Geoff's Enigma-e

Below are a few photos of my Enigma-e building. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos during construction.
The Enigma-e Homepage, with lots more info is Here

main view side view back view
Main Veiw with extra Lampboard!Side view. I used hardwood with butt
joints fixed with brass screws
End view of lid hinge
flap view rib view serial view
Stecker flap detailI added an extra internal rib
so the keyboard and plugboard
don't flex in use.
Now added a soundcard!
This is the serial port
I used a 1/4 inch jack
with the bush machined down
lampboard view lampboard I/O view G312
The lampboard.This uses small wedge bulbs
mounted in a wood block painted black
so the lamps only shine on one letter- a trick
from the NEMA - saves using those
expensive flat top Enigma glowlamps!
A stencil is mounted behind a black
aluminium front panel
Detail of the lampboards matching serial
input jack and power jack
G312... Please don't steal me!....
note circular polarized filter
to increase LED contrast and extra reset
button on left, to run a boot loader......

Enigma-e Variations - An Extended Family of Machines

OK, I reprogrammed the Enigma-e processor to get as many features in as possible....(I think there are 500 RISC instructions left over)

m4led m3led view gmode view
This is the Naval M4 we all knowand also the M3Then the Abwehr G Machine
kmode view tmode view rmode view
Next the Swiss K MachineThe Tirpitz Enigmaand The Railway Enigma
umode view
and if these won't do -
a user defined mode which
has wiring programmed from the serial port

The reprogrammed specification has most of the usual features and a few extra features that I could not photograph...
Machine type selectable:
M4 (3 wheels selected from 8, selectable UKW and 'Greek' wheel, plugboard)
M3 (3 wheels selected from 5, selectable UKW, plugboard)
Abwehr Enigma - G312 (3 wheels selected from 3, stepping UKW, no plugboard)
Enigma T - T249 (3 wheels selected from 8, no plugboard)
Enigma K - K765 (3 wheels selected from 3, no plugboard)
Railway Enigma (3 wheels selected from 3, no plugboard)
User defined Enigma (3 user defined wheels, user defined fourth wheel/UKW, user defined entry wiring, plugboard optional)
Machine settings save/recall
Machine selection, wheel order and settings programmable from serial port
Optional text grouping of 4/5 for serial output
Morse speed programmable
Serial interface to external Lampboard (requires extra lampboard and electronics)
Machine status display from serial port
Boot loader for software updates
Some of the jumpers were re-defined.