Geoff's Great War Regiment A-Z List

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King's Royal Rifle Corps Table: L

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33920L'argent, Edgar JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200721 (incomplete)Private [1] Royal Irish Fusiliers S/22465 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200721 (incomplete) Private Link
33921La Monte, Lawrence DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17240Private --Link
33922La Roche, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps880100Private [1] London Regiment 6118 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 880100 Private [3] Royal Engineers 350869 Private Link
33923La Terriere, H M B de SalesKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] Essex Regiment - Lieutenant Colonel Link
33924Laborde, Albert ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA200060Private --Link
33925Labrom, Walter AKing's Royal Rifle Corps58419Private [1] Royal Sussex Regiment S/16997 Private [2] Labour Corps 397574 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58419 Private Link
33926Labrom, William CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32122Private --Link
33927Labrow, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps60472Private [1] Royal Engineers 275140 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 60472 Private Link
33928Labrum, Sidney BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot44451Private --Link
33929Lace, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle Corps33537Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 33537 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 142748 Private Link
33930Lacey, Albert TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8392Private --Link
33931Lacey, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR32130Private --Link
33932Lacey, C DKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Lieutenant --Link
33933Lacey, C DKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
33934Lacey, C D McKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Lieutenant --Link
33935Lacey, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps13104Private [1] Royal Army Service Corps S/34250 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13104 Private Link
33936Lacey, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 39573Private --Link
33937Lacey, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1364 (incomplete)Private --Link
33938Lacey, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps348368Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 348368 Private [2] Army Service Corps T-456766 Private Link
33939Lacey, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20275Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/20275 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203707 Private Link
33940Lacey, John JKing's Royal Rifle Corps12221Private [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 20335 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12221 Private Link
33941Lacey, RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16600Corporal --Link
33942Lacey, RostronKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16600Corporal --Link
33943Lacey, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11222Private --Link
33944Lacey, Thomas HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
33945Lacey, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps10085Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10085 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 49185 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7809224 Private Link
33946Lacey, William RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11840Private --Link
33947Lack, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps47624Private --Link
33948Lack, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps54328Private --Link
33949Lack, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22417Private --Link
33950Lack, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps65104Private [1] Rifle Brigade 49444 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65104 Private Link
33951Lackenby, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12082Private --Link
33952Lackey, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9247Private --Link
33953Lackman, EliasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25384Private --Link
33954Lacy, C EKing's Royal Rifle Corps13104Private [1] Army Service Corps S/34250 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13104 Private Link
33955Lacy, Claud BKing's Royal Rifle Corps45398Private --Link
33956Lacy, Sydney AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4073Private --Link
33957Ladams, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1039Private --Link
33958Ladbrook, Geoffrey MKing's Royal Rifle Corps205761Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 205761 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52091 Private Link
33959Ladbrook, Herbert GKing's Royal Rifle Corps10323Private --Link
33960Ladbrook, WLate King's Royal Rifle CorpsA/3079Private --Link
33961Ladbrook, William EKing's Royal Rifle Corps11934Private --Link
33962Ladd, Alfred WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC4095Private --Link
33963Ladd, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle Corps5777Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5777 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5777 Serjeant Link
33964Ladds, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle Corps16520Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16520 Corporal [2] Royal Engineers 198385 Corporal [3] Royal Engineers WR/257804 Corporal Link
33965Ladds, Joseph EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23101Private --Link
33966Ladson, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps7921Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7921 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7921 Corporal Link
33967Ladyman, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4876Private --Link
33968Lafener, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/27312Private --Link
33969Laffineur, EmileKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR36144Private --Link
33970Lafleur, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps21794Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 21794 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 31631 Private Link
33971Lagden, Ronald OwenKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
33972Lagdon, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps59737Private --Link
33973Lagdon, Walter SKing's Royal Rifle Corps47631Private --Link
33974Lagoe, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6681Private --Link
33975Laidlaw, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9541Colour Serjeant --Link
33976Laidler, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps16175Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16175 Private [2] Labour Corps 128444 Private Link
