Geoff's Great War Regiment A-Z List

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King's Royal Rifle Corps Table: O

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42352O'Brien, DanielKing's Royal Rifle Corps58222Private [1] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 267129 Private [2] Labour Corps 416096 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58222 Private Link
42353O'Brien, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC4597Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C4597 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4574 Private Link
42354O'Brien, George AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC4652Private --Link
42355O'Brien, GilbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps9548Private --Link
42356O'Brien, Harry MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR19168Lance Serjeant --Link
42357O'Brien, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA831Private --Link
42358O'Brien, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps22184Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 22184 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 76310 Private Link
42359O'Brien, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps9422Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9422 Private [2] Labour Corps 188171 Private Link
42360O'Brien, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps9098Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9098 Lance Corporal [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 30146 Lance Corporal Link
42361O'Brien, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5555Private --Link
42362O'Brien, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19665Private --Link
42363O'Brien, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/39605Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/39605 Private [2] London Regiment 41293 Private [3] London Regiment 448833 Private Link
42364O'Brien, John CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 14408Private --Link
42365O'Brien, MartinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11661Private --Link
42366O'Brien, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps444Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 444 Private [2] North Staffordshire Regiment 44514 Private [3] Devonshire Regiment 54738 Private [4] Labour Corps 100500 Private Link
42367O'Brien, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14018Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/14018 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 87273 Private Link
42368O'Brien, PhilipKing's Royal Rifle Corps4536Private --Link
42369O'Brien, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 203679Private [1] Army Service Corps S4 070811 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 203679 Private Link
42370O'Brien, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 1012Private --Link
42371O'Brien, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR13/52423Private [1] Army Service Corps T2/9957 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR13/52423 Private Link
42372O'Brien, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 14137Private --Link
42373O'Brien, Thomas SKing's Royal Rifle Corps10060Private --Link
42374O'Brien, TimothyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 22500Private --Link
42375O'Brien, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsL/9817Corporal --Link
42376O'Brien, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 30430Private --Link
42377O'Brien, William PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsG/9817Corporal --Link
42378O'Callaghan, AndrewKing's Royal Rifle Corps9423- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9423 - [2] Training Reserve Battalion 3004 - [3] Rifle Brigade 26121 Private [4] Royal Engineers 244992 Pioneer Link
42379O'Callaghan, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/3769Private --Link
42380O'Connell, Alfred JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204637Private [1] Army Service Corps T4 126798 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/204637 Private [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 206393 Private Link
42381O'Connell, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2135Private --Link
42382O'Connell, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps8675Private --Link
42383O'Connell, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/9709Private --Link
42384O'Connell, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12207Private --Link
42385O'Connell, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6385Private --Link
42386O'Conner, Frederick HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA713Private --Link
42387O'Conner, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 22818Private --Link
42388O'Conner, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle Corps43971Private --Link
42389O'Connor, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 203Private --Link
42390O'Connor, DanielKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA569Private --Link
42391O'Connor, DenisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6024Private --Link
42392O'Connor, DennisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30140Private --Link
42393O'Connor, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21318Private --Link
42394O'Connor, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps6547Company Serjeant Major --Link
42395O'Connor, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2041Private --Link
42396O'Connor, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21814Private --Link
42397O'Connor, J FKing's Royal Rifle Corps6574Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6574 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6574 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
42398O'Connor, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37414Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/37414 Private [2] London Regiment G/84146 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52253 Private Link
42399O'Connor, James RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 22604Private --Link
42400O'Connor, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps6816Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6816 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6816 Private Link
42401O'Connor, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps11365Private --Link
42402O'Connor, MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203276Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/16752 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203276 Private Link
42403O'Connor, MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203296Private --Link
42404O'Connor, PeterKing's Royal Rifle Corps40527Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 40527 Private [2] Labour Corps 549846 Private Link
42405O'Connor, Phillip AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32230Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/32230 Private [2] London Regiment 540574 Private Link
42406O'Connor, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1799Private --Link
42407O'Connor, TimothyDepot King's Royal Rifle Corps6574Company Serjeant Major --Link
42408O'Connor, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps60568Private --Link
42409O'Connor, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6551Corporal --Link
42410O'Connor, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps10173Private --Link
42411O'Connor, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1894Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1894 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1894 Private Link
42412O'Dea, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps54075Private [1] Army Service Corps S1/4351 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54075 Private Link
42413O'Dea, John Frederick Patrick DeahughKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
42414O'Dell, James HKing's Royal Rifle Corps65263Private --Link
42415O'Dell, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4627Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4627 Private [2] London Regiment 6722183 Private Link
42416O'Dell, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1712Private --Link
42417O'Dell, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11737Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/11737 Private [2] Labour Corps 373948 Private Link
42418O'Donaghue, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3102Private --Link
42419O'Donnell, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps5604Bandsman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5604 Bandsman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5604 Private Link
42420O'Donnell, CorneliusKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6357Private --Link
42421O'Donnell, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps58774Private [1] Lancashire Fusiliers 15282 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58774 Private Link
42422O'Donnell, George TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19650Private --Link
42423O'Donnell, PierceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14651Private --Link
42424O'Donnell, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7625Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7625 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/273073 Sapper [3] Royal Engineers 276009 Sapper Link
42425O'Donnell, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps9206Private --Link
42426O'Donoghue, E P JSpecial Reserve attached King's Royal Rifle Corps6/1234Private --Link
42427O'Donoghue, Ernest P JKing's Royal Rifle Corps1234Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1234 Private [2] Labour Corps 404543 Private Link
42428O'Donoghue, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps7109059Serjeant [1] Royal Irish Regiment 7109059 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7109059 Serjeant Link
42429O'Donoghue, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3102Private --Link
42430O'Dwyer, Perin MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11013Private --Link
42431O'Flanherty, Dominic JKing's Royal Rifle Corps41945Pioneer [1] Royal Engineers 341486 Pioneer [2] Training Reserve Battalion 57356 Pioneer [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 41945 Pioneer Link
42432O'Grady, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps51191Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles 7/8435 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51191 Private Link
42433O'Grady, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps53934Private [1] London Regiment 53934 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53934 Private Link
42434O'Hagan, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38304Private --Link
42435O'Hara, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 6938Private --Link
42436O'Hara, John LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8700Private --Link
42437O'Hara, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps71720Private --Link
42438O'Hara, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1317Private --Link
42439O'Hara, Thomas JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40025Private --Link
42440O'Keefe, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18660Private --Link
42441O'Keefe, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps6841394Private [1] Liverpool Regiment 9790 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6841394 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52819 Private Link
42442O'Keeffe, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps58223Private [1] South Lancashire Regiment 2487 Private [2] Labour Corps 417035 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58223 Private Link
42443O'Kelly, Francis EKing's Royal Rifle Corps11496Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11496 Private [2] Royal Engineers 112170 Private Link
42444O'Kelly, LeoKing's Royal Rifle Corps11634Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11634 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11634 Colour Serjeant Link
