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Jackson C. Frank

1943 - 1999

JCFrank1 JCFrank2 Sadly, Jackson died on March 3rd 1999.
If anyone has memories of meeting him
please send them to me and I will post them here.

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Jackson C Frank
Columbia 33SX 1788
The Darkroom, Hampstead.
© 2001 Claire L Winstone
Jackson circa 1966 The 1978 re-issuse
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A couple of rare MP3 tracks have surfaced in recent years Jimmy Clay A radio recording
and Frankie and Johnnie a track from Jack's college days.
A Blog adds some comments.

Two articles about Jackson have appeared in recent years:

Game, Set, Blues by Andrew Means in issue number 146/147 of Folk Roots Aug/Sept 1995

and Lost Singer Found by T.J. McGrath in issue number 57 of Dirty Linen April/May 1995

Both magazines have back copies available.(at June '97)

Transcipt of sleeve notes on 1978 re-issue

Guitar Tabs for some of Jackson's songs Transcribed and tabbed
by John Kean can be found Here .
Kindly supplied by Chris Fowler (take it easy!)

Guitar Tabs for Dialogue by Davide Carrozza are Here

More Guitar tabs for
Paul Simon's version of Blues Run The Game

An interesting item on the singer songwriter Sandy Denny
'The lady she had a silver tongue': Sandy Denny as singer-songwriter (2005)
by Philip M. Ward

Kingston Folk Barge .
© 2001 David Mercer
Biography of Al Stewart by Neville Judd:
Al Stewart The True Life Adventures of a Folk Rock Troubadour.
Covers Al's early career (when he knew Jackson), to the present day.
( From Helter Skelter Publishing )
Babylon Badlands: A literary road movie by Levi Henriksen.
Book character based on Jackson
(in Norwegian)
More info here
And here (in Norwegian)

The Legendary Jackson C. Frank's
1965 album now re-released
on CD in the UK.

The last five tracks, previously
unreleased, recorded in 1975.

Mooncrest Records. CRESTCD021
(may be unavailable now)

Castle Music. CMRCD366.
Repackaged with 12 page booklet.
Recommended version.
Available at Amazon
Track Listing:

1. Blues Run The Game
2. Don't Look Back
3. Kimble
4. Yellow Walls
5. Here Comes The Blues
6. Milk And Honey
7. My Name Is Carnival
8. Dialogue
9. Just Like Anything
10. You Never Wanted Me
11. Marlene
12. Marcy's Song
13. The Visit
14. Prima Donna Of Swans
15. Relations

MP3s samples (~1 minute) are from WAV files
so may not be 100% quality

Discography etc.


Jackson appeared in a 10 second clip in BBC's Folk Britannia from Meeting Point and in the film Acoustic Routes, directed by Jan Leman, Premiered at the 1992 Edinburgh International Film Festival. Probably the only extant footage of Jackson, which is now on
Any day now the whole world will be on

Incomplete list of song covers with some links.....

Blues Run The Game


Milk and Honey

You Never Wanted Me

Here Comes The Blues

I Want To Be Alone (Dialogue)

Songs alleged to be written about Jackson...

I see your face, in every place, that I'll be going
I read your words, like black hungry birds, read every sowing
Spin and call, throw the ball, my name is Carnival

Sad music in the night, sings a stream of light, out of chorus
Voices you might hear, appear and disappear in the forest
Short and tall, come throw the ball, my name is Carnival

Stings of yellow tears, drip from black wired fears in the meadow
White halos spin, with an anger that is thin and turns to sorrow
King of all, hear my call, it's Carnival

Here there is no law, but the arcade's penny claw, hanging empty
The painted laughing smile, the turning of the style, do not envy
Where the small can steal the ball, touch the face of Carnival

The fat woman frowns, at screaming frightened clowns that stand
And the shadow lion waits, outside your iron gates with one wish granted
Colors all, come throw the ball, my name is Carnival

Without a thought or sigh, you come to hypnotise the danger
In a world that comes apart, there is no single heart, and life is
Wheel and call, cloud dreams all, in the name of Carnival
Yeah wheel and call, spin and call my name, oh it's Carnival
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