33977Laidler, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38747Private --Link
33978Laidler, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201014Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25995 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201014 Private Link
33979Laidler, William CKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1217Private --Link
33980Lailey, Jethro HKing's Royal Rifle Corps50131Private --Link
33981Lain, Manriel GKing's Royal Rifle Corps56310Private [1] London Regiment 5208 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56310 Private [3] London Regiment 348370 Private Link
33982Laine, Charles JanionKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6553Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/6553 Serjeant [2] Somerset Light Infantry attached Machine Gun Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
33983Laing, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14993Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/14993 Private [2] Essex Regiment 36449 Private Link
33984Laing, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40752Private --Link
33985Lainson, Alexander JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major [1] Labour Corps - Major [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major Link
33986Lainton, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9124Private --Link
33987Lainton, David WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11963Private --Link
33988Laird, James DKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
33989Laird, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200040Private [1] London Regiment 3721 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200040 Private Link
33990Laird, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37980Private --Link
33991Laister, John RKing's Royal Rifle Corps1222Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1222 Private [2] Labour Corps 449850 Private Link
33992Lait, Henry SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200190Private [1] London Regiment 4236 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200190 Private [3] British Red Cross Society A/200190 Ordinary Seaman Link
33993Laite, Frank HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32324Acting Corporal --Link
33994Laity, JosiahKing's Royal Rifle Corps7358Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7358 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7358 Private Link
33995Lake, A HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/22737Private --Link
33996Lake, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps4967Private --Link
33997Lake, Alfred HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/22737Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/22737 Corporal [2] London Regiment 92702 Corporal [3] London Regiment 241879 Corporal Link
33998Lake, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16636Corporal --Link
33999Lake, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4269 (incomplete)Private --Link
34000Lake, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23623Private --Link
34001Lake, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3431Private --Link
34002Lake, George BKing's Royal Rifle Corps202541Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 202541 Private [2] Royal Army Service Corps T/434449 Driver Link
34003Lake, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37633Private --Link
34004Lake, Joseph GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201501Private --Link
34005Lake, Wallace EKing's Royal Rifle Corps50130Private --Link
34006Lake, William SKing's Royal Rifle Corps64271Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45808 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64271 Private Link
34007Lakeman, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204467Private --Link
34008Laker, Harry OKing's Royal Rifle Corps31395Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 31395 Private [2] Royal Engineers 248681 Private [3] Labour Corps 424035 Private Link
34009Laker, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/34255Private --Link
34010Laker, Leonard SKing's Royal Rifle Corps47351Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47351 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment L/11775 Private Link
34011Laker, Stephen FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12068Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/12068 Lance Corporal [2] Cheshire Regiment 51940 Private [3] Rifle Brigade 45023 Private Link
34012Laker, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39253Private --Link
34013Lakey, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps21698Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 21698 Private [2] Labour Corps 513398 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/103112 Private Link
34014Lakin, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps71622Private --Link
34015Laland, Reginald TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 2594Private --Link
34016Lalley, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps3686Private --Link
34017Lalley, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1119Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1119 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1119 Private Link
34018Lally, Patrick TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2540Private --Link
34019Lally, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1119Private --Link
34020Lamb, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 27686Private --Link
34021Lamb, Alex W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56432Private --Link
34022Lamb, ArnoldKing's Royal Rifle Corps61624Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61624 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6838706 Private Link
34023Lamb, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps3175Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3175 Private [2] North Staffordshire Regiment 44838 (incomplete) Serjeant Link
34024Lamb, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16936Private --Link
34025Lamb, George AKing's Royal Rifle Corps49289Private [1] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 83781 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49289 Private Link
34026Lamb, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps56503- [1] London Regiment 3914 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56503 - Link
34027Lamb, Harry AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR-21854Private --Link
34028Lamb, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps7945Private --Link
34029Lamb, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps1789Private --Link
34030Lamb, James ADepot King's Royal Rifle CorpsR/27273Private --Link
34031Lamb, James EKing's Royal Rifle Corps9784Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9784 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9784 Serjeant Link
34032Lamb, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps10028Serjeant --Link
