Geoff's Great War Regiment A-Z List

This data is Crown Copyright and is transcribed from The National Archives

This compilation is Copyright © 2007 by Geoff Sullivan and is made available for personal research use only. The data in this table is believed to be correct but it is left to the user to check the original source as no guarantee can be made for the completeness or accuracy of this compilation. In addition, there may be a few errors in the transcribed names or regiment numbers in the original index transcripts. The link in the right hand column allows the original data to be viewed. If you wish to download original images you are strongly advised to go directly to the main National Archive Great War campaign medal search form here rather than through the links in the table.

King's Royal Rifle Corps Table: Z

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64678Zalaski, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps51225Private [1] London Regiment 491863 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51225 Private Link
64679Zalesky, AnthonyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38242Private --Link
64680Zansmer, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18825Private --Link
64681Zarkofski, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps56890Private --Link
64682Zeehandelaar, WillemKing's Royal Rifle Corps29518Acting Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 29518 Acting Serjeant [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/95670 Acting Serjeant Link
64683Zemmerman, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps33387Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 33387 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment G/44200 Private Link
64684Zetter, SimonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21855Private --Link
64685Zimmerman, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6123Private --Link
64686Zipfell, John BaileyKing's Royal Rifle Corps71856Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 71856 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7/1856 Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
64687Zolin, IrvingKing's Royal Rifle Corps34567Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 34567 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 34567 Private Link
64688Zucker, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps25879Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25879 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 37151 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment 208012 Private Link