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East Kent Regiment Table: V

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29546Vacher, R REast Kent RegimentG/20190Private --Link
29547Vale, A TEast Kent RegimentL/10608Private --Link
29548Vale, Arthur AEast Kent Regiment7375Sapper [1] Royal Engineers WR/314116 Sapper [2] Suffolk Regiment 25144 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 7375 Sapper [4] Labour Corps 176639 Sapper [5] Middlesex Regiment 87175 Sapper [6] Royal Engineers 305740 Sapper Link
29549Vale, Donald CEast Kent Regiment242200Private [1] East Kent Regiment 242200 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38563 Private Link
29550Vale, TEast Kent RegimentSR/283Private --Link
29551Valentine, AlbertEast Kent Regiment202701Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202701 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 34044 Private Link
29552Valentine, JamesEast Kent Regiment3142Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3142 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241110 Private Link
29553Valentine, William GEast Kent Regiment5126Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5126 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 40014 Private Link
29554Vallintine, Albert EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/13624Private --Link
29555Vallintine, J JEast Kent Regiment201801Serjeant --Link
29556Vallintine, J JEast Kent Regiment201801Serjeant --Link
29557Vallon, C NEast Kent RegimentG/3598Private --Link
29558Valsler, Charles JEast Kent Regiment6390- [1] East Kent Regiment 6390 - [2] Royal Engineers 186213 Corporal Link
29559van Geersdale, JDepot East Kent Regiment5374Private --Link
29560van Weede, HowardEast Kent Regiment270603Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 903 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270603 Private [3] Royal Garrison Artillery - Lieutenant Link
29561Vandepeer, H FEast Kent Regiment200163Corporal --Link
29562Vandepeer, H FEast Kent Regiment1514Private --Link
29563Vanderberghe, ThomasEast Kent RegimentL/11274Private --Link
29564Vane, AlbertEast Kent Regiment8889Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8889 Private [2] Labour Corps 432637 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/210593 Private Link
29565Vanscolina, C WEast Kent Regiment17741Private [1] East Kent Regiment 17741 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102505 Private [3] Essex Regiment 49977 Private Link
29566Vansen, W HEast Kent Regiment1834Private --Link
29567Vanson, W HEast Kent RegimentTF/1834Private --Link
29568Vant, C GEast Kent RegimentL/9412Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9412 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9412 Private Link
29569Vant, Charles JEast Kent RegimentL/10074Private --Link
29570Vant, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/6355Private --Link
29571Vant, O JEast Kent Regiment201223Private --Link
29572Vant, WilliamEast Kent Regiment3423Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3423 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241356 Private Link
29573Vanzanten, Henry REast Kent Regiment204226Private [1] East Kent Regiment 204226 Private [2] London Regiment 225660 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers G/115171 Private Link
29574Varge, Edward HenryEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 3238 Private [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
29575Varley, ArthurEast Kent Regiment1864Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1864 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200315 Private Link
29576Varley, HarryEast Kent Regiment2208Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2208 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6315 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 243086 Private Link
29577Varley, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/7220Private --Link
29578Varney, F EEast Kent Regiment2384Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2384 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240701 Private Link
29579Varney, Joseph HEast Kent Regiment18355Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18355 Private [2] Gloucestershire Regiment 31756 Private Link
29580Varney, W JEast Kent RegimentG/28122Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 45855 Private [2] Labour Corps 73655 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/28122 Private Link
29581Varnham, William SEast Kent Regiment923Private [1] East Kent Regiment 923 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR316696 Private [3] Royal Engineers 157242 Private Link
29582Varrier, Archibald WEast Kent Regiment2033Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2033 Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 6649 Corporal [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 203174 Corporal [4] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 293066 Corporal Link
29583Varrier, FrederickEast Kent Regiment1390Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1390 Private [2] Labour Corps 315884 Private Link
29584Vary, T GEast Kent RegimentG/21065Private --Link
29585Vasey, RobertEast Kent RegimentG/6511Private --Link
29586Vass, Frank CecilEast Kent RegimentG/7363Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/7363 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Attached Royal Army Service Corps - Lieutenant Link
29587Vass, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/24903Private --Link
29588Vass, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/24903Private --Link