42445O'Leary, BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13761Lance Corporal --Link
42446O'Leary, BertieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 13761Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 13761 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 13761 Serjeant Link
42447O'Leary, C WKing's Royal Rifle Corps2049Serjeant --Link
42448O'Leary, C WKing's Royal Rifle Corps2049Serjeant --Link
42449O'Leary, CorneliusKing's Royal Rifle Corps2049Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2049 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 457105 Serjeant Link
42450O'Leary, DKing's Royal Rifle Corps11795Serjeant --Link
42451O'Leary, DanielKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 29814Private --Link
42452O'Leary, DouglasKing's Royal Rifle Corps11795Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11795 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11795 Serjeant Link
42453O'Leary, FrancisKing's Royal Rifle Corps5723Private --Link
42454O'Leary, J FKing's Royal Rifle Corps5723Private --Link
42455O'Leary, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9908Private --Link
42456O'Mahony, CorneliusKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9926Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R9926 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R9926 Corporal Link
42457O'Mara, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps12120Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12120 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 87501 Private Link
42458O'Neil, EugeneKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20720Private --Link
42459O'Neil, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4120Private --Link
42460O'Neil, James PKing's Royal Rifle Corps11021Private --Link
42461O'Neil, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot1/11824Private --Link
42462O'Neil, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32240Private --Link
42463O'Neil, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA516Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A516 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A516 Private Link
42464O'Neill, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14881Private --Link
42465O'Neill, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps51039Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles 15285 Private [2] Royal Irish Regiment 2G/3372 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51039 Private Link
42466O'Neill, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12819Private --Link
42467O'Neill, HughKing's Royal Rifle Corps54159Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles D/22930 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54159 Private Link
42468O'Neill, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/7454Private --Link
42469O'Neill, James PKing's Royal Rifle Corps11021Private --Link
42470O'Neill, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps13173Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/29842 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13173 Driver Link
42471O'Neill, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps4746Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4746 Private [2] Labour Corps 410513 Private Link
42472O'Neill, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps49505Private [1] Royal Irish Fusiliers 7974 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49505 Private Link
42473O'Neill, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12751Private --Link
42474O'Neill, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps204641Private [1] Army Service Corps S3 030080 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 204641 Private Link
42475O'Neill, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps71824Private --Link
42476O'Neill, Patrick JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14312Private --Link
42477O'Neill, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4387Private --Link
42478O'Neill, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14733Corporal --Link
42479O'Neill, William GKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR32240Private --Link
42480O'Regan, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps9829Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9829 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 48526 Lance Corporal Link
42481O'Reilly, Albert WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39901Private --Link
42482O'Reilly, Henry C BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200020Private [1] London Regiment 2864 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200020 Private Link
42483O'Reilly, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps13293Private [1] Army Service Corps S/24359 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13293 Private Link
42484O'Riley, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps7984Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7984 Private [2] Labour Corps 190694 Corporal Link
42485O'Rorke, D CKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
42486O'Rorke, Dennis CliffordKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major Link
42487O'Rourke, NLate King's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12390Private --Link
42488O'Rourke, NicholasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12390Private --Link
42489O'Shaughnessy, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps60166Private --Link
42490O'Shaughnessy, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10842Private --Link
42491O'Shaughnessy, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle Corps10842Private --Link
42492O'Shea, DanielKing's Royal Rifle Corps26381Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 26381 Private [2] Army Service Corps T-425012 Private Link
42493O'Shea, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Royal Dublin Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] Rajputs - Temporary Major [4] Indian Army Reserve of Officers - Major Link
42494O'Shea, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9121Private --Link
42495O'Shea, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps11591Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11591 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/289864 Private Link
42496O'Shea, MichaelKing's Royal Rifle Corps52285Private [1] London Regiment 352969 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52285 Private Link
42497O'Shea, TimothyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16033Private --Link
42498O'Sullivan, Daniel AKing's Royal Rifle Corps10979Private --Link
42499O'Sullivan, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps10873Private --Link
42500O'Sullivan, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5919Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5919 Private [2] Lancashire Fusiliers 49750 Private [3] Rifle Brigade 203112 Private [4] Labour Corps 470345 Private Link
42501O'Sullivan, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5419Private --Link
42502O'Sullivan, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5419Private --Link
42503O'Sullivan, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps24768Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 24768 Private [2] Royal Munster Fusiliers 15185 Private Link
42504O'Sullivan, TimothyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9524Private --Link
42505O'Toole, Daniel LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 22598Private --Link
42506Oak, Stanley HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/392Corporal --Link
42507Oakden, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8328Private --Link
42508Oakden, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3777Private --Link
42509Oakes, Arthur TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34899Private --Link
42510Oakes, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4078Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 4078 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 4078 Corporal Link
42511Oakes, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9738Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
42512Oakes, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9738Company Serjeant Major --Link
42513Oakes, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps45005Private [1] Dorset Regiment 31510 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45005 Private Link
42514Oakes, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4352Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4352 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4352 Corporal Link
42515Oakes, WKing's Royal Rifle Corps/London RegimentR/13596Private --Link
42516Oakes, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40173Corporal --Link
42517Oakes, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13596Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/13596 Private [2] London Regiment 540569 Private Link
42518Oakeshott, Geoffrey MorrisKing's Royal Rifle Corps-- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] London Regiment - Private Link
42519Oakey, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle Corps46196Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 46196 Private [2] London Regiment G/92770 Private [3] London Regiment 241896 Private Link
42520Oakins, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201410Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201410 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 144135 Private Link
42521Oakley, Andrew HarrisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4142Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4142 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4142 Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42522Oakley, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38008Private --Link
42523Oakley, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201028Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25966 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201028 Private Link
42524Oakley, Arthur RKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR22631Private --Link
42525Oakley, David MKing's Royal Rifle Corps64569Private [1] Rifle Brigade S-30933 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64569 Private Link
42526Oakley, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps64261Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45954 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64261 Private Link
42527Oakley, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps202330Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 202330 Private [2] Labour Corps 575619 Private Link
42528Oakley, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps54468Private [1] Rifle Brigade 51890 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54468 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 193583 Private Link
42529Oakley, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8526Private --Link
42530Oakley, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 42901Private --Link
42531Oakley, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps11629Corporal --Link
42532Oakley, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 13449Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 13449 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 08911 Private Link
42533Oakley, Thomas J AKing's Royal Rifle Corps47095Acting Corporal --Link
42534Oakley, WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/174Company Serjeant Major --Link
42535Oakley, WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/174Lance Serjeant --Link
42536Oakley, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC174Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C174 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C174 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
42537Oakley, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7665Private --Link
