private Link
30084Ward, T C SEast Kent RegimentL/7880Private --Link
30085Ward, T EEast Kent Regiment12972Serjeant [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 77/1962 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 12972 Serjeant Link
30086Ward, T EEast Kent RegimentG/12972Corporal --Link
30087Ward, ThomasEast Kent Regiment23445Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23445 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/53457 Private Link
30088Ward, Thomas HEast Kent Regiment22169Private [1] East Kent Regiment 22169 Private [2] Labour Corps 658579 Private Link
30089Ward, W J REast Kent RegimentL/8624Private --Link
30090Ward, W REast Kent RegimentG/10345Private --Link
30091Ward, W SEast Kent RegimentG/20962Private --Link
30092Ward, WilliamEast Kent Regiment202261Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202261 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204583 Private Link
30093Ward, WilliamEast Kent Regiment202149Private --Link
30094Ward, WilliamEast Kent Regiment4582Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4582 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR203492 Pioneer [3] Royal Engineers 276666 Pioneer Link
30095Ward, WilliamEast Kent Regiment11196Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11196 Private [2] Labour Corps 393736 Private Link
30096Ward, William GEast Kent Regiment8502Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8502 Private [2] Royal Scots 202412 Private Link
30097Ward, William TEast Kent Regiment9352Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 9352 Lance Corporal [2] Corps of Hussars 240591 Lance Corporal Link
30098Wardell, Alfred WEast Kent Regiment13755Private [1] East Kent Regiment 13755 Private [2] Corps of Hussars 44074 Private Link
30099Warden, C HEast Kent RegimentL/8571Private --Link
30100Warden, GuyEast Kent Regiment-- [1] East Kent Regiment - - [2] East Kent Regiment - Major Link
30101Wardle, A MEast Kent Regiment204487Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 2303 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204487 Private Link
30102Wardle, EmanuelEast Kent RegimentG/29258Private --Link
30103Wardle, J WEast Kent RegimentG/29253Private --Link
30104Ware, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/11460Private --Link
30105Ware, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/10842Colour Serjeant [1] East Surrey Regiment G/1146 Colour Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment G/10842 Colour Serjeant Link
30106Ware, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/5719Private --Link
30107Ware, Harry PEast Kent RegimentG/25481Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25481 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22424 Private Link
30108Ware, J GEast Kent RegimentG/35685Private --Link
30109Ware, VincentEast Kent Regiment23269Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 124922 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 23269 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 58197 Private Link
30110Ware, WalterEast Kent Regiment12833Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 4166 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12833 Private [3] Royal Engineers 310826 Private Link
30111Ware, William MEast Kent Regiment1550- [1] East Kent Regiment 1550 - [2] Royal Engineers 155218 Pioneer Link
30112Wareham, Ernest WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/17370Private [1] London Regiment 82607 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17370 Private Link
30113Waring, Albert EEast Kent Regiment2339Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2339 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 210053 Private [3] Bedfordshire Regiment 210953 Private Link
30114Waring, C SEast Kent Regiment4061Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4061 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241659 Private Link
30115Waring, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/21152Private --Link
30116Waring, SamuelEast Kent RegimentG/1611Private --Link
30117Waring, T GEast Kent Regiment204124Private [1] Army Veterinary Corps 38 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204124 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/11634 Private Link
30118Warman, A WEast Kent RegimentG/23523Private --Link
30119Warman, S CEast Kent RegimentL/7211Private --Link
30120Warman, StephenEast Kent Regiment264Private [1] East Kent Regiment 264 Private [2] Labour Corps 373865 Private Link
30121Warman, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/13629Private --Link
30122Warman, W H REast Kent RegimentG/13431Private --Link
30123Warne, Cecil EEast Kent Regiment202725Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202725 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 34014 Private [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 150328 Private Link
30124Warne, EdgarEast Kent RegimentL/11258Corporal [1] Army Ordnance Corps 8139 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/11258 Corporal Link
30125Warne, Edward HEast Kent Regiment10417Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10417 Private [2] Labour Corps 655188 Private Link
30126Warne, R GEast Kent Regiment-Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment - Serjeant [2] Royal Garrison Artillery - Battery Serjeant Major Link
30127Warne, R GEast Kent RegimentG/1007Private --Link
30128Warne, R GEast Kent RegimentL/9123Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9123 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9123 Serjeant Link
30129Warneck, J JEast Kent Regiment DepotG/6196Private --Link
30130Warner, C BEast Kent Regiment5483Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5483 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102490 Private [3] Essex Regiment 49982 Private Link
30131Warner, C VEast Kent Regiment5483Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5483 Private [2] Essex Regiment 49982 Private Link
30132Warner, CharlesEast Kent Regiment9073Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 9073 Lance Corporal [2] Labour Corps 340284 Serjeant Link
30133Warner, E JEast Kent Regiment202587Private --Link
30134Warner, ErnestEast Kent Regiment25712Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25712 Private [2] Labour Corps 420215 Private Link
30135Warner, Francis EdwinEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
30136Warner, Francis LEast Kent Regiment9660Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9660 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 227969 Private Link
30137Warner, Frederick JEast Kent Regiment4323Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4323 Private [2] Labour Corps 612888 Private Link
30138Warner, Frederick LEast Kent Regiment1927Private --Link
30139Warner, G EEast Kent RegimentL/7981Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/7981 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 11618 Serjeant Link
30140Warner, HarryEast Kent Regiment25973Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25973 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38584 Private Link
30141Warner, L WEast Kent RegimentG23256Drummer [1] Army Service Corps T/4/071752 Driver [2] East Kent Regiment G23256 Drummer Link
30142Warner, Percy CEast Kent Regiment15002Private [1] East Kent Regiment 15002 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38568 Private Link
30143Warner, Thomas J C JEast Kent Regiment8202Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8202 Private [2] Labour Corps 356163 Private Link
30144Warner, W EEast Kent Regiment270146Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1813 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270146 Private [3] West Yorkshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [4] West Yorkshire Regiment attached Royal Engineers Railway Transport Establishment - Lieutenant Link
30145Warner, W JEast Kent Regiment10482Lance Corporal --Link
30146Warner, W SEast Kent RegimentG/14372Private --Link
30147Warner, William GEast Kent RegimentL/8504Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/8504 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/8504 Colour Serjeant [3] School of Musketry L/8504 Colour Serjeant Link
30148Warner, William JEast Kent Regiment3940Corporal [1] Royal Engineers 157564 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 3940 Corporal [3] Royal Engineers WR/502522 Corporal Link
30149Warner, William JEast Kent RegimentG/5748Private --Link
30150Warner, William JohnEast Kent Regiment10482Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10482 Private [2] Labour Corps 584496 Private Link
30151Warnes, EdwardEast Kent Regiment18711Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18711 Private [2] Labour Corps 461691 Private Link
30152Warnes, Edward AEast Kent Regiment9589Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9589 Private [2] Royal Air Force 133867 Private Link
30153Warnes, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/25609Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25609 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11770 Private Link
30154Warnington, CharlesEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
30155Warrell, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/1472Private --Link
30156Warren, A EEast Kent RegimentL/4323Private --Link
30157Warren, Alfred HEast Kent Regiment24942Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24942 Private [2] Labour Corps 514171 Private Link
30158Warren, C HEast Kent RegimentG/27179Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/31493 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27179 Private Link
30159Warren, Chaplin WEast Kent Regiment20342Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20342 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58146 Private Link
30160Warren, D TEast Kent RegimentG/14558Private --Link
30161Warren, David WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/24107Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24107 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 48096 Private Link
30162Warren, E LEast Kent RegimentG/3497Private --Link
30163Warren, EdwardEast Kent RegimentG11710Private [1] Essex Regiment 12044 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11710 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 19272 Private Link
30164Warren, Edward EEast Kent Regiment20875Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20875 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/68906 Private Link
30165Warren, Frank LEast Kent Regiment Depot3497Private --Link
30166Warren, Frederick CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/9723Private --Link
30167Warren, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment7996Lance Corporal --Link
30168Warren, HarryEast Kent Regiment1333Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1333 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240253 Private Link
30169Warren, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/7777Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/7777 Private [2] Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 34069 Private Link
30170Warren, Henry AEast Kent RegimentG/24876Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24876 Private [2] Labour Corps 576760 Private [3] Worcestershire Regiment 64637 Private Link
30171Warren, Herbert JEast Kent Regiment5621Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5621 Private [2] Labour Corps 389178 Private Link
30172Warren, J FEast Kent RegimentL/5679Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/5679 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/5679 Serjeant Link
30173Warren, J WEast Kent RegimentG-23909Private --Link
30174Warren, James JEast Kent Regiment23889Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23889 Private [2] Labour Corps 446603 Private [3] Corps of Military Accountants 7733236 Private Link
30175Warren, John HenryEast Kent Regiment241418Private --Link
30176Warren, MarkEast Kent RegimentSR/153Private --Link
30177Warren, PercyEast Kent RegimentG/637Private --Link
30178Warren, S J REast Kent RegimentG/13677Corporal --Link
30179Warren, T DEast Kent RegimentG/14558Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 61502 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14558 Private Link
30180Warren, W JEast Kent RegimentG/5538Private --Link
30181Warren, W REast Kent RegimentG/14490Private --Link
30182Warrier, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/35911Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 12639 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/35911 Private Link
30183Warrilow, J TEast Kent Regiment241539Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/12536 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241539 Private Link
30184Warrington, A HEast Kent RegimentG/24724Private --Link
30185Warrington, FredEast Kent RegimentG/21066Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21066 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/16831 Private Link
30186Warrington, SydneyEast Kent RegimentL/12232Private [1] Connaught Rangers 3/8149 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12232 Private Link
30187Warry, T VEast Kent RegimentG/1015Private --Link
30188Warwick, F HEast Kent RegimentG-20035Private --Link
30189Warwick, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/11808Private --Link
30190Warwick, J TEast Kent Regiment2399Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2399 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240712 Private Link
30191Warwick, J WEast Kent RegimentG/14922Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 202029 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14922 Private Link
30192Warwick, JamesEast Kent RegimentG 22141Private [1] East Kent Regiment G 22141 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69676 Private Link
30193Warwick, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/29248Private --Link
30194Washbrook, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/1616Private --Link
30195Washer, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/22473Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22473 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/16849 Private Link
30196Washford, StephenEast Kent Regiment9904Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9904 Private [2] Labour Corps 389508 Private Link
30197Washford, W GEast Kent RegimentG9411Private --Link
30198Washington, A EEast Kent Regiment270312Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2414 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270312 Private Link
30199Washington, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment203699Private --Link
30200Washington, Herbert JEast Kent RegimentS/219Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/219 Private [2] Railway Operating Division Royal Engineers 190858 Sapper [3] Railway Operating Division Royal Engineers WR/258745 Sapper Link
30201Wass, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/2924Private --Link
30202Wass, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/13636Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/13636 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12241 Private Link
30203Wass, R HEast Kent RegimentG/17482Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/17482 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11459 Private Link
30204Wassell, H JEast Kent RegimentG 11668Private [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/7544 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G 11668 Private Link
30205Watchus, PercyEast Kent RegimentG/5792Private --Link
30206Watchus, William DEast Kent Regiment2547Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2547 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 48971 Private Link
30207Waterall, T WEast Kent RegimentG/29240Private --Link
30208Waterfield, T WEast Kent RegimentG/21117Private --Link
30209Waterhouse, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/4960Private --Link
30210Waterhouse, W WEast Kent Regiment270967Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 2103 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270967 Private Link
30211Waterhouse, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/5515Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/5515 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/67213 Private Link
30212Waterman, Arthur JEast Kent Regiment15020Private [1] East Kent Regiment 15020 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38569 Private Link
30213Waterman, Henry CEast Kent Regiment17673Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17673 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 50011 Private [3] Manchester Regiment 79868 Private Link
30214Waters, A TEast Kent RegimentG/15704Private --Link
30215Waters, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/3373Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/3373 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/3373 Corporal Link
30216Waters, FrederickEast Kent Regiment3890Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3890 Private [2] Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 41050 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 18626 Private [4] Labour Corps 417920 Private [5] Royal Fusiliers GS/101089 Private Link
30217Waters, G WEast Kent RegimentG/6113Private --Link
30218Waters, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/1192Private --Link
30219Waters, HarryEast Kent Regiment200901Private --Link
30220Waters, JamesEast Kent Regiment70Private [1] East Kent Regiment 70 Private [2] Labour Corps 276490 Private Link
30221Waters, JamesEast Kent Regiment32399Private --Link
30222Waters, P WEast Kent RegimentG/11711Private --Link
30223Waters, PercyEast Kent Regiment203260Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203260 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210530 Private Link
30224Waters, R JEast Kent RegimentG-18888Private --Link
30225Waters, Robert GEast Kent Regiment11811Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11811 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38570 Private Link
30226Waters, T JEast Kent Regiment270439Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3025 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270439 Private Link
30227Waters, T WEast Kent RegimentG/4102Private --Link
30228Waters, U LEast Kent RegimentL/9877Private --Link
30229Waters, V REast Kent RegimentG/6Private --Link
30230Waters, WilliamEast Kent Regiment23065Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 17361 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR 305349 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 23065 Private [4] Scottish Rifles 36595 Private [5] Royal Engineers 414838 Private Link
30231Watford, Abel JEast Kent Regiment17926Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17926 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65422 Private Link
30232Watkins, A E CEast Kent RegimentG/12864Private --Link
30233Watkins, Edward REast Kent Regiment3206Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3206 Private [2] Labour Corps 213633 Private Link
30234Watkins, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment2361Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2361 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 202686 Corporal Link
30235Watkins, H JEast Kent RegimentG/798Private --Link
30236Watkins, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/4317Private --Link
30237Watkins, Henry JEast Kent RegimentG/21151Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21151 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65079 Private Link
30238Watkins, JEast Kent Regiment814Private --Link
30239Watkins, JamesEast Kent Regiment267Private [1] East Kent Regiment 267 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 160793 Private Link
30240Watkins, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment203500Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203500 Private [2] Labour Corps 478031 Private [3] Lancashire Fusiliers 60978 Private [4] Royal Fusiliers GS/93710 Private Link
30241Watkins, Robert EEast Kent Regiment5093Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5093 Private [2] Labour Corps 527278 Private Link
30242Watkins, S GEast Kent Regiment7945Private --Link
30243Watkins, SydneyEast Kent Regiment2987Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2987 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 72590 Lance Corporal Link
30244Watkins, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/22376Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22376 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/16847 Private Link
30245Watkinson, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/14869Private --Link
30246Watler, B HEast Kent RegimentG/2545Private --Link
30247Watling, CharlesEast Kent RegimentS/337Private --Link
30248Watling, Frederick LEast Kent Regiment14380Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14380 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38571 Private Link
30249Watling, R GEast Kent RegimentG/7592Private --Link
30250Watson, AlbertEast Kent Regiment1698Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1698 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240447 Private Link
30251Watson, AlexanderEast Kent RegimentL/6761Private --Link
30252Watson, Alfred JEast Kent Regiment159Private [1] East Kent Regiment 159 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41511 Private Link
30253Watson, Arthur REast Kent RegimentL/6350Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6350 Private [2] Labour Corps 511549 Private Link
30254Watson, BenjaminEast Kent RegimentSR/229Private --Link
30255Watson, EbenezerEast Kent RegimentG/11749Private --Link
30256Watson, ErnestEast Kent Regiment1547Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1547 Private [2] Border Regiment 29754 Private [3] Manchester Regiment 43394 Private Link
30257Watson, ErnestEast Kent RegimentL/9338Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9338 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9338 Private Link
30258Watson, Ernest EEast Kent Regiment26685Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26685 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/62144 Private Link
30259Watson, F GEast Kent Regiment270440Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3027 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270440 Private Link
30260Watson, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/26167Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26167 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79343 Private Link
30261Watson, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/190Private --Link
30262Watson, Frank AEast Kent Regiment4135Sapper [1] Royal Engineers 505766 Sapper [2] East Kent Regiment 4135 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 201439 Sapper [4] Royal Engineers WR/309159 Sapper Link
30263Watson, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/6451Private --Link
30264Watson, Frederick WEast Kent RegimentL/6720Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6720 Private [2] Royal Engineers 147605 Corporal Link
30265Watson, Frederick WhittakerEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
30266Watson, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment201092Private --Link
30267Watson, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/171Private --Link
30268Watson, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment201599Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201599 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 229361 Private [3] London Regiment 229361 Private Link
30269Watson, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment14376Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14376 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38572 Private Link
30270Watson, H BEast Kent RegimentG/13680Serjeant --Link
30271Watson, H EEast Kent RegimentG/1702Private --Link
30272Watson, Harold EEast Kent RegimentG/25693Private [1] Royal Fusiliers S/57220 Private [2] Army Pay Corps 4709 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR/10/29909 Private [4] East Kent Regiment G/25693 Private [5] Royal Engineers 310831 Private Link
30273Watson, Harold RobertEast Kent RegimentG/14870Private --Link
30274Watson, Harold StanleyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Bedfordshire Regiment 19724 Corporal [2] Bedfordshire Regiment - Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
30275Watson, Henry PEast Kent RegimentG/26687Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26687 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/62170 Private Link
30276Watson, HoraceEast Kent Regiment3846Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3846 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 18628 Private [3] Royal Engineers 307351 Private [4] Royal Engineers WQ/23056 Private Link
30277Watson, JEast Kent RegimentL/8331Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8331 Private [2] Military Foot Police P/5092 Acting Lance Corporal Link
30278Watson, J HEast Kent RegimentG/6190Private --Link
30279Watson, J WEast Kent RegimentG/14567Private [1] King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 21237 Private [2] Yorkshire Regiment 32649 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/14567 Private Link
30280Watson, J WEast Kent RegimentG/1570Private --Link
30281Watson, J WEast Kent RegimentG/27953Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 16805 Private [2] Labour Corps 65897 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27953 Private Link
30282Watson, JamesEast Kent RegimentG 9410Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G 9410 Corporal [2] Lancashire Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant Temporary Lieutenant Link
30283Watson, JamesEast Kent Regiment201021Private --Link
30284Watson, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/7007Private --Link
30285Watson, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/16574Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/16574 Private [2] Labour Corps 157969 Private Link
30286Watson, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/6429Private --Link
30287Watson, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/22986Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22986 Private [2] Essex Regiment 54737 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/12640 Private Link
30288Watson, Joseph JEast Kent Regiment18785Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18785 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 196686 Private Link
30289Watson, Lewis AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/21036Private --Link
30290Watson, P TEast Kent RegimentG/13587Private --Link
30291Watson, PercivalLabour Corps Eastern Command ex East Kent Regiment161432Serjeant --Link
30292Watson, R CEast Kent RegimentG/18662Private --Link
30293Watson, R W JEast Kent Regiment2343Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2343 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 2343 Acting Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 240669 Acting Serjeant Link
30294Watson, Reginald MurrayEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Head Quarters - Captain Link
30295Watson, Reginald SEast Kent Regiment21304Private [1] East Kent Regiment 21304 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/68265 Private Link
30296Watson, Richard Thomas HumphriesEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] Royal Air Force - Captain Link
30297Watson, S EEast Kent RegimentL/89Serjeant --Link
30298Watson, S EEast Kent RegimentG/302Private --Link
30299Watson, Stephen FEast Kent Regiment232Private [1] East Kent Regiment 232 Private [2] Labour Corps 48725 Private Link
30300Watson, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/5943Private --Link
30301Watson, ThomasEast Kent Regiment7609Private --Link
30302Watson, ThomasEast Kent Regiment203172Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203172 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 20372 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 77173 Private Link
30303Watson, TressEast Kent Regiment-Private --Link
30304Watson, V AEast Kent RegimentG/15706Private --Link
30305Watson, W EEast Kent RegimentL/1698Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/1698 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200245 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6281032 Corporal Link
30306Watson, W F DEast Kent RegimentG/3226Private --Link
30307Watson, W H JEast Kent RegimentG/1932Private --Link
30308Watson, W REast Kent RegimentG/739Private --Link
30309Watson, W W AEast Kent RegimentL/888Corporal --Link
30310Watson, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/2044Private --Link
30311Watson, WilliamEast Kent Regiment35581Private [1] East Kent Regiment 35581 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79396 Private Link
30312Watson, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/1051Private --Link
30313Watt, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/657Private --Link
30314Watt, JamesEast Kent Regiment24319Driver [1] Army Service Corps AHT/81 Driver [2] Training Reserve Battalion 21038 Driver [3] East Kent Regiment 24319 Driver Link
30315Watt, W GEast Kent RegimentG/27749Gunner [1] Royal Garrison Artillery 116751 Gunner [2] East Kent Regiment G/27749 Gunner Link
30316Watt, W TEast Kent Regiment203967Private --Link
30317Watterworth, HerbertEast Kent Regiment3922Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 3922 Lance Corporal [2] Labour Corps 511447 Private Link
30318Watton, RichardEast Kent RegimentL/10649Private --Link
30319Watts, A GEast Kent RegimentG/18630Private --Link
30320Watts, A HEast Kent Regiment318Corporal --Link
30321Watts, A HEast Kent RegimentL/10044Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10044 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10044 Serjeant Link
30322Watts, A JEast Kent RegimentG/4556Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/4556 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11694 Private Link
30323Watts, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/13257Private --Link
30324Watts, AlfredEast Kent Regiment4469Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4469 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241844 Private Link
30325Watts, Arthur EEast Kent Regiment19032Private [1] East Kent Regiment 19032 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 40349 Private Link
30326Watts, Arthur FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/6533Serjeant --Link
30327Watts, BartholomewEast Kent RegimentG/17397Private [1] London Regiment 279252 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17397 Private Link
30328Watts, C REast Kent RegimentG15722Corporal --Link
30329Watts, CyrilEast Kent Regiment1615Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1615 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240396 Private Link
30330Watts, DavidEast Kent RegimentG/18631Private --Link
30331Watts, E GEast Kent RegimentL/8717Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8717 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8717 Acting Serjeant Link
30332Watts, ErnestEast Kent Regiment14001Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14001 Private [2] Labour Corps 618212 Private Link
30333Watts, F GEast Kent RegimentL/8717Private Corporal --Link
30334Watts, F WEast Kent RegimentG-22619Private --Link
30335Watts, FrederickEast Kent Regiment4819Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4819 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 41528 Private [3] Army Service Corps T/392700 Private Link
30336Watts, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/4564Private --Link
30337Watts, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/35112Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/35112 Private [2] Labour Corps 610550 Private Link
30338Watts, GeorgeLabour Corps Eastern Command ex East Kent Regiment610550Private --Link
30339Watts, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment203396Private --Link
30340Watts, Harold EdgarEast Kent Regiment1589Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1589 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 240389 Serjeant [3] Indian Army - Second Lieutenant [4] Indian Army - Captain Link
30341Watts, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG-12606Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 36240 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G-12606 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 203516 Private Link
30342Watts, Herbert BeresfordMiddlesex Regiment attached East Kent Regiment attached West Kent Yeomanry-Second Lieutenant --Link
30343Watts, J EEast Kent RegimentG/15707Corporal [1] Kent Cyclist Battalion 2257 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/15707 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment 265342 Corporal Link
30344Watts, James AEast Kent Regiment5670Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5670 Private [2] Cameron Highlanders S/50562 Corporal Link
30345Watts, JohnEast Kent Regiment3707Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3707 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41514 Private Link
30346Watts, John ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/974Private --Link
30347Watts, P AEast Kent RegimentG-22127Private --Link
30348Watts, Percy CharlesEast Kent Regiment DepotG/22127Private --Link
30349Watts, R HEast Kent RegimentG/3412Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3412 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3412 Private Link
30350Watts, R WEast Kent RegimentL/7886Private --Link
30351Watts, S AEast Kent RegimentG/6289Private --Link
30352Watts, S MEast Kent RegimentG/14916Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 9993 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14916 Private Link
30353Watts, T REast Kent RegimentG8833Private --Link
30354Watts, WEast Kent Regiment-Colour Serjeant --Link