29589Vassey, William AEast Kent Regiment265217Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265217 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81151 Private Link
29590Vast, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/11103Private [1] Hampshire Regiment 9503 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/5354 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/11103 Private [4] Army Service Corps M/41380 Private Link
29591Vaughan, C EEast Kent Regiment2646398Warrant Officer Class 1 --Link
29592Vaughan, C FEast Kent RegimentG/35502Private --Link
29593Vaughan, F CEast Kent RegimentG/6662Private --Link
29594Vaughan, F C AEast Kent RegimentG/15755Private --Link
29595Vaughan, G HEast Kent RegimentG9314Serjeant --Link
29596Vaughan, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment25469Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25469 Private [2] Training Reserve Battalion 38540 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 69622 Private [4] Royal Engineers 603502 Private Link
29597Vaughan, JEast Kent Regiment-Temporary Captain --Link
29598Vaughan, JamesEast Kent Regiment-Major --Link
29599Vaughan, JosephEast Kent RegimentL12561Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/8741 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L12561 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3636 Private [4] East Kent Regiment 241534 Private Link
29600Vaughan, NathanielEast Kent RegimentG/2062Private --Link
29601Vaughan, P AEast Kent RegimentG/10274Private --Link
29602Vaughan, Richard CEast Kent RegimentG/25043Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25043 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/18819 Private Link
29603Vaughan, StanleyEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
29604Vaux, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment1966Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1966 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200365 Private [3] Wireless Signal Squadron 272 Sapper [4] Somerset Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant Link
29605Veal, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/2577Private --Link
29606Veal, Walter WEast Kent Regiment4808Private --Link
29607Veale, W AEast Kent Regiment1671Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1671 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240429 Private Link
29608Veale, WilliamEast Kent Regiment3289Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 8132 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 61051 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 3289 Private Link
29609Vearncombe, W FEast Kent RegimentG/10403Private --Link
29610Vein, PhilipEast Kent Regiment242251Private --Link
29611Veitch, C LEast Kent Regiment1538Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1538 Private [2] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment - Lieutenant [3] Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force - Captain Link
29612Veitch, G AEast Kent RegimentL/9550Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9550 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9550 Private Link
29613Veitch, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentS/783Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment S/783 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment S/783 Colour Serjeant Link
29614Veitch, H JEast Kent RegimentG/4962Private --Link
29615Vell, Charles WEast Kent Regiment18912Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18912 Private [2] Labour Corps 601918 Private Link
29616Vellnet, LeonEast Kent Regiment201798Private --Link
29617Velvick, FrankEast Kent Regiment1802Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1802 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240510 Private Link
29618Venables, DavidEast Kent RegimentG/15701Private --Link
29619Veness, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/1380Private --Link
29620Venn, Harold A HEast Kent Regiment202015Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 202015 Corporal [2] Royal Fusiliers 64124 Corporal [3] Machine Gun Corps 148513 Corporal Link
29621Venn, MauriceEast Kent Regiment203965Private --Link
29622Vennell, BenjaminEast Kent Regiment8963Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8963 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/24788 Private Link
29623Venner, C J FEast Kent RegimentG/27730Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 40928 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27730 Private Link
29624Venner, T HEast Kent Regiment201349Private --Link
29625Venning, M REast Kent RegimentG/10126Serjeant --Link
29626Venton, FrankEast Kent RegimentL/9181Private --Link
29627Ventriss, G REast Kent RegimentG/35703Private --Link
29628Verity, RichardEast Kent RegimentG/14000Private --Link
29629Verlander, F GEast Kent RegimentL/5987Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/5987 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/5987 Colour Serjeant Link
29630Verner, E GEast Kent RegimentG/3459Private --Link
29631Verner, JamesEast Kent Regiment13254Private [1] East Kent Regiment 13254 Private [2] Corps of Hussars 62883 Private Link
29632Verney, FrankEast Kent Regiment203301Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 114228 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203301 Private Link
29633Verney, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/12082Private [1] Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 5431414 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12082 Private Link
29634Verney, JohnEast Kent Regiment241416Private --Link
29635Vernon, R A WEast Kent RegimentG/2128Private --Link
29636Verrall, E CEast Kent RegimentG/7530Private --Link
