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East Kent Regiment Table: I

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15422Ibberson, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG/21202Private --Link
15423Iddenden, A EEast Kent RegimentG/1927Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/1927 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13582 Private Link
15424Iddenden, EdhelbertEast Kent RegimentL/6719Private --Link
15425Iddenden, HEast Kent Regiment20149Private --Link
15426Iddenden, HerbertEast Kent Regiment20 (Incomplete)101Private --Link
15427Iddenden, Percy CEast Kent Regiment2220Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2220 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 242526 Private Link
15428Iddenden, WilliamEast Kent Regiment1902Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1902 Private [2] Military Foot Police P/12869 Private Link
15429Iddenham, PercyEast Kent Regiment2350Private --Link
15430Iddenten, F W AEast Kent RegimentG/35498Private --Link
15431Ide, George FEast Kent Regiment19405Sapper [1] Royal Engineers 269501 Sapper [2] East Surrey Regiment 23698 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 19405 Sapper [4] Royal Engineers WR/271558 (Incomplete) Sapper Link
15432Ide, L GEast Kent RegimentG8905 (Incomplete)Private --Link
15433Idenden, MichaelEast Kent Regiment201795Private [1] East Kent Regiment 201795 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 114166 Private Link
15434Idenden, PeterEast Kent Regiment3060Private [1] London Regiment 7145 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 3060 Private [3] London Regiment 613092 Private [4] Royal Engineers 547595 Private Link
15435Ieldem, R CEast Kent Regiment1767Lance Corporal --Link
15436Iggalden, WalterEast Kent RegimentG8805 (Incomplete)Private --Link
15437Iggleden, A EEast Kent Regiment1982Private [1] East Kent Regiment 1982 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 200376 Private Link
15438Iggleden, W HEast Kent Regiment202247Private --Link
15439Igglesden, FEast Kent Regiment226Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 226 Lance Corporal [2] Military Foot Police P-15491 Lance Corporal Link
15440Igglesden, H W EEast Kent RegimentG/1248Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/1248 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203587 Private Link
15441Igglesden, Reginald SwatmanEast Kent Regiment-Captain [1] East Kent Regiment - Captain [2] Labour Corps - Captain Link
15442Igglesden, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/6695Private --Link
15443Iggulden, Edward CEast Kent Regiment2061Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2061 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment 265493 Serjeant Link
15444Iggulden, William M WEast Kent Regiment1215Private --Link
15445Iles, A EEast Kent RegimentL/9361Private --Link
15446Iles, Ernest WEast Kent Regiment29842Private [1] East Kent Regiment 29842 Private [2] Labour Corps 478617 Private Link
15447Iles, W HEast Kent RegimentG/13388Private --Link
15448Iles, W R HEast Kent Regiment-Major [1] East Kent Regiment - Major [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel [3] Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry 777 Serjeant Link
15449Illing, F GEast Kent RegimentG/27169Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17865 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27169 Private Link
15450Illman, B JEast Kent RegimentG/24968Private --Link
15451Illman, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/24885Private --Link
15452Ilott, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/23268Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 88840 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/23268 Private [3] East Kent Regiment 265260 Private Link
15453Ilott, Fred CEast Kent Regiment1172Acting Corporal [1] Machine Gun Corps 4855 Acting Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 1172 Acting Corporal Link
15454Ilsley, J WEast Kent RegimentG/11852Private --Link
15455Ilsley, W JEast Kent RegimentG/21293Private --Link
15456Imber, REast Kent Regiment1710Private --Link
15457Imber, RichardEast Kent RegimentG/1710Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/1710 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 203910 Private Link
15458Imbert-Terry, Douglas PhilipEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] East Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
15459Impett, A HEast Kent RegimentL/10009Private [1] East Kent Regiment L/10009 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/10009 Corporal Link
15460Impett, AlbertEast Kent Regiment8157Private [1] East Kent Regiment 8157 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 70850 Private Link
15461Impett, Alfred BenjaminEast Kent Regiment200877Corporal --Link
15462Impett, ArthurEast Kent RegimentG/6044Private --Link
15463Impett, HenryEast Kent RegimentG/4330Private --Link
15464Impett, S AEast Kent Regiment420Corporal --Link
15465Impett, S AEast Kent RegimentG/420Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/420 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/420 Serjeant Link
15466Impett, W SEast Kent Regiment2366Private --Link
