Geoff's Great War Regiment A-Z List

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This compilation is Copyright © 2007 by Geoff Sullivan and is made available for personal research use only. The data in this table is believed to be correct but it is left to the user to check the original source as no guarantee can be made for the completeness or accuracy of this compilation. In addition, there may be a few errors in the transcribed names or regiment numbers in the original index transcripts. The link in the right hand column allows the original data to be viewed. If you wish to download original images you are strongly advised to go directly to the main National Archive Great War campaign medal search form here rather than through the links in the table.

West Kent Table: V

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38961Vaile, Bertie LRoyal West Kent RegimentG/938Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/938 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/938 Private Link
38962Valantine, William JRoyal West Kent RegimentL/810Private --Link
38963Vale, Donald CRoyal West Kent RegimentG/38563Private [1] East Kent Regiment 242200 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38563 Private Link
38964Vale, FrankRoyal West Kent RegimentG/1979Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/1979 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/1979 Private Link
38965Vale, George TRoyal West Kent RegimentS/1094Private --Link
38966Vale, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment202804Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 202804 Private [2] Wiltshire Regiment 205799 Private Link
38967Valenti, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment39301Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 39301 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/63854 Private Link
38968Valentine, ArthurRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19735Private --Link
38969Valentine, Ernest JRoyal West Kent Regiment20253Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 20253 Private [2] Labour Corps 653865 Private Link
38970Valentine, Gordon HRoyal West Kent Regiment5242Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 5242 Private [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 93126 Private Link
38971Valentine, Sydney WalterRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19120Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/19120 Private [2] Lancashire Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant Link
38972Valentine, VictorRoyal West Kent RegimentG/11803Acting Corporal --Link
38973Valentine, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment27821Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 27821 Private [2] Labour Corps 359311 Private Link
38974Valeriani, EphaminondasRoyal West Kent RegimentG/18629Private --Link
38975Vallance, Thomas ARoyal West Kent RegimentL/9395Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/9395 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13286 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 6335451 Private Link
38976Vallentine, PhilipRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20164Serjeant [1] King Edward's Horse 1089 Serjeant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/20164 Serjeant Link
38977Vallier, Edwin TRoyal West Kent Regiment206357Private --Link
38978Vallins, AlbertRoyal West Kent Regiment1540Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1540 Private [2] Labour Corps 19046 Private [3] Gloucestershire Regiment 292176 Private [4] Wiltshire Regiment 20458915 Private Link
38979Vallins, Henry WilliamRoyal West Kent RegimentTF/1979Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment TF/1979 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 240466 Private Link
38980Valsler, Arthur HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/12086Private --Link
38981Valsler, James RRoyal West Kent RegimentG/2120Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/2120 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/12240 Private Link
38982van Ingen, Frederick G GRoyal West Kent RegimentG/11605Acting Serjeant --Link
38983van Tromp, Jocelyn Joseph JamesRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] North Staffordshire Regiment 34736 Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal West Kent Regiment - Lieutenant Link
38984van Weede, HowardWest Kent Yeomanry903Private [1] West Kent Yeomanry 903 Private [2] East Kent Regiment 270603 Private [3] Royal Garrison Artillery - Lieutenant Link
38985Vance, WilliamRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31608Private [1] Border Regiment 36536 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/31608 Private Link
38986Vandell, Henry IRoyal West Kent Regiment attached Northamptonshire Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
38987Vandenbok, HenryRoyal West Kent RegimentG-20869Private [1] London Regiment G-20869 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G-20869 Private Link
38988Vandyke, AlbertRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/10214Private [1] French Red Cross - Orderly [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/10214 Private Link
38989Vandyke, Robert JRoyal West Kent RegimentTF/265923Private [1] Kent Cyclist Battalion TF/1786 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment TF/265923 Private Link
38990Vane, AmbroseRoyal West Kent Regiment266731Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 266731 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/12117 Private Link