30355Watts, W AEast Kent Regiment664Colour Serjeant --Link
30356Watts, W E AEast Kent RegimentG/5428Private --Link
30357Watts, Walter GEast Kent Regiment203019Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203019 Private [2] Labour Corps 522367 Private Link
30358Way, Frank CEast Kent Regiment265172Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265172 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81156 Private Link
30359Way, W AEast Kent RegimentG/26738Private [1] Army Service Corps S 4416546 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/26738 Private Link
30360Way, W GEast Kent Regiment9126Company Serjeant Major --Link
30361Way, WilliamEast Kent Regiment270244Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2128 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270244 Private [3] London Regiment 634504 Private Link
30362Waylin, Albert JEast Kent Regiment3989Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3989 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 201334 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/134552 Private Link
30363Wayman, ReubenEast Kent Regiment5948Private --Link
30364Waymont, A EEast Kent RegimentG/1833Private --Link
30365Wayte, J WEast Kent RegimentG/2041Private --Link
30366Wayte, JohnEast Kent RegimentTF/2181Private --Link
30367Wead, MarkEast Kent Regiment2351Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2351 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240676 Private Link
30368Weait, P JEast Kent RegimentG/27321Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 28762 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27321 Private Link
30369Weare, Frank Gerard CravenEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
30370Weare, L TEast Kent RegimentG/15753Private --Link
30371Wears, E JEast Kent RegimentG/14688Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 40242 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14688 Private Link
30372Wears, R JEast Kent RegimentG-24119Private --Link
30373Weatherall, A JEast Kent RegimentG/21820Private [1] Army Service Corps R4/095675 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/21820 Private Link
30374Weatherall, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG19510Private --Link
30375Weatherburn, C AEast Kent Regiment2444Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2444 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240744 Private Link
30376Weatherburn, G HEast Kent Regiment1761Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1761 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200267 Private Link
30377Weatherill, ErnestEast Kent Regiment242824Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1843 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 242824 Private Link
30378Weatheritt, A BEast Kent RegimentG/21862Private --Link
30379Weaver, A EEast Kent RegimentG1903Private --Link
30380Weaver, A GEast Kent RegimentG/18206Private --Link
30381Weaver, ClementEast Kent RegimentL/12923Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/9426 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12923 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6280092 Private Link
30382Weaver, Ernest GEast Kent RegimentL/906Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/906 Serjeant [2] East Lancashire Regiment 54246 Serjeant Link
30383Weaver, FrankEast Kent Regiment21155Private [1] East Kent Regiment 21155 Private [2] Labour Corps 382016 Private Link
30384Weaver, H WEast Kent RegimentG/803Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/803 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/803 Corporal Link
30385Weaver, Henry WEast Kent Regiment210Private [1] East Kent Regiment 210 Private [2] South Lancashire Regiment 63971 Private Link
30386Weaver, J FEast Kent RegimentG/5460Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/5460 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/5460 Corporal Link
30387Weaver, ReginaldEast Kent RegimentG/13599Private --Link
30388Weavers, T JEast Kent RegimentG/12666Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/36069 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12666 Private Link
30389Webb, A AEast Kent RegimentG/11957Private --Link
30390Webb, A CEast Kent RegimentG/23910Private --Link
30391Webb, A DEast Kent Regiment17748Private --Link
30392Webb, A HEast Kent RegimentG/28083Private [1] Army Veterinary Corps 24337 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/28083 Private Link
30393Webb, A WEast Kent Regiment204511Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204511 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11451 Private Link
30394Webb, AlbertEast Kent Regiment4498Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4498 Private [2] Labour Corps 620806 Private Link
30395Webb, AlfredEast Kent Regiment DepotG/9038Private --Link
30396Webb, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/6374Private --Link
30397Webb, Arthur HenryEast Kent Regiment18187Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18187 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
30398Webb, B HEast Kent Regiment325021Serjeant --Link
30399Webb, B HEast Kent Regiment6278009Corporal --Link
30400Webb, Benjamin HoraceEast Kent Regiment1772Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1772 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6316 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243087 Private [4] East Kent Regiment 6278009 Private Link
30401Webb, Benjamin HoraceEast Kent Regiment1772Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1772 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6316 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243087 Private [4] East Kent Regiment 6278009 Private Link
30402Webb, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/5728Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/5728 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/5728 Private Link
30403Webb, CharlesEast Kent Regiment6342Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6342 Private [2] Labour Corps 444311 Private Link
30404Webb, Dudley BrownEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers G/5310 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
30405Webb, E AEast Kent RegimentG 20181Private --Link
30406Webb, E A LEast Kent RegimentL/8817Private --Link
30407Webb, E CEast Kent RegimentG/4723Private --Link
30408Webb, E EEast Kent RegimentG/4616Private --Link
30409Webb, E SEast Kent RegimentG/14015Private --Link
30410Webb, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/14491Private --Link
30411Webb, Ernest GEast Kent Regiment270876Private [1] East Kent Regiment 270876 Private [2] Devonshire Regiment 241579 Private [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 456209 Private [4] Royal Army Medical Corps 201205 Private Link
30412Webb, Ernest REast Kent Regiment8172Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8172 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps S/8933 Private Link
30413Webb, F JEast Kent Regiment203438Private --Link
30414Webb, FrankEast Kent RegimentG-23946Private --Link
30415Webb, FrederickEast Kent Regiment1507Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1507 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6317 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243088 Private Link
30416Webb, Frederick JEast Kent RegimentG/24743Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24743 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58199 Private Link
30417Webb, Frederick JamesEast Kent Regiment203488Private --Link
30418Webb, G HEast Kent Regiment241886Private --Link
30419Webb, G HEast Kent Regiment2257Private --Link
30420Webb, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/26208Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26208 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79219 Private Link
30421Webb, H REast Kent Regiment270814Serjeant [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1669 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270814 Serjeant Link
30422Webb, H REast Kent RegimentL/8061Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8061 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8061 Serjeant Link
30423Webb, H REast Kent Regiment270814Corporal --Link
30424Webb, Harry CEast Kent RegimentG/25945Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25945 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79339 Private Link
30425Webb, HenryEast Kent RegimentL/7962Private --Link
30426Webb, Henry CEast Kent Regiment4399Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4399 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/417045 Private Link
30427Webb, Henry TEast Kent Regiment1254Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1254 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR295606 Sapper [3] Royal Engineers 261830 Sapper Link
30428Webb, HerbertEast Kent RegimentSR/10876Private --Link
30429Webb, Herbert AEast Kent Regiment2420Corporal [1] Royal Engineers 505785 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 2420 Corporal [3] Royal Engineers WR/309175 Corporal Link
30430Webb, HughEast Kent RegimentG/2267Private --Link
30431Webb, JEast Kent RegimentG/26704Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26704 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/62167 Private Link
30432Webb, J AEast Kent RegimentS/10901Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10901 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10901 Private Link
30433Webb, J AEast Kent RegimentL/8815Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8815 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 1813 Private Link
30434Webb, J FEast Kent Regiment270915Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1948 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270915 Private Link
30435Webb, J GEast Kent RegimentG/2367Private --Link
30436Webb, J WEast Kent RegimentG/25613Private --Link
30437Webb, J WEast Kent Regiment3143Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3143 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241111 Private Link
30438Webb, JackEast Kent RegimentL/10767Private [1] Royal Scots 50171 Private [2] East Surrey Regiment 11666 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/10767 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/300452 Private Link
30439Webb, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/6373Private --Link
30440Webb, James HEast Kent Regiment3858Colour Serjeant --Link
30441Webb, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/2255Private --Link
30442Webb, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/21225Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21225 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 58552 Private Link
30443Webb, John CharlesEast Kent Regiment6281Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6281 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 192493 Private Link
30444Webb, Joseph WEast Kent Regiment9272Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9272 Private [2] Labour Corps 457330 Private Link
30445Webb, Leslie NEast Kent Regiment15003Private [1] East Kent Regiment 15003 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38573 Private Link
30446Webb, LionelEast Kent RegimentG/9076Private --Link
30447Webb, P JEast Kent RegimentG-18821Private --Link
30448Webb, PercivalEast Kent RegimentL/8856Private --Link
30449Webb, Percival JEast Kent RegimentTF/3082Private [1] East Kent Regiment TF/3082 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 242537 Private Link
30450Webb, R EEast Kent RegimentG/6649Private --Link
30451Webb, R EEast Kent RegimentG-11695Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G-2217 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G-11695 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 203045 Private Link
30452Webb, R GEast Kent Regiment202515Private --Link
30453Webb, Robert DuncanEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
30454Webb, S CEast Kent RegimentG/26568Private --Link
30455Webb, SidneyEast Kent RegimentG/4481Private --Link
30456Webb, T OEast Kent RegimentG/10880Private --Link
30457Webb, T WEast Kent RegimentG/10344Private --Link
30458Webb, TheodoreEast Kent Regiment7662Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 7662 Serjeant [2] Tank Corps 308159 Serjeant Link
30459Webb, ThomasEast Kent Regiment35605Private [1] East Kent Regiment 35605 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79422 Private Link
30460Webb, ThomasEast Kent Regiment203318Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203318 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22301 Private Link
30461Webb, W HEast Kent RegimentG/7070Private --Link
30462Webb, Walter HEast Kent Regiment18982Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18982 Private [2] Labour Corps 151147 Private Link
30463Webb, Walter HEast Kent Regiment23441Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23441 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/53454 Private Link
30464Webb, Walter JEast Kent RegimentEK/5899Private [1] East Kent Regiment EK/5899 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 24706 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49292 Private Link
30465Webb, WilliamEast Kent Regiment243306Private --Link
30466Webb, WilliamEast Kent Regiment243089Private [1] East Kent Regiment 243089 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 37962 Private Link
30467Webb, WilliamEast Kent Regiment204077Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204077 Private [2] London Regiment 225657 Private Link
30468Webb, WilliamEast Kent Regiment10058Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10058 Private [2] Labour Corps 150805 Corporal Link
30469Webb, William AEast Kent RegimentG/18185Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/18185 Private [2] Norfolk Regiment 72808 Private [3] Norfolk Regiment 5765258 Private Link
30470Webbe, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/13258Private --Link
30471Webber, AlbertEast Kent Regiment2783Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2783 Lance Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/20883 Corporal Link
30472Webber, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/1863Private --Link
30473Webber, E TEast Kent Regiment5062Private --Link
30474Webber, Frank EEast Kent RegimentG/22157Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22157 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69677 Private Link
30475Webber, H GEast Kent RegimentG/21204Private --Link
30476Webber, J EEast Kent Regiment270559Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] West Kent Yeomanry 788 Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] East Kent Regiment 270559 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
30477Webber, J WEast Kent Regiment6192Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 2145 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6192 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 242963 Private Link
30478Webber, JohnEast Kent Regiment3758Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3758 Private [2] Labour Corps 275810 Private Link
30479Webber, W JEast Kent RegimentG/14897Private --Link
30480Webster, Claude Adolphus CharlesEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
30481Webster, ClementEast Kent RegimentL/9911Private --Link
30482Webster, Cyril AlfredEast Kent Regiment203969Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 203070 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203969 Private Link
30483Webster, G EEast Kent RegimentG/13726Private --Link
30484Webster, G WEast Kent RegimentG/993Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/993 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/993 Private Link
30485Webster, G WEast Kent RegimentG24722Private --Link
30486Webster, HEast Kent Regiment313Serjeant --Link
30487Webster, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/25252Private --Link
30488Webster, Harry REast Kent Regiment313Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 313 Serjeant [2] Royal Air Force 148181 Serjeant Link
30489Webster, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/1261Private --Link
30490Webster, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/13181Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 12833 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13181 Private Link
30491Webster, Robert Walter MilwardEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
30492Webster, WilliamEast Kent Regiment203970Private --Link
30493Webzell, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/9256Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9256 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 203610 Lance Corporal Link
30494Wedd, Reginald PattisonEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] East Kent Regiment - Major Link
30495Weddle, AlfredEast Kent RegimentL/12653Private [1] Scottish Rifles 315864 Private [2] Labour Corps 656828 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/12653 Private Link
30496Weddle, WilliamEast Kent Regiment1132Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1132 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240135 Private Link
30497Weeden, Charles HEast Kent Regiment3409Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3409 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 206413 Private Link
30498Weeden, H EEast Kent RegimentG/885Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/885 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/885 Private Link
30499Weeding, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/13259Private --Link
30500Weedon, GEast Kent Regiment1186Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1186 Private [2] Royal Engineers 251807 Private Link
30501Weedon, SydneyEast Kent Regiment1186Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1186 Private [2] Royal Engineers 251807 Private Link
30502Weeds, Sydney P FEast Kent RegimentG/21738Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21738 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58203 Private Link
30503Week, Percy VictorEast Kent RegimentG/14492Private --Link
30504Weekes, Norman H CEast Kent Regiment265218Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265218 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81154 Private Link
30505Weekes, VEast Kent RegimentL/9497Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/9497 Serjeant [2] Machine Gun Corps 9329 Serjeant Link
30506Weekes, WilliamEast Kent Regiment240558Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240558 Private [2] Labour Corps 476570 Private Link
30507Weeks, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/17797Private --Link
30508Weeks, Arthur WEast Kent Regiment1207Drummer [1] East Kent Regiment 1207 Drummer [2] Army Service Corps EMT/54329 Drummer Link
30509Weeks, C WEast Kent RegimentL/12782Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/12782 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 3895 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 201270 Private [4] East Kent Regiment 242503 Private Link
30510Weeks, C WEast Kent Regiment203215Private --Link
30511Weeks, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/9754Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9754 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/9754 Corporal Link
30512Weeks, Frederick WEast Kent Regiment203847Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203847 Private [2] Labour Corps 654377 Private Link
30513Weeks, G JEast Kent Regiment201152Serjeant --Link
30514Weeks, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/21288Private --Link
30515Weeks, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment5363Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5363 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR51006 Sapper [3] Labour Corps 382740 Sapper Link
30516Weeks, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/6177Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6177 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203563 Private Link
30517Weeks, H SEast Kent RegimentG/5444Private --Link
30518Weeks, HarryEast Kent RegimentL/8877Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8877 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8877 Serjeant Link
30519Weeks, Hector MEast Kent Regiment4043Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4043 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 229687 Private Link
30520Weeks, JamesEast Kent Regiment203860Private --Link
30521Weeks, JesseEast Kent Regiment204440Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204440 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 201528 Private Link
30522Weeks, JohnEast Kent Regiment1344Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1344 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48901 Private Link
30523Weeks, P LEast Kent Regiment6/4117Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6/4117 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6/4117 Corporal Link
30524Weeks, P VEast Kent RegimentG/14492Private --Link
30525Weeks, Percy CEast Kent Regiment2042Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2042 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G-41515 Private Link
30526Weeks, R GEast Kent RegimentG/5207Private --Link
30527Weeks, T EEast Kent RegimentL/8171Private --Link
30528Weeks, T HEast Kent RegimentG/13352Private --Link
30529Weeks, VictorEast Kent Regiment9497Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 9497 Serjeant [2] Machine Gun Corps 9329 Serjeant Link
30530Weeks, WEast Kent Regiment8877Private --Link
30531Weeks, Walter CEast Kent Regiment1202Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1202 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210931 Private [3] Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 203338 Private [4] Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 02313 Acting Serjeant [5] Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry 5431094 Acting Serjeant Link
30532Weeks, WilliamEast Kent Regiment10445Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10445 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 191806 Private Link
30533Weight, JamesEast Kent RegimentS/10733Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10733 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10733 Private Link
30534Weir, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment2/GS/260Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2/GS/260 Private [2] Labour Corps 389389 Private Link
30535Weir, J SEast Kent RegimentG/25927Private --Link
30536Welband, N KEast Kent RegimentG/15708Private --Link
30537Welbourn, ThomasEast Kent Regiment204114Private [1] Leicestershire Regiment 202954 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204114 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment G/86338 Private Link
30538Welbourne, Robert EEast Kent Regiment204033Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204033 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210531 Private Link
30539Welburn, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/5037Colour Serjeant --Link
30540Welbury, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG19273Private --Link
30541Welbury, Frederick EEast Kent Regiment2150Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2150 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204590 Private Link
30542Welch, A REast Kent Regiment241292Private --Link
30543Welch, Arthur AEast Kent Regiment1337Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1337 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 149221 Private Link
30544Welch, Cecil CEast Kent Regiment8879Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8879 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/64060 Private Link
30545Welch, Charles LEast Kent Regiment7946Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7946 Private [2] Labour Corps 633748 Private Link
30546Welch, E REast Kent RegimentG/9463Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/9463 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11767 Private Link
30547Welch, EdwardEast Kent Regiment3751Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3751 Private [2] Labour Corps 363630 Private Link
30548Welch, ErnestEast Kent Regiment206157Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 1958 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206157 Private Link
30549Welch, FEast Kent Regiment105Serjeant --Link
30550Welch, FrankEast Kent Regiment105Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 105 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 200014 Serjeant Link
30551Welch, JoeEast Kent RegimentG/13926Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/13926 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11680 Private Link
30552Welch, JohnDepot East Kent Regiment38109Private --Link
30553Welch, W WEast Kent RegimentG/272Private --Link
30554Welch, WilliamEast Kent RegimentSR/272Private --Link
30555Welch, WilliamEast Kent Regiment14956Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14956 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38574 Private Link
30556Welch, William JEast Kent RegimentG/10781Private --Link
30557Weldon, Stuart WellesleyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
30558Welford, W SEast Kent Regiment243305Private --Link
30559Welham, FEast Kent RegimentG/14074Private --Link
30560Welham, HerbertEast Kent Regiment11113Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11113 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58189 Private Link
30561Wellam, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/14074Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 86136 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14074 Private Link
30562Welland, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment7864Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7864 Private [2] Labour Corps 276484 Private Link
30563Wellard, A EEast Kent RegimentG/3079Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3079 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3079 Serjeant Link
30564Wellard, C DEast Kent RegimentL/11432Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 30959 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11432 Private Link
30565Wellard, G JEast Kent RegimentG/1354Private --Link
30566Wellard, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment7864Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7864 Private [2] Labour Corps 276484 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/13341 Private Link
30567Wellard, H JEast Kent Regiment2028Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2028 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6319 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243090 Private Link
30568Wellard, M WEast Kent RegimentG9030Private --Link
30569Wellard, WestEast Kent RegimentG/7610Private --Link
30570Wellard, WilliamEast Kent Regiment270068Company Serjeant Major [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1546 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 270068 Company Serjeant Major Link
30571Wellbelove, Ernest AEast Kent Regiment17760Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17760 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 23172 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/210676 Private Link
30572Welldon, James HosteEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
30573Weller, A AEast Kent RegimentL/1998Private --Link
30574Weller, A H AEast Kent RegimentL/9949Private --Link
30575Weller, Alfred EdwardEast Kent Regiment265382Private --Link
30576Weller, Arthur CEast Kent Regiment3714Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3714 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41576 Private Link
30577Weller, EdwardEast Kent RegimentL/8377Private --Link
30578Weller, ErnestEast Kent Regiment2541Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2541 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 211032 Private [3] Labour Corps 358351 Private [4] Royal Army Medical Corps 493762 Private Link
30579Weller, F JEast Kent RegimentG/18730Private --Link
30580Weller, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/4580Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/4580 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/4580 Private Link
30581Weller, FrederickEast Kent RegimentS/10816Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10816 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10816 Private Link
30582Weller, G HEast Kent Regiment1969Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1969 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6244 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243015 Private Link
30583Weller, HarryEast Kent Regiment18635Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18635 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41517 Private Link
30584Weller, HedleyEast Kent Regiment200206Private --Link
30585Weller, Herbert GEast Kent Regiment8953Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8953 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58236 Private Link
30586Weller, J DEast Kent Regiment203968Private --Link
30587Weller, J MEast Kent RegimentG/17759Private --Link
30588Weller, T CEast Kent RegimentG/3528Private --Link
30589Weller, Thomas WEast Kent Regiment265204Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265204 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81155 Private Link
30590Weller, W GEast Kent Regiment240299Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
30591Weller, W WEast Kent RegimentL/9514Private --Link
30592Weller, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/9616Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/9616 Serjeant [2] Machine Gun Corps 6408 Serjeant Link
30593Weller, William GEast Kent Regiment5146Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5146 Private [2] Labour Corps 609879 Private Link
30594Welling, E GEast Kent RegimentG/6399Private --Link
30595Wellman, Robert SydneyEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers L/518 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
30596Wells, A GEast Kent RegimentG/14493Private --Link
30597Wells, A HEast Kent RegimentS/108287Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/108287 Private [2] East Kent Regiment S/108287 Corporal Link
30598Wells, A LEast Kent RegimentL/6938Private --Link
30599Wells, A WEast Kent Regiment270838Corporal [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1756 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270838 Corporal Link
30600Wells, AlbertEast Kent Regiment5528Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5528 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 48909 Acting Lance Corporal Link
30601Wells, ArchibaldEast Kent RegimentG/29275Private --Link
30602Wells, ArthurEast Kent RegimentL/9498Private --Link
30603Wells, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/24296Private --Link
30604Wells, Charles EEast Kent Regiment8903Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8903 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 56392 Private Link
30605Wells, Charles McKenzieEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
30606Wells, E GEast Kent RegimentG/5747Private --Link
30607Wells, E GEast Kent RegimentG/18676Private --Link
30608Wells, EdwardEast Kent Regiment201921Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201921 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204582 Private Link
30609Wells, F CEast Kent RegimentL/9611Private --Link
30610Wells, F HEast Kent RegimentS/889Private --Link
30611Wells, F WEast Kent RegimentS/512Serjeant --Link
30612Wells, FrankEast Kent Regiment2235Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2235 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200510 Private Link
30613Wells, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/9685Private --Link
30614Wells, GEast Kent Regiment3191Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3191 Private [2] Essex Regiment 54713 Private Link
30615Wells, G FEast Kent RegimentG/198Private --Link
30616Wells, G HEast Kent Regiment11121Corporal [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 8805 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 11121 Corporal Link
30617Wells, G JEast Kent RegimentS/10019Private --Link
30618Wells, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment3659Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3659 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/395369 Private Link
30619Wells, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentS/10416Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10416 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10416 Private Link
30620Wells, H JEast Kent RegimentG-18811Private --Link
30621Wells, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/7572Private --Link
30622Wells, HenryEast Kent Regiment308Private [1] East Kent Regiment 308 Private [2] Labour Corps 692576 Private Link
30623Wells, HenryEast Kent Regiment3001Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3001 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241001 Private Link
30624Wells, Henry AEast Kent Regiment655Private [1] East Kent Regiment 655 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 037550 Acting Corporal Link
30625Wells, Henry GEast Kent RegimentL/9787Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9787 Private [2] Labour Corps 39854 Private [3] Royal Engineers 36620 Sapper [4] Labour Corps 398514 Sapper [5] Royal Engineers 361620 Sapper [6] Royal Signals 1850454 Signalman Link
30626Wells, HerbertEast Kent Regiment206010Private --Link
30627Wells, J WEast Kent RegimentG-18977Private --Link
30628Wells, JohnEast Kent RegimentSR/9695Private --Link
30629Wells, L AEast Kent RegimentG/2113Private --Link
30630Wells, L EEast Kent RegimentL/8073Private --Link
30631Wells, L FEast Kent Regiment8073Private --Link
30632Wells, M GEast Kent RegimentG/6379Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6379 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/6279 Private Link
