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Peace, perfect peace.

Oeace, perfect peace is a project to find all burial grounds on The Western Front which contains only one identified Commonwealth War Grave from The First World War. I believe there are a little over 400. Originally these were entered manually into a Google Map, but this was found to be far too tedious, so I wrote a script to generate the Google Map script from several files. I have about 390 locations, the remaining few will need to be added manually. Since this data was computer generated, I have not checked it all. Errors therefore may be present. Probably there are far more locations for The Second World War, due to the war in the air, perhaps this will form a later project. There may also be locations with one First World War and other World War commemorations, these may be more difficult to find. If you find any errors in the map, I would be grateful for any corrections. If you find any of these locations happen to be near to your travels, perhaps you could visit?
If you find this webpage useful and have any photos, perhaps you could submit them Here.    All data was obtained from the CWGC website.
Here is a Link to the Google Maps for WW1 and for WW2

Updated 10 August 2012: Now loaded 416 of the 419 locations for WW1.

Updated 11 August 2012: WW2 map added. 569 of the 576 locations

Researched and Copyright © 2012 by Geoff Sullivan
Last updated 10th August 2012