34033Lamb, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps10028Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10028 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10028 Corporal Link
34034Lamb, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19642Private --Link
34035Lamb, John Edward StewartKing's Royal Rifle Corps-- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - - [2] King's African Rifles - Lieutenant Link
34036Lamb, John RKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Scots 40415 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34037Lamb, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9723Private --Link
34038Lamb, MauriceKing's Royal Rifle Corps43640Private [1] West Riding Regiment 23212 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43640 Private Link
34039Lamb, William PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7745Private --Link
34040Lambe, PercyKing's Royal Rifle Corps15234- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 15234 - [2] Royal Engineers 134221 Serjeant Link
34041Lambell, Edward CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23657Private --Link
34042Lambert, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200285Private [1] London Regiment 6367 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200285 Private Link
34043Lambert, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot44257Private --Link
34044Lambert, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/35737Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/35737 Private [2] Royal Air Force 138078 Private Link
34045Lambert, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3688Private --Link
34046Lambert, Albert GKing's Royal Rifle Corps11871Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11871 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/5618 Private [3] Royal Army Service Corps T/42086 Private Link
34047Lambert, Albert HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33435Private --Link
34048Lambert, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29353Private --Link
34049Lambert, Alfred ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA200368Private --Link
34050Lambert, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10687Private --Link
34051Lambert, C H GKing's Royal Rifle Corps10486Private --Link
34052Lambert, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle Corps10486Private --Link
34053Lambert, EdgarKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2002Private --Link
34054Lambert, Edwin JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204149Private --Link
34055Lambert, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle Corps61936Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 131654 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61936 Private Link
34056Lambert, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR784Private --Link
34057Lambert, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle Corps47625Private --Link
34058Lambert, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33843Rifleman --Link
34059Lambert, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR603Private --Link
34060Lambert, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle Corps47634Private --Link
34061Lambert, G EKing's Royal Rifle Corps731Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 731 Serjeant [2] Royal Air Force 88285 Serjeant Link
34062Lambert, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5155Private --Link
34063Lambert, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1604Private --Link
34064Lambert, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3471Private --Link
34065Lambert, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8121Private --Link
34066Lambert, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps49604Private [1] London Regiment 534816 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49604 Private Link
34067Lambert, Harry HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12674Private --Link
34068Lambert, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps47339Private --Link
34069Lambert, Jack FellowsKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34070Lambert, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/9597Serjeant --Link
34071Lambert, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19189Private --Link
34072Lambert, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2654Private --Link
34073Lambert, Leslie HKing's Royal Rifle Corps44612Private --Link
34074Lambert, Montague ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] The Queen's Regiment G/3377 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34075Lambert, N JKing's Royal Rifle Corps12179Rifleman --Link
34076Lambert, Percy CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12655Private --Link
34077Lambert, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle Corps1107Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1107 Private [2] Labour Corps 579749 Private Link
34078Lambert, Reginald EKing's Royal Rifle Corps51980Private [1] London Regiment 324807 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51980 Private Link
34079Lambert, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 6488 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34080Lambert, Robert WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12595Private --Link
34081Lambert, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle Corps4754Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4754 Private [2] Labour Corps 510885 Private Link
34082Lambert, Stanley KKing's Royal Rifle Corps313957Private --Link
34083Lambert, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5322Private --Link
34084Lambert, Thomas JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34021Private --Link
34085Lambert, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps58207Private [1] West Riding Regiment 9/15143 Private [2] Labour Corps 426132 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58207 Private Link
34086Lambert, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/3745Private --Link
34087Lambert, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22036Private --Link
34088Lambert, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps12179Private --Link
34089Lambert, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3478Private --Link
34090Lambert, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9356Private --Link
34091Lambert, William J HKing's Royal Rifle Corps44258Private --Link
34092Lambert, William LKing's Royal Rifle Corps465013Private [1] London Regiment 423760 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 465013 Private [3] London Regiment 465013 Private Link
34093Lamberton, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps10134Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10134 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10134 Corporal Link
34094Lambeth, George EKing's Royal Rifle Corps731Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 731 Serjeant [2] Royal Flying Corps 88285 Serjeant Link