30633Wells, PercyEast Kent RegimentG-24222Private --Link
30634Wells, R FEast Kent RegimentG/17764Private --Link
30635Wells, R JEast Kent Regiment1460Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1460 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200144 Private Link
30636Wells, RobertEast Kent Regiment18757Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18757 Private [2] Labour Corps 428531 Private Link
30637Wells, S JEast Kent RegimentL/8074Private --Link
30638Wells, T EEast Kent RegimentL/9533Private --Link
30639Wells, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG-20182Private --Link
30640Wells, Victor WEast Kent Regiment20336Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20336 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 04846 Private Link
30641Wells, W DEast Kent RegimentL/10424Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/10424 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/10424 Acting Corporal Link
30642Wells, W HEast Kent RegimentL/8197Private --Link
30643Wells, W H GEast Kent RegimentG/13336Private --Link
30644Wells, W H JEast Kent RegimentL/9354Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9354 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/9354 Serjeant Link
30645Wells, William JEast Kent Regiment17722Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17722 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 22834 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 12662 Private [4] Lancashire Regiment 28119 Private [5] Royal Engineers 362848 Private Link
30646Wellsted, CharlesEast Kent Regiment1929Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1929 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240247 Private Link
30647Welman, JohnEast Kent Regiment46522Private --Link
30648Welsh, A CEast Kent RegimentL/6992Serjeant --Link
30649Welsh, Albert GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/8535Private --Link
30650Welsh, AustinEast Kent RegimentG/27744Gunner [1] Royal Garrison Artillery 179217 Gunner [2] East Kent Regiment G/27744 Gunner Link
30651Welsh, C AEast Kent Regiment200551- [1] East Kent Regiment 200551 - [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 200551 - Link
30652Welsh, Gordon JamesEast Kent Regiment2307Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2307 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 200551 Lieutenant Link
30653Welsh, Robert BEast Kent RegimentG/25270Private --Link
30654Welsh, W FEast Kent RegimentG/1395Private --Link
30655Welsh, WalterEast Kent Regiment206013Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 3713 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206013 Private Link
30656Welsher, Herbert ALabour Corps ex East Kent Regiment597736Corporal --Link
30657Welton, F CEast Kent RegimentG/356Private --Link
30658Welton, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment3144Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3144 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 205751 Private Link
30659Wenban, ArthurEast Kent Regiment6123Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 6123 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 242896 Corporal Link
30660Wenban, CEast Kent Regiment75Lance Corporal --Link
30661Wenban, FrancisEast Kent RegimentL/8122Private --Link
30662Wenban, Harry JamesEast Kent Regiment-Temporary Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Temporary Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
30663Wenban, WilliamEast Kent Regiment2491Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2491 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 94586 Lance Corporal Link
30664Wenborn, CecilEast Kent Regiment270159Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1843 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270159 Private [3] Reserve Regiment of Cavalry - Second Lieutenant Link
30665Wenbourne, E JEast Kent Regiment1302Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1302 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 240233 Corporal Link
30666Wenham, A EEast Kent Regiment204296Private --Link
30667Wenham, A TEast Kent Regiment265352Private --Link
30668Wenham, C FEast Kent Regiment270945Acting Corporal [1] West Kent Yeomanry 2045 Acting Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 270945 Acting Corporal Link
30669Wenham, CharlesEast Kent Regiment9581Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9581 Private [2] Labour Corps 388835 Private Link
30670Wenham, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/4129Private --Link
30671Wenham, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/6366Private --Link
30672Wenham, W JEast Kent Regiment1403Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1403 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240300 Private Link
30673Wenlock, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/17469Private [1] London Regiment 283157 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17469 Private Link
30674Wenman, A HEast Kent RegimentG/8118Private --Link
30675Wenman, GEast Kent Regiment5173Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5173 Private [2] Royal Air Force 133144 Private Link
30676Wenman, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment5973Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5973 Private [2] Monmouthshire Regiment 228434 Private [3] Royal Air Force 133144 Private Link
30677Wenman, JamesEast Kent Regiment1350Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1350 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240263 Private Link
30678Wenman, JohnEast Kent Regiment8477Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8477 Private [2] Royal Engineers 198870 Private [3] Royal Engineers 601981 Private Link
30679Wenman, W TEast Kent Regiment1403Private --Link
30680Wernham, ThomasEast Kent Regiment5805Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5805 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 0404 Private Link
30681Werschker, AaronEast Kent Regiment23883Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23883 Private [2] Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 58807 Private Link
30682Wesley, B AEast Kent RegimentG21836Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/2144 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G21836 Private Link
30683Wesley, WilliamEast Kent RegimentS/8991Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/8991 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 73762 Private Link
30684Wesseldine, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/13958Private [1] North Staffordshire Regiment 8228 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13958 Private Link
30685West, A CEast Kent RegimentG/76Private --Link
30686West, A GEast Kent Regiment200744Corporal --Link
30687West, AlbertEast Kent Regiment19084Private [1] East Kent Regiment 19084 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 40351 Private Link
30688West, Albert EEast Kent Regiment200944Private [1] East Kent Regiment 200944 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 229391 Private [3] London Regiment 229391 Private Link
30689West, AlfredEast Kent Regiment203785Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203785 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/28769 Private Link
30690West, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG11712Lance Corporal [1] Essex Regiment 17899 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11712 Lance Corporal Link
30691West, B GEast Kent RegimentG/4336Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/4336 Private [2] East Kent Regiment TF/3071 Private Link
30692West, BasilEast Kent Regiment9326Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9326 Private [2] Labour Corps 489291 Private Link
30693West, C WEast Kent RegimentG/29256Private --Link
30694West, C WEast Kent RegimentG-18974Private --Link
30695West, C WEast Kent RegimentG/6376Private --Link
30696West, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/20332Private --Link
30697West, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/6531Private --Link
30698West, CharlesEast Kent Regiment5914Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5914 Private [2] Royal Engineers 144694 Private [3] Royal Engineers - Captain Link
30699West, E CEast Kent RegimentG22340Private --Link
30700West, E FEast Kent RegimentG/70Private --Link
30701West, E HEast Kent RegimentL/9164Drummer --Link
30702West, Egbert HEast Kent Regiment25471Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25471 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69623 Private Link
30703West, ErnestEast Kent RegimentL/12367Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 68348 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12367 Private Link
30704West, Ernest GEast Kent Regiment4608Sapper [1] Royal Engineers 505701 Sapper [2] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3028 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 4608 Sapper [4] East Kent Regiment 201621 Sapper [5] Royal Engineers WR/309119 Sapper Link
30705West, Ernest GEast Kent RegimentG/25174Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25174 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58200 Private Link
30706West, F WEast Kent RegimentG/25652Private --Link
30707West, G WEast Kent RegimentG/6376Private --Link
30708West, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment7679Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7679 Private [2] Labour Corps 446262 Private Link
30709West, George FEast Kent Regiment4820Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4820 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41529 Private Link
30710West, HEast Kent Regiment3751Private --Link
30711West, HenryEast Kent Regiment13662Private [1] East Kent Regiment 13662 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps S10312 Private Link
30712West, Henry WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/10175Private --Link
30713West, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/10082Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/10082 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58186 Private Link
30714West, J EEast Kent Regiment270094Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1673 Trumpeter [2] East Kent Regiment 270094 Private Link
30715West, J EEast Kent Regiment4025Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4025 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241634 Private Link
30716West, J FEast Kent RegimentL/9304Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9304 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9304 Serjeant Link
30717West, J GEast Kent RegimentG/4205Colour Serjeant --Link
30718West, JamesEast Kent Regiment201224Private --Link
30719West, James ThomasEast Kent Regiment8871Serjeant --Link
30720West, James WilliamEast Kent Regiment DepotS/1431Private --Link
30721West, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/3698Private --Link
30722West, John WarburtonEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] - - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain [3] Army Education Corps - Major Link
30723West, R FEast Kent Regiment270609Lance Corporal [1] West Kent Yeomanry 923 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270609 Lance Corporal Link
30724West, SidneyEast Kent RegimentL/6808Private --Link
30725West, StanleyEast Kent RegimentG/6295Private --Link
30726West, W AEast Kent RegimentL/12214Private [1] London Regiment 68025 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12214 Private Link
30727West, W DEast Kent RegimentG/1637Serjeant --Link
30728West, W GEast Kent RegimentG/27955Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 26754 Private [2] Labour Corps 56876 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27955 Private Link
30729West, WilfredEast Kent RegimentG/6096Private --Link
30730West, WilliamEast Kent Regiment8340Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8340 Private [2] Labour Corps 467130 Private Link
30731Westacott, EdwinEast Kent RegimentL/8832Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8832 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8832 Corporal Link
30732Westall, Alfred FEast Kent Regiment23442Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23442 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/53453 Private Link
30733Westall, D GEast Kent RegimentG 14564Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/1121 Acting Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G 14564 Private Link
30734Westaway, SamuelEast Kent Regiment13072Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 12464 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 13072 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 160788 Private Link
30735Westbrook, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/5613Private --Link
30736Westbrook, William AEast Kent Regiment19020Private [1] East Kent Regiment 19020 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/83064 Private Link
30737Westcott, EdwinEast Kent RegimentG19586Private --Link
30738Westcott, HarryEast Kent RegimentSR/10682Private [1] East Kent Regiment SR/10682 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10682 Private Link
30739Westcott, HenryEast Kent Regiment Depot5769Colour Serjeant --Link
30740Westerman, Ernest WEast Kent Regiment25566Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25566 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22418 Private Link
30741Western, Walter DEast Kent RegimentG/21987Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 12517 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/21987 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 64118 Private Link
30742Westgate, A JEast Kent RegimentL/10860Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 5202 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10860 Private Link
30743Westgate, Alfred JohnEast Kent RegimentL10860Private --Link
30744Westgate, George WEast Kent RegimentG9440Private [1] East Kent Regiment G9440 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G24783 Private [3] Royal Engineers 311792 Private Link
30745Westheuser, FranzEast Kent Regiment6124Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6124 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 242897 Private Link
30746Westlake, H G SEast Kent RegimentG/17392Private [1] London Regiment 279207 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17392 Private Link
30747Westlake, P AEast Kent RegimentG/21427Private --Link
30748Westlake, RobertEast Kent Regiment10908Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10908 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/41352 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment S/9362 Private [4] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 43263 Private Link
30749Westley, A JEast Kent RegimentG/1581Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1581 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1581 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
30750Westley, AlfredEast Kent Regiment10972Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10972 Private [2] Manchester Regiment 43392 Private Link
30751Weston, A EEast Kent RegimentG/14374Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14374 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11520 Private Link
30752Weston, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/5798Private --Link
30753Weston, Albert GEast Kent Regiment8730Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8730 Private [2] Labour Corps 363602 Private Link
30754Weston, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/7512Private --Link
30755Weston, J HEast Kent RegimentG/12035Private --Link
30756Weston, L GEast Kent RegimentG/24723Private --Link
30757Weston, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/1425Private --Link
30758Westover, H NEast Kent RegimentG/15746Private --Link
30759Westover, Harry AEast Kent Regiment2892Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2892 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 59345 Private Link
30760Westrope, Walter GEast Kent Regiment18057Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18057 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/33005 Private Link
30761Westwick, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/14801Driver [1] Army Service Corps T4/159621 Driver [2] Durham Light Infantry 89027 Driver [3] East Kent Regiment G/14801 Driver Link
30762Westwood, A REast Kent RegimentG/14814Private --Link
30763Westwood, AlfredEast Kent Regiment243171Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 243171 Serjeant [2] Rifle Brigade 211811 Serjeant Link
30764Westwood, Bertie EdwardEast Kent RegimentL/11148Boy --Link
30765Westwood, HerbertEast Kent RegimentL/8059Private --Link
30766Westwood, JEast Kent Regiment2432Private --Link
30767Westwood, JosephEast Kent Regiment2432Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2432 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 73537 Private Link
30768Westwood, ThomasEast Kent Regiment7136Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7136 Private [2] Labour Corps 395826 Private Link
30769Wetherall, W JEast Kent Regiment202309Private --Link
30770Wetton, AEast Kent RegimentG/21718Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21718 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/13356 Private Link
30771Wevill, E GEast Kent RegimentG/4147Private --Link
30772Whale, A WEast Kent RegimentG/24981Private --Link
30773Whale, G FEast Kent Regiment1445Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1445 Acting Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 240330 Acting Corporal Link
30774Whale, Philip PEast Kent Regiment203264Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203264 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210526 Private Link
30775Whale, R FEast Kent RegimentG/7068Private --Link
30776Whale, Ralph CEast Kent Regiment203265Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203265 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79452 Private Link
30777Whaley, A JEast Kent Regiment113Company Serjeant Major --Link
30778Whaley, A JEast Kent Regiment113Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 113 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 113 Warrant Officer Class 2 [3] East Kent Regiment 240007 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
30779Whall, REast Kent Regiment2779Lance Corporal --Link
30780Whall, RobertEast Kent RegimentG/2779Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/2779 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/2779 Corporal Link
30781Whalley, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/26577Private --Link
30782Whalley, J WEast Kent RegimentL/12557Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 75698 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12557 Private Link
30783Whalley, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/5633Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/5633 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/5633 Corporal Link
30784Whanary, J REast Kent Regiment206127Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 3749 Private [2] Durham Light Infantry 300931 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 206127 Private Link
30785Wharmby, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/29249Private --Link
30786Wharne, AEast Kent RegimentG/6739Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6739 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 115304 Private Link
30787Wharton, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/21719Private --Link
30788Wharton, William HEast Kent Regiment270508Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 234 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270508 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons D/33072 Private Link
30789Whatling, Thomas JEast Kent RegimentG/10985Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/10985 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58188 Private Link
30790Whatman, Arthur DunvanEast Kent Regiment-Major [1] Suffolk Regiment - Captain [2] East Kent Regiment - Major Link
30791Whattler, A EEast Kent Regiment3438Serjeant --Link
30792Whattler, A EEast Kent Regiment6503Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 6503 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 202905 Serjeant Link
30793Wheatland, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment203413Private --Link
30794Wheatley, A JEast Kent RegimentL/10276Private --Link
30795Wheatley, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/26642Private --Link
30796Wheatley, C AEast Kent RegimentG888Private --Link
30797Wheatley, Cyril KEast Kent Regiment203333Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203333 Private [2] Indian Army - Lieutenant Link
30798Wheatley, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment10148Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10148 Private [2] Labour Corps 616862 Private Link
30799Wheatley, HarryEast Kent Regiment206156Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 3027 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206156 Private Link
30800Wheatley, J HEast Kent RegimentL/10231Private --Link
30801Wheatley, J JEast Kent Regiment6048Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1467 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6048 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 242825 Private Link
30802Wheatley, JamesEast Kent Regiment5004Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5004 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 32586 Private Link
30803Wheatley, JosephEast Kent Regiment17031Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17031 Private [2] Labour Corps 382040 Private Link
30804Wheatley, T MEast Kent RegimentS/502Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment S/502 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment S/502 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
30805Wheatley, Tracy HunterEast Kent Regiment27005Staff Serjeant Major [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 621 Staff Quarter Master Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 27005 Staff Serjeant Major [3] Lancashire Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant [4] Lancashire Fusiliers - Acting Captain Link
30806Wheaton, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/12052Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/12052 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58144 Private Link
30807Wheelband, Albert EEast Kent Regiment8681Private --Link
30808Wheeler, A F JEast Kent RegimentG/5825Private --Link
30809Wheeler, C GEast Kent RegimentG/2203Private --Link
30810Wheeler, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/3334Private --Link
30811Wheeler, CharlesEast Kent Regiment8184Private --Link
30812Wheeler, Christopher WEast Kent RegimentG/23801Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/23801 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 61512 Private Link
30813Wheeler, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG-18872Private --Link
30814Wheeler, Ernest AEast Kent Regiment201775Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201775 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/68911 Private Link
30815Wheeler, FEast Kent RegimentG/4747Private --Link
30816Wheeler, FrankEast Kent RegimentL/7766Private --Link
30817Wheeler, FredEast Kent Regiment2678Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2678 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240863 Private Link
30818Wheeler, Harry LloydEast Kent Regiment attached Royal West Surrey Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
30819Wheeler, I AEast Kent RegimentG/392Private --Link
30820Wheeler, J AEast Kent RegimentG/1300Private --Link
30821Wheeler, J HEast Kent RegimentG/35961Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 6423 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/35961 Private Link
30822Wheeler, J HEast Kent RegimentG/12689Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 23429 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12689 Private Link
30823Wheeler, LeviEast Kent Regiment24495Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 12774 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 24495 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/13215 Private Link
30824Wheeler, M L GEast Kent RegimentG/36978Private [1] Hampshire Regiment 331490 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/36978 Private Link
30825Wheeler, W WEast Kent Regiment3000Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3000 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200847 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/12247 Private Link
30826Wheeler, William GEast Kent Regiment Depot15709Private --Link
30827Whelan, J JEast Kent RegimentG/35650Private --Link
30828Wheldall, LEast Kent RegimentG/6573Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6573 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 48485 Private Link
30829Wheler, TrevorEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain and Adjutant Link
30830Whenham, H SEast Kent RegimentL/10209Private --Link
30831Whibley, E HEast Kent RegimentG-8669Private --Link
30832Whibley, Edward PEast Kent RegimentG/11809Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/11809 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58190 Private Link
30833Whibley, R HEast Kent RegimentS/10463Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10463 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10463 Private Link
30834Whiddett, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/4929Private --Link
30835Whiddett, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/8620Private --Link
30836Whiddett, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/4929Private --Link
30837Whiddett, Herbert AEast Kent RegimentG/24678Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24678 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58205 Private Link
30838Whiddett, PercyEast Kent Regiment1877Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1877 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200323 Private Link
30839Whiffin, J HEast Kent RegimentG/2153Private --Link
30840Whiks, CharlesEast Kent Regiment-Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment - Serjeant [2] Royal Lancaster Regiment - Temporary Second Lieutenant Link
30841Whiley, PercyEast Kent Regiment201291Private --Link
30842Whipp, WilliamEast Kent Regiment843Private [1] East Kent Regiment 843 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 36944 Private Link
30843Whipps, AEast Kent RegimentG/3569Serjeant --Link
30844Whipps, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/3569Serjeant --Link
30845Whipps, WilliamEast Kent Regiment843Private [1] East Kent Regiment 843 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 36944 Private Link
30846Whiskin, E WEast Kent RegimentG/6031Private --Link
30847Whiskun, Ernest WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/6031Private --Link
30848Whitaker, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/1175Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1175 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1175 Corporal Link
30849Whitaker, FEast Kent Regiment/ Command and Staff-Captain /Temporary Major --Link
30850Whitaker, FrankEast Kent Regiment-Major [1] East Kent Regiment - Major [2] Adjutant and Quarter Master General Branch - Deputy Assistant Adjutant General [3] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
30851Whitaker, HEast Kent RegimentG/35850Private --Link
30852Whitaker, H TEast Kent RegimentG/12867Private --Link
30853Whitaker, RaymondEast Kent RegimentG23257Private [1] Army Service Corps S/4/086920 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G23257 Private Link
30854Whitaker, W CEast Kent RegimentG/12868Private --Link
30855Whitbourne, G WEast Kent RegimentG/2090Private --Link
30856Whitbread, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/21031Private --Link
30857Whitbread, SamuelEast Kent Regiment201924Private --Link
30858Whitby, Edward VernonRoyal Army Medical Corps attached East Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Army Medical Corps attached East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] Royal Army Medical Corps attached East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
30859Whitby, G EEast Kent RegimentG/6843Private --Link
30860Whitby, R WEast Kent Regiment240900Private --Link
30861Whitcher, C LEast Kent RegimentG/20326Private --Link
30862Whitcombe, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/1537Private --Link
30863White, A EEast Kent RegimentG 9120Private --Link
30864White, A EEast Kent RegimentG/20906Private --Link
30865White, A EEast Kent RegimentG/35582Private --Link
30866White, A HEast Kent RegimentL/7537Private --Link
30867White, A NEast Kent RegimentG/1239Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1239 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1239 Private Link
30868White, A PEast Kent RegimentG/25849Private --Link
30869White, A VEast Kent RegimentG-22133Private --Link
30870White, AlbertEast Kent RegimentL/8333Private --Link
30871White, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/23912Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/23912 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 91514 Private Link
30872White, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/5491Private --Link
30873White, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG 27735Private [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 19602 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G 27735 Private [3] Labour Corps 382268 Private Link
30874White, Albert REast Kent RegimentG/22348Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22348 Private [2] Labour Corps 407664 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers 106134 Private [4] London Regiment 685320 Private Link
30875White, AlfredEast Kent RegimentL/9276Private --Link
30876White, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/6763Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6763 Private [2] Labour Corps 488357 Private Link
30877White, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/5253Private --Link
30878White, BertieEast Kent RegimentG/25956Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25956 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79346 Private Link
30879White, Cecil GrantEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
30880White, Charles AEast Kent Regiment Yeomanry240566Private [1] Hampshire Regiment 3/3045 Private [2] East Kent Regiment Yeomanry 240566 Private [3] Corps of Hussars 240566 Private Link
30881White, Charles ArthurEast Kent Regiment Yeomanry240566Private --Link
30882White, E CEast Kent RegimentG/25839Private --Link
30883White, E CEast Kent RegimentL/9442Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9442 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9442 Private Link
30884White, E EEast Kent RegimentG-8624Private --Link
30885White, E GEast Kent RegimentG/6046Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/6046 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/6046 Serjeant Link
30886White, E JEast Kent RegimentG-20009Private --Link
30887White, E PEast Kent RegimentL/7541Private --Link
30888White, EdwardEast Kent Regiment270678Private --Link
30889White, Edward JEast Kent Regiment3611Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3611 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 113856 Private Link
30890White, Edward JEast Kent Regiment3611Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3611 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 113856 Private Link
30891White, EdwinEast Kent RegimentL/7619Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/7619 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/7619 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
30892White, ErnestEast Kent Regiment9578Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9578 Private [2] Labour Corps 542448 Private Link
30893White, ErnestEast Kent Regiment206043Private [1] London Regiment 5073 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206043 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment 238244 Private Link
30894White, F GEast Kent RegimentG-8625Private --Link
30895White, F JEast Kent Regiment6280576Private --Link
30896White, FrankEast Kent RegimentG9465Private --Link
30897White, FrederickEast Kent Regiment14945Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 48685 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14945 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment G/106912 Private Link
30898White, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/3361Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3361 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3361 Private Link
30899White, FrederickEast Kent Regiment9328Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9328 Private [2] Labour Corps 206238 Private Link
30900White, Frederick CEast Kent Regiment202262Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202262 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204591 Private Link
30901White, Frederick JEast Kent Regiment265190Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 18417 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81218 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265190 Private Link
30902White, G EEast Kent Regiment7887Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7887 Private [2] Army Service Corps M2/164267 Private Link
30903White, G FEast Kent RegimentG/2242Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/2242 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/2242 Serjeant Link
30904White, G JEast Kent RegimentG/2322Private --Link
30905White, G TEast Kent RegimentL/7916Private --Link
30906White, G WEast Kent Regiment12297Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment G/7976 Private [2] Labour Corps 437851 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 12297 Private Link