42538Oakley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps45120Private [1] East Yorkshire Regiment 38145 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45120 Private Link
42539Oaksheet, Ernest VictorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31549Private --Link
42540Oakshott, R PKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
42541Oastler, F RKing's Royal Rifle Corps9069Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9069 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9069 Serjeant Link
42542Oastler, Frederick RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps9069Corporal --Link
42543Oaten, AndrewKing's Royal Rifle Corps58658Private [1] Gloucestershire Regiment 37862 Private [2] Labour Corps 417078 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58658 Private Link
42544Oaten, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-202285Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A-202285 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment L-21664 Private Link
42545Oates, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23766Private --Link
42546Oates, Arthur HKing's Royal Rifle Corps64732Private [1] Rifle Brigade S-32684 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64732 Private Link
42547Oates, GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/139Serjeant --Link
42548Oates, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/139Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/139 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/139 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
42549Oates, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11733Private --Link
42550Oates, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsD/53993Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps D/53993 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53993 Private Link
42551Oates, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11863Private --Link
42552Oates, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8691Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8691 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C762 Volunteer Link
42553Oates, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11733Private --Link
42554Oates, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3296Private --Link
42555Oates, Walter TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12795Private --Link
42556Oatham, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps3170Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3170 Private [2] Labour Corps 363276 Private Link
42557Oatten, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3244Private --Link
42558Oatway, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10053Private --Link
42559Obee, Alfred EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25495Private --Link
42560Obee, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps11992Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11992 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/418507 Driver Link
42561Obee, William MKing's Royal Rifle Corps7201Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7201 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7201 Corporal Link
42562Obendorf, Henry PhilipKing's Royal Rifle Corps452406Rifleman --Link
42563Obermuller, William E CKing's Royal Rifle Corps37639Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37639 Private [2] Labour Corps 355125 Private Link
42564Oberne, Henry SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32829Private --Link
42565Obertelli, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/13940Corporal --Link
42566Ochelford, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21862Private --Link
42567Ockelford, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle Corps45584Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45584 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 48704 Private Link
42568Ockenden, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle Corps25878Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25878 Private [2] Labour Corps 616602 Private Link
42569Ockenden, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39137Private --Link
42570Odd, Thomas JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19927Private --Link
42571Oddy, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/5132Driver [1] Army Service Corps AHT/376 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5/5132 Driver Link
42572Oddy, E A HKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
42573Oddy, Joseph FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205373Private --Link
42574Oddy, Sidney FKing's Royal Rifle Corps36738Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36738 Private [2] Labour Corps 607836 Private Link
42575Oddy, WKing's Royal Rifle Corps6248Private --Link
42576Oddy, Walter AKing's Royal Rifle Corps6248Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6248 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 519764 Serjeant Link
42577Odell, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6694Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/6694 Private [2] Royal Engineers 257434 Private [3] Royal Highlanders 288715 Private Link
42578Odell, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/233Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/233 Private [2] Labour Corps 449390 Private Link
42579Odell, Percy WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205120Private --Link
42580Odell, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33233Private --Link
42581Odey, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16566Private --Link
42582Odlum, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12676Private --Link
42583Odwell, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps46414Private [1] West Yorkshire Regiment 5/9165 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 46414 Private Link
42584Ody, Henry PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR26358Private --Link
42585Oels, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps25290Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25290 Private [2] Labour Corps 416384 Private Link
42586Offen, Clarence FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204886Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/204886 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 41294 Private Link
42587Offen, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/487Private --Link
42588Offley, Ernest TKing's Royal Rifle Corps11662Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11662 Private [2] London Regiment 241813 Private [3] London Regiment G/84081 Private Link
42589Offord, Charles RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR42992Private --Link
42590Offord, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4422Private --Link
42591Offord, Horace EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34427Private --Link
42592Offwood, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1174Private --Link
42593Offwood, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203035Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/8050 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203035 Private Link
42594Ofield, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR-26129Private [1] East Yorkshire Regiment 33268 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R-26129 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR-5-72768 Private [4] West Yorkshire Regiment 40798 Private [5] Royal Engineers 603589 Sapper Link
42595Ogbourne, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps47671Private --Link
42596Ogden, ArnoldKing's Royal Rifle Corps43894Private [1] East Lancashire Regiment 709 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43894 Private Link
42597Ogden, ArnoldKing's Royal Rifle Corps43894Private --Link
42598Ogden, Arthur CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1143Private --Link
42599Ogden, BertKing's Royal Rifle Corps43345Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31512 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43345 Private [3] London Regiment 348408 Private Link
42600Ogden, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR7103Private --Link
42601Ogden, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps45718Private --Link
42602Ogden, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR36995Private --Link
42603Ogden, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY186Private --Link
42604Ogden, Harold VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 36158Private --Link
42605Ogden, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot43675Private --Link
42606Ogden, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38357Private [1] Royal Engineers 276924 Sapper [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/38357 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR 273525 Sapper Link
42607Ogden, HollandKing's Royal Rifle Corps4836Private --Link
42608Ogden, NicholasKing's Royal Rifle Corps7768Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7768 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 10584 Private Link
42609Ogden, NormanKing's Royal Rifle Corps45540Driver [1] Army Service Corps T1/3370 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45540 Driver Link
42610Ogden, Percival WKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4268Serjeant --Link
42611Ogden, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9118Private --Link
42612Ogden, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37356Private --Link
42613Ogden, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps8965Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8965 Private [2] Army Cyclist Corps 5798 Private Link
42614Ogden, William TKing's Royal Rifle Corps11212Private --Link
42615Ogle, DavidKing's Royal Rifle Corps7208Private --Link
42616Ogle, George William DanielKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38622Private --Link
42617Ogle, Harry CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38072Private --Link
42618Ogle, Richard TKing's Royal Rifle Corps22792Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 22792 Private [2] Suffolk Regiment 68184 Private Link
42619Ogle, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps45160Private [1] East Yorkshire Regiment 43498 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45160 Private Link
42620Ogston, Alexander CKing's Royal Rifle Corps58004Private [1] Gordon Highlanders S/15702 Private [2] Labour Corps 579884 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58004 Private Link
42621Ohalwood, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps3227Private --Link
42622Okey, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/320Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/320 Private [2] Army Service Corps M2/162193 Private Link
42623Old, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 2900Private --Link
42624Old, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6207Private --Link
42625Old, Osbert AKing's Royal Rifle Corps23334Driver [1] Royal Field Artillery 181048 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 23334 Driver [3] Training Reserve Battalion 13/9579 Driver [4] Royal Engineers 254410 Driver Link
42626Oldacre, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11735Private --Link
42627Oldale, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps54089Private [1] York and Lancaster Regiment 11259 Private [2] Labour Corps 166076 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54089 Private Link
42628Oldbury, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/376Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/376 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 24946 Private Link
42629Older, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203577Private [1] Army Service Corps T4/142755 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203577 Private Link
42630Oldfield, EdlingtonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20554Serjeant --Link
42631Oldfield, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/4779Private --Link