29637Verrell, George AEast Kent Regiment10839Private --Link
29638Verrier, WilliamEast Kent Regiment1493Boy [1] East Kent Regiment 1493 Boy [2] East Kent Regiment 200153 Boy Link
29639Verrion, EdwardEast Kent Regiment3986Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3986 Private [2] Labour Corps 449506 Private Link
29640Verrion, W TEast Kent RegimentG/3987Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3987 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3987 Private Link
29641Vertue, Harold BrookeEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Honourable Artillery Company - Private [3] Battalion Transport Office - Captain Link
29642Vertue, N GEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
29643Vertue, Naunton GeorgeEast Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Captain [3] Nigeria Regiment - Major Link
29644Vessey, Alfred REast Kent RegimentG/18048Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/18048 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 63816 Private [3] Army Service Corps T/418548 Private Link
29645Vibert, A GEast Kent RegimentL/12908Sapper [1] Royal Engineers 1405 Sapper [2] Royal Engineers 1539 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment L/12908 Sapper Link
29646Vicary, C WEast Kent Regiment202642Private --Link
29647Vicary, Ernest CEast Kent Regiment201977Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201977 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers G/64104 Private [3] Royal Sussex Regiment G/31472 Private Link
29648Vicary, L JEast Kent RegimentL/10527Private --Link
29649Vick, A SEast Kent RegimentC/9909Private --Link
29650Vickers, Thomas BEast Kent RegimentG/24587Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 28246 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/315891 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 62898 Private [4] East Kent Regiment G/24587 Private [5] Royal Engineers 602167 Private [6] Royal Engineers 1856299 Private Link
29651Vickers, W FEast Kent RegimentL11278Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 15385 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L11278 Private Link
29652Vickers, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/21977Private [1] Middlesex Regiment G/5454 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/21977 Private Link
29653Vickery, G SEast Kent Regiment2407Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2407 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240720 Private Link
29654Vickery, H HEast Kent RegimentG/3078Private --Link
29655Vidgen, E HEast Kent Regiment1640Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1640 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240407 Private Link
29656Vidion, EdwardEast Kent RegimentG/9539Private --Link
29657Vidion, F GEast Kent Regiment2111Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2111 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6221 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 242992 Private Link
29658Vidion, JohnEast Kent Regiment2171Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2171 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200476 Private Link
29659Vidler, A VEast Kent Regiment6062Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6062 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 242838 Private Link
29660Vidler, G T WEast Kent Regiment270296Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2371 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270296 Private Link
29661Vidler, H REast Kent Regiment2180Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2180 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240597 Private Link
29662Vidler, J AEast Kent Regiment1746Private --Link
29663Vidler, ReginaldEast Kent Regiment3951Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3951 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41508 Private Link
29664Vidler, S CEast Kent RegimentG/15702Private --Link
29665Vidler, William JEast Kent Regiment10213Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10213 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 56393 Private Link
29666Vieira, Harry ElbertEast Kent RegimentG-20102Private [1] East Kent Regiment G-20102 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
29667Vigar, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG-20175Private --Link
29668Viggers, JEast Kent Regiment6163Serjeant --Link
29669Viggers, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/6163Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/6163 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/6163 Serjeant Link
29670Viggers, P LEast Kent Regiment1582Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1582 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200195 Private Link
29671Viggor, FrankEast Kent RegimentG/24588Private --Link
29672Vigor, N JEast Kent RegimentG-24137Private --Link
29673Villars, H SEast Kent Regiment240915Private --Link
29674Villiers, Francis Edward EarleEast Kent RegimentG22705Private [1] East Kent Regiment G22705 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps - Lieutenant Link
29675Vinall, Archibald JEast Kent Regiment203246Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203246 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 33997 Private Link
29676Vinall, E JEast Kent RegimentG/10426Private --Link
29677Vinall, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentL/8897Private --Link
29678Vinall, J CEast Kent RegimentL/9113Private --Link
29679Vince, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG-19105Corporal --Link
29680Vince, Ernest AlfredEast Kent Regiment8671Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8671 Private [2] Labour Corps 488739 Private Link