30907White, G WEast Kent RegimentG/27758Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 43241 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27758 Private Link
30908White, G WEast Kent Regiment12297Private --Link
30909White, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment6334Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6334 Private [2] Labour Corps 121469 Private Link
30910White, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/10385Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/10385 Acting Corporal [2] Army Service Corps T/393637 Acting Corporal Link
30911White, George AEast Kent RegimentG/35537Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/35537 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13165 Private Link
30912White, George HEast Kent Regiment11824Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11824 Private [2] Labour Corps 395502 Private Link
30913White, HEast Kent Regiment397Private --Link
30914White, H LEast Kent RegimentG/11337Private --Link
30915White, HaroldEast Kent Regiment270583Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 850 Trumpeter [2] East Kent Regiment 270583 Private Link
30916White, Harry JEast Kent RegimentG/35551Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/35551 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79223 Private Link
30917White, Henry CEast Kent Regiment397Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 397 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 13737 Corporal [3] Royal Defence Corps 77510 Corporal Link
30918White, Henry JEast Kent Regiment1625Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1625 Private [2] Leinster Regiment 4743 Corporal Link
30919White, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG 8899Private --Link
30920White, Herbert CEast Kent Regiment753Private [1] East Kent Regiment 753 Private [2] Surrey Yeomanry 46087 Private Link
30921White, Herbert HEast Kent RegimentG/8107Trooper [1] Royal Engineers 266505 Trooper [2] East Kent Regiment G/8107 Trooper [3] Royal Engineers WR/270491 Trooper Link
30922White, Herbert P TEast Kent Regiment4089Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4089 Private [2] Lancashire Fusiliers 60751 Private [3] Labour Corps 511345 Private Link
30923White, Hugh GranvilleEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force - Flight Lieutenant [3] Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force - Captain [4] Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force - Major Link
30924White, J AEast Kent RegimentG/9586Private --Link
30925White, J AEast Kent RegimentG/14598Private --Link
30926White, J AEast Kent RegimentG-20008Private --Link
30927White, J CEast Kent RegimentG/3235Private --Link
30928White, J FEast Kent RegimentG/6889Private --Link
30929White, J HEast Kent RegimentG/21377Private --Link
30930White, J JEast Kent RegimentG/3123Private --Link
30931White, J PEast Kent RegimentG/1503Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/1503 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 271074 Private Link
30932White, J REast Kent Regiment270346Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2641 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270346 Private Link
30933White, J TEast Kent Regiment5410Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5410 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 34857 Private Link
30934White, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/6375Private --Link
30935White, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/5681Private --Link
30936White, James HEast Kent Regiment5410Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5410 Private [2] Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 34857 Private Link
30937White, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/26159Private --Link
30938White, JohnEast Kent Regiment1644Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1644 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200221 Private Link
30939White, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/13260Private --Link
30940White, John WEast Kent Regiment Depot46103Private --Link
30941White, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/26107Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26107 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11765 Private Link
30942White, JosephEast Kent RegimentS/9293Private --Link
30943White, Joseph AEast Kent Regiment20275Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20275 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/64058 Private Link
30944White, Joseph JEast Kent Regiment265014Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265014 Private [2] Devonshire Regiment 241493 Private Link
30945White, L VEast Kent RegimentG/17491Private [1] London Regiment 77187 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17491 Private Link
30946White, LewisEast Kent RegimentG/4255Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/4255 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/4255 Corporal Link
30947White, N EEast Kent RegimentG-20177Private --Link
30948White, N FEast Kent RegimentG/20177- --Link
30949White, N TEast Kent RegimentL/5739Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/5739 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/5739 Corporal Link
30950White, P MEast Kent Regiment241540Serjeant [1] Royal Fusiliers G/4238 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241540 Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 3642 Serjeant Link
30951White, PercyEast Kent RegimentG/2559Private --Link
30952White, Percy HEast Kent Regiment9091Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9091 Private [2] Royal Irish Fusiliers 45056 Private Link
30953White, R AEast Kent RegimentG/1584Private --Link
30954White, R HEast Kent RegimentSR/245Private --Link
30955White, R WEast Kent RegimentG/17471Private [1] London Regiment 90081 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17471 Private Link
30956White, Robert CEast Kent Regiment8472Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8472 Private [2] Welsh Regiment 57180 Private Link
30957White, Robert JEast Kent Regiment5725Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5725 Private [2] Army Service Corps M2/204461 Private Link
30958White, SEast Kent RegimentG/21833Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 119561 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/21833 Private Link
30959White, SamuelEast Kent Regiment6572Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6572 Private [2] Labour Corps 498603 Private Link
30960White, SidneyEast Kent Regiment12015Private [1] East Kent Regiment 12015 Private [2] Labour Corps 602550 Private Link
30961White, StanleyEast Kent RegimentG/14911Corporal --Link
30962White, ThomasEast Kent RegimentS/8453Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment S/8453 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment S/8453 Acting Corporal Link
30963White, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/5146Private --Link
30964White, WEast Kent RegimentG24974Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 3294 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G24974 Private Link
30965White, WEast Kent Regiment3074Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 3074 Lance Corporal [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 37951 Lance Corporal Link
30966White, W AEast Kent Regiment2248Private Lance Corporal --Link
30967White, W AEast Kent RegimentG/2248Private --Link
30968White, W DEast Kent RegimentL/9440Private --Link
30969White, W EEast Kent RegimentG/1987Private --Link
30970White, W JEast Kent RegimentL/9522Private --Link
30971White, W JEast Kent RegimentL/6103Private --Link
30972White, W JEast Kent RegimentL/8965Private --Link
30973White, W J CEast Kent RegimentG/4884Corporal --Link
30974White, W MEast Kent RegimentL/12773Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/29724 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12773 Private Link
30975White, W TEast Kent RegimentSR/10367Private --Link
30976White, WalterEast Kent RegimentL/8064Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/8064 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 603595 Serjeant Link
30977White, WalterEast Kent Regiment3499Private [1] Bedfordshire Regiment 10048 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 3499 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 241417 Private Link
30978White, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/5457Private --Link
30979White, WilliamEast Kent Regiment201988Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201988 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/64126 Private Link
30980White, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/9119Private --Link
30981White, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/24974Private [1] The Queen's Regiment G/3294 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/24974 Private Link
30982White, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/23006Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/23006 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11611 Private Link
30983White, WilliamEast Kent Regiment200222Private [1] East Kent Regiment 200222 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/99315 Private Link
30984White, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/20233Serjeant [1] Army Service Corps T/31737 Serjeant [2] Training Reserve Battalion 21040 Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment G/20233 Serjeant [4] East Kent Regiment L/11484 Serjeant Link
30985White, William TEast Kent Regiment270186Corporal [1] East Kent Yeomanry 1925 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR193772 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment 270186 Corporal [4] Royal Engineers 233785 Corporal Link
30986Whitear, Francis WEast Kent Regiment6745Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6745 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58514 Private Link
30987Whitehead, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/13328Private --Link
30988Whitehead, ArchibaldEast Kent Regiment1167Private --Link
30989Whitehead, C AEast Kent RegimentG/35547Private --Link
30990Whitehead, CdEast Kent RegimentG/9567Private --Link
30991Whitehead, Charles HEast Kent Regiment1556Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1556 Private [2] Labour Corps 471589 Private Link
30992Whitehead, Clifford Stanley JamesEast Kent Regiment270683Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 972 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270683 Private [3] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
30993Whitehead, E HEast Kent Regiment270395Private [1] Royal Engineers 2819 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270395 Private Link
30994Whitehead, GEast Kent RegimentG/4955Private --Link
30995Whitehead, George WilliamEast Kent RegimentS/9726Private --Link
30996Whitehead, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/11100Private --Link
30997Whitehead, LeonardEast Kent Regiment2032Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2032 Private [2] Labour Corps 119163 Private Link
30998Whitehead, LewisEast Kent RegimentG-19030Private --Link
30999Whitehead, P AEast Kent RegimentG/5160Private --Link
31000Whitehead, PercyEast Kent RegimentL12768Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 15860 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L12768 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 241541 Private Link
31001Whitehead, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/5011Private --Link
31002Whitehead, Thomas WilliamEast Kent Regiment202260Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202260 Private [2] Staffordshire Regiment 204568 Private Link
31003Whitehead, TomEast Kent RegimentG/1836Private --Link
31004Whitehead, W EEast Kent RegimentG-20180Private --Link
31005Whitehead, W GEast Kent Regiment270283Private [1] East Kent Yeomanry 2296 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270283 Private Link
31006Whitehouse, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/27754Private [1] Devonshire Regiment 42916 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 27831 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27754 Private Link
31007Whitehouse, JohnEast Kent Regiment12569Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 5067 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12569 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 141975 Private Link
31008Whitehouse, JohnEast Kent Regiment3284Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 9007 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 211810 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3284 Private Link
31009Whitehouse, JosephEast Kent Regiment18302Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18302 Private [2] Labour Corps 428529 Private Link
31010Whitehouse, William HenryEast Kent Regiment6717Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 6717 Serjeant [2] Machine Gun Corps 6409 Private Link
31011Whiteing, Frederick AEast Kent Regiment24706Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24706 Private [2] Labour Corps 424954 Private Link
31012Whiteley, GilbertEast Kent RegimentG11669Private [1] Royal Fusiliers PSB/6948 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11669 Private Link
31013Whiteman, Harold RayEast Kent Regiment270063Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 270063 Serjeant [2] Royal Field Artillery - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal Field Artillery - Lieutenant Link
31014Whiteman, WalterEast Kent RegimentG-22145Private --Link
31015Whitenstall, S AEast Kent Regiment201243Private --Link
31016Whiteside, DennisEast Kent Regiment2916- [1] East Kent Regiment 2916 - [2] Manchester Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31017Whitewood, H TEast Kent Regiment3187Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3187 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200918 Private Link
31018Whitfield, Cedric HawkinsEast Kent Regiment2723Private [1] North Staffordshire Regiment 2723 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 2723 Private [3] North Staffordshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [4] North Staffordshire Regiment attached South Wales Borderers - Lieutenant Acting Captain Link
31019Whitfield, H FEast Kent RegimentL/9491Private --Link
31020Whitfield, Henry FEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Captain Link
31021Whitfield, John GardinerEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
31022Whithead, G WEast Kent RegimentG/9726Serjeant --Link
31023Whithead, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/5011Private --Link
31024Whiting, Albert HEast Kent RegimentG/21118Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21118 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65077 Private Link
31025Whiting, C AEast Kent RegimentG/12940Private --Link
31026Whiting, C HEast Kent Regiment4238Private --Link
31027Whiting, Charles REast Kent RegimentG/21119Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21119 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 48356 Private Link
31028Whiting, EdwinEast Kent RegimentG/17901Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/17901 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 65417 Private [3] London Regiment 602625 Private Link
31029Whiting, Frederick JamesEast Kent RegimentG/12111Private --Link
31030Whiting, J AEast Kent RegimentG/6784Private --Link
31031Whiting, JamesEast Kent RegimentL/7044Private --Link
31032Whiting, JohnEast Kent Regiment204433Private --Link
31033Whiting, John LewisEast Kent Regiment2558Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2558 Lance Corporal [2] Devonshire Regiment 241581 Acting Corporal Link
31034Whiting, ThomasEast Kent Regiment4040Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4040 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241644 Private Link
31035Whiting, WilliamEast Kent Regiment204467Private --Link
31036Whiting, WilliamEast Kent Regiment204467Private --Link
31037Whiting, William JEast Kent Regiment6280795Private [1] Royal West Surrey Regiment 243751 - [2] Middlesex Regiment 58345 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6280795 Private Link
31038Whitley, JohnEast Kent Regiment62570Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 5061 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 62570 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 25784 Private Link
31039Whitlock, C SEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31040Whitlock, Carleton StuartEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
31041Whitlock, ErnestEast Kent Regiment25148Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25148 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102562 Private Link
31042Whitman, A EEast Kent RegimentG/3475Private --Link
31043Whitmarsh, A JEast Kent Regiment309Colour Serjeant --Link
31044Whitmarsh, Arthur JohnEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] Royal Scots and Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders - - [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
31045Whitmore, Alfred GeorgeEast Kent Regiment6554Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6554 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 24680 Private Link
31046Whitmore, Cecil WEast Kent Regiment25962Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25962 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38576 Private Link
31047Whitmore, Ernest VEast Kent RegimentG/12199Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/12199 Corporal [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79240 Corporal Link
31048Whitmore, G CEast Kent Regiment200318Private Lance Corporal --Link
31049Whitmore, G CEast Kent Regiment1868Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1868 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200318 Private Link
31050Whitnall, A JEast Kent RegimentL/6395Private --Link
31051Whitnall, Edward C FEast Kent Regiment270154Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1831 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270154 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons D/33533 Private Link
31052Whitnall, FrederickEast Kent Regiment1712Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1712 Private [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 56165 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 2398 Private Link
31053Whitnall, H WEast Kent RegimentL/7928Private --Link
31054Whitnell, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment10636Private --Link
31055Whitney, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/4034Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/4034 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 89084 Private Link
31056Whitney, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/21244Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/21244 Acting Corporal [2] Rifle Brigade 35693 Acting Corporal [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 150220 Acting Corporal Link
31057Whittaker, D AEast Kent RegimentG/433Private --Link
31058Whittaker, ErnestEast Kent Regiment1175Private --Link
31059Whittaker, F JEast Kent RegimentG/12571Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/514 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12571 Private Link
31060Whittaker, JamesEast Kent Regiment201402Private --Link
31061Whittaker, JamesEast Kent RegimentL/9999Private --Link
31062Whittaker, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/6499Private --Link
31063Whittaker, JesseEast Kent RegimentG/5083Private --Link
31064Whittaker, JohnEast Kent Regiment3699Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 3699 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel [3] Labour Corps 461687 Lance Corporal Link
31065Whittaker, SidneyEast Kent RegimentG7116Private [1] Royal Field Artillery 34489 Gunner [2] East Kent Regiment G7116 Private Link
31066Whittaker, SydneyEast Kent RegimentG/29281Private --Link
31067Whittemore, ArthurEast Kent Regiment204431Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204431 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210532 Private Link
31068Whittingham, C EEast Kent RegimentL/8811Private --Link
31069Whittingham, F LEast Kent RegimentL/8689Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8689 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8689 Serjeant Link
31070Whittingham, G HEast Kent RegimentG/404Private --Link
31071Whittingham, Leonard GEast Kent Regiment10903Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 14748 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 10903 Private [3] Corps of Hussars 6863 Private Link
31072Whittingham, Thomas LEast Kent Regiment5645Corporal [1] The Queen's Regiment 41686 Corporal [2] Middlesex Regiment 47174 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment 5645 Corporal [4] The Queen's Regiment 202207 Corporal [5] Labour Corps 68220 Corporal [6] Royal Engineers 253594 Corporal Link
31073Whittingham, Thomas REast Kent Regiment23054Private --Link
31074Whittington, A VEast Kent Regiment265411Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 5060 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 265411 Private Link
31075Whittington, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG-18975Private --Link
31076Whittington, AlfredEast Kent Regiment1585Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1585 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200201 Private Link
31077Whittington, AlfredEast Kent Regiment1594Private --Link
31078Whittington, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/6506Private --Link
31079Whittington, ErnestEast Kent Regiment18736Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18736 Private [2] Labour Corps 535506 Private Link
31080Whittington, G WEast Kent RegimentG/14889Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 4070 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14889 Private Link
31081Whittington, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/3962Private --Link
31082Whittington, JohnEast Kent Regiment6070Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6070 Private [2] Labour Corps 603425 Private Link
31083Whittley, Charles WEast Kent Regiment19086Private [1] East Kent Regiment 19086 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 40352 Private Link
31084Whitworth, AlbertEast Kent Regiment5743Private [1] Essex Regiment 253122 Private [2] London Regiment 4610 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 5743 Private [4] Hertfordshire Regiment 271172 Private [5] Royal Engineers 359358 Private [6] Royal Engineers WR/284676 Private Link
31085Whorlow, Frederick TrittonRoyal East Kent RegimentG21397Private --Link
31086Whorlow, William HEast Kent Regiment35559Private [1] East Kent Regiment 35559 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79241 Private Link
31087Whyatt, S AEast Kent RegimentL/9347Private --Link
31088Whyborne, Leslie G JEast Kent RegimentG/19005Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/19005 Private [2] Royal Scots 202304 Private Link
31089Whybourn, JohnEast Kent RegimentG 8841Private --Link
31090Whybrow, P TEast Kent RegimentG/28076Private [1] Army Service Corps MT/226155 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/28076 Private Link
31091Whybrow, W JEast Kent RegimentS/334Private --Link
31092Whyman, F AEast Kent Regiment1249Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1249 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 1249 Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 240200 Serjeant Link
31093Whyman, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/13182Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 12785 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13182 Private Link
31094Whyman, PercyEast Kent RegimentG/5090Private --Link
31095Whyman, R TEast Kent Regiment1239Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1239 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 1239 Private Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 240197 Private Serjeant Link
31096Whyte, George EEast Kent RegimentG/8571Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/8571 Private [2] Suffolk Regiment 38290 Private [3] Northamptonshire Regiment 48484 Private [4] Suffolk Regiment 50818 Private [5] Royal Engineers 329191 Private Link
31097Wichert, Frederick JEast Kent Regiment5628Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5628 Private [2] Army Service Corps R/39253 Private Link
31098Wicken, P CEast Kent RegimentG/12941Private --Link
31099Wicken, Percy CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/12941Private --Link
31100Wickenden, A GEast Kent RegimentG/9770Private --Link
31101Wickenden, CEast Kent RegimentSR/348Private [1] East Kent Regiment SR/348 Private [2] Labour Corps 198113 Private Link
31102Wickenden, Cecil JEast Kent Regiment202651Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202651 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 64110 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 148510 Private Link
31103Wickenden, FrederickEast Kent Regiment3154Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3154 Private [2] North Kent Regiment 200914 Private Link
31104Wickenden, G SEast Kent Regiment6053Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 6053 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 24283 Serjeant Link
31105Wickenden, HenryEast Kent Regiment201367Private --Link
31106Wickenden, RobertEast Kent RegimentS/9599Private --Link
31107Wickenden, S SEast Kent RegimentL/10594Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10594 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment L/16854 Private Link
31108Wickendon, CharlesEast Kent Regiment348Private [1] East Kent Regiment 348 Private [2] Labour Corps 198113 Private Link
31109Wickenham, CEast Kent Regiment-- [1] East Kent Regiment - - [2] Labour Corps 198113 Private Link
31110Wickens, A FEast Kent Regiment170Company Serjeant Major [1] East Kent Regiment 170 Company Serjeant Major [2] East Kent Regiment 170 Warrant Officer Class 2 [3] East Kent Regiment 240012 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
31111Wickens, B EEast Kent Regiment241835Private [1] East Kent Regiment 241835 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12283 Private Link
31112Wickens, FrankEast Kent Regiment2103Private --Link
31113Wickens, GEast Kent Regiment18241Private --Link
31114Wickens, H HEast Kent RegimentG/1868Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1868 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1868 Corporal Link
31115Wickens, HenryEast Kent RegimentD/32430Private [1] Kent Cyclist Battalion 28023 Private [2] Labour Corps 661350 Private [3] East Kent Regiment D/32430 Private Link
31116Wickens, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/20914Private --Link
31117Wickens, JamesEast Kent Regiment1365Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1365 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240272 Private Link
31118Wickens, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment270211Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2018 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270211 Private Link
31119Wickens, Reginald HEast Kent Regiment3743Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3743 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/63817 Private Link
31120Wickens, S HEast Kent Regiment270265Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2206 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270265 Private Link
31121Wickens, W JEast Kent Regiment64Serjeant --Link
31122Wickens, W JEast Kent Regiment64Colour Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 64 Colour Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 64 Warrant Officer Class 2 [3] East Kent Regiment 240003 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
31123Wickens, W TEast Kent Regiment240003Company Serjeant Major --Link
31124Wicker, HarryEast Kent RegimentG-23907Private --Link
31125Wicker, HerbertEast Kent RegimentL/10039Private --Link
31126Wicker, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/9779Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9779 Private [2] Labour Corps 481467 Lance Corporal Link
31127Wickers, HEast Kent RegimentG/23907Private --Link
31128Wickerson, ThomasEast Kent Regiment4823Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4823 Private [2] Labour Corps 570385 Private Link
31129Wickert, F JEast Kent RegimentL/5628Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/5628 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/39253 Private Link
31130Wickett, SidneyEast Kent RegimentG/13991Lance Corporal --Link
31131Wickett, SidneyEast Kent RegimentG/13991Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/13991 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22423 Private Link
31132Wickham, ErnestEast Kent Regiment200798Private --Link
31133Wickham, J NEast Kent Regiment1161Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1161 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240151 Private Link
31134Wickham, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/7867Private --Link
31135Wickham, S CEast Kent Regiment3434Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3434 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241364 Private Link
31136Wickham, S JEast Kent RegimentL/10169Corporal --Link
31137Wickham, Sydney CEast Kent Regiment124Private [1] East Kent Regiment 124 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 24846 Private Link
31138Wickham, T HEast Kent Regiment1160Private --Link
31139Wickham, Thomas WEast Kent Regiment26636Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26636 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 91318 Private Link
31140Wickham, WEast Kent Regiment98Corporal --Link
31141Wickham, W EEast Kent Regiment98Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 98 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment G/13557 Serjeant Link
31142Wickham, W HEast Kent RegimentG/6689Private --Link
31143Wickington, H GEast Kent RegimentG/1300Corporal --Link
31144Wickington, H GEast Kent Regiment1300Serjeant --Link
31145Wickington, H GEast Kent RegimentG/1300Company Quarter Master Serjeant --Link
31146Wickington, H GEast Kent RegimentG/1302Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/1302 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/1302 Colour Serjeant Link
31147Wickington, H GEast Kent RegimentG/1300Corporal --Link
31148Wickington, Henry REast Kent Regiment18404Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18404 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 036565 Private Link
31149Wicks, Alfred OEast Kent Regiment9396Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9396 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38577 Private Link
31150Wicks, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG-8442Private --Link
31151Wicks, HoraceEast Kent Regiment203106Private --Link
31152Wicks, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/29243Private --Link
31153Wicks, Thomas William FrederickEast Kent RegimentG23446Private --Link
31154Widdicks, JosephEast Kent Regiment5375Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5375 Private [2] Labour Corps 601712 Private Link
31155Widdop, Arthur NormanEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 7990 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31156Widdowson, TomEast Kent Regiment12572Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 5068 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12572 Private [3] Army Ordnance Corps 039483 Private Link
31157Widlake, SidneyEast Kent Regiment12706Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 24280 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12706 Private [3] Royal Engineers 251787 Private Link
31158Wiebcken, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/3739Private --Link
31159Wield, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/1621Private --Link
31160Wiffen, EdwardEast Kent RegimentG-20183Private --Link
31161Wiffen, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/2286Private --Link
31162Wigg, B SEast Kent RegimentL/8267Private --Link
31163Wigg, Charles BenjaminEast Kent RegimentG/10444Private --Link
31164Wigg, FredEast Kent Regiment2050Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2050 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200417 Private Link
31165Wigg, G AEast Kent RegimentG/2900Private --Link
31166Wigg, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/14557Private [1] Army Service Corps T4/088610 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 61524 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/14557 Private Link
31167Wiggins, AlbertEast Kent Regiment17918Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17918 Private [2] Labour Corps 373093 Private Link
31168Wiggins, F EEast Kent Regiment270589Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 867 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270589 Private Link
31169Wigley, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/29252Private --Link
31170Wigley, HoraceEast Kent Regiment789Private [1] East Kent Regiment 789 Private [2] Labour Corps 151150 Private Link
31171Wigmore, F GEast Kent Regiment201064Private --Link
31172Wignall, JackEast Kent RegimentG/3670Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3670 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3670 Corporal Link
31173Wilbourne, A HEast Kent RegimentG/3677Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3677 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3677 Serjeant Link
31174Wilbraham, W JEast Kent RegimentG/13959Private [1] North Staffordshire Regiment 38454 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13959 Private Link
31175Wilbur, ThomasEast Kent Regiment204112Private [1] Leicestershire Regiment 202964 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204112 Private Link