34095Lambeth, Henry SKing's Royal Rifle Corps200720Private [1] Rifle Brigade 23084 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 200720 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 609753 Private Link
34096Lambillion, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps4924Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4924 Private [2] Royal Engineers 155958 Private Link
34097Lambirth, Edward HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR/13/62132Private [1] London Regiment 4606 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR/13/62132 Private Link
34098Lambkin, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps10130Lance Corporal --Link
34099Lambkin, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps10130Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10130 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10130 Private Link
34100Lamble, Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle Corps10171Private --Link
34101Lambley, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps12329Private --Link
34102Lambley, John J DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7869Private --Link
34103Lambley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12774Private --Link
34104Lamboll, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4181Private --Link
34105Lambon, Allan S CKing's Royal Rifle Corps6423Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6423 Acting Corporal [2] Labour Corps 575841 Acting Corporal Link
34106Lambourn, George TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20666Private --Link
34107Lambourne, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps56663Private [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry TF 265255 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56663 Private [3] Army Service Corps ET/49576 Private [4] Army Service Corps 5376310 Private Link
34108Lambourne, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps507965Private [1] Northamptonshire Regiment 7965 Private [2] Labour Corps 40615 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 507965 Private Link
34109Lambourne, William TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6734Private --Link
34110Lambton, Percy EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12783Corporal --Link
34111Lamburn, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25200Private --Link
34112Lamerton, Montague HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203215Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/16806 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203215 Private Link
34113Laming, Percy AKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
34114Laming, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsB/37866Private --Link
34115Lammas, Arthur AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22164Private --Link
34116Lammus, William C JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202664Private --Link
34117Lamond, Kenneth LKing's Royal Rifle Corps12611Serjeant --Link
34118Lamparter, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle Corps21008Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 21008 Private [2] Labour Corps 583012 Private Link
34119Lampitt, Frank AKing's Royal Rifle Corps46959Private --Link
34120Lampon, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32033Private --Link
34121Lampwright, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37981Private --Link
34122Lanaway, William FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32759Private --Link
34123Lancaster, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsG204871Private --Link
34124Lancaster, EricKing's Royal Rifle Corps12352Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12352 Private [2] Labour Corps 616407 Private Link
34125Lancaster, George EKing's Royal Rifle Corps45252Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/260428 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45252 Driver [3] Northumberland Fusiliers 79321 Driver Link
34126Lancaster, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/753Acting Corporal --Link
34127Lancaster, Herbert WKing's Royal Rifle Corps64273Private [1] Rifle Brigade 41033 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64273 Private Link
34128Lancaster, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps4157Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4157 Private [2] Military Foot Police 15498 Private Link
34129Lancaster, J WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7280Private --Link
34130Lancaster, James WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7280Private --Link
34131Lancaster, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 1172Private --Link
34132Lancaster, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37110Private --Link
34133Lancaster, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR13/17640Private --Link
34134Lancaster, Thomas HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps9108Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9108 Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 14870 Corporal [3] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 1044 Corporal Link
34135Lancaster, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1299Private --Link
34136Lance, Guy NormanKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] Royal Fusiliers PS/6544 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
34137Lanckham, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1568Private --Link
34138Lancley, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps52183Private [1] London Regiment 278051 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52183 Private Link
34139Land, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-205101Private --Link
34140Land, Ambrose EKing's Royal Rifle Corps11970Private [1] Army Cyclist Corps 415 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11970 Private Link
34141Land, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19487Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/19487 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 70487 Private Link
34142Land, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/36878Private --Link
34143Land, G GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2842Private --Link
34144Land, George BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37167Private --Link
34145Land, George GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2842Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2842 Private [2] Tank Corps 305333 Private Link
34146Land, Gordon WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 41177Private --Link
34147Land, J RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 60177Private --Link
34148Land, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25092Private --Link
34149Land, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps1523Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1523 Private [2] Labour Corps 491041 Private Link