42632Oldfield, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps479 (incomplete)Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 479 (incomplete) Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 126217 Private Link
42633Oldfield, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7399Private --Link
42634Oldfield, Harold SKing's Royal Rifle Corps8768Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8768 Private [2] Labour Corps 222048 Serjeant Link
42635Oldfield, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15628Private --Link
42636Oldfield, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps16992Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16992 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 203111 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 70556 Private Link
42637Oldfield, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12259Private --Link
42638Oldfield, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps49402Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49402 Private [2] Labour Corps 369806 Private Link
42639Oldfield, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8067Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8067 Private [2] Royal Engineers 311188 Sapper Link
42640Oldfield, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps452583Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 452583 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/384892 Private Link
42641Oldham, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11342Private --Link
42642Oldham, Arthur AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1572Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1572 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1572 Serjeant [3] Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve - Sub Lieutenant Link
42643Oldham, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4679Private --Link
42644Oldham, Charles JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 203870Private --Link
42645Oldham, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13199Private --Link
42646Oldham, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps2295Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2295 Private [2] Labour Corps 156577 Private [3] South Lancashire Regiment 64106 Private Link
42647Oldham, George T AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4247Private --Link
42648Oldham, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps7753Private --Link
42649Oldham, James SKing's Royal Rifle Corps47672Private --Link
42650Oldham, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11150Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/11150 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 202864 Private Link
42651Oldham, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot58220Private --Link
42652Oldham, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps58220Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 15653 Private [2] Labour Corps 416003 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58220 Private Link
42653Oldham, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps5266Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5266 Private [2] Royal Engineers 79866 Private Link
42654Oldham, MiltonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 29957Acting Corporal --Link
42655Oldham, Nathan HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11678Private --Link
42656Oldham, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps55853Private --Link
42657Oldham, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps2201Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2201 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 140043 Private Link
42658Oldham, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC6542Private --Link
42659Oldham, William FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4356Private --Link
42660Oldham, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6323Private --Link
42661Olding, Charles E GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2611Private --Link
42662Oldman, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle Corps348043Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 348043 Private [2] London Regiment 348043 Private Link
42663Oldnall, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps7898Private --Link
42664Oldrey, MontagueKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200117Private [1] London Regiment 4186 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200117 Private [3] London Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
42665Oldridge, Hugh CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203949Private [1] Army Service Corps T4037601 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203949 Private Link
42666Oldroyd, Gilbert SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12331Corporal --Link
42667Oliphant, Joseph WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18088Private --Link
42668Olive, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle Corps345057Private [1] London Regiment 574587 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 345057 Private [3] London Regiment 345057 Private Link
42669Olive, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot12563Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot 12563 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot 12563 Private Link
42670Olive, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4652Private --Link
42671Olive, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/412Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/412 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/412 Lance Corporal Link
42672Olive, John HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR40429Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot R40429 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot R40429 Private Link
42673Olive, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/412Private --Link
42674Olive, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10653Private --Link
42675Oliver, Albert FKing's Royal Rifle Corps9632Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9632 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9632 Private Link
42676Oliver, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19201Private --Link
42677Oliver, Alfred TKing's Royal Rifle Corps13136Private [1] Rifle Brigade 6192 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13136 Private Link
42678Oliver, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18009Private --Link
42679Oliver, Cyril EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13492Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R13492 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/13491 Corporal Link
42680Oliver, Cyril LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202599Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202599 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 80314 Private Link
42681Oliver, EdgarKing's Royal Rifle Corps10043Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10043 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10043 Corporal Link
42682Oliver, Ernest HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR13/61768Private --Link
42683Oliver, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1314Private --Link
42684Oliver, Ernest TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1314Private --Link
42685Oliver, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9299Private --Link
42686Oliver, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/744Private --Link
42687Oliver, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25347Private --Link
42688Oliver, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204488Private --Link
42689Oliver, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205121Private --Link
42690Oliver, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4477Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4477 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4477 Corporal Link
42691Oliver, George FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18492Private --Link
42692Oliver, George HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/458Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/458 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] Indian Army - Lieutenant Link
42693Oliver, GordonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/13029Private [1] Royal Engineers 197442 - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/13029 Private Link
42694Oliver, GordonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19351Private --Link
42695Oliver, H RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/25884Private --Link
42696Oliver, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps56636Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56636 Private [2] Royal Army Service Corps S/442340 Private Link
42697Oliver, Harry HKing's Royal Rifle Corps58656Private [1] Worcestershire Regiment 27308 Private [2] Labour Corps 426079 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58656 Private Link
42698Oliver, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1269Private --Link
42699Oliver, Henry RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/25884Private --Link
42700Oliver, Henry WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA23Private --Link
42701Oliver, James TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37576Private --Link
42702Oliver, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6050Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 6050 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 6050 Private Link
42703Oliver, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36684Private --Link
42704Oliver, John JKing's Royal Rifle Corps58654Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 11650 Private [2] Labour Corps 479750 Private [3] South Wales Borderers 479750 Private [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58654 Private [5] Royal Engineers 612706 Private Link
42705Oliver, John ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/27175Private --Link
42706Oliver, Joseph WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31313Private --Link
42707Oliver, LKing's Royal Rifle Corps41909Private [1] London Regiment 45681 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 41909 Private [3] Royal Irish Rifles 45681 Private [4] London Regiment 602510 Private [5] Royal Scots 61942 Private Link
42708Oliver, Norman WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/42683Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/42683 Private [2] London Regiment G/92639 Private [3] London Regiment 242090 Private Link
42709Oliver, Percy RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15215Private --Link
42710Oliver, RKing's Royal Rifle Corps24292Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 24292 Private [2] Essex Regiment 51626 Private Link
42711Oliver, Reginald JamesDepot King's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6009Private --Link
42712Oliver, Reginald PKing's Royal Rifle Corps44780Private --Link
42713Oliver, Sidney JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205374Private --Link
42714Oliver, Thomas HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8630Private --Link
42715Oliver, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 43059Private --Link
42716Oliver, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20394Private --Link
42717Oliver, William CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR43059Rifleman --Link
42718Oliver, William ClappertonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Engineers 41932 Sapper [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42719Oliver, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22731Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R22731 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B203320 Private Link
42720Oliver, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps49994Private --Link
42721Olivier, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33503Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/33503 Private [2] London Regiment 418108 Private Link
42722Olley, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12052Private --Link