38991Vane, OliverRoyal West Kent RegimentG/10750Private --Link
38992Vane, William JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/15500Private --Link
38993Vanhinsbergh, FrederickRoyal West Kent Regiment202239Private --Link
38994Vanner, CharlesRoyal West Kent Regiment265173Private [1] Kent Cyclist Battalion 771 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 265173 Private [3] Royal Engineers 13039715 Private Link
38995Vanner, E CRoyal West Kent Regiment19121Serjeant --Link
38996Vanner, Ernest CRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19121Serjeant --Link
38997Vanns, EdmundRoyal West Kent Regiment2587Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 2587 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 200949 Private Link
38998Vanns, JamesRoyal West Kent Regiment200112Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 200112 Serjeant [2] Monmouthshire Regiment 263018 Serjeant Link
38999Vanns, ThomasRoyal West Kent RegimentG/10815Private --Link
39000Vanns, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment DepotG/10817Private --Link
39001Vansittart, ERoyal West Kent Regiment-Colonel --Link
39002Vansittart, EdenRoyal West Kent Regiment-Lieutenant Colonel Brevet Colonel --Link
39003Vant, FWest Kent Regiment201090Private --Link
39004Vant, GeorgeRoyal West Kent Regiment27403Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 27403 Private [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 93299 Private Link
39005Vant, John RRoyal West Kent RegimentG/183Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/183 Serjeant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/183 Serjeant Link
39006Vant, Stanley HRoyal West Kent Regiment2329Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 2329 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/41636 Private Link
39007Vardill, SydneyRoyal West Kent Regiment12423Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 12423 Private [2] Labour Corps 614586 Private Link
39008Vare, W GRoyal West Kent Regiment241239Private --Link
39009Varge, ThomasRoyal West Kent Regiment6538Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 6538 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR 554812 Sapper [3] Essex Regiment 26040 Sapper [4] Northumberland Fusiliers 26914 Sapper [5] Royal Engineers 346760 Sapper Link
39010Varndell, SidneyRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20138Private --Link
39011Varney, ArthurRoyal West Kent RegimentG/3347Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/3347 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/3347 Private Link
39012Varney, CharlesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/30830Private --Link
39013Varney, JamesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/30988Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 43228 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/30988 Private Link
39014Varney, John OwenRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19119Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/19119 Serjeant [2] Middlesex Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Tank Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
39015Varrier, Archibald WRoyal West Kent Regiment2033Lance Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 2033 Lance Corporal [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 293066 Private Link
39016Varrier, Archibald WRoyal West Kent Regiment6649Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 2033 Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 6649 Corporal [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 203174 Corporal [4] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 293066 Corporal Link
39017Varrier, BertieRoyal West Kent Regiment265443Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 265443 Private [2] Kent Cyclist Battalion TF/1191 Private Link
39018Varty, Edwin GRoyal West Kent RegimentG/1613Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/1613 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/1613 Private Link
39019Vass, FrankRoyal West Kent RegimentG/435Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/435 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/435 Private Link
39020Vass, Frank CecilRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] East Kent Regiment G/7363 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Attached Royal Army Service Corps - Lieutenant Link
39021Vass, IlaRoyal West Kent Regiment11488Private [1] The Queen's Regiment L/9036 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 11488 Private [3] Labour Corps 296299 Private Link
39022Vater, Frank HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/4675Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/4675 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/4675 Private Link
39023Vaugham, George ArthurRoyal West Kent Regiment DepotG/6881Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment Depot G/6881 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment Depot GS/6881 Private Link
39024Vaughan, Albert ERoyal West Kent Regiment204645Private --Link
39025Vaughan, BenjaminRoyal West Kent Regiment-Captain [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 45668 Serjeant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Captain Link
39026Vaughan, Benjamin JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/17276Private --Link
39027Vaughan, E J FDevonshire Regiment/Royal West Kent Regiment-Major/Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