31176Wilby, A CEast Kent RegimentG/3491Lance Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment G/3491 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment G/3491 Corporal Link
31177Wilce, BernardEast Kent RegimentG/14591Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 24886 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14591 Private Link
31178Wilcocks, Owen DEast Kent Regiment285274Private [1] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 10797 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 285274 Private [3] Royal Engineers 285274 Private Link
31179Wilcockson, G HEast Kent RegimentG/20849Private --Link
31180Wilcox, A HEast Kent RegimentG/8005Private --Link
31181Wilcox, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/6830Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6830 Private [2] Labour Corps 160373 Private Link
31182Wilcox, EdwardEast Kent Regiment10825Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 10825 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 10825 Private [3] Labour Corps 486138 Private Link
31183Wilcox, G EEast Kent RegimentG/5866Private --Link
31184Wilcox, Herbert SidneyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
31185Wilcox, P ARoyal East Kent RegimentG12963Lance Corporal [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 2189 Private [2] Royal East Kent Regiment G12963 Lance Corporal Link
31186Wilcox, T WEast Kent Regiment DepotG/13960Private --Link
31187Wilcox, W HEast Kent RegimentG/15712Private --Link
31188Wilcox, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/29245Private --Link
31189Wild, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/13207Private --Link
31190Wild, Jack DouglasEast Kent RegimentG/3767Lance Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment G/3767 Lance Serjeant [2] East Lancashire Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31191Wild, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/14951Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14951 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/32006 Private Link
31192Wildash, E FEast Kent Regiment2051Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2051 Acting Corporal [2] Military Foot Police P/11596 Acting Corporal Link
31193Wilde, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/47Private --Link
31194Wilder, A EEast Kent RegimentG/3133Private --Link
31195Wilder, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Engineers 1278 Sapper [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31196Wilding, C WEast Kent RegimentG/2835Private --Link
31197Wilding, C WEast Kent RegimentG/13695Private --Link
31198Wilding, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/13183Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 13985 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13183 Private Link
31199Wilding, E AEast Kent RegimentG/2715Private --Link
31200Wilding, E SEast Kent RegimentG/5636Private --Link
31201Wilding, F CEast Kent RegimentL/12670Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment G/4130 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12670 Private Link
31202Wilding, FrankEast Kent Regiment270974Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 2152 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270974 Private Link
31203Wildings, William REast Kent Regiment5122Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5122 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204584 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 64177 Private Link
31204Wildish, AEast Kent Regiment240080Private --Link
31205Wildish, AlbertEast Kent Regiment1036Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1036 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240080 Private Link
31206Wildish, P EEast Kent Regiment202915Colour Serjeant --Link
31207Wildish, Percy AEast Kent Regiment8674Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8674 Private [2] Welsh Regiment 57170 Private Link
31208Wildish, VictorEast Kent Regiment4546Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4546 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 49934 Private Link
31209Wildish, W HEast Kent RegimentG/21363Private --Link
31210Wildish, WalterEast Kent Regiment270441Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3030 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270441 Private Link
31211Wildman, Arthur FEast Kent Regiment200866Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] East Kent Regiment 200866 Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] East Lancashire Regiment 235357 Warrant Officer Class 2 [3] Tank Corps 301496 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
31212Wilds, Alfred JEast Kent Regiment9006Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9006 Private [2] Gloucestershire Regiment 33885 Private Link
31213Wilds, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/28056Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 3349 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers G/60582 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/28056 Private Link
31214Wiles, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/12863Private --Link
31215Wiles, E AEast Kent Regiment2383Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2383 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240700 Private Link
31216Wiles, EdwardEast Kent RegimentL/4538Private --Link
31217Wiles, GEast Kent Regiment201192Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201192 Private [2] Military Foot Police 1866 Private Link
31218Wiles, G AEast Kent Regiment270212Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2019 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270212 Private Link
31219Wiles, G AEast Kent Regiment270212Private --Link
31220Wiles, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/5721Private --Link
31221Wiles, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/5797Private --Link
31222Wiles, J CEast Kent Regiment Depot13185Private --Link
31223Wiles, L WEast Kent RegimentG/2841Private --Link
31224Wiles, P HEast Kent RegimentG/18677Private --Link
31225Wiles, S KEast Kent RegimentG/14779Private --Link
31226Wiles, W HEast Kent RegimentG/13819Private --Link
31227Wiles, WilliamEast Kent Regiment23746Private --Link
31228Wilford, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/25167Private --Link
31229Wilkin, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/24749Private --Link
31230Wilkin, WilliamEast Kent Regiment2/388Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2/388 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 56107 Private [3] Labour Corps 535692 Private Link
31231Wilkin, WilliamLabour Corps/Labour Corps Southern Command ex East Kent Regiment535692Private --Link
31232Wilkins, Albert JamesEast Kent RegimentL/9647Private --Link
31233Wilkins, ArthurEast Kent RegimentL/10926Private [1] Royal Fusiliers L/8577 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10926 Private [3] Royal Defence Corps 71919 Private Link
31234Wilkins, C EEast Kent RegimentG/15713Private --Link
31235Wilkins, Dennison AlfredEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] Army Corps - Captain Link
31236Wilkins, H AEast Kent RegimentG/1774Private --Link
31237Wilkins, JamesEast Kent RegimentL/9693Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9693 Lance Corporal [2] Army Service Corps T/40466 Driver [3] Army Service Corps T/40446 Driver Link
31238Wilkins, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/8100Private --Link
31239Wilkins, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/9083Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9083 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9083 Serjeant Link
31240Wilkins, R JEast Kent RegimentG/3338Private --Link
31241Wilkins, StanleyEast Kent RegimentG/35670Private --Link
31242Wilkins, T GEast Kent Regiment270140Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1791 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270140 Private Link
31243Wilkins, ThomasEast Kent Regiment3002Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3002 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241002 Private Link
31244Wilkins, Wilfred HEast Kent RegimentS/10438Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10438 Private [2] Essex Regiment 37683 Lance Corporal [3] Grenadier Guards 32323 Lance Corporal [4] Royal Engineers WR100890 Lance Corporal Link
31245Wilkins, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/7810Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/7810 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/7810 Serjeant Link
31246Wilkins, William HEast Kent RegimentL/10528Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10528 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 46116 Private [3] Royal Engineers 346960 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/100193 Private Link
31247Wilkins, William HEast Kent Regiment199Private [1] East Kent Regiment 199 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 24702 Private Link
31248Wilkins, William HenryEast Kent RegimentG/6946Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6946 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/100193 Private Link
31249Wilkinson, A WEast Kent RegimentL12532Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 15023 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L12532 Private [3] Suffolk Regiment 6279766 Private Link
31250Wilkinson, AlexanderEast Kent RegimentL/7033Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/7033 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 70849 Private [3] Labour Corps 661699 Private Link
31251Wilkinson, Alfred JEast Kent Regiment18933Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18933 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/386129 Private Link
31252Wilkinson, C DEast Kent Regiment270732Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1229 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270732 Private Link
31253Wilkinson, C HEast Kent RegimentG/28084Private [1] Army Veterinary Corps 31537 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/28084 Private Link
31254Wilkinson, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/7816Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/7816 Private [2] West Yorkshire Regiment 61132 Private Link
31255Wilkinson, Douglas ShiltonEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
31256Wilkinson, E HEast Kent RegimentG/35917Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 33575 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/35917 Private Link
31257Wilkinson, E JEast Kent RegimentSR/419Private --Link
31258Wilkinson, E WEast Kent RegimentG/6523Private --Link
31259Wilkinson, Francis DudleyEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers 2238 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31260Wilkinson, FredEast Kent Regiment8434Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8434 Private [2] Labour Corps 443705 Private Link
31261Wilkinson, FrederickEast Kent RegimentJ/11342Private --Link
31262Wilkinson, Frederick JamesEast Kent RegimentL/10930Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 12994 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10930 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 55713 Private Link
31263Wilkinson, George SamuelEast Kent RegimentG/181Private --Link
31264Wilkinson, Gerald HowardEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
31265Wilkinson, Harold HamiltonEast Kent Regiment1995Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1995 Private [2] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Acting Captain Link
31266Wilkinson, J E SEast Kent RegimentG/5423Private --Link
31267Wilkinson, J SEast Kent RegimentG/29254Private --Link
31268Wilkinson, J WEast Kent RegimentG/26630Private --Link
31269Wilkinson, J WEast Kent RegimentG/8538Private --Link
31270Wilkinson, J WEast Kent Regiment14689Private [1] Durham Light Infantry G/8538 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14689 Private Link
31271Wilkinson, JobLabour Corps Northern Command ex East Kent Regiment638045Private --Link
31272Wilkinson, NormanEast Kent RegimentG/1676Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1676 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1676 Private Link
31273Wilkinson, R CEast Kent RegimentG/22322Private --Link
31274Wilkinson, Rex HEast Kent RegimentG/14569Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 35385 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14569 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38578 Private Link
31275Wilkinson, S EEast Kent Regiment270490Serjeant --Link
31276Wilkinson, W JEast Kent RegimentG/1124Private --Link
31277Wilks, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment241201Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 8715 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241201 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3248 Private Link
31278Wilks, H DEast Kent RegimentG 19361Serjeant [1] Royal Fusiliers G/15695 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G 19361 Serjeant [3] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant Link
31279Wilks, NormanEast Kent Regiment-Interpreter Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Interpreter Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31280Willard, JesseEast Kent RegimentG/308Private --Link
31281Willard, R H CEast Kent Regiment16057Private [1] East Kent Regiment 16057 Private [2] East Kent Regiment Depot 16057 Private Link
31282Willard, RichardEast Kent RegimentG/1551Private --Link
31283Willcock, ThomasEast Kent Regiment1058Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1058 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR309026 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 240089 Private [4] Royal Engineers 271190 Sapper Link
31284Willcocks, Ernest FEast Kent Regiment Depot7365Private --Link
31285Willcocks, NormanEast Kent RegimentS/10578Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10578 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10578 Private Link
31286Willcocks, P REast Kent Regiment attached Trench Mortar Battery421Private --Link
31287Willcocks, P REast Kent RegimentG/421Private --Link
31288Willcox, CharlesEast Kent Regiment6830Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6830 Private [2] Labour Corps 160373 Private Link
31289Willcox, Charles FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/12862Private --Link
31290Willcox, W CEast Kent Regiment270469Acting Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3094 Acting Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 270469 Acting Corporal Link
31291Willett, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/11026Private [1] East Surrey Regiment L/10084 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11026 Private Link
31292Willett, George HEast Kent Regiment2088Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2088 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 202552 Private Link
31293Willett, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/2227Private --Link
31294Willett, Herbert SEast Kent Regiment202188Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202188 Private [2] East Lancashire Regiment 32305 Private [3] Labour Corps 574731 Private [4] Royal Fusiliers GS/107553 Private Link
31295Willey, A EEast Kent Regiment243144Driver [1] Army Service Corps TS/113 Driver [2] Training Reserve Battalion TR/10/1157 Driver [3] East Kent Regiment 243144 Driver Link
31296Willey, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/584Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/584 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/584 Private Link
31297Willey, C FEast Kent RegimentL/9323Private --Link
31298Williams, AEast Kent RegimentG/19585Private --Link
31299Williams, A DEast Kent RegimentG/5438Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/5438 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/5438 Private Link
31300Williams, A HEast Kent RegimentG/18639Private --Link
31301Williams, A JEast Kent RegimentG/21733Private --Link
31302Williams, A JEast Kent RegimentG/25565Private --Link
31303Williams, A TEast Kent RegimentL/7818Private --Link
31304Williams, Albert JEast Kent Regiment3450Lance Serjeant [1] Bedfordshire Regiment 3/7193 Corporal [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 241377 Lance Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 3450 Lance Serjeant [4] Bedfordshire Regiment 42860 Serjeant [5] Bedfordshire Regiment 5943759 Serjeant Link
31305Williams, Alexander JEast Kent RegimentG/21343Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21343 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58195 Private Link
31306Williams, AlfredEast Kent RegimentL 11751Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 2184 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L 11751 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment 240255 Private Link
31307Williams, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/339Corporal --Link
31308Williams, Alfred CEast Kent Regiment9367Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9367 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/24772 Private Link
31309Williams, Alfred CEast Kent RegimentG/26229Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26229 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79221 Private Link
31310Williams, Alfred EEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Honourable Artillery Company 7527 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31311Williams, ArchibaldEast Kent Regiment5438Lance Corporal --Link
31312Williams, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/13747Private --Link
31313Williams, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/9637Private --Link
31314Williams, Arthur EEast Kent Regiment18058Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18058 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65418 Private Link
31315Williams, BEast Kent Regiment241159Private --Link
31316Williams, B JEast Kent Regiment1422Private --Link
31317Williams, BenjaminEast Kent RegimentG/710Private --Link
31318Williams, BenjaminEast Kent Regiment241159Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 21619 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241159 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3197 Private Link
31319Williams, Bernard E HarveyEast Kent Regiment240944Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240944 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS69066 Private Link
31320Williams, C DEast Kent RegimentG/1087Private --Link
31321Williams, C FEast Kent RegimentL/9605Private --Link
31322Williams, C HEast Kent RegimentL/7108Private --Link
31323Williams, C LEast Kent Regiment265098Private --Link
31324Williams, CecilEast Kent Regiment8287Private --Link
31325Williams, CecilEast Kent Regiment1363Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1363 Private [2] Corps of Hussars 331533 Private Link
31326Williams, Cecil HEast Kent RegimentG/10250Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/10250 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58187 Private Link
31327Williams, CharlesEast Kent Regiment1994Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1994 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200383 Private Link
31328Williams, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/10316Private --Link
31329Williams, Charles EEast Kent Regiment11406Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11406 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58142 Private Link
31330Williams, Charles FrederickEast Kent Regiment Depot9685Private --Link
31331Williams, Charles GladstoneEast Kent Regiment5618Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4742 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 5618 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 138326 Private [4] Liverpool Regiment 203480 Private Link
31332Williams, Charles LEast Kent Regiment5398Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5398 Private [2] Labour Corps 450039 Private [3] Labour Corps 450239 Private Link
31333Williams, Charles REast Kent Regiment Depot13186Private --Link
31334Williams, D AEast Kent Regiment265307Private --Link
31335Williams, DavidEast Kent Regiment DepotG/10687Private --Link
31336Williams, DouglasEast Kent RegimentG-23913Private --Link
31337Williams, E AEast Kent RegimentG/12719Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 24345 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12719 Private Link
31338Williams, E AEast Kent RegimentL/9673Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9673 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9673 Serjeant Link
31339Williams, E CEast Kent RegimentL/8974Private --Link
31340Williams, E HEast Kent RegimentG/405Private --Link
31341Williams, E JEast Kent RegimentG/4178Private --Link
31342Williams, E SEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
31343Williams, EdgarEast Kent RegimentG/11627Acting Serjeant --Link
31344Williams, EdwardEast Kent RegimentD/39636Private [1] Royal Engineers 236100 Sapper [2] Royal Naval Division E877 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment D/39636 Private Link
31345Williams, Edward WEast Kent RegimentL/8119Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8119 Private [2] Labour Corps 134477 Private Link
31346Williams, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/18080Private --Link
31347Williams, Ernest JackEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31348Williams, F AEast Kent RegimentG/21199Private --Link
31349Williams, F AEast Kent RegimentG/443Private --Link
31350Williams, F CEast Kent RegimentG/9815Private --Link
31351Williams, F DEast Kent Regiment DepotG/1781Private --Link
31352Williams, F EEast Kent RegimentE/1477Corporal --Link
31353Williams, F FEast Kent Regiment1204Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1204 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 1204 Private Link
31354Williams, F JEast Kent Regiment1592Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1592 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6320 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243391 Private Link
31355Williams, F JEast Kent Regiment1601Private --Link
31356Williams, F JEast Kent RegimentL/10246Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10246 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10246 Corporal Link
31357Williams, F MEast Kent Regiment270983Private --Link
31358Williams, FrankEast Kent RegimentL/9069Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9069 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11698 Private Link
31359Williams, FrankEast Kent RegimentS/9755Private --Link
31360Williams, Frank EEast Kent Regiment2205Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2205 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 203178 Lance Corporal Link
31361Williams, Fred CEast Kent Regiment2429Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2429 Private [2] Labour Corps 596199 Private Link
31362Williams, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/7884Private --Link
31363Williams, FrederickEast Kent Regiment952Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 952 Serjeant [2] Army Service Corps M/353928 Serjeant Link
31364Williams, Frederick JamesEast Kent RegimentL/10246Corporal --Link
31365Williams, G AEast Kent RegimentL/7584Private --Link
31366Williams, G REast Kent Regiment200037Serjeant --Link
31367Williams, G REast Kent Regiment441Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 441 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 200037 Corporal Link
31368Williams, G WEast Kent Regiment8322Private --Link
31369Williams, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG-20054Private --Link
31370Williams, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment8720Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8720 Private [2] Labour Corps 657860 Private [3] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 127052 Private Link
31371Williams, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment270727Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1191 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270727 Private Link
31372Williams, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment206029Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 3128 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206029 Private Link
31373Williams, George EEast Kent Regiment202212Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202212 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204585 Private Link
31374Williams, George HarrellEast Kent Regiment3642Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3642 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 104658 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps - Lieutenant Link
31375Williams, H EEast Kent RegimentSR/249Private --Link
31376Williams, H GEast Kent RegimentL/7148Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/7148 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/7148 Corporal Link
31377Williams, H HEast Kent RegimentG/21435Private --Link
31378Williams, H HEast Kent Regiment270213Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2020 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270213 Private Link
31379Williams, H SEast Kent RegimentG/12786Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 24689 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12786 Private Link
31380Williams, Harold WilliamEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
31381Williams, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/5437Private --Link
31382Williams, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/4698Private --Link
31383Williams, Henry GEast Kent Regiment265167Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 2113 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 265167 Private [3] Worcestershire Regiment 205192 Private Link
31384Williams, Henry HEast Kent Regiment10550Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10550 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 56391 Lance Corporal Link
31385Williams, Henry P MEast Kent Regiment4032Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4032 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/63899 Private Link
31386Williams, HerbertEast Kent Regiment79Private [1] East Kent Regiment 79 Private [2] Labour Corps 365600 Private Link
31387Williams, HiramEast Kent RegimentG/2924Private --Link
31388Williams, HoriEast Kent Regiment5409Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5409 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment S/30505 Private [3] Suffolk Regiment 48394 Private Link
31389Williams, Hugh DEast Kent Regiment3398Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3398 Private [2] Labour Corps 237030 Private Link
31390Williams, I GEast Kent Regiment206042Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 7930 Private [2] London Regiment 295413 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 206042 Private Link
31391Williams, JEast Kent Regiment5799Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5799 Private [2] Essex Regiment 22061 Private Link
31392Williams, JEast Kent Regiment265390Corporal [1] Manchester Regiment 964 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 265390 Corporal Link
31393Williams, J AEast Kent RegimentL/6049Private --Link
31394Williams, J HEast Kent Regiment26701Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26701 Private [2] Royal Engineers 262478 Private [3] Reserve Regiment of Cavalry GS/7744 Private [4] Royal Engineers 262478 Sapper Link
31395Williams, J KEast Kent Regiment6733Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6733 Private [2] Essex Regiment 3140 Private Link
31396Williams, J REast Kent RegimentG/27743Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 22383 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27743 Private Link
31397Williams, JackEast Kent Regiment204042Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204042 Private [2] London Regiment 225655 Private [3] Tank Corps 308741 Private Link
31398Williams, JackEast Kent RegimentG/14256Private --Link
31399Williams, James AEast Kent Regiment586Private [1] East Kent Regiment 586 Private [2] Labour Corps 385212 Private Link
31400Williams, James CEast Kent Regiment6006Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6006 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/64061 Private Link
31401Williams, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/21464Private --Link
31402Williams, JohnEast Kent Regiment1653Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1653 Private [2] Hussars 31990 Private Link
31403Williams, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/21464Private --Link
31404Williams, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/14041Private [1] Army Service Corps T2/017496 Private [2] Labour Corps 299736 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/14041 Private Link
31405Williams, JohnEast Kent Regiment265390Private [1] Monmouthshire Regiment 964 Corporal [2] Monmouthshire Regiment 964 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265390 Private Link
31406Williams, John HEast Kent Regiment509Private [1] East Kent Regiment 509 Private [2] Labour Corps 482062 Private Link
31407Williams, JosephEast Kent RegimentL/9961Private --Link
31408Williams, L EEast Kent RegimentG/357Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/357 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/357 Serjeant Link
31409Williams, Lionel H WEast Kent Regiment45784Acting Lance Serjeant --Link
31410Williams, LouisEast Kent RegimentG/6137Private --Link
31411Williams, OswaldEast Kent Regiment11165Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/24936 Driver [2] East Kent Regiment 11165 Driver Link
31412Williams, OwenEast Kent RegimentG/36909Private --Link
31413Williams, P EEast Kent RegimentS/10567Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10567 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241031 Private Link
31414Williams, P JEast Kent RegimentG-20116Private --Link
31415Williams, PercyEast Kent Regiment1289Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1289 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 24022 Private Link
31416Williams, PhilipEast Kent RegimentG/650Private --Link
31417Williams, R A GEast Kent Regiment299Private [1] East Kent Regiment 299 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 24070 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 62808 Private Link
31418Williams, R CEast Kent Regiment3576Serjeant --Link
31419Williams, R CEast Kent RegimentG/3576Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/3576 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/3576 Serjeant Link
31420Williams, R CEast Kent RegimentG/17492Private [1] London Regiment 77160 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17492 Private Link
31421Williams, R VEast Kent RegimentG-19155Private --Link
31422Williams, RandolphEast Kent Regiment12750Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 24415 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12750 Private [3] Royal Engineers 251788 Private Link
31423Williams, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31424Williams, RichardEast Kent RegimentL/854Private --Link
31425Williams, RobertEast Kent RegimentL/8837Private --Link
31426Williams, RobertEast Kent RegimentS/297Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment S/297 Lance Corporal [2] Labour Corps 48858 Lance Corporal Link
31427Williams, Robert WilliamEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31428Williams, Ronald FEast Kent RegimentG/267 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/267 (Incomplete) Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/621 (Incomplete) Private Link
31429Williams, Roy Thornton MonierEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] General List - Major Link
31430Williams, Samuel Roger Thomas Anton MontagueEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31431Williams, SydneyEast Kent Regiment20295Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20295 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58145 Private Link
31432Williams, T DEast Kent RegimentL/9690Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9690 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9690 Serjeant Link
31433Williams, T EEast Kent Regiment200497Private /Acting Serjeant --Link
31434Williams, T EEast Kent Regiment220 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 220 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200497 (Incomplete) Private Link
31435Williams, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/1107Private --Link
31436Williams, ThomasEast Kent RegimentL/7084Private --Link
31437Williams, ThomasEast Kent Regiment18406Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 18406 Serjeant [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/2609 (Incomplete) Serjeant Link
31438Williams, ThomasEast Kent Regiment8718Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8718 Private [2] Royal Engineers 128178 Sapper Link
31439Williams, Thomas REast Kent Regiment2035 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2035 (Incomplete) Private [2] Labour Corps 53230 (Incomplete) Private Link
31440Williams, Victor SEast Kent Regiment25480Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25480 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69630 Private Link
31441Williams, W AEast Kent RegimentG/3489Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/3489 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203547 Private Link
31442Williams, W CEast Kent RegimentG/1747 (Incomplete)Private [1] London Regiment 7718 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/1747 (Incomplete) Private Link
31443Williams, W GEast Kent RegimentL/10647Private --Link
31444Williams, W GEast Kent RegimentS/8322Private --Link
31445Williams, W JEast Kent Regiment265101Private --Link