42723Olley, GeraldKing's Royal Rifle Corps59183Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 59183 Private [2] London Regiment GS92899 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS92899 Private Link
42724Olley, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12667Private --Link
42725Olley, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle Corps65290Private [1] London Regiment 215197 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65290 Private Link
42726Ollier, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps12652Private --Link
42727Olliff, J BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1036Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1036 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1036 Corporal Link
42728Olliffe, Cyril JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4137Private --Link
42729Ollington, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9929Private --Link
42730Olner, J WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9233Private --Link
42731Olney, Albert BKing's Royal Rifle Corps7328Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7328 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7328 Serjeant Link
42732Olney, Herbert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 22327Private --Link
42733Olney, William EKing's Royal Rifle Corps16808Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 10978 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16808 Private Link
42734Olsen, James CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203016Private [1] Rifle Brigade 7406 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203016 Private Link
42735Olsen, Walter AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25411Rifleman --Link
42736Olson, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2622Private --Link
42737Ommanney, Charles CapelKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] Royal Engineers - Captain Link
42738Oncken, StewartKing's Royal Rifle Corps1910Acting Captain [1] London Regiment 1910 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1910 Acting Captain Link
42739Ong, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18952Private --Link
42740Onion, Leonard AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7114Private --Link
42741Onions, BernardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY 184Private --Link
42742Onions, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle Corps53914Private [1] London Regiment 53914 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53914 Private Link
42743Onions, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR26829Private --Link
42744Onions, Joseph LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30070Private --Link
42745Onions, Samuel TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17501Private --Link
42746Onions, Williams RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2303Private --Link
42747Onley, Christopher AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9244Private --Link
42748Onley, W FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31591Corporal --Link
42749Onley, William FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 31591Corporal --Link
42750Onslow, EKing's Royal Rifle Corps2332Private --Link
42751Onslow, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203307Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/16199 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203307 Private Link
42752Onslow, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 3779Private --Link
42753Onslow, NathanielKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16762Private --Link
42754Onslow, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps9644Private --Link
42755Openshaw, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsS/200788Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps S/200788 Private [2] Rifle Brigade S/20143 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR13/38258 Private [4] Royal Engineers 347624 Private [5] Royal Engineers WR/281525 Private Link
42756Openshaw, Harry WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 200851Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 200851 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 688221 Private Link
42757Oppenheim, A CKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
42758Oppenheim, A CKing's Royal Rifle Corps attached London Regiment-Captain Adjutant --Link
42759Oppenheim, A CKing's Royal Rifle Corps/ City of London/London Regiment/London Rifle Brigade-Adjutant/ Captain --Link
42760Oppenheim, BernardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30139Private --Link
42761Oram, Charles F GKing's Royal Rifle Corps13351Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13351 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps S/6920 Private Link
42762Oram, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps58003Private [1] Northamptonshire Regiment 28030 Private [2] Labour Corps 406156 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58003 Private Link
42763Oram, George HKing's Royal Rifle Corps6626Serjeant --Link
42764Oram, Leonard V WKing's Royal Rifle Corps47193Private --Link
42765Oram, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps12108Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12108 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/30859 Private [3] Labour Corps 409835 Private Link
42766Orams, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32282Private --Link
42767Orange, J E JKing's Royal Rifle Corps29504Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 29504 Private [2] Military Foot Police P/15791 Private Link
42768Orbell, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12857Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/12857 Private [2] London Regiment 325913 Corporal Link
42769Orbell, James A WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12290Private --Link
42770Orbell, Samuel JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps Rifle DepotR 13297Serjeant --Link
42771Orchard, Alfred EKing's Royal Rifle Corps48060Private [1] London Regiment 426262 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48060 Private Link
42772Orchard, BernardKing's Royal Rifle Corps465033Private [1] London Regiment 423924 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 465033 Private [3] London Regiment 465033 Private Link
42773Orchard, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/18611Private --Link
42774Orchard, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2270Private --Link
42775Orchard, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps11278Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11278 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 20641 Private Link
42776Orchard, JDepot King's Royal Rifle CorpsA/3186Serjeant --Link
42777Orchard, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsH 3186Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps H 3186 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps H 3186 Serjeant Link
42778Orchard, Melville SKing's Royal Rifle Corps4624Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4624 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 62843 Private Link
42779Orchard, PercyKing's Royal Rifle Corps9566Private --Link
42780Orchard, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle Corps16997Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16997 Private [2] Devonshire Regiment 54728 Private [3] Labour Corps 100502 Private [4] Army Service Corps M/353154 Private Link
42781Orchin, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle Corps65318Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/30724 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65318 Private Link
42782Ord, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps58450Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 23/1391 Private [2] Labour Corps 397607 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58450 Private Link
42783Ord, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps49566Private [1] East Kent Regiment 2600 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49566 Private Link
42784Ord, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR15568Corporal --Link
42785Ord, Wilfred MillerKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/28863Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/28863 Private [2] Durham Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal Air Force - Second Lieutenant Link
42786Ordish, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202846Private [1] Army Service Corps S/4/035929 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202846 Private Link
42787Ordway, F SKing's Royal Rifle Corps6045Private --Link
42788Orengo, Alexander JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44120Private --Link
42789Orford, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11403Private --Link
42790Orford, Bertram AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201520Private --Link
42791Orford, Percy C GKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot56315Private --Link
42792Orford, Stephen MewburnKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Enslin's Horse - Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42793Organ, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29083Private --Link
42794Orland, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202029Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202029 Private [2] London Regiment 418197 Private Link
42795Orlastrey, IsaacKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9761Private --Link
42796Orman, Harry RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8634Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8634 Private [2] Labour Corps 198025 Private Link
42797Orman, PercyKing's Royal Rifle Corps6502Serjeant --Link
42798Ormanroyd, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps3264Private --Link
42799Orme, James JKing's Royal Rifle Corps3688Serjeant --Link
42800Orme, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/3756Private --Link
42801Ormerod, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38009Private --Link
42802Ormerod, Victor JKing's Royal Rifle Corps9962Private --Link
42803Ormesher, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1398Private --Link
42804Ormesher, John RKing's Royal Rifle Corps9070Private --Link
42805Ormiston, Walter HughKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Queen's Westminster Rifles - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
42806Ormrod, Maurice SarsfieldKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Major Link
42807Ormsby Johnson, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant Colonel [1] Worcestershire Regiment - Major [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Colonel Link
42808Ormsby, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10945Private --Link
42809Orpe, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/5060Private --Link
42810Orpin, Alfred DKing's Royal Rifle Corps35727Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 35727 Private [2] Labour Corps 571970 Private Link
42811Orpin, Victor JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38365Private --Link
42812Orpin, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38160Acting Serjeant --Link
42813Orpwood, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps58909Private --Link
42814Orr, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps5067Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5067 Private [2] Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 62788 Private Link
42815Orr, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13241Private --Link
42816Orr, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps58655Private [1] Dragoons ND/95 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58655 Private [3] Labour Corps 417046 Private Link
42817Orrell, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps45532Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 49912 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45532 Private Link
42818Orrett, Edgar James PhillipsKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