39028Vaughan, Edward JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/4138Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/4138 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/4138 Private Link
39029Vaughan, Edward JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/28234Private --Link
39030Vaughan, Francis SeymourRoyal West Kent Regiment-Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 3823 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Lieutenant [3] Royal Flying Corps - Lieutenant Link
39031Vaughan, GeorgeRoyal West Kent Regiment265174Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 265174 Private [2] Kent Cyclist Battalion TF/772 Private Link
39032Vaughan, GeorgeRoyal West Kent RegimentL/8832Private --Link
39033Vaughan, GeorgeRoyal West Kent RegimentL/8832Acting Corporal --Link
39034Vaughan, Henry CRoyal West Kent RegimentG/16089Private --Link
39035Vaughan, Horald ClaphamRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 2700 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39036Vaughan, JRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
39037Vaughan, Percival ARoyal West Kent RegimentG/39800Private --Link
39038Vaughan, Richard CreswellRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 3372 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39039Vaughan, ThomasRoyal West Kent Regiment206332Private --Link
39040Vaughan, Thomas CRoyal West Kent Regiment205139Private [1] Lincolnshire Regiment 203486 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 205139 Private Link
39041Vaughan, Thomas HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31563Private [1] Border Regiment 33265 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/31563 Private Link
39042Vaughan, WalterRoyal West Kent Regiment5674Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 5674 Private [2] Labour Corps 644212 Private Link
39043Vaughan, Walter FrederickRoyal West Kent Regiment Depot5/9177Lance Corporal --Link
39044Vaughan, Wilfred HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/29753Private --Link
39045Vaughan, William CRoyal West Kent RegimentG/28835Private --Link
39046Vaughan, William TRoyal West Kent Regiment2538Private --Link
39047Vaux, FrederickRoyal West Kent RegimentG/24779Private --Link
39048Veacock, WilliamRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31607Private [1] Border Regiment 36676 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/31607 Private Link
39049Veal, William JRoyal West Kent RegimentTF/240718Private --Link
39050Veale, James R SRoyal West Kent RegimentL/9652Private --Link
39051Velpuna, Herbert JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/23375Private --Link
39052Velvick, David BRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/3201Private --Link
39053Velvick, PercyRoyal West Kent RegimentG/25218Private --Link
39054Velvin, FrankRoyal West Kent Regiment343Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 343 Private [2] Border Regiment 22505 Private Link
39055Venables, Charles HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/32132Private [1] London Regiment 452043 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/32132 Private Link
39056Venables, E FReserve of Officers/Royal West Kent Regiment-Major/Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
39057Venables, Edward FrederickRoyal West Kent Regiment-Lieutenant Colonel --Link
39058Venables, Edward JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20595Private --Link
39059Venables, PercyRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7819Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/7819 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 363124 Acting Corporal Link
39060Venables, R ERoyal West Kent Regiment1329Corporal --Link
39061Veness, CRoyal West Kent Regiment210802Serjeant --Link
39062Veness, CharlesRoyal West Kent Regiment204340Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 204340 Private [2] South Staffordshire Regiment 204359 Private Link
39063Veness, Edwin HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/3905Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/3905 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/3905 Acting Corporal Link
39064Veness, FrederickRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31217Private --Link
39065Veness, Maurice JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/2440Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/2440 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/2440 Private Link
39066Veness, Robert SRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31429Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 3513 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/31429 Private Link
39067Veness, SidneyRoyal West Kent Regiment2914Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 2914 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 212054 Private Link
39068Veness, William SRoyal West Kent Regiment14700Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 14700 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/60730 Private Link
39069Venn, George JRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/7559Private --Link
39070Venn, H W SWest Kent Yeomanry-Captain --Link
39071Venn, Mark JRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/7461Private --Link
39072Venner, Edgar WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment attached Manchester Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/3323 Serjeant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment attached Manchester Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39073Venner, ReginaldRoyal West Kent Regiment242256Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 242256 Private [2] Labour Corps 444309 Private Link