31446Williams, W SEast Kent RegimentG/2650 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31447Williams, W TEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31448Williams, WalterEast Kent Regiment3170Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 7074 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 3170 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 241133 Private Link
31449Williams, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/223 (Incomplete)Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/223 (Incomplete) Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/223 (Incomplete) Private Link
31450Williams, WilliamEast Kent Regiment9700Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9700 Private [2] Labour Corps 613395 Private Link
31451Williams, WilliamEast Kent Regiment241374Private [1] East Kent Regiment 241374 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11677 Private Link
31452Williams, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/683 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31453Williams, William FEast Kent Regiment4473Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4473 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 229363 Private [3] Worcestershire Regiment 238032 Private Link
31454Williams, William HEast Kent Regiment10784Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 21047 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 10784 Private [3] Royal Engineers 348416 (Incomplete) Private [4] Royal Engineers WR28163 (Incomplete) Private Link
31455Williams, William JohnEast Kent Regiment265101Private --Link
31456Williams, William Stanley JonesEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31457Williamson, A WEast Kent RegimentG/24268Private --Link
31458Williamson, Cecil GEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
31459Williamson, EEast Kent RegimentL1091 (Incomplete)Corporal [1] Royal Fusiliers 10308 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment L1091 (Incomplete) Corporal [3] Essex Regiment 59996 (Incomplete) Corporal Link
31460Williamson, FEast Kent Regiment8183Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 8183 Corporal [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 26813 Corporal [3] Infantry Battalion TR/5/15863 Corporal Link
31461Williamson, FrankEast Kent Regiment468Private [1] East Kent Regiment 468 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210928 Private /Lance Corporal Link
31462Williamson, GilbertEast Kent RegimentG/21120Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21120 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65078 Private Link
31463Williamson, HarryEast Kent Regiment24708 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24708 (Incomplete) Private [2] Essex Regiment 600074 (Incomplete) Private Link
31464Williamson, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/1664Private --Link
31465Williamson, J R GEast Kent Regiment271076Serjeant --Link
31466Williamson, RobertLabour Corps ex East Kent Regiment392792Private --Link
31467Williets, A MEast Kent RegimentG/15021Private --Link
31468Willing, G WEast Kent RegimentG/2610 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/2610 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/116 (Incomplete) Private Link
31469Willis, Albert WalterEast Kent Regiment270872Private --Link
31470Willis, Albert WalterEast Kent Regiment270872Private --Link
31471Willis, AlecEast Kent RegimentG/25715 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25715 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/1158 (Incomplete) Private Link
31472Willis, Alexander G FEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Middlesex Regiment P8/1310 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31473Willis, EdwardEast Kent Regiment2586Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2586 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/18640 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265347 Private Link
31474Willis, EdwardEast Kent Regiment5513Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5513 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 156536 (Incomplete) Private [3] The Queen's Regiment 156535 (Incomplete) Private Link
31475Willis, Ernest WEast Kent Regiment6049Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 2034 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6049 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 61052 Private Link
31476Willis, F EEast Kent Regiment89 (Incomplete)Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 89 (Incomplete) Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 24004 (Incomplete) Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [3] East Kent Regiment Civil Administration 24004 (Incomplete) Company Quarter Master Serjeant Acting Serjeant Major Link
31477Willis, F GEast Kent RegimentG/556 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31478Willis, FrankEast Kent Regiment240600Private --Link
31479Willis, FrederickEast Kent Regiment2652 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2652 (Incomplete) Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/811 (Incomplete) Private Link
31480Willis, Frederick JEast Kent Regiment265075Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265075 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 269485 Private Link
31481Willis, G EEast Kent RegimentG/2193 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31482Willis, G FEast Kent RegimentG-84 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31483Willis, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment2208Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2208 Private [2] Labour Corps 39420 Private Link
31484Willis, H AEast Kent Regiment270442Private [1] East Kent Regiment 270442 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270443 Private Link
31485Willis, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/40Private --Link
31486Willis, J JEast Kent Regiment319Private --Link
31487Willis, J JEast Kent Regiment4062Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4062 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 24166 Private Link
31488Willis, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/138 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31489Willis, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/10511Private --Link
31490Willis, JohnEast Kent Regiment3644Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3644 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241542 (Incomplete) Private Link
31491Willis, Joseph Samuel HarryEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Highland Light Infantry 2944 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31492Willis, PercyEast Kent RegimentL/7088Bandsman [1] East Kent Regiment L/7088 Bandsman [2] East Kent Regiment L/7088 Private [3] East Kent Regiment P 18366 Private Link
31493Willis, R EEast Kent RegimentG/14391Private --Link
31494Willis, RichardEast Kent Regiment9348Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9348 Private [2] East Lancashire Regiment 39828 Private Link
31495Willis, SidneyEast Kent Regiment9568Private --Link
31496Willis, SidneyEast Kent Regiment9568Private --Link
31497Willis, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/4676Private --Link
31498Willis, TomEast Kent RegimentG-23944Private --Link
31499Willis, WEast Kent Regiment2904Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2904 Private [2] London Regiment 684969 Private Link
31500Willis, WEast Kent Regiment5092Lance Corporal --Link
31501Willis, W AEast Kent Regiment27029Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2302 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 27029 Private Link
31502Willis, W JEast Kent RegimentL/9973Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9973 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 21335 Private [3] Labour Corps 549335 Private Link
31503Willis, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/5092Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/5092 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/5092 Private Link
31504Willis, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/3955Private --Link
31505Willis, William HerbertEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31506Willmore, G HEast Kent RegimentG8917 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31507Willmott, FredEast Kent Regiment240919Serjeant --Link
31508Willmott, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/1887Private --Link
31509Willoughby, H JEast Kent RegimentG/10279Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/10279 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment 16806 Private Link
31510Willoughby, L JEast Kent RegimentG/1740 (Incomplete)Private [1] London Regiment 27924 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/1740 (Incomplete) Private Link
31511Wills, B GEast Kent RegimentG/1335 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31512Wills, E CEast Kent RegimentG/407 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31513Wills, Edwin HEast Kent Regiment3271Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3271 Private [2] Army Pay Corps 18003 Corporal Link
31514Wills, Eric SydenhanEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Honourable Artillery Company Infantry 4288 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31515Wills, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/14686 (Incomplete)Sapper [1] Royal Engineers WR/504 (Incomplete) Sapper [2] Durham Light Infantry 8549 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment G/14686 (Incomplete) Sapper Link
31516Wills, G WEast Kent Regiment3336Private --Link
31517Wills, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/14034Private --Link
31518Wills, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/8664Lance Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/8664 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/8664 Serjeant Link
31519Wills, L AEast Kent Regiment270759Private [1] East Kent Yeomanry 1432 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270759 Private Link
31520Willsher, GEast Kent RegimentG/424 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/424 (Incomplete) Private [2] Royal Air Force 13533 (Incomplete) Private Link
31521Willsher, Herbert AEast Kent Regiment6095Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 6095 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 597736 Corporal Link
31522Willsher, StanleyEast Kent Regiment201304Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201304 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 205851 Private [3] Army Ordnance Corps 041577 Private Link
31523Willson, A GEast Kent RegimentG 8986Private --Link
31524Willson, Ernest JEast Kent Regiment270 (Incomplete)Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 118 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270 (Incomplete) Private [3] Army Service Corps R/406 (Incomplete) Private Link
31525Willson, F REast Kent RegimentG/991 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31526Willson, FrankEast Kent Regiment8872Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8872 Private [2] Labour Corps 488684 Private Link
31527Willson, G TEast Kent RegimentL/9165Private --Link
31528Willson, G TEast Kent Regiment9165Private --Link
31529Willy, Cecil GEast Kent Regiment14373Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14373 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/44138 Private Link
31530Wilmhurst, C SEast Kent Regiment20303Colour Serjeant --Link
31531Wilmot, W REast Kent RegimentL/1037 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31532Wilmott, FEast Kent Regiment240919Serjeant --Link
31533Wilmott, StoughtonEast Kent RegimentG 2115Private [1] East Kent Regiment G 2115 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 5819 Private Link
31534Wilmshurst, A HEast Kent RegimentG-22104Private --Link
31535Wilmshurst, A JEast Kent Regiment270167Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1872 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270167 Private Link
31536Wilmshurst, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/12084Private --Link
31537Wilsdon, James WEast Kent Regiment4135Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4135 Private [2] Scottish Rifles 37922 Private Link
31538Wilshire, C EEast Kent RegimentG 9020Private --Link
31539Wilson, A EEast Kent RegimentG/1084Private --Link
31540Wilson, A EEast Kent RegimentG/1856Private --Link
31541Wilson, A GEast Kent RegimentG/6107Private --Link
31542Wilson, A GEast Kent Regiment8986Private --Link
31543Wilson, A JEast Kent Regiment Depot759Acting Serjeant --Link
31544Wilson, A JEast Kent RegimentG/11161Private --Link
31545Wilson, A WEast Kent RegimentL/9760Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9760 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9760 Private Link
31546Wilson, AlbertEast Kent Regiment8232Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8232 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 25487 Private Link
31547Wilson, Albert ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/14690Private --Link
31548Wilson, AlfredEast Kent Regiment11986 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11986 (Incomplete) Private [2] Labour Corps 4193 (Incomplete) Private Link
31549Wilson, Alfred JohnAttached East Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Attached East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31550Wilson, AlgernonEast Kent RegimentG/9920Private --Link
31551Wilson, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/29246Private --Link
31552Wilson, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/344 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31553Wilson, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/17Private --Link
31554Wilson, B JEast Kent RegimentG/21924Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21924 Private [2] Norfolk Regiment 5767243 Lance Corporal Link
31555Wilson, BertieEast Kent RegimentG/18674Private --Link
31556Wilson, BertieEast Kent RegimentL/9134Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9134 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/9134 Corporal [3] Norfolk Regiment 3765 (Incomplete)11 Private Link
31557Wilson, BertieEast Kent RegimentG/25861 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31558Wilson, C REast Kent RegimentG/23278Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 83013 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/23278 Private Link
31559Wilson, C T N WEast Kent Regiment/ Staff-Captain --Link
31560Wilson, CecilEast Kent RegimentG/14371Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14371 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11467 Private Link
31561Wilson, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/8668Private --Link
31562Wilson, Charles ErnestEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Temporary Captain Link
31563Wilson, Charles WEast Kent Regiment3862 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3862 (Incomplete) Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69628 Private Link
31564Wilson, Charles WEast Kent Regiment2916Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2916 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment S/2242 (Incomplete) Private Link
31565Wilson, ClementEast Kent RegimentG-8556Private --Link
31566Wilson, Cyril Tristram Noel WelmanEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
31567Wilson, D LEast Kent RegimentL11145Private [1] Army Service Corps T/33064 Driver [2] East Kent Regiment L11145 Private Link
31568Wilson, David EEast Kent Regiment17473Private [1] London Regiment 258439 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 17473 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment G/79220 Private Link
31569Wilson, E FEast Kent RegimentG-9775Private [1] East Kent Regiment G-9775 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203529 (Incomplete) Private Link
31570Wilson, E W SEast Kent Regiment201399 (Incomplete)Serjeant --Link
31571Wilson, EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/9562Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/9562 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 60083 Private Link
31572Wilson, EdwardEast Kent RegimentSR/9121Private --Link
31573Wilson, Edward CEast Kent Regiment17902 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17902 (Incomplete) Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102506 (Incomplete) Private [3] London Regiment G/72707 Private [4] The Queen's Regiment G/72707 Private Link
31574Wilson, ErnestEast Kent Regiment27087 (Incomplete)Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1871 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 27087 (Incomplete) Private Link
31575Wilson, F AEast Kent Regiment1445Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1445 Private [2] Military Foot Police P13745 Lance Corporal [3] Royal Air Force 342597 Lance Corporal Link
31576Wilson, F BEast Kent Regiment270716Serjeant [1] West Kent Yeomanry 7168 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270716 Serjeant Link
31577Wilson, F WEast Kent RegimentG-23943Private --Link
31578Wilson, FrankEast Kent RegimentG14925Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 11056 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G14925 Private [3] Yorkshire Regiment 243422 Private Link
31579Wilson, FredEast Kent RegimentG/24667Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24667 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58198 Private Link
31580Wilson, FrederickEast Kent Regiment27038Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2783 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 27038 Private Link
31581Wilson, G TEast Kent Regiment1413Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1413 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 24030 (Incomplete) Private Link
31582Wilson, G TEast Kent RegimentL/8058 (Incomplete)Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8058 (Incomplete) Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8058 (Incomplete) Colour Serjeant Link
31583Wilson, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/7109Private --Link
31584Wilson, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/551 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31585Wilson, George EEast Kent Regiment202223Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202223 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 64106 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 148502 Private Link
31586Wilson, George EdwardEast Kent Regiment5159Private --Link
31587Wilson, H PEast Kent RegimentL/10605Private --Link
31588Wilson, H REast Kent RegimentL/12652Private [1] Manchester Regiment 53600 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12652 Private Link
31589Wilson, H WEast Kent RegimentG/5506 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31590Wilson, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/29262Private --Link
31591Wilson, HarryCanadian Infantry Battalion East Kent Regiment1093229Private --Link
31592Wilson, Hector WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/35386Private --Link
31593Wilson, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/303Serjeant --Link
31594Wilson, HenryEast Kent Regiment760Private [1] East Kent Regiment 760 Private [2] Labour Corps 526274 Private Link
31595Wilson, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/6660Private --Link
31596Wilson, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/9888Private --Link
31597Wilson, J BEast Kent RegimentG/21924Private --Link
31598Wilson, J CEast Kent RegimentS/10777Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10777 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10777 Private Link
31599Wilson, J HEast Kent RegimentG/12635Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/12635 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12093 Private Link
31600Wilson, J TEast Kent RegimentG-20100Private --Link
31601Wilson, JamesEast Kent Regiment243119Private --Link
31602Wilson, James MoncrieffEast Kent Regiment4586Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4586 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/25094 Private [3] Royal Army Service Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
31603Wilson, JesseEast Kent Regiment7755 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7755 (Incomplete) Private [2] Manchester Regiment 43376 (Incomplete) Private Link
31604Wilson, JohnEast Kent Regiment211 (Incomplete)Private [1] East Kent Regiment 211 (Incomplete) Private [2] East Kent Regiment 20044 (Incomplete) Private Link
31605Wilson, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/752Private --Link
31606Wilson, JohnEast Kent RegimentG-20101Private --Link
31607Wilson, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/4343 (Incomplete)Private --Link
31608Wilson, JohnEast Kent Regiment5396Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5396 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 59573 Private Link
31609Wilson, John EEast Kent Regiment201528Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201528 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204753 Private Link
31610Wilson, John WEast Kent Regiment1299Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1299 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 48771 Private Link
31611Wilson, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/7012Private --Link
31612Wilson, LeonardEast Kent RegimentG/25948Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25948 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/32005 Private Link
31613Wilson, Lewis AEast Kent Regiment1090Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1090 Private [2] Labour Corps 316108 Private Link
31614Wilson, NormanEast Kent Regiment204015Private --Link
31615Wilson, Percy JohnEast Kent Regiment201859Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201859 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 35756 Private Link
31616Wilson, Peter JEast Kent Regiment4987Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4987 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 32585 Private Link
31617Wilson, R HEast Kent RegimentG/5671Private --Link
31618Wilson, R WEast Kent RegimentG/27941Private [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 4617 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27941 Private Link
31619Wilson, ReubenEast Kent RegimentG/17385Private [1] London Regiment 279202 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17385 Private Link
31620Wilson, Richard REast Kent RegimentG/25475Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25475 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69626 Private Link
31621Wilson, RobertEast Kent Regiment206113Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 1551 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206113 Private Link
31622Wilson, SEast Kent Regiment2 (Incomplete)827Lance Corporal --Link
31623Wilson, SEast Kent Regiment8827Private --Link
31624Wilson, S HEast Kent RegimentG/4820Private --Link
31625Wilson, S LEast Kent Regiment2261Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2261 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6327 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243093 Private Link
31626Wilson, StanleyEast Kent RegimentL/8827Private --Link
31627Wilson, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/14565Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 30608 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14565 Private Link
31628Wilson, Thomas FEast Kent Regiment15839Private [1] East Kent Regiment 15839 Private [2] Labour Corps 421438 Private Link
31629Wilson, Thomas PEast Kent Regiment1855Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1855 Private [2] Royal Irish Fusiliers 45051 Private Link
31630Wilson, Walter WEast Kent Regiment200291Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 200291 Acting Corporal [2] Royal Fusiliers 229389 Acting Corporal [3] London Regiment 229389 Acting Corporal Link
31631Wilson, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG26084Private [1] Scottish Rifles 11859 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G26084 Private [3] Labour Corps 470397 Private Link
31632Wilson, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/11275Private [1] East Surrey Regiment L/11991 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11275 Private Link
31633Wilson, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/11866Private --Link
31634Wilson, WilliamEast Kent Regiment15506Private [1] East Kent Regiment 15506 Private [2] South Wales Borderers 45195 Private Link
31635Wilson, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/6086Private --Link
31636Wilson, William JEast Kent Regiment3433Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3433 Private [2] Labour Corps 566143 Corporal Link
31637Wilton, DanielEast Kent RegimentL/9172Private --Link
31638Wiltshire, F CEast Kent RegimentG/17612Private --Link
31639Wiltshire, F WEast Kent Regiment1031Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1031 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 19897 Private Link
31640Wiltshire, FrankEast Kent Regiment242496Private [1] East Kent Regiment 242496 Private [2] Labour Corps 676787 Private Link
31641Wiltshire, H WEast Kent RegimentSR/10848Private --Link
31642Wiltshire, HermanEast Kent RegimentG-22323Private --Link
31643Wiltshire, Thomas JEast Kent RegimentR/9855Private [1] East Kent Regiment R/9855 Private [2] Royal Engineers 257695 Private Link
31644Wiltshire, W JEast Kent RegimentG/20439Private --Link
31645Wiltshire, W JEast Kent Regiment202259Private --Link
31646Wiltshire, William HEast Kent Regiment4824Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4824 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41531 Private Link
31647Wimble, HughEast Kent Regiment1789Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1789 Private [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 101656 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 52649 Private Link
31648Wimhurst, Joseph TEast Kent Regiment25474Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25474 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69625 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/143254 Private Link
31649Wimpress, A JEast Kent RegimentG/25803Private --Link
31650Wimshurst, Charles RodneyEast Kent Regiment1779Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1779 Private [2] Royal Army Service Corps T/266193 Private [3] Indian Army Reserve of Officers - Major Link
31651Winch, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/11775Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/11775 Corporal [2] Rifle Brigade S/339944 Corporal [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 206366 Corporal Link
31652Winch, C AEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31653Winch, G GEast Kent RegimentL/8718Private --Link
31654Winch, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/10070Private --Link
31655Winch, O EEast Kent RegimentG/13289Private --Link
31656Winch, William HaffendenEast Kent Regiment1373Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1373 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31657Winchcombe, A JEast Kent RegimentG/1355Private --Link
31658Winchester, H FEast Kent RegimentG/12691Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 23491 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12691 Private Link
31659Winchester, W SEast Kent RegimentG/5247Private --Link
31660Wincup, H GEast Kent RegimentG/26417Private --Link
31661Wind, CharlesEast Kent Regiment200564Private [1] East Kent Regiment 200564 Private [2] Somerset Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant [3] Somerset Light Infantry - Lieutenant Link
31662Winder, CecilEast Kent RegimentG/5867Private --Link
31663Winder, CharlesEast Kent Regiment1345Private --Link
31664Winder, ErnestEast Kent Regiment6280471Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/9772 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment L/13821 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6280471 Private Link
31665Winder, F WEast Kent RegimentL/9018Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9018 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9018 Serjeant Link
31666Winder, Frederick GEast Kent RegimentL/7820Private Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/7820 Private Corporal [2] Labour Corps 214786 Corporal Link
31667Winder, JesseEast Kent Regiment1776Private --Link
31668Windfield, AlfredEast Kent Regiment3145Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3145 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241113 Private Link
31669Windmill, Percy WEast Kent RegimentG/22058Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22058 Private [2] Durham Light Infantry 91780 Private Link
31670Windsor, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/3337Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/3337 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12275 Private Link
31671Winfield, JesseEast Kent RegimentL/7835Private --Link
31672Winfield, S JEast Kent RegimentL/9936Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9936 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9936 Private Link
31673Wing, Albert EEast Kent RegimentG/4648Private --Link
31674Wing, Clarence EEast Kent Regiment26674Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26674 Private [2] Labour Corps 651426 Private Link
31675Wingfield, JesseEast Kent RegimentG/7835Private --Link
31676Wingrove, Frederick GEast Kent Regiment22233Private [1] East Kent Regiment 22233 Private [2] Royal Engineers 367730 Sapper [3] Royal Engineers WR290303 Sapper Link
31677Wingrove, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/13929Private --Link
31678Winkley, J REast Kent RegimentG/7565Private --Link
31679Winkworth, H MEast Kent Regiment3645Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3645 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241543 Private Link
31680Winn, A EEast Kent RegimentG/20178Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/20178 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/20178 Private Link
31681Winnall, JamesEast Kent Regiment3262Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 15223 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 209497 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3262 Private Link
31682Winser, E JEast Kent Regiment11549Private --Link
31683Winskill, F GEast Kent RegimentG/28052Private [1] Rifle Brigade 26566 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/28052 Private Link
31684Winson, LeonardEast Kent RegimentG/9558Private --Link
31685Winstone, H REast Kent RegimentSR/92 (Incomplete)0Private --Link
31686Winter, A EEast Kent RegimentG/6372Private --Link
31687Winter, A EEast Kent RegimentG/447Serjeant --Link
31688Winter, C AEast Kent Regiment204361Private --Link
31689Winter, Francis JEast Kent Regiment DepotG/12939Private --Link
31690Winter, Frank FEast Kent Regiment4134Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4134 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 492108 Private Link
31691Winter, Frederick CharlesEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers 6782 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31692Winter, JamesEast Kent RegimentS/730Regimental Serjeant Major --Link
31693Winter, John HEast Kent Regiment3972- [1] East Kent Regiment 3972 - [2] Royal Engineers 128817 Corporal Link
31694Winter, R AEast Kent RegimentG/18742Private --Link
31695Winter, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/7505Private --Link
31696Winterbottom, AmosEast Kent RegimentG11696Private [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/7511 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11696 Private Link
31697Winterbottom, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/12573Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/5140 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12573 Private Link
31698Winterbottom, RolandEast Kent RegimentG/6522Private --Link
31699Winterflood, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/17676Private --Link
31700Winters, H FEast Kent Regiment1636Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1636 Private [2] Royal Air Force 403425 - Link
31701Winton, Sidney JEast Kent Regiment2200Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2200 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/193644 Sapper [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 6000 Private [4] Royal West Kent Regiment 202554 Private [5] Royal Engineers 543851 Sapper Link
31702Wirdnam, H CEast Kent Regiment206027Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 5382 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206027 Private Link
31703Wire, HEast Kent Regiment15714Lance Corporal --Link
31704Wire, HerbertEast Kent Regiment15714Serjeant [1] Kent Cyclist Battalion 2243 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 15714 Serjeant [3] The Queen's Regiment T/208095 Serjeant Link
31705Wisbey, LouisEast Kent RegimentG/21187Private --Link
31706Wisby, JohnEast Kent Regiment10786Private --Link
31707Wiscombe, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment240171Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240171 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 245400 Private [3] London Regiment 245400 Private Link
31708Wisden, JamesEast Kent Regiment6050Transport Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1500 Transport Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 6050 Transport Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 242827 Private Link
31709Wisdom, BertEast Kent Regiment200026Colour Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 200026 Colour Serjeant [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 6280707 Company Quarter Master Serjeant Link
31710Wisdom, Frederick AEast Kent Regiment5365Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 8124 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 5365 Private Link
31711Wisdom, J REast Kent Regiment270580Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 843 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 270580 Private Link
