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East Kent Regiment Table: U

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29476Uden, ArthurEast Kent RegimentTF/3380Private --Link
29477Uden, C FEast Kent RegimentG/13825Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 3092 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13825 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265365 Private Link
29478Uden, E GEast Kent RegimentG/318Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/318 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204060 Private Link
29479Uden, G EEast Kent RegimentG/98Private --Link
29480Uden, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/21380Private --Link
29481Uden, ReginaldEast Kent RegimentG/15700Private --Link
29482Umney, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/24605Corporal --Link
29483Underdown, A LEast Kent RegimentL/9741Private --Link
29484Underdown, C JEast Kent RegimentL/9068Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9068 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/9068 Serjeant Link
29485Underdown, Frederick CharlesEast Kent Regiment9015Private --Link
29486Underdown, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment1597Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1597 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240388 Private Link
29487Underdown, StephenEast Kent RegimentG/35556Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/35556 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79216 Private Link
29488Underdown, ThomasEast Kent Regiment2244Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2244 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240614 Private Link
29489Underell, A HEast Kent RegimentG/4834Private --Link
29490Underhill, Alfred HEast Kent Regiment1740Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1740 Private [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 293089 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 6135 Private [4] Royal West Kent Regiment 202681 Private Link
29491Underhill, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/15807Private --Link
29492Underhill, E BEast Kent Regiment270137Corporal [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1787 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270137 Corporal Link
29493Underhill, FrankEast Kent Regiment2291Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2291 Private [2] Labour Corps 437839 Private Link
29494Underhill, Thomas WilliamEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 1158 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
29495Underwood, A JEast Kent RegimentG/27729Private [1] London Regiment 633392 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27729 Private Link
29496Underwood, AlbertEast Kent Regiment7/19852Private --Link
29497Underwood, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/3263Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/3263 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/3263 Private Link
29498Underwood, Archibald JEast Kent RegimentG/25787Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/25787 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79238 Private Link
29499Underwood, Arthur WEast Kent RegimentG/17467Private [1] London Regiment 80683 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17467 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment G/79239 Private Link
29500Underwood, W WEast Kent Regiment2401Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2401 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240714 Private Link
29501Unwin, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/12924Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/9771 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12924 Private Link
29502Unwin, JohnEast Kent Regiment859Private --Link
29503Unwin, LeonardEast Kent RegimentG/21871Private --Link
29504Unwin, ThomasEast Kent Regiment243156Private --Link
29505Unwin, W JEast Kent Regiment2971Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2971 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 240975 Private Link
29506Upchurch, EdwardEast Kent Regiment10138Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10138 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 161351 Private Link
29507Upchurch, H AEast Kent RegimentG19080Private --Link
29508Upfold, JamesEast Kent Regiment7054Private --Link
29509Upjohn, FrederickEast Kent Regiment10631Corporal [1] Royal Engineers 265705 Corporal [2] East Surrey Regiment 9564 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment 10631 Corporal [4] Royal Engineers WR/203219 Corporal Link
29510Upperton, G JEast Kent RegimentL/12945Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/9310 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12945 Private [3] East Kent Regiment L/12945 Lance Corporal Link
29511Uppington, V AEast Kent RegimentG/17468Private [1] London Regiment 85096 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/17468 Private Link
29512Upshall, C EEast Kent Regiment242484Private --Link
29513Upson, ErnestEast Kent RegimentL/10326Private --Link
29514Upson, F HEast Kent Regiment202528Private --Link
29515Upson, FrederickEast Kent RegimentL/6923Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/6923 Serjeant [2] East Kent Regiment L/6923 Colour Serjeant Link
29516Upson, HoraceEast Kent RegimentG-19004Private --Link
29517Upton, A GEast Kent RegimentG/1760Private --Link
29518Upton, Albert EdwardEast Kent Regiment19537Private --Link
29519Upton, Alfred HEast Kent Regiment12882Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 2600 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 12882 Private [3] Northamptonshire Regiment 205240 Private Link
29520Upton, AugustineEast Kent RegimentG/26629Private --Link
29521Upton, BasilEast Kent Regiment270812Serjeant [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1657 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270812 Serjeant Link
29522Upton, Ernest WEast Kent Regiment201732Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201732 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/68919 Private Link
29523Upton, F CEast Kent RegimentG/10125Private --Link
29524Upton, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/21423Private --Link
29525Upton, P CEast Kent RegimentG/2561Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/2561 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/2561 Serjeant Link
29526Upton, P CEast Kent RegimentG2561Serjeant --Link
29527Upton, R HEast Kent Regiment201412Private --Link
29528Upton, W HEast Kent Regiment252059Private --Link
29529Uridge, G WEast Kent Regiment202320Corporal [1] Sussex Yeomanry 1915 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 202320 Corporal Link
29530Urry, CharlesEast Kent RegimentL/12930Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment L/8936 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12930 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 6280009 Private Link
29531Usher, A HEast Kent Regiment240477Acting Corporal --Link
29532Usher, Frank Henry JamesEast Kent RegimentG/14866Private --Link
29533Usher, H TEast Kent Regiment270323Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2441 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270323 Private Link
29534Usher, HerbertEast Kent Regiment201420Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201420 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment 260163 Private Link
29535Usher, Lowry BradleyEast Kent Regiment-Captain --Link
29536Usher, W NEast Kent RegimentG/14589Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 38480 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14589 Private Link
29537Usherwood, A EEast Kent Regiment203054Serjeant --Link
29538Usherwood, Albert EdwardEast Kent Regiment King's African Rifles203054Serjeant --Link
29539Usherwood, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG-23515Private --Link
29540Usherwood, H CEast Kent RegimentG9118Private --Link
29541Usherwood, Robert JEast Kent Regiment18621Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18621 Private [2] Labour Corps 683096 Private Link
29542Ussher, ChristopherEast Kent Regiment11699Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11699 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers PS/1157 Private Link
29543Uttley, FredEast Kent Regiment3/6659Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3/6659 Private [2] Dragoon Guards D/35416 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons D/35416 Private Link
29544Utton, ArthurEast Kent Regiment35Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 35 Serjeant [2] Royal Engineers 197953 Serjeant Link
29545Uvary, AlexanderEast Kent Regiment1808Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1808 Private [2] Royal Engineers 120684 Private Link