39074Venner, VictorRoyal West Kent RegimentG/540Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/540 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/540 Private Link
39075Venning, FrederickRoyal West Kent Regiment24348Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 24348 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 147287 Private Link
39076Venning, WalterRoyal West Kent RegimentL/9174Private --Link
39077Venters, HerbertRoyal West Kent RegimentTE/1742Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment TE/1742 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment TF/240328 Private Link
39078Venters, Herbert HRoyal West Kent Regiment4124Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 4124 Private [2] Labour Corps 181425 Private Link
39079Venters, Walter SRoyal West Kent RegimentL/11181Private --Link
39080Ventham, HerbertRoyal West Kent Regiment202447Private [1] Hampshire Regiment 29594 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 202447 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13889 Private Link
39081Ventham, JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/6397Lance Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/6397 Lance Serjeant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/6397 Serjeant Link
39082Ventham, Sidney HRoyal West Kent Regiment26633Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 26633 Private [2] Labour Corps 404100 Private Link
39083Venus, FrederickRoyal West Kent RegimentG/29691Private --Link
39084Venus, JamesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/5181Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/5181 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/5181 Private Link
39085Venus, ThomasRoyal West Kent Regiment200315Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 200315 Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13943 Corporal [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 6336036 Corporal Link
39086Vercoe, FrederickRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Army Service Corps 34/186279 Private [2] London Regiment 2503 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39087Vercoe, William HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20139Private --Link
39088Vere, HaroldRoyal West Kent Regiment265217Acting Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 265217 Acting Corporal [2] Kent Cyclist Battalion TF/840 Acting Corporal Link
39089Vernon, ErnestRoyal West Kent Regiment242319Private --Link
39090Vernon, Frank DRoyal West Kent RegimentG/29403Private --Link
39091Vernon, FrederickRoyal West Kent RegimentG/7963Private --Link
39092Vernon, Thomas WRoyal West Kent RegimentSS/13993Private [1] Gloucestershire Regiment SSR/3004 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment SS/13993 Private Link
39093Vernon, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment31609Private [1] Border Regiment 36663 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 31609 Private [3] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 42987 Private Link
39094Verrall, AlfredRoyal West Kent RegimentL/13362Private [1] London Regiment 322615 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13362 Private Link
39095Verrall, Arthur SRoyal West Kent Regiment3642Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 3642 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 201147 Private [3] Royal Engineers 543855 Private Link
39096Verrall, George TRoyal West Kent RegimentS/923Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment S/923 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] Royal West Kent Regiment S/923 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
39097Verrall, Herbert RRoyal West Kent RegimentG/2779Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/2779 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/2779 Corporal Link
39098Verrall, Herbert ReginaldRoyal West Kent RegimentG/2779Corporal --Link
39099Verrall, PercyRoyal West Kent Regiment4215Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 4215 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 201515 Private Link
39100Verrall, Robert CRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7248Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/7248 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/7248 Acting Serjeant Link
39101Verrall, Wilfred GRoyal West Kent Regiment201417Private --Link
39102Verrell, JamesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19150Private --Link
39103Verrinder, CRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19004Private --Link
39104Viall, Leonard CRoyal West Kent RegimentG/27213Private --Link
39105Vicarage, JohnRoyal West Kent Regiment204514Private --Link
39106Vicary, JWest Kent Regiment19696Private --Link
39107Vicary, John WRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19696Private --Link
39108Vicat, H JRoyal West Kent Regiment-Lieutenant --Link
39109Viccars, Charles FRoyal West Kent RegimentG/30989Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 2812 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/30989 Private Link
39110Viccars, W JRoyal West Kent Regiment24257Serjeant --Link
39111Viccars, William JamesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/24257Serjeant [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/24257 Serjeant [2] Royal Sussex Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39112Vick, A JRoyal West Kent Regiment16035Private --Link