34150Land, William EdgarKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9942Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 9942 Private [2] Welsh Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
34151Landale, CyrilKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
34152Lander, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6125Private --Link
34153Lander, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/4355Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/4355 Private [2] Gloucestershire Regiment 53232 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/101205 Sapper [4] Royal Defence Corps 53232 Sapper [5] Gloucestershire Regiment 48302 Sapper Link
34154Lander, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20629Private --Link
34155Lander, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7521Private --Link
34156Lander, Reginald S GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6139Private --Link
34157Lander, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205352Private --Link
34158Landridge, James HKing's Royal Rifle Corps50336Private [1] Suffolk Regiment 51811 Private [2] Essex Regiment 44401 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50336 Private Link
34159Landrigan, Edward GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 29350Private --Link
34160Lands, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32698Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/32698 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 038848 Private Link
34161Landsdowne, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4188Private --Link
34162Landy, Charles VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6043Private --Link
34163Lane, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204379Private --Link
34164Lane, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/9636Rifleman --Link
34165Lane, Albert GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10737Private --Link
34166Lane, Albert WKing's Royal Rifle Corps44259Private --Link
34167Lane, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/41947Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/41947 Private [2] London Regiment 556672 Private Link
34168Lane, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6077Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6077 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B203317 Private Link
34169Lane, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 17509Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 17509 Acting Corporal [2] Rifle Brigade B 203403 Acting Corporal Link
34170Lane, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 5740Private --Link
34171Lane, C HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/320Corporal --Link
34172Lane, C WKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
34173Lane, Cecil EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsM/205531Private --Link
34174Lane, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1212Private --Link
34175Lane, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1212Private --Link
34176Lane, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/320Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/320 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/320 Serjeant Link
34177Lane, Claude TKing's Royal Rifle Corps9818Private --Link
34178Lane, Clement WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY1896Private --Link
34179Lane, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201281Acting Serjeant --Link
34180Lane, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203214Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/16731 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203214 Private Link
34181Lane, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle Corps36454Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36454 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 039080 Private Link
34182Lane, EnockKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12419Private --Link
34183Lane, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201281Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
34184Lane, Ernest FrancisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37461Private --Link
34185Lane, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Staff Serjeant --Link
34186Lane, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 203923Private [1] Army Service Corps 52 10708 Private Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 203923 Private Link
34187Lane, Frederick J[1] Royal Irish Rifles 54185 Private [2] Royal Rifle Corps 56279 Private Link
34188Lane, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle Corps4957Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4957 Private [2] Labour Corps 646440 Private Link
34189Lane, George WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR7292Private --Link
34190Lane, Harry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps50132Private --Link
34191Lane, Harry J TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 32740Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 32740 Private [2] Royal Air Force 337168 Private Link
34192Lane, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33615Private --Link
34193Lane, Herbert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps8207Private --Link
34194Lane, Herbert WKing's Royal Rifle Corps1633Sapper [1] Royal Engineers 341485 Sapper [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1633 Sapper [3] Training Reserve Battalion 13/25608 Sapper Link
34195Lane, Horace EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12645Private --Link
34196Lane, HowardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/3077Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/3077 Private [2] Royal Field Artillery 265340 Filter Link
34197Lane, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 14896Private --Link
34198Lane, John HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/26805Private --Link
34199Lane, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3350Private --Link
34200Lane, LeslieKing's Royal Rifle Corps41818Rifleman --Link
34201Lane, LeslieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41818Private [1] Gloucestershire Regiment 12275 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R41818 Private Link
34202Lane, MauriceKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotY1806Rifleman --Link
34203Lane, MorrisKing's Royal Rifle Corps71806Private --Link
34204Lane, Percy JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35340Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R35340 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps Cavalry 134529 Private Link
34205Lane, Percy JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201828Private --Link
34206Lane, Richard FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205532Private --Link
34207Lane, Robert GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps11414Private --Link
34208Lane, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle Corps13215- --Link
34209Lane, SydneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3318- --Link
