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East Kent Regiment Table: Q

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23521Quadling, A GEast Kent RegimentG/24858Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/24858 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11663 Private Link
23522Quaife, AEast Kent Regiment7779Private --Link
23523Quaife, HenryEast Kent RegimentG9198Private --Link
23524Quaife, R WEast Kent RegimentG/9963Private --Link
23525Quaife, ThomasEast Kent Regiment270324Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 2442 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270324 Private Link
23526Quaife, TomEast Kent RegimentG/15754Private --Link
23527Quaife, William FEast Kent Regiment25434Private [1] East Kent Regiment 25434 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 102479 Private Link
23528Quaintance, CharlesEast Kent Regiment11875Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11875 Private [2] Labour Corps 407610 Private Link
23529Quantance, CharlesLabour Corps Aldershot Command ex East Kent Regiment407610 ex 11875Private --Link
23530Quantrill, HerbertEast Kent RegimentG/18752Private --Link
23531Quartermain, JEast Kent RegimentG26019Private --Link
23532Quartermaine, Harold LuxfordEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] Manchester Regiment - Lieutenant Link
23533Quartley, A HEast Kent Regiment270924Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 1964 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270924 Private Link
23534Queen, F WEast Kent RegimentG/5095Private --Link
23535Quested, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment202944Private --Link
23536Quested, George TEast Kent Regiment18577Private [1] East Kent Regiment 18577 Private [2] Labour Corps 605393 Private Link
23537Quested, H JEast Kent Regiment1370Private --Link
23538Quested, J HEast Kent Regiment1370Private --Link
23539Quested, W JEast Kent RegimentG/766Private --Link
23540Quick, FrederickEast Kent Regiment26980Private [1] East Kent Regiment 26980 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12598 Private Link
23541Quick, REast Kent Regiment35472Private --Link
23542Quick, S GEast Kent Regiment204329Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 22136 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 204329 Private Link
23543Quigley, Edward JEast Kent Regiment6133Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6133 Private [2] Labour Corps 569111 Private Link
23544Quigley, JEast Kent RegimentL/5805Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment L/5805 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 398353 Serjeant Link
23545Quigley, JohnEast Kent Regiment5805Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] East Kent Regiment 5805 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] Labour Corps 398353 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
23546Quilter, CharlesEast Kent Regiment243168Strapper [1] Army Service Corps RTS/3749 Strapper [2] East Kent Regiment 243168 Strapper [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/132256 Strapper Link
23547Quinlan, Thomas MEast Kent Regiment10274Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10274 Private [2] Manchester Regiment 43391 Private Link
23548Quinn, F GEast Kent Regiment201899Private --Link
23549Quinn, John HEast Kent Regiment14852Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 78483 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 14852 Private [3] King's Own Scottish Borderers 48966 Private Link
23550Quinn, PatrickEast Kent RegimentL/12753Private [1] West Riding Regiment 30097 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12753 Private Link
23551Quinn, PatrickEast Kent Regiment542Private [1] East Kent Regiment 542 Private [2] Labour Corps 604390 Private Link
23552Quinn, T JEast Kent RegimentL/9582Private --Link
23553Quinn, William JEast Kent Regiment8310Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 10592 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 8310 Private Link
23554Quinnell, E HEast Kent Regiment3633Serjeant [1] East Kent Regiment 3633 Serjeant [2] Essex Regiment 54714 Serjeant Link
23555Quinnell, F EEast Kent RegimentG/9780Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/9780 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/12096 Private Link
23556Quinnell, FrederickEast Kent Regiment38608Private [1] East Kent Regiment 38608 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79149 Private Link
23557Quinnell, FrederickEast Kent RegimentG/18252Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/18252 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 04963 Private Link
23558Quinnell, O JEast Kent RegimentL/8916Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/8916 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/8916 Private Link
23559Quinnell, ThomasEast Kent Regiment9032Private [1] East Kent Regiment 9032 Private [2] Suffolk Regiment 70561 Private Link
23560Quinnell, ThomasEast Kent Regiment9032Private --Link
23561Quinnell, WalterEast Kent Regiment6036Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1984 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6036 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 242813 Private Link
23562Quinney, Charles HEast Kent Regiment265178Private [1] East Kent Regiment 265178 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/81141 Private Link
23563Quinton, ClaudeEast Kent Regiment2283Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2283 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200538 Private Link
23564Quinton, H F GEast Kent Regiment2259Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2259 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 6216 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 242987 Private Link
23565Quinton, L LEast Kent RegimentTR/6137Private [1] Middlesex Regiment TF/1498 Private [2] East Kent Regiment TR/6137 Private Link
23566Quirk, C AEast Kent Regiment240740Private --Link
23567Quitheron, E GEast Kent RegimentG/5216Private --Link
23568Quittenden, L FEast Kent RegimentL/8750Private --Link
23569Quittenton, E GEast Kent RegimentG/5216Private --Link
23570Quy, E JEast Kent RegimentL/845Bandsman [1] East Kent Regiment L/845 Bandsman [2] East Kent Regiment L/845 Private Link