39113Vick, Arthur JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/16035Private --Link
39114Vickers, Albert TRoyal West Kent Regiment4639Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 4639 Private [2] Army Service Corps S-425153 Private Link
39115Vickers, Alfred TRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/8406Serjeant --Link
39116Vickers, GRoyal West Kent Regiment8898Private --Link
39117Vickers, GRoyal West Kent Regiment8898Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 8898 Private [2] Military Foot Police P 12663 Private Link
39118Vickers, HarryRoyal West Kent Regiment242318Private --Link
39119Vickers, JohnRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31081Private --Link
39120Vickers, John ARoyal West Kent RegimentG/20597Private --Link
39121Vickers, JosephRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/21798Private [1] Army Service Corps 032454 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/21798 Private [3] Gloucestershire Regiment 38894 Private Link
39122Vickers, SamuelRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7814Private --Link
39123Vickers, SidneyRoyal West Kent RegimentG/89Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/89 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/89 Private Link
39124Vickers, Thomas BRoyal West Kent Regiment28246Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 28246 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/315891 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 62898 Private [4] East Kent Regiment G/24587 Private [5] Royal Engineers 602167 Private [6] Royal Engineers 1856299 Private Link
39125Vickers, WilfredRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19569Private --Link
39126Vickers, William HRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7359Private --Link
39127Vickery, Fred WRoyal West Kent RegimentL/5656Acting Colour Serjeant --Link
39128Vickery, HenryRoyal West Kent Regiment202284Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 202284 Private [2] London Regiment 52097 Private [3] London Regiment 769951 Private Link
39129Vickery, PeterRoyal West Kent RegimentG/23189Private --Link
39130Vickery, ThomasRoyal West Kent Regiment30112Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 30112 Private [2] Labour Corps 631776 Private Link
39131Vickress, HerbertRoyal West Kent Regiment204623Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 204623 Private [2] Labour Corps 475053 Private Link
39132Vidion, CharlesRoyal West Kent Regiment24351Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 24351 Corporal [2] Lancers 23028 Corporal [3] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 33183 Corporal Link
39133Vidler, BertieRoyal West Kent Regiment4183Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 4183 Private [2] Royal Dublin Fusiliers 28580 Private Link
39134Vidler, Frank HRoyal West Kent Regiment23265Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 23265 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/32242 Private Link
39135Vidler, Frank JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/18804Private --Link
39136Vidler, Frederick FRoyal West Kent RegimentL/11113Private --Link
39137Vidler, GeorgeRoyal West Kent Regiment4591Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 4591 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 73874 Private Link
39138Vidler, HerbertRoyal West Kent Regiment242508Private --Link
39139Vidler, Lionel FRoyal West Kent Regiment200205Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 200205 Private [2] Royal Engineers 574135 Private Link
39140Vidler, Samuel RobertRoyal West Kent RegimentG/18910Private --Link
39141Vidler, ThomasRoyal West Kent RegimentL/10286Lance Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/10286 Lance Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/10286 Private Link
39142Vidler, W TRoyal West Kent RegimentL/8198Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/8198 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps L/8198 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 6335231 Private Link
39143Vidler, William JRoyal West Kent RegimentL/8198Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/8198 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 62351 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment L/12977 Private [4] Royal West Kent Regiment 6335231 Private Link
39144Viggers, Percy AlfredRoyal West Kent Regiment DepotG/12137Private --Link
39145Vigor, John ARoyal West Kent RegimentG/25981Serjeant --Link
39146Vigor, John AlfredRoyal West Kent RegimentG/25981Serjeant --Link
39147Vigus, HarryRoyal West Kent RegimentG/19361Private --Link
39148Vile, A JWest Kent Regiment242255Private --Link
39149Vile, PercyRoyal West Kent RegimentG/6006Lance Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/6006 Lance Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/6006 Corporal Link
39150Viles, William ARoyal West Kent RegimentGS/8039Private --Link
39151Villiers, ErnestRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/8164Private --Link
39152Villiers, JohnRoyal West Kent RegimentG/1240Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/1240 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/1240 Private Link
39153Villiers, John GRoyal West Kent Regiment667Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 667 Private [2] Labour Corps 373761 Private Link
39154Vimpany, Herbert JRoyal West Kent RegimentS/1035Private --Link