34210Lane, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps9151Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9151 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps S/8284 Lance Corporal Link
34211Lane, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11526Private --Link
34212Lane, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/456Private --Link
34213Lane, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1111Private --Link
34214Lane, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps13011Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13011 Private [2] London Regiment L/17786 Private Link
34215Lane, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps12097Private --Link
34216Lane, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY876Private --Link
34217Lane, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16522Private --Link
34218Lane, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9241Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 9241 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 9241 Serjeant Link
34219Lane, William SKing's Royal Rifle Corps16154Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16154 Private [2] Labour Corps 345619 Private Link
34220Lanes, John HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/26805Private --Link
34221Laney, Claude H BKing's Royal Rifle Corps65090Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46491 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65090 Private Link
34222Laney, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1254Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1254 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1254 Private Link
34223Lanfear, ElijahKing's Royal Rifle Corps8142Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8142 Private [2] Royal Engineers 37681 Sapper Link
34224Lang, ArchibaldKing's Royal Rifle Corps4/203241Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/16667 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4/203241 Private Link
34225Lang, Archibald BlackleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 17712Private --Link
34226Lang, Cyril JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44095Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44095 Private [2] London Regiment 565212 Private Link
34227Lang, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle Corps49368Private [1] London Regiment 492105 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49368 Private Link
34228Lang, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA201244Private --Link
34229Lang, George RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2227Private --Link
34230Lang, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6032Lance Corporal --Link
34231Lang, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1185Serjeant --Link
34232Lang, Jesse GKing's Royal Rifle Corps2351Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2351 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 387212 Private Link
34233Lang, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6558Private --Link
34234Lang, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6032Private --Link
34235Lang, John H PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20887Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/20887 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203574 Private [3] Rifle Brigade TR/13/82837 Private Link
34236Lang, Joseph EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200454Private [1] London Regiment 4596 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200454 Private Link
34237Lang, Reginald JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5582Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/5582 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 146257 Private Link
34238Lang, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201503Private --Link
34239Lang, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps7767Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7767 Private [2] Labour Corps 318383 Private Link
34240Langabeer, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps8481Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8481 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8481 Private Link
34241Langan, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps52308Private [1] London Regiment 52308 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52308 Private Link
34242Langdale, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22044Private --Link
34243Langdale, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13618Private --Link
34244Langdell, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps56562Private --Link
34245Langdill, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7298Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7298 Private [2] Royal Field Artillery 265135 Driver Link
34246Langdon, Albert TKing's Royal Rifle Corps11286Private --Link
34247Langdon, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle Corps4307Private --Link
34248Langdon, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA 204996Private --Link
34249Langdon, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 204996Private [1] Army Service Corps S4 056487 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 204996 Private Link
34250Langdon, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR 19892Private --Link
34251Langdon, HubertKing's Royal Rifle Corps44979Private --Link
34252Lange, George H JKing's Royal Rifle Corps14936Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14936 Private [2] Labour Corps 572448 Private Link
34253Langfield, Edward AKing's Royal Rifle Corps13026Private --Link
34254Langfield, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21164Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21164 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/384950 Private Link
34255Langford, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40663Private --Link
34256Langford, H HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11045Private --Link
34257Langford, Herbert HardingKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34219Private --Link
34258Langford, Isaac JKing's Royal Rifle Corps58631Private [1] Lancashire Hussars 29449 Private [2] Labour Corps 479755 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58631 Private Link
34259Langford, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps6506Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6506 Private [2] Labour Corps 575032 Private Link
34260Langford, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20113Corporal --Link
34261Langford, John JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34262Langford, Robert HKing's Royal Rifle Corps3217Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3217 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/275957 Sapper [3] Royal Engineers 306927 Sapper Link
34263Langford, Wallace GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34264Langford, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205533Private --Link