31712Wisdom, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/8345Private --Link
31713Wise, AllanEast Kent RegimentG9481Private --Link
31714Wise, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/27879Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 37740 Private [2] Labour Corps 34089 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27879 Private Link
31715Wise, D WEast Kent RegimentG/3710Private --Link
31716Wise, D WEast Kent Regiment3710Lance Corporal --Link
31717Wise, EdwardEast Kent Regiment1521Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1521 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 61053 Private Link
31718Wise, JEast Kent Regiment20213Strapper [1] Army Service Corps TS/3379 Strapper [2] Training Reserve Battalion TR/10/25784 Strapper [3] East Kent Regiment 20213 Strapper Link
31719Wise, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/10253Private --Link
31720Wise, LeonEast Kent Regiment9045Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9045 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/24787 Private Link
31721Wise, ReubenEast Kent RegimentL/13220Corporal [1] Royal Dublin Fusiliers 7423 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/13220 Corporal Link
31722Wise, RonaldEast Kent Regiment270217Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2034 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270217 Private Link
31723Wise, ThomasEast Kent RegimentL/6981Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6981 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/11548 Private Link
31724Wise, WesleyEast Kent RegimentL/8239Private --Link
31725Wise, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/2504Private --Link
31726Wise, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/2504Private --Link
31727Wise, WilliamEast Kent Regiment21375Private [1] East Kent Regiment 21375 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 52680 Private Link
31728Wiseman, ArthurEast Kent Regiment25887Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25887 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22420 Private Link
31729Wiseman, C WEast Kent Regiment203442Private --Link
31730Wiseman, FrankEast Kent RegimentT/25846Private --Link
31731Wiseman, FredEast Kent RegimentL/7177Private --Link
31732Wiseman, WilfredEast Kent RegimentL/2494Private [1] Essex Regiment 10851 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/2494 Private Link
31733Wisher, George WEast Kent Regiment1083Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1083 Private [2] Labour Corps 650232 Private Link
31734Wisking, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentS/710Private --Link
31735Wissenden, Raymond CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/9758Private --Link
31736Witch, P CEast Kent RegimentG/13611Private --Link
31737Witchlow, Charles JEast Kent Regiment5637Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5637 Private [2] Labour Corps 276493 Private Link
31738Witherford, John AEast Kent Regiment201694Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201694 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 33941 Private Link
31739Withers, E EEast Kent RegimentGS/19193Private --Link
31740Withers, ThomasEast Kent Regiment204113Private --Link
31741Witney, William HEast Kent Regiment14556Private [1] Middlesex Regiment G/61566 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14556 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment G/79246 Private Link
31742Wittering, E BEast Kent RegimentS/525Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment S/525 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment S/525 Colour Serjeant Link
31743Witts, C AEast Kent Regiment3262Private --Link
31744Witts, Charles Sydney ForsterEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
31745Witty, DouglasEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers 2258 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31746Witty, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/14570Private [1] York and Lancaster Regiment 5216 Private [2] Yorkshire Regiment 36328 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/14570 Private [4] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38579 Private Link
31747Wixcey, Herbert FrankEast Kent Regiment4625Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4625 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31748Wolf, A EEast Kent RegimentL/12635Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 66920 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12635 Private Link
31749Wolfson, MyerEast Kent Regiment14050Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14050 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22422 Private Link
31750Wollard, HaroldEast Kent Regiment204461Private --Link
31751Wollett, ThomasEast Kent Regiment1411Private --Link
31752Wolsey, E GEast Kent Regiment206017Private --Link
31753Wolsey, PhillipEast Kent Regiment270045Quarter Master Serjeant [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1415 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 270045 Quarter Master Serjeant Link
31754Wonford, Thomas JohnEast Kent Regiment4201Private [1] Royal Engineers 168493 Sapper [2] East Kent Regiment 4201 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/313397 Sapper Link
31755Wood, AEast Kent Regiment9817Serjeant --Link
31756Wood, A AEast Kent RegimentS/18329Private --Link
31757Wood, A AEast Kent Regiment1968Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1968 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/309226 Sapper Link
31758Wood, A EEast Kent Regiment203996Private --Link
31759Wood, A EEast Kent RegimentG/13307Private --Link
31760Wood, A HEast Kent RegimentL/9065Private --Link
31761Wood, A REast Kent Regiment1652Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1652 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240414 Private Link
31762Wood, AlbertEast Kent Regiment1968Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1968 Private [2] Royal Engineers - Commissary Link
31763Wood, AlbertEast Kent Regiment DepotGS/5878Private --Link
31764Wood, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/6436Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/6436 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 271077 Private Link
31765Wood, Albert AEast Kent Regiment1968Private [1] Royal Engineers 505844 Sapper [2] East Kent Regiment 1968 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR309226 Sapper Link
31766Wood, Albert EEast Kent Regiment270305Private [1] East Kent Regiment 270305 Private [2] Labour Corps 549456 Private Link
31767Wood, Albert EEast Kent Regiment1853Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1853 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 202558 Private Link
31768Wood, Albert ThomasEast Kent Regiment270070Lance Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1554 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270070 Lance Corporal [3] Royal Air Force - Second Lieutenant Link
31769Wood, AlfredEast Kent RegimentL/9817Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9817 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9817 Serjeant Link
31770Wood, AlfredEast Kent Regiment241668Private --Link
31771Wood, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/7596Private --Link
31772Wood, Alfred TEast Kent Regiment10345Serjeant [1] Machine Gun Corps 10945 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 10345 Serjeant Link
31773Wood, Alfred WEast Kent Regiment1329Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1329 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41521 Private Link
31774Wood, ArthurEast Kent RegimentL/10391Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10391 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10391 Corporal Link
31775Wood, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/20176Private --Link
31776Wood, C EEast Kent RegimentL/9869Private --Link
31777Wood, C HEast Kent RegimentG/17472Private --Link
31778Wood, C PEast Kent RegimentG/18077Private --Link
31779Wood, C VEast Kent RegimentG/1326Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1326 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1326 Private Link
31780Wood, C WEast Kent RegimentG/282Private --Link
31781Wood, CharlesEast Kent Regiment302 (Incomplete)Corporal --Link
31782Wood, CharlesEast Kent Regiment4434Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4434 Private [2] Labour Corps 696922 Private Link
31783Wood, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/8831Private --Link
31784Wood, Charles Alan HolbertonEast Kent Regiment1681- [1] East Kent Regiment 1681 - [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31785Wood, Charles HenryEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers 1093 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
31786Wood, Charles JEast Kent Regiment8831Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8831 Private [2] Labour Corps 704100 Private Link
31787Wood, Christopher JamesRoyal East Kent Regiment Mounted Rifles1326Serjeant [1] Royal East Kent Regiment Mounted Rifles 1326 Serjeant [2] Royal Army Service Corps - Temporary Lieutenant Link
31788Wood, ColinEast Kent Regiment29276Private [1] East Kent Regiment 29276 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79244 Private Link
31789Wood, Cyril JeffriesEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Acting Captain Link
31790Wood, DavidEast Kent Regiment3418Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3418 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241352 Private Link
31791Wood, DonaldEast Kent Regiment930Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 930 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 240050 Serjeant Link
31792Wood, DouglasEast Kent RegimentG/585Private --Link
31793Wood, Douglas Phillip WilliamEast Kent Regiment46858Acting Serjeant --Link
31794Wood, EEast Kent RegimentG/21386Private --Link
31795Wood, E CEast Kent Regiment10059Lance Corporal --Link
31796Wood, E CEast Kent RegimentL/10059Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10059 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10059 Corporal Link
31797Wood, E FEast Kent RegimentG/5876Private --Link
31798Wood, E JEast Kent Regiment2121Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2121 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment TF2121 Serjeant [3] East Kent Regiment 200449 Serjeant Link
31799Wood, EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/7597Private --Link
31800Wood, Ernest PayneEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31801Wood, FEast Kent Regiment200235Private [1] East Kent Regiment 200235 Private [2] Indian Telegraph Department 200235 Private Link
31802Wood, F CEast Kent RegimentL/10927Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 11787 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10927 Private Link
31803Wood, F C SEast Kent Regiment200034Company Serjeant Major --Link
31804Wood, F C SEast Kent Regiment/ East Kent Regiment200034/ 6281198Company Serjeant Major/ Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
31805Wood, F C SEast Kent Regiment405Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 405 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 200034 Serjeant Link
31806Wood, F GEast Kent RegimentG/1629Private --Link
31807Wood, F WEast Kent RegimentG/15716Private --Link
31808Wood, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/5064Private --Link
31809Wood, FrankEast Kent RegimentL/9787Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9787 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12386 Private Link
31810Wood, Frank MEast Kent Regiment1680Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1680 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200235 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 200235 Private Acting Corporal Link
31811Wood, Frank WEast Kent Regiment8931Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8931 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 211009 Private Link
31812Wood, FredEast Kent RegimentG/5917Private --Link
31813Wood, FrederickEast Kent Regiment248286Private --Link
31814Wood, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/10565Private --Link
31815Wood, Frederick HEast Kent Regiment25419Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25419 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 69629 Private Link
31816Wood, Frederick JEast Kent RegimentG/9043Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/9043 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/33010 Private Link
31817Wood, G EEast Kent RegimentE/20293Private --Link
31818Wood, G FEast Kent RegimentG/4703Corporal --Link
31819Wood, G HEast Kent RegimentG/17472Private [1] London Regiment 279249 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17472 Private Link
31820Wood, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment265409Private [1] Middlesex Regiment R/633 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 265409 Private Link
31821Wood, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/35494Private --Link
31822Wood, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment1990Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1990 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 202958 Private Link
31823Wood, George EEast Kent Regiment201335Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201335 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 157339 Private Link
31824Wood, George Frederick Algerman De BurleyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment attached Suffolk Regiment - Lieutenant Link
31825Wood, George TEast Kent Regiment9572Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9572 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 52679 Private Link
31826Wood, George TEast Kent Regiment20485Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20485 Private [2] Labour Corps 650243 Private Link
31827Wood, HEast Kent RegimentGS/4782Private --Link
31828Wood, H EEast Kent RegimentG/4261Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/4261 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/4261 Serjeant Link
31829Wood, H HEast Kent RegimentG11670Corporal [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/7512 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11670 Corporal Link
31830Wood, H JEast Kent RegimentG/1957Private --Link
31831Wood, H TEast Kent RegimentG/20839Private --Link
31832Wood, HarryEast Kent RegimentG.9588Private --Link
31833Wood, HarryEast Kent Regiment201791Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201791 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS.69061 Private Link
31834Wood, HarryEast Kent Regiment4247Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4247 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 201488 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 311023 Private Link
31835Wood, Henry JEast Kent Regiment2768Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2768 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/60996 Private Link
31836Wood, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/729Private --Link
31837Wood, HerbertEast Kent Regiment243152Private --Link
31838Wood, Herbert FEast Kent Regiment790Private [1] East Kent Regiment 790 Private [2] Labour Corps 533899 Private Link
31839Wood, Horace EEast Kent RegimentG/9907Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/9907 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58138 Private Link
31840Wood, Hubert HarryEast Kent Regiment11670Lance Corporal --Link
31841Wood, I JEast Kent RegimentG/6448Private --Link
31842Wood, JEast Kent Regiment9968Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9968 Private [2] Essex Regiment 54705 Private Link
31843Wood, J EEast Kent RegimentL/9692Private --Link
31844Wood, J TEast Kent Regiment20090Private --Link
31845Wood, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/3718Private --Link
31846Wood, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/15715Private --Link
31847Wood, James WEast Kent Regiment241564Private [1] East Kent Regiment 241564 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 210529 Private Link
31848Wood, Jesse CEast Kent Regiment3127Sapper [1] Royal Engineers 510665 Sapper [2] East Kent Regiment 3127 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 200902 Sapper [4] Royal Engineers WR/309331 Sapper Link
31849Wood, JohnEast Kent RegimentS/711Corporal --Link
31850Wood, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/2209Private --Link
31851Wood, John Albert JamesEast Kent Regiment24267Lance Corporal --Link
31852Wood, John GEast Kent Regiment1402Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 1402 Serjeant [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204516 Serjeant Link
31853Wood, John JEast Kent Regiment11731Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11731 Private [2] Labour Corps 477181 Private Link
31854Wood, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/5468Private --Link
31855Wood, L A GEast Kent RegimentG/26440Private --Link
31856Wood, LeonardEast Kent Regiment276666Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3095 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 276666 Private Link
31857Wood, LeonardEast Kent Regiment4078Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4078 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 113858 Private Link
31858Wood, LewellynEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Major Link
31859Wood, MatthewEast Kent RegimentL/6050Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6050 Private [2] Highland Light Infantry 52890 Lance Corporal Link
31860Wood, Noel ErnestEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31861Wood, OliverEast Kent Regiment13356Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 13356 Corporal [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102500 Corporal Link
31862Wood, P DEast Kent RegimentG. 9171Private --Link
31863Wood, Percy CEast Kent RegimentG/14288Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14288 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/454176 Private Link
31864Wood, R GEast Kent RegimentG-8581Private --Link
31865Wood, Reginald EventEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
31866Wood, Reginald HEast Kent Regiment240861Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240861 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 275341 Private [3] London Regiment 275341 Private Link
31867Wood, Reginald JEast Kent Regiment21546Private [1] London Regiment 44032 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 21546 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers G/49187 Private Link
31868Wood, RichardEast Kent Regiment241005Private [1] East Kent Regiment 241005 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 48955 Private Link
31869Wood, RobertEast Kent RegimentL/9182Private --Link
31870Wood, RobertEast Kent Regiment6371Serjeant [1] Machine Gun Corps 10937 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 6371 Serjeant Link
31871Wood, Samuel WEast Kent Regiment23945Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23945 Private [2] Labour Corps 615316 Private Link
31872Wood, T JEast Kent RegimentL/10462Acting Corporal --Link
31873Wood, ThomasEast Kent RegimentL/9345Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9345 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/9345 Acting Serjeant Link
31874Wood, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/5541Private --Link
31875Wood, ThomasEast Kent Regiment2341Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2341 Private [2] Labour Corps 488722 Private Link
31876Wood, ThomasLabour Corps ex East Kent Regiment161582 ex 13717Private --Link
31877Wood, ThomasEast Kent Regiment3646Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3646 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241544 Private Link
31878Wood, TomEast Kent RegimentG/12574Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/5121 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12574 Private Link
31879Wood, W AEast Kent Regiment200196Private /Lance Corporal --Link
31880Wood, W AEast Kent RegimentL/8036Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8036 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8036 Acting Serjeant Link
31881Wood, W CEast Kent RegimentSR/341Private --Link
31882Wood, W CEast Kent Regiment1433Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1433 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12172 Private Link
31883Wood, W DEast Kent RegimentG/26030Private --Link
31884Wood, W FEast Kent RegimentG/5194Private --Link
31885Wood, W FEast Kent RegimentG 8852Private --Link
31886Wood, W GEast Kent RegimentG-8792Private --Link
31887Wood, W GEast Kent RegimentG/2219Private --Link
31888Wood, W GEast Kent RegimentL/8111Private --Link
31889Wood, W HEast Kent RegimentG/14135Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 292501 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14135 Private Link
31890Wood, W HEast Kent RegimentG/3940Private --Link
31891Wood, W JEast Kent RegimentL/102736Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/102736 Private [2] Essex Regiment 52084 Private Link
31892Wood, W JEast Kent RegimentS/10588Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10588 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10588 Private Link
31893Wood, W REast Kent Regiment1583Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1583 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200196 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 200196 Lance Corporal Link
31894Wood, W TEast Kent RegimentL/9916Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9916 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241023 Private Link
31895Wood, W T SEast Kent RegimentG-8169Private --Link
31896Wood, WilfredEast Kent Regiment270300Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2383 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270300 Private Link
31897Wood, WilliamEast Kent Regiment9851Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9851 Private [2] Royal Engineers 307360 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/23062 Private Link
31898Wood, WilliamEast Kent Regiment270355Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2679 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270355 Corporal Link
31899Wood, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/29261Private --Link
31900Wood, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/26570Private --Link
31901Wood, William JEast Kent Regiment6467Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6467 Private [2] Labour Corps 535493 Private Link
31902Woodacre, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/27747Private [1] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 37990 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27747 Private Link
31903Woodard, RichardEast Kent RegimentG/23259Driver [1] Army Service Corps T4/211993 Driver [2] East Kent Regiment G/23259 Driver Link
31904Woodbridge, Alfred WEast Kent Regiment12126Private [1] East Kent Regiment 12126 Private [2] Labour Corps 552565 Private Link
31905Woodcock, Alfred AEast Kent Regiment15766Private [1] East Kent Regiment 15766 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/386016 Private Link
31906Woodcock, E EEast Kent Regiment9582Private --Link
31907Woodcock, Edgar JEast Kent Regiment10989Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10989 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58141 Private Link
31908Woodcock, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/48Private --Link
31909Woodcock, FredEast Kent Regiment7105Bombardier [1] Royal Field Artillery 47973 Bombardier [2] East Kent Regiment 7105 Bombardier [3] Royal Engineers 174891 Bombardier [4] Royal Engineers WR/316885 Bombardier Link
31910Woodcock, George LEast Kent Regiment3793Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3793 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41522 Private Link
31911Woodcock, JEast Kent RegimentG/42Private --Link
31912Woodcock, JesseEast Kent RegimentG/42Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/42 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102455 Lance Corporal Link
31913Woodcock, John EEast Kent Regiment5177Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5177 Private [2] Labour Corps 603063 Private Link
31914Woodcock, LawrenceEast Kent RegimentG/6148Private --Link
31915Woodcock, NorrisEast Kent Regiment1132Private --Link
31916Woodcock, PercyEast Kent Regiment11697Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 7802 Private [2] London Regiment 377364 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 11697 Private [4] Rifle Brigade 55140 Private Link
31917Woodcock, W JEast Kent Regiment3796Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3796 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/13327 Private Link
31918Woodcock, William D GEast Kent Regiment2327Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2327 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 94590 Private [3] Indian Army Reserve of Officers - Lieutenant Link
31919Woodcraft, Edward PEast Kent RegimentG/24892Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24892 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 52806 Private Link
31920Woodcraft, Ernest JEast Kent RegimentG/25952Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25952 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79340 Private Link
31921Woodfield, James AEast Kent Regiment1103Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1103 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 149228 Private Link
31922Woodfield, W CEast Kent RegimentG-18926Private --Link
31923Woodford, F AEast Kent Regiment2457Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2457 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200632 Private Link
31924Woodford, G HEast Kent RegimentG/3366Private --Link
31925Woodgate, Clarence CharlesEast Kent Regiment270867Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1541 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270867 Corporal [3] Reserve Regiment of Cavalry - Second Lieutenant Link
31926Woodgate, FrederickEast Kent Regiment864Private [1] East Kent Regiment 864 Private [2] Labour Corps L05701 Private Link
31927Woodgate, LewisEast Kent Regiment7899Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 10948 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 7899 Private Link
31928Woodgate, W PEast Kent Regiment270043Lance Serjeant [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1406 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270043 Lance Serjeant Link
31929Woodger, EustaceEast Kent Regiment5994Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5994 Private [2] Labour Corps 570897 Private Link
31930Woodger, H EEast Kent RegimentL/8821Private --Link
31931Woodhall, WEast Kent Regiment85Serjeant --Link
31932Woodham, E EEast Kent RegimentL/10123Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10123 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10123 Acting Serjeant Link
31933Woodhams, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/9343Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/9343 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/9343 Private Link
31934Woodhams, E EEast Kent RegimentL/10123Corporal --Link
31935Woodhams, HEast Kent RegimentG/9884Serjeant --Link
31936Woodhams, H TEast Kent RegimentL/6986Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6986 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 43936 Private Link
31937Woodhams, HenryEast Kent Regiment9884Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] East Kent Regiment 9884 Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] Middlesex Regiment G/63849 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
31938Woodhouse, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment18929Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18929 Private [2] Labour Corps 645716 Private Link
31939Woodhouse, R WEast Kent RegimentG/1086Private --Link
31940Woodhouse, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/27769Private --Link
31941Woodin, J GEast Kent RegimentG/18712Private --Link
31942Wooding, CharlesEast Kent Regiment17727Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17727 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22421 Private Link
31943Woodland, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/10135Private --Link
31944Woodland, HarryEast Kent Regiment1443Corporal [1] London Regiment 7178 Serjeant [2] London Regiment 613121 Serjeant [3] London Regiment 279288 Serjeant [4] East Kent Regiment 1443 Corporal [5] East Kent Regiment 6280708 Serjeant Link
31945Woodland, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/15718Private --Link
31946Woodley, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/4086Private --Link
31947Woodley, W JEast Kent RegimentG/13861Private --Link
31948Woodley, William EEast Kent Regiment24199Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24199 Private [2] Labour Corps 617319 Private Link
31949Woodman, James HarveyEast Kent Regiment203428Serjeant [1] Reserve Battalion 203428 - [2] East Kent Regiment 203428 Serjeant Link
31950Woodman, W HEast Kent RegimentG/12692Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 23492 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12692 Private Link
31951Woodman, W TEast Kent RegimentG/13180Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 14007 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13180 Private Link
31952Woodnott, G HEast Kent RegimentG/5514Private --Link
31953Woodroffe, Percy StanbrookEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
31954Woodroffe, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment20917Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20917 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/68263 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/133508 Private Link
31955Woodrow, ThomasEast Kent Regiment201857Private --Link
31956Woodruff, C JEast Kent Regiment2262Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2262 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 200521 Lance Corporal Link
31957Woodruff, Charles JohnEast Kent Regiment200526Company Quarter Master Serjeant --Link
31958Woodruff, Ernest GEast Kent Regiment10658Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10658 Private [2] Yorkshire Light Infantry 64496 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment 41274 Private Link
31959Woodruff, JohnEast Kent Regiment270161Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1857 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270161 Private [3] Labour Corps - Second Lieutenant [4] Egyptian Labour Corps - Lieutenant Link
31960Woodruff, William JEast Kent Regiment8940Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8940 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 49917 Company Serjeant Major Link
31961Woods, A WEast Kent RegimentG12968Lance Corporal [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 2182 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G12968 Lance Corporal Link
31962Woods, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/10928Private --Link
31963Woods, C E HEast Kent Regiment201934Private --Link
31964Woods, C HEast Kent RegimentG/10346Private --Link
31965Woods, C WEast Kent RegimentG/9708Private --Link
31966Woods, E DEast Kent RegimentG/25482Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25482 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 25482 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52911 Private Link
31967Woods, E EEast Kent RegimentG/26184Private --Link
31968Woods, E FEast Kent RegimentG/7392Private --Link
31969Woods, Edwin WEast Kent Regiment DepotG/12942Corporal --Link
31970Woods, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/323Private --Link
31971Woods, FEast Kent RegimentG/12386Private --Link
31972Woods, F T GEast Kent RegimentG/26437Private --Link
31973Woods, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/10565Private --Link
31974Woods, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment20168Private [1] East Kent Regiment 20168 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment 16832 Private [3] Royal Engineers 368529 Private Link
31975Woods, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment712Private [1] East Kent Regiment 712 Private [2] Labour Corps 441235 Private Link
31976Woods, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/14125Private --Link
31977Woods, George HenryEast Kent Regiment2375Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2375 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 240693 Serjeant [3] Punjabis - Second Lieutenant [4] Indian Army - Lieutenant Link
31978Woods, Henry GeorgeEast Kent Regiment attached Indian Army2375Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment attached Indian Army 2375 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment attached Indian Army - Second Lieutenant Link
31979Woods, Herbert JEast Kent RegimentG/18095Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/18095 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58191 Private Link
31980Woods, JohnEast Kent Regiment3691- [1] East Kent Regiment 3691 - [2] Royal Engineers 128809 Serjeant Link
31981Woods, John Harold MooreEast Kent RegimentTF/1933Private [1] East Kent Regiment TF/1933 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 202557 Serjeant Link
31982Woods, LeslieEast Kent RegimentL/8998Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8998 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8998 Corporal Link
31983Woods, MEast Kent RegimentL/7077Private --Link
31984Woods, REast Kent Regiment7259Private --Link
31985Woods, SEast Kent Regiment200052Serjeant --Link
31986Woods, SimeonEast Kent RegimentG/25906Private --Link
31987Woods, StanleyEast Kent Regiment842Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 842 Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 113704 Serjeant Link