42819Orrey, Frederick WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] West Yorkshire Regiment 59722 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42820Orrin, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200623Private [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 8039 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200623 Private [3] Rifle Brigade B/203740 Private [4] Royal Defence Corps 45363 Private Link
42821Orriss, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 39239Private --Link
42822Orrom, OswaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/29050Private --Link
42823Orrow, Lewis EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34040Private --Link
42824Orry, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps1028Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1028 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 046114 Private Link
42825Orsman, Robert GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1425Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1425 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1425 Corporal Link
42826Orsman, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38010Private --Link
42827Ortega, Henry BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201832Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201832 Private [2] London Regiment 881484 Private Link
42828Orton, Barry NoelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 24211Private --Link
42829Orton, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19825Private --Link
42830Orton, Edward AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 202847Private [1] Army Service Corps S/4/084816 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 202847 Private Link
42831Orton, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps46226Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 46226 Private [2] London Regiment GS/92781 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92781 Private Link
42832Orton, R J TKing's Royal Rifle Corps30208- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 30208 - [2] Training Reserve Battalion 25806 - [3] Rifle Brigade S/27821 - [4] Royal Engineers 206717 - Link
42833Orton, Reuben FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21522Private --Link
42834Orton, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps7698Private --Link
42835Orton, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps58660Private [1] Northamptonshire Regiment 18886 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58660 Private [3] Labour Corps 581712 Private Link
42836Orton, Walter RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10497Serjeant --Link
42837Orton, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8607Private --Link
42838Orton, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY1002Private --Link
42839Orvis, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps64531Private [1] Rifle Brigade B/1207 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64531 Private Link
42840Orwell, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps55913Private [1] London Regiment 55913 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 55913 Private Link
42841Orwin, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps45552Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 5049 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 135373 Private [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 63323 Private [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45552 Private Link
42842Orwin, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12700Private --Link
42843Orwin, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 1001Private --Link
42844Osbaldeston, EdgarKing's Royal Rifle Corps17751Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 17751 Private [2] Labour Corps 209112 Private Link
42845Osbon, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13898Private --Link
42846Osborn, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25522Private --Link
42847Osborn, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25233Private --Link
42848Osborn, Frank RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3255Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/3255 Private [2] London Regiment 474674 Private Link
42849Osborn, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31251Private --Link
42850Osborn, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle Corps12927Private Acting Serjeant --Link
42851Osborn, Thomas SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 36194Private --Link
42852Osborn, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19899Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/19899 Serjeant [2] Rifle Brigade B/203257 Serjeant Link
42853Osborn, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps52363Private [1] London Regiment 725919 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52363 Private Link
42854Osborn-Harris, Julia[1] Royal Rifle Corps - Sister and Matron Link
42855Osborne, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 24045Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles 21722 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 24045 Private Link
42856Osborne, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps4278Lance Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4278 Lance Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4278 Corporal Link
42857Osborne, Alfred AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR17025Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R17025 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R17025 Private Link
42858Osborne, Alfred EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18847Private --Link
42859Osborne, Alfred T SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9700Private --Link
42860Osborne, Alfred WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202057Private --Link
42861Osborne, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps9205375Private --Link
42862Osborne, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps12342Private --Link
42863Osborne, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle Corps50268Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50268 Private [2] London Regiment 325909 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56819 Private Link
42864Osborne, Bertie AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200930Private [1] Essex Regiment 6201 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200930 Private Link
42865Osborne, Brian RosendaleKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/40924Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/40924 Private [2] Grenadier Guards - Second Lieutenant Link
42866Osborne, CecilKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11549Private --Link
42867Osborne, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR13/54297Private [1] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 17725 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR13/54297 Private Link
42868Osborne, Claude SKing's Royal Rifle Corps11644Private --Link
42869Osborne, Edgar WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1377- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/1377 - [2] Machine Gun Corps 19775 Serjeant Link
42870Osborne, Edwin JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 18288Private --Link
42871Osborne, Frank AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32268Private --Link
42872Osborne, Frank WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA475Private --Link
42873Osborne, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21117Private --Link
42874Osborne, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR484Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R484 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/762 Private Link
42875Osborne, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38049Private --Link
42876Osborne, Frederick G TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR16954Private --Link
42877Osborne, Frederick HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps61614Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] Bedfordshire Regiment 6887 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 6887 Warrant Officer Class 2 [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61614 Warrant Officer Class 2 [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42878Osborne, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle Corps04363Private [1] Rifle Brigade 50928 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 04363 Private Link
42879Osborne, Frederick WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Inns of Court Officers Training Corps 8225 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42880Osborne, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12721Private --Link
42881Osborne, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1113Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1113 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1113 Corporal Link
42882Osborne, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14926Private --Link
42883Osborne, George EKing's Royal Rifle Corps912815Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 912815 Private [2] Labour Corps 518029 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/102059 Private Link
42884Osborne, George HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2721Private --Link
42885Osborne, George JKing's Royal Rifle Corps48142Private [1] London Regiment 559714 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48142 Private Link
42886Osborne, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps191158Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 191158 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 191158 Serjeant Link
42887Osborne, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7126Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/7126 Private [2] London Regiment 540568 Private Link
42888Osborne, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps56526Private [1] London Regiment 12088 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56526 Private Link
42889Osborne, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps341Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 341 Private [2] Labour Corps 511172 Private [3] Labour Corps 693272 Private Link
42890Osborne, Henry G TKing's Royal Rifle Corps53867Private [1] London Regiment 53867 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53867 Private Link
42891Osborne, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/201287Private --Link
42892Osborne, Herbert SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 39679Private --Link
42893Osborne, J EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12797Private --Link
42894Osborne, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps3075Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3075 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3075 Acting Serjeant Link
42895Osborne, JesseKing's Royal Rifle Corps51224Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 495172 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51224 Private Link
42896Osborne, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14280Private --Link
42897Osborne, John EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12797Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/12797 Private [2] Army Service Corps R/366860 Private Link
42898Osborne, John VKing's Royal Rifle Corps6317Private --Link
42899Osborne, Joseph JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/28641Private --Link
42900Osborne, Percy EdmundKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 2558Private --Link
42901Osborne, Philip WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201029Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25967 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201029 Private Link
42902Osborne, RaymondKing's Royal Rifle Corps44285Private --Link
42903Osborne, Raymond HKing's Royal Rifle Corps65380Private [1] London Regiment 279317 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65380 Private Link