34265Langham, Edgar WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 13667Private --Link
34266Langham, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 31340Private --Link
34267Langham, Fred LKing's Royal Rifle Corps64561Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46075 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64561 Private Link
34268Langham, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6547Private --Link
34269Langham, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps51179Private [1] London Regiment 322533 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51179 Private Link
34270Langham, John HKing's Royal Rifle Corps1185Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1185 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 49892 Private Link
34271Langham, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13667Private --Link
34272Langhelt, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 23930Private --Link
34273Langher, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps4822Private --Link
34274Langhorn, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/281197Private --Link
34275Langley, Archibald GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/674Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/674 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/376796 Private Link
34276Langley, Arthur AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33434Private --Link
34277Langley, Edward W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps32564Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 32564 Private [2] Labour Corps 563331 Private Link
34278Langley, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Colour Serjeant --Link
34279Langley, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6950Private --Link
34280Langley, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33190Private --Link
34281Langley, George ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Lancers 6531 Corporal [2] Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34282Langley, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR127Private --Link
34283Langley, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9187Private --Link
34284Langley, Henry GKing's Royal Rifle Corps6786Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6786 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 412280 Serjeant [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/102413 Serjeant Link
34285Langley, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps51485Private [1] London Regiment 880917 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51485 Private Link
34286Langley, Henry RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1303Private --Link
34287Langley, Herbert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13577Private --Link
34288Langley, John RKing's Royal Rifle Corps3205Private --Link
34289Langley, Percy T GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19324Private --Link
34290Langley, Samuel HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/39590Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/39590 Private [2] London Regiment R/39590 Private [3] London Regiment 540526 Private Link
34291Langley, Thomas BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27740Private --Link
34292Langley, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps60242Private [1] The Queen's Regiment 31189 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 60242 Private Link
34293Langley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps9860Private --Link
34294Langley, William E RKing's Royal Rifle Corps04774Acting Corporal --Link
34295Langley, William GKing's Royal Rifle Corps65144Private [1] London Regiment 554895 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65144 Private Link
34296Langridge, Alfred J[1] Kings Royal Rifle Corps 12770 Private Link
34297Langridge, Charles E[1] Rifle Brigade 46076 Private [2] Kings Royal Rifle Corps 64438 Private Link
34298Langridge, Eric R C G[1] Kings Royal Rifle Corps 205534 Private [2] Labour Corps 656039 Private Link
34299Langridge, Frederick G[1] Kings Royal Rifle Corps 50309 Private [2] Royal Munster Fusiliers 35264 Private Link
34300Langridge, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsG/9685Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps G/9685 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/376137 Private Link
34301Langridge, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 18393Private --Link
34302Langridge, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps716Private --Link
34303Langridge, Leslie HKing's Royal Rifle Corps10931Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10931 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10931 Private Link
34304Langridge, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9881Private --Link
34305Langridge, Robert N AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 729Private --Link
34306Langsdale, James HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41042Private --Link
34307Langshaw, C MKing's Royal Rifle Corps/ Indian Army Reserve of Officers-Serjeant Major/ Captain --Link
34308Langshaw, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9672Private --Link
34309Langstaff, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6831Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6831 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6831 Acting Serjeant Link
34310Langstaff, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1537Serjeant --Link
34311Langston, C EKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/3200Private --Link
34312Langston, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36238Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/36238 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 9/42049 Private Link
34313Langston, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps51407Private [1] London Regiment 492223 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51407 Private Link
34314Langston, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps57966Private [1] Suffolk Regiment 27305 Private [2] Labour Corps 406149 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57966 Private [4] Middlesex Regiment L/20959 Private Link
34315Langston, HubertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29507Private --Link
34316Langston, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps11132Private --Link
34317Langston, John EKing's Royal Rifle Corps7929Serjeant --Link
34318Langston, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14596Private --Link
34319Langston, William W JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3415Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/3415 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment G/26025 Private Link
34320Langton, Arthur Henry BrodieKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
34321Langton, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205535Private --Link
34322Langton, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12444Private --Link