31988Woods, W JEast Kent Regiment35880Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 37231 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 35880 Private Link
31989Woods, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/7099Private --Link
31990Woodside, William MEast Kent Regiment18751Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18751 Private [2] Tank Corps 76588 Private Link
31991Woodstack, WilliamEast Kent Regiment270564Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 797 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270564 Private [3] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
31992Woodstock, ReginaldEast Kent RegimentG/27741Private [1] Norfolk Regiment 41213 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27741 Private Link
31993Woodward, A JEast Kent RegimentS/216Private --Link
31994Woodward, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/6788Private --Link
31995Woodward, Alfred GEast Kent Regiment7755Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7755 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 4/5156 Private Link
31996Woodward, B JEast Kent RegimentS/10736Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10736 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10736 Private Link
31997Woodward, BernardEast Kent RegimentG/20956Private --Link
31998Woodward, CecilEast Kent Regiment928796Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/57237 Private [2] Training Reserve Battalion 21614 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 10/29627 Private [4] East Kent Regiment 928796 Private [5] Labour Corps 385618 Private [6] Royal Engineers 364181 Private Link
31999Woodward, F JEast Kent RegimentG/14952Private --Link
32000Woodward, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/11597Lance Corporal --Link
32001Woodward, Frederick W JEast Kent Regiment24256Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24256 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79243 Private Link
32002Woodward, H HEast Kent RegimentG/5606Private --Link
32003Woodward, Harry WEast Kent RegimentG/21358Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21358 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58196 Private Link
32004Woodward, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/1921Private --Link
32005Woodward, James HEast Kent Regiment204490Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 8319 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 495599 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 204490 Private [4] Cheshire Regiment 263035 Private Link
32006Woodward, John REast Kent Regiment9788Private --Link
32007Woodward, L CEast Kent RegimentG/840Private --Link
32008Woodward, R HEast Kent RegimentL/11829Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 34586 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11829 Private Link
32009Woodward, W J8th East Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] 8th East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] - - Lieutenant Link
32010Woodward, W JEast Kent RegimentG/6888Private --Link
32011Woodwards, F JEast Kent RegimentL/8516Private --Link
32012Woodworth, L JEast Kent Regiment242715Acting Colour Serjeant --Link
32013Woolard, BernardEast Kent RegimentG/14553Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 61564 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14553 Private Link
32014Woolcock, EEast Kent Regiment202839Serjeant --Link
32015Woolcock, ErnestEast Kent Regiment6437Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6437 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 202839 Private Link
32016Woolcock, Leonard JEast Kent RegimentG/21327Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21327 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58202 Private Link
32017Woolcott, F WEast Kent Regiment200916Private --Link
32018Woolcott, Thomas WEast Kent Regiment2029Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2029 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200401 Private [3] Royal Engineers 315347 Private Link
32019Wooldridge, E AEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
32020Wooley, H EEast Kent Regiment203164Private --Link
32021Woolf, H JEast Kent Regiment270467Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3096 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270467 Private Link
32022Woolf, J WEast Kent RegimentG/15719Private --Link
32023Woolfe, H JEast Kent Regiment391Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 391 Corporal [2] The Queen's Regiment 24409 Corporal Link
32024Woolford, WilliamEast Kent Regiment13415Private [1] East Kent Regiment 13415 Private [2] Labour Corps 641320 Private Link
32025Woolgar, C MEast Kent RegimentL/10385Private --Link
32026Woolgar, John WEast Kent Regiment5886Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5886 Private [2] Essex Regiment 302207 Private Link
32027Woolgar, W AEast Kent RegimentG/27774Private [1] King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 58192 Private [2] Labour Corps 618724 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27774 Private Link
32028Woolger, HoraceEast Kent RegimentG/27736Private [1] The Queen's Regiment G/41347 Private [2] Labour Corps 73088 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27736 Private Link
32029Woolhouse, Jack WEast Kent Regiment13990Private [1] East Kent Regiment 13990 Private [2] Labour Corps 615695 Private Link
32030Woollacott, AlfredEast Kent RegimentL10716Private [1] Royal Field Artillery 77835 Gunner [2] East Kent Regiment L10716 Private Link
32031Woollard, Felix St JohnEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Army Service Corps - Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal Air Force - Flight Lieutenant [4] Royal Air Force - Captain Link
32032Woollard, JohnEast Kent Regiment3003Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3003 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241003 Private Link
32033Woollard, ThomasEast Kent RegimentG/27950Private [1] Suffolk Regiment 23924 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27950 Private Link
32034Woollard, Walter CEast Kent RegimentG/26200Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/26200 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79242 Private Link
32035Wooller, G EEast Kent RegimentG/27746Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment G/12219 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment 40373 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27746 Private Link
32036Wooller, J HEast Kent RegimentG/11810Private --Link
32037Wooller, StanleyEast Kent RegimentL/12626Serjeant [1] Highland Light Infantry 21198 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/12626 Serjeant Link
32038Wooller, WalterEast Kent Regiment17798Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17798 Private [2] Labour Corps 674032 Private Link
32039Woollett, Alfred HEast Kent RegimentL/9307Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9307 Private [2] Royal Engineers 32843 Sapper Link
32040Woollett, B HEast Kent Regiment1523Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1523 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240368 Private Link
32041Woollett, EEast Kent RegimentG-22700Private --Link
32042Woollett, HarryEast Kent RegimentL/9956Private --Link
32043Woollett, PercyEast Kent Regiment3154Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 3154 Serjeant [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 235339 Serjeant Link
32044Woollett, Robert SEast Kent RegimentL/9687Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9687 Private [2] Labour Corps 276482 Lance Corporal Link
32045Woollett, W A REast Kent Regiment270055Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1462 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270055 Corporal Link
32046Woollett, W EEast Kent RegimentG/6523Private --Link
32047Woolley, E CEast Kent Regiment4024Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4024 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241633 Private Link
32048Woolley, H CEast Kent RegimentG/2285Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/2285 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/2285 Private Link
32049Woolley, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG/29244Private --Link
32050Woolley, JohnEast Kent Regiment201519Private --Link
32051Woolley, LoninEast Kent Regiment240810Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240810 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 228806 Private [3] London Regiment 228806 Private Link
32052Woolley, PercivalEast Kent RegimentL/8906Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8906 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8906 Acting Serjeant Link
32053Woolley, W HEast Kent RegimentG/8044Private --Link
32054Woolley, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/9597Private --Link
32055Woolmer, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/5802Private --Link
32056Woolner, George GEast Kent RegimentG/14377Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14377 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79222 Private Link
32057Woolnough, Arthur CEast Kent RegimentG/25919Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25919 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22425 Private Link
32058Woolston, C FEast Kent RegimentG/69Serjeant --Link
32059Woolton, JEast Kent Regiment122Serjeant --Link
32060Woolven, Henry GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/10078Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10078 Private [2] Army Cyclist Corps 7028 Private Link
32061Woolven, SidneyEast Kent RegimentL/10502Private --Link
32062Woolvett, William JEast Kent Regiment14066Private [1] Middlesex Regiment G/89675 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14066 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment G/103774 Private Link
32063Wooton, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/14620Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 29563 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14620 Private Link
32064Wootten, George HenryEast Kent RegimentG/14555Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 61565 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14555 Private Link
32065Wootton, AEast Kent Regiment9Regimental Quarter Master Serjeant --Link
32066Wootton, ArthurEast Kent Regiment2176Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2176 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment 17581 Private [3] Army Service Corps T/364615 Private Link
32067Wootton, C HEast Kent RegimentG/2543Private --Link
32068Wootton, CyrilEast Kent RegimentG23954Private --Link
32069Wootton, EEast Kent Regiment11752Private --Link
32070Woplin, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/14494Private --Link
32071Wordsworth, FrederickEast Kent Regiment1621Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1621 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 1621 Corporal Link
32072Worker, JosephEast Kent Regiment4018Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4018 Private [2] Labour Corps 699095 Private [3] Army Service Corps R/366751 Private Link
32073Worley, B EEast Kent RegimentG-20033Private --Link
32074Worley, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/10975Private --Link
32075Worley, Frederick HEast Kent Regiment265203Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265203 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81152 Private Link
32076Worley, Thomas WEast Kent Regiment4461Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4461 Private [2] Labour Corps 442751 Private Link
32077Worley, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/35958Private --Link
32078Worlock, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/20271Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/20271 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 215258 Private Link
32079Wormald, S OEast Kent RegimentG/1701Private --Link
32080Worman, A AEast Kent RegimentG/17470Private [1] London Regiment 8892 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17470 Private Link
32081Wormley, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/987Private --Link
32082Wormley, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/5836Private --Link
32083Worsedine, John REast Kent Regiment886Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 15724 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 886 Private Link
32084Worsfold, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG 12964Lance Corporal [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 2309 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G 12964 Lance Corporal Link
32085Worsfold, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment203980Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203980 Private [2] Labour Corps 591994 Private Link
32086Worsfold, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/12140Private --Link
32087Worsfold, Robert N HEast Kent Regiment204248Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204248 Private [2] London Regiment 225665 Private Link
32088Worsley, CyrilEast Kent Regiment1231Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1231 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240190 Private Link
32089Worsley, F EEast Kent Regiment1423Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1423 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240314 Private Link
32090Worsley, Frederick JEast Kent Regiment9319Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 9319 Acting Corporal [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 35849 Acting Corporal Link
32091Worsley, HoraceEast Kent Regiment9695Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9695 Private [2] Labour Corps 549285 Corporal [3] Labour Corps 549283 Corporal [4] Northamptonshire Regiment 21303 Corporal Link
32092Worssam, E AEast Kent RegimentG-20250Private --Link
32093Worster, Alexander FrederickEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Yeomanry 1830 Private [2] East Kent Yeomanry 240181 Private [3] East Kent Regiment - Captain [4] Corps of Hussars - Captain Link
32094Worster, D EEast Kent RegimentG/4302Private --Link
32095Wort, Percy CEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] The Queen's Regiment L/8962 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain Link
32096Worters, Charles CowleyEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
32097Worthington, C AEast Kent Regiment-Major /Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
32098Worthington, Claude ArthurEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Link
32099Worthington, ColinEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 1427 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment 265809 Private [3] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [4] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
32100Worthington, JamesEast Kent Regiment447024Private [1] East Kent Regiment 447024 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 236982 Private Link
32101Wortley, John REast Kent RegimentG/21863Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/21863 Private [2] Royal Field Artillery 295657 Private Link
32102Wotherspoon, A WEast Kent RegimentL/9071Private --Link
32103Wotton, Harold SidneyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Sussex Regiment SD/5294 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
32104Wotton, TEast Kent Regiment-Honorary Lieutenant --Link
32105Wotton, WalterEast Kent RegimentL/8483Private --Link
32106Wragg, A JEast Kent Regiment270255Lance Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2161 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270255 Lance Corporal Link
32107Wraight, A BEast Kent RegimentG/13383Private --Link
32108Wraight, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/2510Private --Link
32109Wraight, AlbertEast Kent RegimentL/11965Private --Link
32110Wraight, C EEast Kent Regiment240665Private --Link
32111Wraight, C JEast Kent Regiment1697Private --Link
32112Wraight, Clarence JackEast Kent Regiment-- --Link
32113Wraight, E WEast Kent Regiment270315Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2418 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270315 Private Link
32114Wraight, G AEast Kent RegimentS/352Private --Link
32115Wraight, H SEast Kent RegimentL/8650Private --Link
32116Wraight, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/15720Private --Link
32117Wraight, HoraceEast Kent Regiment2509Private --Link
32118Wraight, HoraceEast Kent RegimentG/2509Private --Link
32119Wraight, W GEast Kent RegimentL/6991Private --Link
32120Wraight, W GEast Kent Regiment11141Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/32846 Driver [2] East Kent Regiment 11141 Driver Link
32121Wraight, W GEast Kent RegimentL/12159Private [1] Manchester Regiment 51275 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12159 Private Link
32122Wraith, J AEast Kent RegimentS/10046Private --Link
32123Wrangles, John CEast Kent Regiment202659Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202659 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 34045 Private Link
32124Wranglis, A JEast Kent RegimentS/10245Private --Link
32125Wratten, Albert EEast Kent Regiment8854Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8854 Private [2] Royal Engineers 196761 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/317070 Private Link
32126Wratten, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG-9757Private [1] East Kent Regiment G-9757 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203618 Private Link
32127Wratten, C JEast Kent Regiment1001Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1001 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240068 Private Link
32128Wratten, Charles SEast Kent Regiment1805Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1805 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240513 Private [3] Royal Engineers 315316 Private Link
32129Wratten, Edward JEast Kent Regiment1643Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1643 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 114231 Serjeant [3] Machine Gun Corps 114231 Corporal Acting Serjeant [4] Machine Gun Corps 7810543 Corporal Acting Serjeant [5] East Kent Regiment 200220 Corporal Acting Serjeant Link
32130Wratten, George WEast Kent Regiment26388Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26388 Private [2] London Regiment ES/67656 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers ES/67656 Private Link
32131Wratten, Henry JamesEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Sussex Regiment G/6698 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
32132Wratten, J CEast Kent RegimentG/587Private --Link
32133Wratten, P REast Kent Regiment201365Private --Link
32134Wratten, W AEast Kent RegimentL/12958Corporal [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/8822 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/12958 Corporal Link
32135Wray, Arthur MoskynEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Air Force - Flight Officer Link
32136Wray, E AEast Kent RegimentG/14894Private --Link
32137Wray, F GEast Kent RegimentG/3376Private --Link
32138Wren, C EEast Kent RegimentG/21974Corporal [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 1511 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/21974 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment G/21794 Corporal Link
32139Wren, W HEast Kent Regiment6635Corporal --Link
32140Wren, W HEast Kent RegimentL/6635Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6635 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/6635 Serjeant Link
32141Wren, W HEast Kent Regiment6635Corporal --Link
32142Wrench, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/5178Private --Link
32143Wretham, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/1065Private --Link
32144Wretham, FEast Kent Regiment242898Private --Link
32145Wretham, F JEast Kent Regiment6125Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6125 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 242898 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment TF/154 Private Link
32146Wright, AEast Kent RegimentG/35356Private --Link
32147Wright, A EEast Kent RegimentL/7568Private --Link
32148Wright, A GEast Kent Regiment203343Private --Link
32149Wright, A JEast Kent RegimentG/2601Private --Link
32150Wright, Albert EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/18755Private --Link
32151Wright, Albert EdwardEast Kent Regiment2131Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2131 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200454 Private Link
32152Wright, Albert JEast Kent RegimentG/12608Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/41966 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12608 Private Link
32153Wright, AlfredEast Kent RegimentSR/10637Private --Link
32154Wright, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/7645Private --Link
32155Wright, B TEast Kent RegimentG/2852Private --Link
32156Wright, BertieEast Kent RegimentG/20905Private --Link
32157Wright, CharlesEast Kent Regiment270894Private --Link
32158Wright, CharlesEast Kent Regiment270894Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1905 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270894 Private Link
32159Wright, Charles GEast Kent Regiment23447Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23447 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/53458 Private Link
32160Wright, E VEast Kent RegimentG-20021Private --Link
32161Wright, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/4580Private [1] Army Service Corps R/4/066066 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/4580 Private [3] Yorkshire Regiment 34057 Private Link
32162Wright, Ernest GordonEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Devonshire Regiment 7525 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
32163Wright, F GEast Kent RegimentSR/379Private --Link
32164Wright, F HEast Kent Regiment-Colour Serjeant Instructor --Link
32165Wright, F WEast Kent RegimentG/4661Private --Link
32166Wright, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/700Private --Link
32167Wright, FrederickEast Kent Regiment2341Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2341 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR316217 Private [3] Royal Engineers 178615 Private Link
32168Wright, Frederick JEast Kent Regiment8462Driver [1] East Kent Regiment 8462 Driver [2] King's Own Scottish Borderers 43352 Serjeant [3] Labour Corps 32158 Serjeant [4] Labour Corps 60004 Serjeant Link
32169Wright, G F EEast Kent Regiment12521Serjeant --Link
32170Wright, G F EEast Kent RegimentG/12521Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/250 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12521 Private Link
32171Wright, G TEast Kent RegimentL/7680Private --Link
32172Wright, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/20179Private --Link
32173Wright, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG-20179Private --Link
32174Wright, George TEast Kent Regiment12866Private [1] East Kent Regiment 12866 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G-20894 Private Link
32175Wright, H CEast Kent RegimentG/20908Private --Link
32176Wright, H CEast Kent RegimentG/5781Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment G/5781 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment G/5781 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
32177Wright, H CEast Kent Regiment5781Acting Company Serjeant Major --Link
32178Wright, H HEast Kent RegimentS/420Private --Link
32179Wright, HarryEast Kent Regiment2462Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2462 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200636 Private Link
32180Wright, HarryEast Kent Regiment17944Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17944 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/65419 Private Link
32181Wright, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/5744Private --Link
32182Wright, Herbert EEast Kent Regiment956Private [1] East Kent Regiment 956 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 79104 Serjeant Link
32183Wright, HubertEast Kent Regiment1579Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1579 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240380 Private [3] Indian Army - Second Lieutenant Link
32184Wright, JEast Kent RegimentG/26097Private --Link
32185Wright, JEast Kent Regiment DepotG/7117Private --Link
32186Wright, J FEast Kent RegimentL/8335Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/8335 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/8335 Corporal Link
32187Wright, J GEast Kent RegimentG/3204Private --Link
32188Wright, JamesEast Kent Regiment221Private [1] East Kent Regiment 221 Private [2] Labour Corps 156318 Private Link
32189Wright, JamesEast Kent Regiment1466Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 1466 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 1466 Acting Warrant Officer Class 1 [3] East Kent Regiment 240339 Acting Warrant Officer Class 1 Link
32190Wright, JamesEast Kent Regiment24593Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24593 Private [2] Royal Scots Fusiliers 54299 Private Link
32191Wright, James AlbertEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
32192Wright, JohnEast Kent RegimentG7117Private [1] Royal Field Artillery G/4635 Gunner [2] East Kent Regiment G7117 Private Link
32193Wright, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/29257Private --Link
32194Wright, JohnEast Kent Regiment265394Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 1409 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 265394 Private Link
32195Wright, JohnEast Kent Regiment203362Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203362 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/32015 Private Link
32196Wright, John AEast Kent Regiment3444Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3444 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 62233 Private Link
32197Wright, John CEast Kent Regiment5888Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5888 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/503550 Sapper [3] Royal Engineers 204840 Sapper Link
32198Wright, John JohnsonEast Kent Regiment97852Private --Link
32199Wright, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/6329Private --Link
32200Wright, JosephEast Kent Regiment9/6329Private --Link
32201Wright, Joseph AEast Kent RegimentG/11758Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/11758 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58143 Private Link
32202Wright, JoshuaEast Kent RegimentL/10121Private --Link
32203Wright, L WEast Kent RegimentG/10882Private --Link
32204Wright, Lawrence AEast Kent RegimentG/22349Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/22349 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22298 Private Link
32205Wright, LeonardEast Kent Regiment3647Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3647 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241545 Private Link
32206Wright, P AEast Kent RegimentG/10268Private --Link
32207Wright, P F WEast Kent RegimentS/809Private --Link
32208Wright, PhillipEast Kent Regiment265057Private --Link
32209Wright, R HEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
32210Wright, R LEast Kent RegimentL/9101Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9101 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9101 Private Link
32211Wright, Robert HEast Kent RegimentG/23761Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/23761 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/450779 Private Link
32212Wright, SEast Kent RegimentG26740Private [1] Army Service Corps S4/122882 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G26740 Private Link
32213Wright, S TEast Kent RegimentG/21766Private [1] Army Service Corps R4/072166 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/21766 Private Link
32214Wright, SidneyEast Kent RegimentGSEK 176Private [1] East Kent Regiment GSEK 176 Private [2] Royal Scots 48404 Private Link
32215Wright, SteeveEast Kent RegimentG/26740Private [1] Army Service Corps S4/22882 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/26740 Private Link
32216Wright, T D LEast Kent Regiment270163Serjeant [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1867 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270163 Serjeant Link
32217Wright, T NEast Kent Regiment206114Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 1852 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206114 Private Link
32218Wright, ThomasEast Kent Regiment26147Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26147 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22417 Private Link
32219Wright, W GEast Kent RegimentS/10468Private [1] East Kent Regiment S/10468 Private [2] East Kent Regiment SR/10468 Private Link
32220Wright, W HEast Kent RegimentG/1790Private --Link
32221Wright, W J FEast Kent RegimentG/27771Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 89084 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27771 Private Link
32222Wright, WilfredEast Kent RegimentG14566Lance Corporal [1] Yorkshire Regiment 19077 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G14566 Lance Corporal Link
32223Wright, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/977Private --Link
32224Wright, William HEast Kent Regiment24594Private [1] East Kent Regiment 24594 Private [2] Labour Corps 510122 Private Link
32225Wright, William HEast Kent Regiment9034Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 9034 Lance Corporal [2] Labour Corps 450961 Corporal Link
32226Wrighton, ThomasEast Kent Regiment265408Private [1] Lincolnshire Regiment 5518 Private [2] West Yorkshire Regiment 40411 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265408 Private Link
32227Wyatt, Alfred EEast Kent Regiment203971Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203971 Private [2] Labour Corps 375757 Private Link
32228Wyatt, G EEast Kent RegimentG/3355Private --Link
32229Wyatt, Geoffrey Wilfrid PenfoldEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
32230Wyatt, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/8540Private --Link
32231Wyatt, H MEast Kent RegimentG/3356Private --Link
32232Wyatt, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/2849Private --Link
32233Wyborn, ArthurEast Kent Regiment4060Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4060 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241658 Private Link
32234Wyborn, C GEast Kent RegimentG/1435 (Incomplete)Private --Link
32235Wyborn, C JEast Kent RegimentG/1435Private --Link
32236Wyborn, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/12467Private --Link
32237Wyborn, Reginald AEast Kent RegimentL/10697Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10697 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers L/17275 Private Link
32238Wyborn, Robert WEast Kent Regiment1926Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1926 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 94591 Private Link
32239Wyborn, Sidney EdwardEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] Army Cyclist Corps 33 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [3] Royal Fusiliers 33 Corporal [4] Royal Fusiliers 6455166 Corporal Link
32240Wyeth, J TEast Kent RegimentG8930Private --Link
32241Wyett, HarryEast Kent RegimentG/7223Private --Link
32242Wykes, F HEast Kent RegimentG/5587Private Acting Lance Corporal --Link
32243Wykes, Frederick HaroldEast Kent Regiment5587Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5587 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58232 Lance Corporal Link
32244Wykes, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/630Private --Link
32245Wykes, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/643Private --Link
32246Wylde, G FEast Kent RegimentG/14370Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14370 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11833 (Incomplete) Private Link
32247Wyles, F GEast Kent Regiment270396Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2821 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270396 Private Link
32248Wyles, HarryEast Kent Regiment1900Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 1900 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 200333 Serjeant Acting Warrant Officer 2nd Class Link
32249Wyles, Horace H JEast Kent Regiment4392Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 28326 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 4392 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment G/79245 Private Link
32250Wyles, L WEast Kent RegimentL/9235Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/9235 Private [2] Essex Regiment 31349 Private Link
32251Wyles, WalterEast Kent RegimentL/4552Private --Link
32252Wyles, William HEast Kent RegimentG/26737Private [1] Army Service Corps T/289914 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/26737 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 04920 Private Link
32253Wyman, S A AEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
32254Wynder, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/6570Private --Link
32255Wynne, AEast Kent Regiment10760Private --Link
32256Wynne, ArthurEast Kent Regiment10760Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 10760 Lance Corporal [2] Army Pay Corps 22753 Private Link
32257Wynne, T WEast Kent Regiment10652Serjeant --Link
32258Wynne, Thomas WilliamEast Kent RegimentSR/10652Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment SR/10652 Serjeant [2] Manchester Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Tank Corps - Lieutenant Link
32259Wythe, Percival LEast Kent Regiment202496Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202496 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 225127 Private [3] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 65030 Private Link
32260Wythe, William GEast Kent Regiment2906Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2906 Private [2] Norfolk Regiment 34852 Private Link