15467Ince, W SEast Kent Regiment243116Private --Link
15468Ince, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/14573Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 33328 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14573 Private Link
15469Ince, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/13053Private --Link
15470Inchbold, PercyEast Kent RegimentG/12686Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment G/21028 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12686 Private Link
15471Indge, ErnestEast Kent RegimentG/1346Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/1346 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/1346 Company Quarter Master Serjeant Link
15472Ines, P TEast Kent Regiment203310Private --Link
15473Ing, A GEast Kent RegimentG/2871Private --Link
15474Ing, Reuben GEast Kent Regiment237Private [1] East Kent Regiment 237 Private [2] Labour Corps 432632 Private Link
15475Ingham, ClarenceEast Kent RegimentG/26639Private --Link
15476Ingham, J EEast Kent RegimentG/12542Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/12542 Private [2] East Kent Regiment L/11785 Private Link
15477Ingham, RobertEast Kent RegimentG11671Private [1] Royal Fusiliers PSB/7794 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11671 Private Link
15478Ingle, AlfredEast Kent RegimentG/11006Private --Link
15479Ingleton, J HEast Kent Regiment4090Private [1] East Kent Regiment 4090 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241676 Private Link
15480Ingleton, RobertEast Kent Regiment270106Private [1] Royal East Kent Yeomanry 1719 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270106 Private Link
15481Ingleton, W FEast Kent RegimentL/9792Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/9792 Corporal [2] Royal Sussex Regiment TR/10/108026 Lance Serjeant Link
15482Inglis, FernieEast Kent Regiment3571Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3571 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241480 Private Link
15483Inglis, J ErnieEast Kent Regiment241480Lance Corporal --Link
15484Inglis, JohnEast Kent RegimentL/4512Serjeant --Link
15485Ingold, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/21184Private --Link
15486Ingram, AEast Kent Regiment6550Private --Link
15487Ingram, AlfredEast Kent RegimentL/8005Private --Link
15488Ingram, C EEast Kent RegimentL/10071Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment L/10071 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment L/10071 Acting Corporal Link
15489Ingram, C JEast Kent RegimentG/12543Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/5148 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/12543 Private Link
15490Ingram, CharlesEast Kent RegimentG/25160Private --Link
15491Ingram, G AEast Kent RegimentG/21194Private --Link
15492Ingram, G REast Kent RegimentG/5381Private --Link
15493Ingram, GeorgeEast Kent Regiment21653Pioneer [1] Royal Fusiliers 4490 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR20315 Pioneer [3] East Kent Regiment 21653 Pioneer [4] Royal Engineers 282827 Pioneer Link
15494Ingram, J HEast Kent RegimentG/992Private --Link
15495Ingram, JohnEast Kent Regiment11423Private [1] East Kent Regiment 11423 Private [2] Labour Corps 407544 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/106053 Private Link
15496Ingram, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/24505Private --Link
15497Ingram, Joseph HenryEast Kent Regiment10812Acting Serjeant --Link
15498Ingram, LeonardEast Kent RegimentG/9021Private --Link
15499Ings, G FEast Kent RegimentL/7201Quarter Master Serjeant /Orderly Room Serjeant --Link
15500Ings, G FEast Kent RegimentL/7201Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] East Kent Regiment L/7201 Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] East Kent Regiment 7201 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [3] East Yorkshire Regiment 7201 Quarter Master Serjeant [4] Buffs 6278071 Quarter Master Serjeant [5] - - Quarter Master Serjeant Link
15501Ings, Thomas NEast Kent Regiment026Private [1] East Kent Regiment 026 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 18986 Private Link
15502Inkley, RobertEast Kent RegimentG-7891Private [1] East Kent Regiment G-7891 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241342 Private Link
15503Inkpen, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/1219Private --Link
15504Innes, H MEast Kent Regiment-- [1] East Kent Regiment - - [2] East Kent Regiment - Company Serjeant Major Link
15505Innes, L BEast Kent RegimentG/14986Private --Link
15506Innes, W M GEast Kent RegimentS/378Company Serjeant Major [1] East Kent Regiment S/378 Company Serjeant Major [2] East Kent Regiment SR/378 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
15507Innocent, Albert EEast Kent Regiment6917Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6917 Private [2] Labour Corps 118581 Private Link
15508Inns, JosephEast Kent RegimentG/27820Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/37776 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/27820 Private Link
15509Inns, W AEast Kent RegimentG/25815Private --Link
15510Inott, H FEast Kent RegimentG/14602Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 29792 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14602 Private Link
