Geoff's Great War Regiment A-Z List

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King's Royal Rifle Corps Table: Q

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46858Quade, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps63932Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/1426 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 63932 Private Link
46859Quade, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps53932Private [1] London Regiment 53932 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53932 Private Link
46860Quaife, John HKing's Royal Rifle Corps7113Private --Link
46861Quaife, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps9929Private --Link
46862Quaintance, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot13005Rifleman Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot 13005 Rifleman Private [2] Labour Corps 575421 Rifleman Private Link
46863Quaintance, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30190Private --Link
46864Quance, Walter C AKing's Royal Rifle Corps465036Private [1] London Regiment 432940 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 4054 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 465036 Private [4] Royal Engineers 360869 Private Link
46865Quant, Douglas GKing's Royal Rifle Corps494793Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 203450 Private [2] Royal Berkshire Regiment 55000 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 494793 Private [4] Royal Berkshire Regiment 5329559 Private Link
46866Quantick, George SKing's Royal Rifle Corps897423Private [1] Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 32580 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 897423 Private Link
46867Quantrell, Arthur WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps13237Rifleman [1] Lincolnshire Regiment 9511 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13237 Rifleman [3] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 3/29428 Rifleman [4] London Regiment 453484 Rifleman Link
46868Quantrill, Clyde GKing's Royal Rifle Corps11118Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11118 Private [2] Labour Corps 213867 Private Link
46869Quantrill, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 65131Private --Link
46870Quantrill, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps10741Private --Link
46871Quarman, George CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32935Private --Link
46872Quarmby, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19794Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/19794 Private [2] London Regiment 395614 Private Link
46873Quarmby, James AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14357Private --Link
46874Quarmby, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps7220Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7220 Private [2] London Regiment GS/92579 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92579 Private Link
46875Quarrington, Walter EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3398Private --Link
46876Quartermain, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10576Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/10576 Private [2] Royal Air Force 139256 Private Link
46877Quartermain, L FKing's Royal Rifle Corps10576Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10576 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 139256 Private Link
46878Quartermaine, Ernest VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204062Private [1] Royal Army Service Corps S4/14633 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/204062 Private Link
46879Quartley, Harry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps13060Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13060 Private [2] Labour Corps 478752 Private Link
46880Quartly, Harry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps13060Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13060 Private [2] Labour Corps 478752 Private Link
46881Quatromini, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23036Private --Link
46882Quayle, Thomas AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsST2/016765Driver [1] Royal Army Service Corps ST2/016765 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps ST2/016765 Driver Link
46883Quealy, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18496Private --Link
46884Queenan, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps8267Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8267 Private [2] Leicestershire Regiment 24910 Lance Corporal Link
46885Queenborough, LeslieKing's Royal Rifle Corps15326Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 15326 Private [2] Labour Corps 67562 Private Link
46886Quelch, Phillip JKing's Royal Rifle Corps49365Private [1] London Regiment 516965 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49365 Private Link
46887Quelch, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27961Private --Link
46888Quelch, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33439Private --Link
46889Quentin, George Augustine FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Rifle Brigade - - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
46890Quested, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25229Private --Link
46891Quibell, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36778Private --Link
46892Quick, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle Corps56351Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56351 Private [2] London Regiment 348428 Private Link
46893Quick, Alfred GKing's Royal Rifle Corps4484Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4484 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5/4484 Private Link
46894Quick, Arthur SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5364Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5364 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5364 Serjeant Link
46895Quick, Charles SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205027Private [1] Army Service Corps S4/038962 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/403901 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/205027 Private Link
46896Quick, ClarenceKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1236Acting Corporal --Link
46897Quick, CyrilKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14285Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/14285 Private [2] London Regiment 630040 Private Link
46898Quick, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps1773Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1773 Private [2] Labour Corps 640615 Private Link
46899Quick, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps55918Private [1] London Regiment 55918 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 55918 Private Link
46900Quick, Leslie HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11224Private --Link
46901Quick, WKing's Royal Rifle Corps11220Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11220 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 12643 Private Link
46902Quick, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps27662Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 27662 Private [2] Labour Corps 318449 Private Link
46903Quigley, Edward HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21159Private --Link
46904Quigley, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204609Private [1] Army Service Corps T2/11710 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A204609 Private Link
46905Quigley, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle Corps5855Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5855 Private [2] Labour Corps 561819 Private Link
46906Quillinan, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37835Private --Link
46907Quilter, Archibald DKing's Royal Rifle Corps47691Private --Link
46908Quilter, Herbert AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18568Private --Link
46909Quimby, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3165Private --Link
46910Quin, Albert GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200453Private [1] London Regiment 4623 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200453 Private Link
46911Quinby, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/5185Private --Link
46912Quinlan, John MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11947Private --Link
46913Quinn, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps13287Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/32328 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13287 Driver Link
46914Quinn, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3095Private --Link
46915Quinn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36713Private --Link
46916Quinn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps686Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 686 Private [2] Labour Corps 412254 Private Link
46917Quinn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps1377Private --Link
46918Quinn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps15268Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 15268 Rifleman [2] Labour Corps 464240 Rifleman Link
46919Quinn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4612Private --Link
46920Quinn, John JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4612Private --Link
46921Quinn, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps5297Private --Link
46922Quinn, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps71153Private --Link
46923Quinn, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps2745Private --Link
46924Quinn, RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps7224Private --Link
46925Quinn, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15617Serjeant --Link
46926Quinn, Thomas JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20202Private --Link
46927Quinn, Thomas JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/20202Private --Link
46928Quinn, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps204534Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 204534 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/403787 Private Link
46929Quinn, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps58459Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 1176 Private [2] Labour Corps 397618 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58459 Private Link
46930Quinnell, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps200549Private [1] Rifle Brigade 18691 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 200549 Private [3] Tank Corps 76459 Private Link
46931Quinnell, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps51966Private [1] London Regiment 375804 Private [2] London Regiment 348125 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51966 Private Link
46932Quinnell, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle Corps14773Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14773 Private [2] Labour Corps 485381 Private Link
46933Quinnell, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20904Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/20904 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203579 Private Link
46934Quintin, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle Corps8365Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8365 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8365 Acting Corporal Link
46935Quinton, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40057Private --Link
46936Quinton, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1102Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1102 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1102 Private Link
46937Quinton, G WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1832Private --Link
46938Quirk, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202852Private [1] Army Service Corps S/4/122277 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202852 Private Link
46939Quy, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle Corps453054Private [1] London Regiment 453054 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 453054 Private Link