42904Osborne, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 205122Private --Link
42905Osborne, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps1292Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1292 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 491035 Serjeant Link
42906Osborne, Thomas EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18441Private --Link
42907Osborne, Walter HKing's Royal Rifle Corps46940Private --Link
42908Osborne, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA348Corporal --Link
42909Osborne, William AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA 202057Rifleman --Link
42910Osborne, William FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27616Lance Corporal --Link
42911Osborne, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps45007Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31513 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45007 Private Link
42912Osbourn, H GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38746Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/38746 Lance Corporal [2] Royal Army Veterinary Corps NA/365 Acting Corporal [3] Royal Army Veterinary Corps A/No7757607 Acting Corporal Link
42913Osbourn, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17434Private --Link
42914Osbourne, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56772Private [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 330918 Private [2] King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 36964 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56772 Private Link
42915Osbourne, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps56459Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56459 Private [2] London Regiment 418165 Private Link
42916Osbourne, Royal JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38069Private --Link
42917Osbourne, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/205122Rifleman --Link
42918Osbourne, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27647Private --Link
42919Osbourne, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3768Private --Link
42920Oscroft, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10480Private --Link
42921Oscroft, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10479Private --Link
42922Osgerby, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12852Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/12852 Serjeant [2] East Yorkshire Regiment attached West Yorkshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
42923Osman, Frank LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32338Private --Link
42924Osman, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25504Private --Link
42925Osman, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR26691Private --Link
42926Osment, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps7803Private --Link
42927Osmond, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle Corps11721Private --Link
42928Osmond, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps12892Private --Link
42929Ostick, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps4258Private --Link
42930Oswald, Herbert RKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 7129 - [2] London Regiment 513135 - [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42931Oswald, StuartKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
42932Othen, Arthur E TKing's Royal Rifle Corps61607Private [1] Wiltshire Regiment 26987 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61607 Private Link
42933Otley, Rowland WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12786Corporal --Link
42934Otley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3556Private --Link
42935Otley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps9216Private --Link
42936Ott, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34838Private --Link
42937Ottaway, D VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR37934Private --Link
42938Ottaway, DudleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37934Private --Link
42939Ottaway, Walter FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16559Private --Link
42940Otter, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps26564Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 26564 Private [2] Labour Corps 343904 Private Link
42941Otter, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps9085Private --Link
42942Otterwell, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5994Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5994 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5994 Corporal Link
42943Ottewell, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9950Private --Link
42944Ottey, SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/221Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/221 Lance Corporal [2] Royal Flying Corps 78602 Lance Corporal Link
42945Ottley, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1361Private --Link
42946Ottley, Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25457Private --Link
42947Ottrey, EricKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR16523Private --Link
42948Ottway, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33686Private --Link
42949Otway, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR36786Private --Link
42950Ough, Harry CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10584Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/10584 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42951Ougham, H UKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/2521Private --Link
42952Ougham, Harold OKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/2521Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/2521 Private [2] Royal Engineers 361140 Private Link
42953Oughton, Thomas CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5124Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5124 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5124 Corporal Link
42954Ould, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/3979Private --Link
42955Oulton, Henry CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR15515Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R15515 Private [2] Leinster Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
42956Outhwaite, Wallace SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30413Private --Link
42957Outten, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36046Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/36046 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 58619 Private Link
42958Outtrim, Ernest VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9711Private --Link
42959Ouzman, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37886Private --Link
42960Ovenall, Albert TKing's Royal Rifle Corps5887Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5887 Serjeant [2] Machine Gun Corps 36091 Serjeant Link
42961Ovenden, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps4383Private --Link
42962Ovenden, Joseph SedgwickKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Naval Air Service - Able Seaman [2] Royal Flying Corps 8357 Air Mechanic 2nd Class [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
42963Ovenden, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps505260Private [1] London Regiment 6197 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 505260 Private [3] London Regiment 505260 Private Link
42964Ovens, Albert GKing's Royal Rifle Corps9852Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9852 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9852 Private Link
42965Ovens, Frederick HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11205Private --Link
42966Over, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps10723Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10723 Private [2] Royal Engineers 91876 Private Link
42967Overall, Edward AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 7269Private --Link
42968Overall, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31682Private --Link
42969Overall, George SKing's Royal Rifle Corps65281Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/18140 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65281 Private Link
42970Overall, VictorKing's Royal Rifle Corps48038Serjeant [1] Machine Gun Corps 6668 Serjeant [2] London Regiment 392942 Serjeant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48038 Serjeant Link
42971Overett, Ernest EKing's Royal Rifle Corps28575Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 28575 Private [2] Norfolk Regiment 34385 Private [3] Royal Engineers 358705 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/284309 Private Link
42972Overett, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 30136Private --Link
42973Overington, Stephen EKing's Royal Rifle Corps7920Private --Link
42974Overnell, John SKing's Royal Rifle Corps54006Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles 39686 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54006 Private Link
42975Overton, Charles AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9825Private --Link
42976Overton, Charles EKing's Royal Rifle Corps201411Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 201411 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/437296 Private Link
42977Overton, Charles GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 38390Private --Link
42978Overton, Edward HKing's Royal Rifle Corps40242Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 40242 Private [2] Labour Corps 613604 Private Link
42979Overton, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps25185Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25185 Private [2] Labour Corps 470289 Private Link
42980Overton, Ernest DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19431Private --Link
42981Overton, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35220Private --Link
42982Overton, Harold HKing's Royal Rifle Corps2957Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2957 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] Machine Gun Corps - Lieutenant Link
42983Overton, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7021Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/7021 Serjeant [2] Royal Army Service Corps 396613 Private Link
42984Overton, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA20390Private [1] Army Service Corps T28719 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A20390 Private Link
42985Overton, W EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR - 11771Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R - 11771 Private [2] Royal Air Force 133019 Private Link
42986Overty, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21Private --Link
42987Overy, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2118Private --Link
42988Owen, AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1977Lance Corporal --Link
42989Owen, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps47670Private --Link
42990Owen, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps12926Private --Link
42991Owen, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7323Private --Link
42992Owen, Arthur AKing's Royal Rifle Corps345Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 345 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 345 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
42993Owen, Arthur ArnoldKing's Royal Rifle Corps345Company Quarter Master Serjeant --Link
42994Owen, CalebKing's Royal Rifle Corps7831Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7831 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7831 Private Link
42995Owen, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps43954Private [1] London Regiment 8441 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43954 Private [3] Labour Corps 517998 Private [4] Royal Fusiliers GS-102058 Private Link
42996Owen, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle Corps52164Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52164 Private [2] Corps of Lancers L/14932 Private Link
42997Owen, Charles JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32461Private --Link