39155Vinall, Charles JRoyal West Kent Regiment423Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 423 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 144142 Private [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 205369 Private Link
39156Vinall, JamesRoyal West Kent RegimentL/9506Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/9506 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13284 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 6335450 Private Link
39157Vinall, MiltonRoyal West Kent Regiment4271Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 4271 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 201568 Private Link
39158Vinall, William RRoyal West Kent Regiment1987Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1987 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment S/49076 Private Link
39159Vincent, AlbertRoyal West Kent RegimentG/12468Private --Link
39160Vincent, BertrandRoyal West Kent RegimentG/5447Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/5447 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/5447 Private Link
39161Vincent, FRoyal West Kent RegimentL/5847Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/5847 Private [2] Essex Regiment 34270 Lance Corporal Link
39162Vincent, FrankRoyal West Kent RegimentG/22123Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/61091 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22123 Private Link
39163Vincent, Frank HRoyal West Kent Regiment38668Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 38668 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/31193 Private Link
39164Vincent, Frank LeslieRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Scots Guards 9286 Private [2] Scots Guards 9286 Corporal [3] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39165Vincent, FrederickRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7659Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/7659 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/7659 Acting Serjeant Link
39166Vincent, George ARoyal West Kent RegimentGS/10419Private --Link
39167Vincent, George HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/3935Lance Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/3935 Lance Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/12476 Private Link
39168Vincent, HarryRoyal West Kent RegimentSS/18893Private [1] East Kent Regiment 3564 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment SS/18893 Private Link
39169Vincent, HerbertRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20596Private --Link
39170Vincent, JohnLabour Corps Southern Command ex Royal West Kent Regiment453434 ex 9341Private --Link
39171Vincent, JosephRoyal West Kent Regiment385Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 385 Private [2] Labour Corps 554399 Private Link
39172Vincent, Otto G CRoyal West Kent RegimentL/10312Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/10312 Private [2] Border Regiment 22638 Private Link
39173Vincent, PercyRoyal West Kent Regiment5847Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 5847 Corporal [2] Essex Regiment 34270 Corporal [3] Royal Engineers 367758 Corporal [4] Royal Engineers WR290321 Corporal Link
39174Vincent, PhilipRoyal West Kent RegimentG/39340Private --Link
39175Vincent, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment200578Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 113853 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 200578 Private Link
39176Vincer, Arthur GRoyal West Kent RegimentG/22611Private [1] London Regiment G/39275 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22611 Private Link
39177Vincer, CharlesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/23578Private --Link
39178Vine, Albert ERoyal West Kent Regiment19128Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 19128 Private [2] West Kent Yeomanry 2505 Private [3] Royal Engineers 361760 Private Link
39179Vine, Arthur WRoyal West Kent RegimentL/7792Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment L/7792 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/23213 Private Link
39180Vine, CharlieRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31410Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 125 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/31410 Private Link
39181Vine, Frederick GRoyal West Kent Regiment2887Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 2887 Private [2] Imperial Camel Corps 51017 Private [3] Corps of Hussars 51017 Private Link
39182Vine, Harold WRoyal West Kent Regiment30052- [1] Royal Flying Corps 38041 - [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 30052 - [3] Border Regiment 29595 Private Link
39183Vine, HoraceRoyal West Kent RegimentG/23468Private --Link
39184Vine, ThomasRoyal West Kent Regiment204885Private --Link
39185Vine, Walter WRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31198Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment 867 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/31198 Private Link
39186Vine, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment17455Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 17455 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/82947 Private Link
39187Viner, CharlesRoyal West Kent Regiment18687Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 29640 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 18687 Private [3] Labour Corps 417915 Private [4] Royal Army Medical Corps 208026 Private Link
39188Viner, HarryRoyal West Kent RegimentG-21898Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 4785 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G-21898 Private Link