29681Vince, G AEast Kent RegimentG/14653Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 58393 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14653 Private Link
29682Vince, S E REast Kent RegimentSR/9664Private --Link
29683Vince, VincentEast Kent RegimentG/29239Private --Link
29684Vince, WalterEast Kent RegimentG/12698Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 23766 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12698 Private Link
29685Vincent, A EEast Kent RegimentG/6628Private --Link
29686Vincent, A JEast Kent RegimentG/831Private --Link
29687Vincent, A JEast Kent Regiment3637Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3637 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241535 Private Link
29688Vincent, CharlesEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
29689Vincent, Cyril HEast Kent Regiment240930Private [1] East Kent Regiment 240930 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 228805 Private [3] London Regiment 228805 Private Link
29690Vincent, E CEast Kent RegimentG/2374Private --Link
29691Vincent, EliEast Kent Regiment203674Private [1] East Kent Regiment 203674 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204522 Private Link
29692Vincent, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/11816Private --Link
29693Vincent, F WEast Kent RegimentL/10303Private --Link
29694Vincent, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/20277Private --Link
29695Vincent, HarryEast Kent Regiment3564Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3564 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment SS/18893 Private Link
29696Vincent, RichardEast Kent Regiment242599Private --Link
29697Vincent, S GEast Kent RegimentG-18880Private --Link
29698Vincer, P AEast Kent RegimentL/7967Lance Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/7967 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/7967 Company Serjeant Major Link
29699Vincer, P AEast Kent Regiment7967Company Quarter Master Serjeant --Link
29700Vincer, P AEast Kent Regiment7967Serjeant --Link
29701Vincer, P AEast Kent Regiment7967Company Serjeant Major --Link
29702Vine, PercyEast Kent Regiment202449Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202449 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 34013 Private Link
29703Vine, R JEast Kent RegimentG-23661Private --Link
29704Vine, Thomas WEast Kent Regiment200844Private [1] East Kent Regiment 200844 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/99302 Private Link
29705Viner, ArthurEast Kent Regiment204552Private --Link
29706Viner, Cyril GEast Kent Regiment1441Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1441 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR309280 Sapper [3] Royal Engineers 508736 Sapper Link
29707Vining, C H EEast Kent RegimentG/13089Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 20793 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13089 Private Link
29708Virgin, F TEast Kent RegimentG/14123Private --Link
29709Virgo, SidneyEast Kent Regiment2599Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2599 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200693 Private Link
29710Virgo, W GEast Kent RegimentG/18238Private --Link
29711Virgoe, S EEast Kent Regiment270172Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1882 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270172 Private Link
29712Viscardi, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/35461Private --Link
29713Vivian, John WEast Kent Regiment14867Private [1] East Kent Regiment 14867 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79338 Private Link
29714Vogell, Alfred WEast Kent RegimentG/23372Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 111372 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/23372 Private [3] Hampshire Regiment 43855 Private Link
29715Voller, A LEast Kent RegimentG/6404Private --Link
29716Voller, F JEast Kent Regiment203979Acting Corporal --Link
29717Voller, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/21009Private --Link
29718Volz, HermannEast Kent Regiment4922Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4922 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/92308 Private Link
29719Voules, WilliamEast Kent Regiment12019Private [1] East Kent Regiment 12019 Private [2] Labour Corps 552564 Private Link
29720Vousden, C REast Kent Regiment2558Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2558 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240808 Private Link
29721Vousden, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/5795Private --Link
29722Vousden, R FEast Kent RegimentG/645Private --Link
29723Vousden, W AEast Kent Regiment6280411Serjeant --Link
29724Vousden, W AEast Kent Regiment1134Lance Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 1134 Lance Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment 1134 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment 240136 Corporal Link
29725Vousden, W HEast Kent RegimentG8550Private --Link
29726Voyle, James HEast Kent Regiment242440Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 242440 Acting Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38564 Acting Corporal Link
29727Voyle, James HarrisEast Kent Regiment242440Lance Corporal --Link
29728Vyse, George Aubrey HowardLiverpool Regiment attached East Kent Regiment-Major [1] Liverpool Regiment - Captain [2] Liverpool Regiment attached East Kent Regiment - Major [3] General Staff - Major Lieutenant Colonel Link
29729Vyse, H FEast Kent RegimentG/1892Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/1892 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/1892 Corporal Link