42998Owen, EdgarKing's Royal Rifle Corps56068Private [1] Somerset Light Infantry 32724 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56068 Private Link
42999Owen, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200546Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/21516 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200546 Private Link
43000Owen, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps8854Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8854 Private [2] Labour Corps 153977 Private [3] Army Service Corps T/438210 Private Link
43001Owen, Ernest GKing's Royal Rifle Corps47380Private --Link
43002Owen, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle Corps36787Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36787 Private [2] Labour Corps 470608 Private [3] East Lancashire Regiment 32693 Private Link
43003Owen, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot62136Rifleman --Link
43004Owen, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps58224Private --Link
43005Owen, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3917Private --Link
43006Owen, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps8602Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8602 Private [2] Labour Corps 680830 Private Link
43007Owen, Frederick CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1600Rifleman --Link
43008Owen, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9158Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/9158 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 45738 Private Link
43009Owen, George AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC13020Private --Link
43010Owen, George LKing's Royal Rifle Corps6763Lance Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6763 Lance Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6763 Serjeant Link
43011Owen, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10681Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10681 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10681 Private Link
43012Owen, HKing's Royal Rifle Corps62761Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 62761 Private [2] Royal West Surrey Regiment 6076099 Private Link
43013Owen, H NKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8822Private --Link
43014Owen, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR18822Private --Link
43015Owen, Harry HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14577Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/14577 Acting Corporal [2] Cheshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
43016Owen, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2546Private --Link
43017Owen, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9171Private --Link
43018Owen, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11111Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 11111 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 11111 Serjeant Link
43019Owen, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4865Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5/4865 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 336973 Private Link
43020Owen, James HKing's Royal Rifle Corps37756Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37756 Private [2] Labour Corps 663173 Private Link
43021Owen, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201118Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 10583 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201118 Private Link
43022Owen, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 200209Private --Link
43023Owen, John JKing's Royal Rifle Corps65154Private [1] London Regiment 554332 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65154 Private Link
43024Owen, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps1741Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1741 Private [2] Labour Corps 410483 Serjeant Link
43025Owen, John WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps6132Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6132 Private [2] King's Liverpool Regiment 103049 Lance Corporal Link
43026Owen, LewellynKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR 9811Regimental Serjeant Major --Link
43027Owen, MarkKing's Royal Rifle Corps7031Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7031 Private [2] London Regiment 325912 Lance Corporal Link
43028Owen, O SKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
43029Owen, Richard TKing's Royal Rifle Corps10625Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10625 Lance Corporal [2] Army Ordnance Corps 037403 Private Link
43030Owen, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37725Private --Link
43031Owen, Robert LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 921Private --Link
43032Owen, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20765Corporal --Link
43033Owen, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps12716Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12716 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 13621 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers 17788 Private Link
43034Owen, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3523Private --Link
43035Owen, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3523Private --Link
43036Owen, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps11377Serjeant --Link
43037Owen, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11521Private --Link
43038Owen, Walter HKing's Royal Rifle Corps761Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 761 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 761 Private Link
43039Owen, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39237Private --Link
43040Owen, Walter TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/3659Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/3659 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 76185 Private Link
43041Owen, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps193Private --Link
43042Owen, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7388Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/15194 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/7388 Private Link
43043Owen, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1230Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 1230 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 1230 Serjeant Link
43044Owen, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1375Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1375 Corporal [2] Highland Light Infantry 52130 Corporal Link
43045Owen, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps2879Private --Link
43046Owen, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps57319Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/35729 Driver [2] King's Shropshire Light Infantry 44424 Driver [3] Rifle Brigade 57319 Driver [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57319 Driver [5] Labour Corps 621327 Driver Link
43047Owen, William EKing's Royal Rifle Corps2879Private --Link
43048Owen, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38045Private --Link
43049Owen, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps5790Private --Link
43050Owens, Douglas GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13520Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/13520 Private [2] Royal Engineers 252896 Private Link
43051Owens, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps58221Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 260114 Private [2] Labour Corps 416004 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58221 Private Link
43052Owens, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR26725Private --Link
43053Owens, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 39480Private --Link
43054Owens, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Colour Serjeant --Link
43055Owens, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5337Private --Link
43056Owens, John GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5851Private --Link
43057Owens, Leslie SKing's Royal Rifle Corps12556Private --Link
43058Owens, Owen AKing's Royal Rifle Corps5994Private --Link
43059Owens, Samuel WKing's Royal Rifle Corps201950Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 201950 Private [2] Labour Corps 616669 Private Link
43060Owens, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps11377Serjeant --Link
43061Owens, TerenceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13426Private --Link
43062Owens, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps11377Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11377 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11377 Serjeant Link
43063Owens, Vincent Richard William[1] Royal Rifle Corps 42033 - [2] Middlesex Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
43064Owens, WyndhamKing's Royal Rifle Corps8392Private --Link
43065Ower, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201614Private --Link
43066Owers, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps64404Private [1] Rifle Brigade 50805 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64404 Private Link
43067Owers, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/27750Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/27750 Private [2] London Regiment GS/84023 Private Link
43068Owings, RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps8471Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8471 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 79295 Private [3] Army Cyclist Corps 5691 Private Link
43069Owttrim, Henry TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18429Private --Link
43070Oxford, Boyd FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13911Private --Link
43071Oxlade, Alfred AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17365Private --Link
43072Oxlade, DanielKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1546Private --Link
43073Oxley, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7648Private --Link
43074Oxley, Bertram CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29429Acting Corporal --Link
43075Oxley, BrittainKing's Royal Rifle Corps8850Private --Link
43076Oxley, G SKing's Royal Rifle Corps/ King's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant /Temporary Captain --Link
43077Oxley, G SKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
43078Oxley, G SKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
43079Oxley, Gerald MKing's Royal Rifle Corps44633Private --Link
43080Oxley, Gerald StewartKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
43081Oxley, HKing's Royal Rifle Corps6547Company Serjeant Major [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6547 Company Serjeant Major [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6547 Temporary Serjeant Major Link
43082Oxley, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps6547Colour Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6547 Colour Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6547 Warrant Officer Class 1 Link
43083Oxley, Horace GrantKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
43084Oxley, J AKing's Royal Rifle Corps8809Private --Link
43085Oxley, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 31396Private --Link
43086Oxley, John RKing's Royal Rifle Corps8809Private --Link
43087Oxley, Thomas EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps4442Company Serjeant Major [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4442 Company Serjeant Major [2] King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - Lieutenant Link
43088Oxtoby, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19869Acting Serjeant --Link
43089Oxtoby, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps58817Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 35245 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58817 Private Link
43090Oyke, IsaacKing's Royal Rifle Corps12255Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12255 Private [2] Labour Corps 570348 Private Link
43091Ozard, Francis HKing's Royal Rifle Corps56109Serjeant [1] Gloucestershire Regiment 7713 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56109 Serjeant Link