39189Vines, Albert HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/22484Private [1] London Regiment 634046 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/22484 Private Link
39190Vines, FrankRoyal West Kent RegimentTF/241244Private --Link
39191Viney, Kenneth JRoyal West Kent Regiment242499Private --Link
39192Vingoe, FrancisRoyal West Kent RegimentG/39294Private --Link
39193Vinicombe, Lionel FrankRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant --Link
39194Vink, Charles H BRoyal West Kent Regiment267013Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 267013 Private [2] Wiltshire Regiment 30087 Private [3] Army Service Corps S/449126 Private Link
39195Vinten, A JRoyal West Kent Regiment4475Private --Link
39196Vinten, Cecil ARoyal West Kent RegimentG/162Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/162 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/162 Private Link
39197Vinten, William CRoyal West Kent RegimentG-21221Private --Link
39198Vinten, William TRoyal West Kent RegimentG-20720Private [1] East Surrey Regiment 23435 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G-20720 Private Link
39199Vinter, CharlesRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/8110Private --Link
39200Vintner, LeslieRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31774Private --Link
39201Vintner, LeslieRoyal West Kent RegimentG/31774Private --Link
39202Violet, SidneyRoyal West Kent RegimentG/41563Private [1] London Regiment 6198 Private [2] London Regiment 633834 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment G/41563 Private Link
39203Virgo, Reuben CRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/7354Private --Link
39204Virgo, WalterRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/13994Private [1] Gloucestershire Regiment 12796 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/13994 Private Link
39205Virgoe, Ernest SRoyal West Kent Regiment204817Private --Link
39206Vise, Edward CunliffeRoyal West Kent Regiment attached Labour Corps-Captain --Link
39207Viswa, Alexander BRoyal West Kent RegimentG/18237Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 10699 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/18237 Private Link
39208Vitler, Henry JRoyal West Kent RegimentG-21137Private --Link
39209Vivash, Jacob BRoyal West Kent RegimentG/4145Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/4145 Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/4145 Serjeant Link
39210Voak, PercyRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20196Private --Link
39211Voake, NormanRoyal West Kent Regiment203042Private --Link
39212Voce, EdwardRoyal West Kent RegimentG/20040Private --Link
39213Vockins, Sydney JRoyal West Kent RegimentG/30255Private --Link
39214Voice, GeorgeRoyal West Kent RegimentGS/7304Serjeant --Link
39215Vokes, Henry ARoyal West Kent RegimentG/19259Private --Link
39216Volans, George W BRoyal West Kent RegimentG/16716Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/16716 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 61898 Private [3] Royal Army Service Corps M/397074 Private Link
39217Volke, FrederickRoyal West Kent Regiment204259Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/14116 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment 204259 Private Link
39218Voller, FrankRoyal West Kent RegimentG/10809Private --Link
39219Vorley, Herbert ERoyal West Kent RegimentG23445Private --Link
39220Vose, Arthur WRoyal West Kent RegimentG-21404Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 51635 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G-21404 Private Link
39221Vousden, FrankRoyal West Kent RegimentG/917Private --Link
39222Vousden, Frederick ARoyal West Kent RegimentG/12299Private --Link
39223Vousden, GeorgeRoyal West Kent RegimentG/26838Private --Link
39224Vousden, John GRoyal West Kent RegimentG/4837Lance Corporal [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/4837 Lance Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment GS/4837 Private Link
39225Vousden, RichardRoyal West Kent RegimentL/10654Private --Link
39226Vousden, SamuelRoyal West Kent DepotG/11339Private --Link
39227Vousden, WilliamRoyal West Kent Regiment3034Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 3034 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/393679 Private Link
39228Vowles, Charles ARoyal West Kent Regiment206420Private [1] Army Cyclist Corps FF/65 Private [2] Army Cyclist Corps 13411 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment 206420 Private Link
39229Voyce, CharlesRoyal West Kent RegimentG/17397Private --Link
39230Voyce, ThomasRoyal West Kent Regiment-Second Lieutenant [1] Gloucestershire Regiment 2215 Serjeant [2] Gloucestershire Regiment 24035 Serjeant [3] Royal West Kent Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
39231Voyle, James HRoyal West Kent RegimentG/38564Acting Corporal [1] East Kent Regiment 242440 Acting Corporal [2] Royal West Kent Regiment G/38564 Acting Corporal Link
39232Vozza, MichaelRoyal West Kent Regiment8191Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 8191 Private [2] Royal Engineers 311173 Private [3] Royal Engineers 344878 Private Link
39233Vyse, Frederick W HRoyal West Kent Regiment3808Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 3808 Private [2] London Regiment 424612 Private Link
39234Vyse, James ARoyal West Kent Regiment1760Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 1760 Private [2] London Regiment 684948 Private Link