15511Instein, JackEast Kent RegimentG/26293Private --Link
15512Inwood, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/20912Private --Link
15513Ipson, WilliamEast Kent Regiment206070Private [1] Yorkshire Regiment 3508 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 206070 Private Link
15514Ipswich, W H AEast Kent Regiment1560- [1] East Kent Regiment 1560 - [2] Coldstream Guards 1560 - Link
15515Ireland, E CEast Kent RegimentG/518Private --Link
15516Ireland, G HEast Kent RegimentTF/3192Private --Link
15517Ireland, G WEast Kent RegimentG/1244Serjeant --Link
15518Ireland, GeorgeEast Kent RegimentG/5511Private --Link
15519Ireland, J EEast Kent RegimentG/25376Private [1] London Regiment 3200 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/25376 Private Link
15520Ireland, JohnEast Kent RegimentG/14518Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 327381 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/14518 Private Link
15521Ireland, O SEast Kent RegimentS/28165Private [1] Labour Corps 74590 Private [2] East Kent Regiment S/28165 Private Link
15522Ireland, RichardEast Kent RegimentG/27481Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 54219 Private [2] Labour Corps 64400 Private [3] East Kent Regiment G/27481 Private Link
15523Ireland, WilliamEast Kent RegimentL/7640Private --Link
15524Irish, EdwardEast Kent Regiment2854Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2854 Private [2] Labour Corps 644126 Private Link
15525Irons, BertieEast Kent RegimentG/10069Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/10069 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 04937 Private Link
15526Irons, R JEast Kent RegimentG/6435Private --Link
15527Irons, WilliamEast Kent RegimentG/10068Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/10068 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 58147 Private Link
15528Irons, William MilvenEast Kent RegimentG/21337Private --Link
15529Irvine, JEast Kent RegimentG/13972Private --Link
15530Irvine, J AEast Kent RegimentG21812Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 21812 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G21812 Private Link
15531Irvine, JamesEast Kent RegimentG/13972Private [1] North Staffordshire Regiment 3124 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G/13972 Private Link
15532Isadore, DavidEast Kent Regiment23369Private [1] East Kent Regiment 23369 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/53395 Private Link
15533Isard, AEast Kent Regiment1907Serjeant --Link
15534Isard, ArthurEast Kent Regiment6090Private [1] East Kent Regiment 6090 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 242866 Private Link
15535Isard, Charles WalterEast Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 2876 Corporal [2] Royal Irish Rifles 12/43391 Corporal [3] East Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
15536Isbell, William EEast Kent Regiment7344Private [1] East Kent Regiment 7344 Private [2] Labour Corps 389458 Private Link
15537Islip, AlbertEast Kent RegimentG11657Private [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/8101 Private [2] East Kent Regiment G11657 Private Link
15538Istead, E JEast Kent RegimentG/638 (Incomplete)Private --Link
15539Istead, Ernest JamesEast Kent RegimentG/6383Private Lance Corporal --Link
15540Isted, Francis JohnEast Kent RegimentG35693Lance Corporal --Link
15541Ive, Frederick JEast Kent RegimentG/14450Private [1] East Kent Regiment G/14450 Private [2] The Queen's Regiment G/79181 Private Link
15542Ivens, Charles E JEast Kent Regiment3360Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3360 Private [2] Army Pay Corps 20613 Corporal Link
15543Ivers, LeonardEast Kent Regiment3429Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3429 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241368 Private Link
15544Iverson, F CEast Kent RegimentG/6500Private --Link
15545Iverson, HaroldEast Kent RegimentG 9105Private --Link
15546Ives, BertEast Kent Regiment5131Private [1] East Kent Regiment 5131 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/288374 Sapper [3] East Kent Regiment 265036 Sapper [4] Royal Engineers 325139 Sapper Link
15547Ives, HarryEast Kent Regiment201194Private --Link
15548Ivitt, George HEast Kent Regiment10862Private [1] East Kent Regiment 10862 Private [2] Labour Corps 487503 Private [3] Royal Defence Corps 76073 Private Link
15549Ivory, SEast Kent Regiment13292Corporal --Link
15550Ivory, SydneyEast Kent RegimentG/13292Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment G/13292 Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment G/13292 Serjeant Link
15551Izord, L HEast Kent Regiment2424Lance Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2424 Lance Corporal [2] East Kent Regiment 200608 Lance Corporal Link
15552Izzard, F FEast Kent Regiment3340Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3340 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 241283 Private Link
15553Izzard, Robert EEast Kent Regiment202147Private [1] East Kent Regiment 202147 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 34031 Private Link
15554Izzard, W HEast Kent RegimentG/6028Private --Link