34323Langton, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30433Private --Link
34324Langton, William DKing's Royal Rifle Corps64357Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45844 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64357 Private Link
34325Langwell, E HKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34326Langwith, Leslie HKing's Royal Rifle Corps4204153Private --Link
34327Langworth, SydneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/4100Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/4100 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34328Lanham, AndrewKing's Royal Rifle Corps4887Private --Link
34329Lanigan, Leonard WKing's Royal Rifle Corps94Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 94 Private [2] Royal Air Force 105177 Private Link
34330Lankester, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR7006Private --Link
34331Lankshear, Hector AKing's Royal Rifle Corps53895Private --Link
34332Lankston, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10102Private --Link
34333Lannigan, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13931Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R13931 Private [2] Royal Engineers 619671 Private Link
34334Lanning, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle Corps6118Lance Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6118 Lance Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6118 Private Link
34335Lanning, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/246Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y/246 Serjeant [2] Nigeria Regiment Y/246 Serjeant Link
34336Lanning, James JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201595Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201595 Private [2] London Regiment 568213 Private Link
34337Lansdowe, George BKing's Royal Rifle Corps47345Corporal --Link
34338Lant, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps9752Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9752 Private [2] Labour Corps 470655 Private Link
34339Lantaff, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA.205255Private --Link
34340Lanxon, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 53Private --Link
34341Lanyon, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle Corps56514Private [1] London Regiment 41 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56514 Private Link
34342Lanz, George H PKing's Royal Rifle Corps11046Private --Link
34343Lapish, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12188Serjeant --Link
34344Lappage, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3160Private --Link
34345Lappin, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot13372Corporal --Link
34346Lappin, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps13372Private [1] Army Service Corps S/26315 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13372 Private Link
34347Lapsley, AndrewKing's Royal Rifle Corps49158Private [1] London Regiment 3448 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49158 Private Link
34348Lapwood, Bertie JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200887Private [1] Essex Regiment 40420 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200887 Private Link
34349Lapworth, J CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2805Private --Link
34350Lapworth, John CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2805Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2805 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2805 Serjeant Link
34351Lapworth, John PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6811Private --Link
34352Larcher, James FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9631Private --Link
34353Larchet, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps52422Private [1] Manchester Regiment 45702 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 56534 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52422 Private Link
34354Larcombe, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps43910Private [1] London Regiment 5501 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43910 Private Link
34355Larcombe, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14879Private --Link
34356Larcombe, Tom AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18499Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/18499 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 48694 Private Link
34357Lardant, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34167Private --Link
34358Lardner, Alan TKing's Royal Rifle Corps9750Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9750 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9750 Private Link
34359Lardner, Philip BKing's Royal Rifle Corps49863Private [1] London Regiment 576576 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49863 Private [3] The Queen's Regiment 68755 Private [4] Middlesex Regiment G/106634 Private Link
34360Large, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps47352Private --Link
34361Large, Joseph AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38412Private --Link
34362Large, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/36567Private --Link
34363Large, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle Corps13087Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13087 Private [2] London Regiment L/17804 Private Link
34364Large, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps32125Serjeant [1] London Regiment 232609 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 32125 Serjeant Link
34365Largen, Edward CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR617 (incomplete)Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R617 (incomplete) Private [2] Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant Link
34366Lark, Alfred SKing's Royal Rifle Corps204151Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 204151 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 157021 Private Link
34367Lark, Bertie HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/22599Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/22599 Private [2] Labour Corps 577122 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/103279 Private Link
34368Larke, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA.205102Private --Link
34369Larke, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/251Private --Link
34370Larke, Sidney GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR/13/54315Private [1] Suffolk Regiment 43090 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR/13/54315 Private Link
34371Larkham, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4055Private --Link
34372Larkin, Alfred GKing's Royal Rifle Corps64955Private [1] The Queen's Regiment G/46997 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 55942 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64955 Private Link
34373Larkin, Arthur J ValentineKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1871Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/1871 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 77043 Private Link
34374Larkin, Arthur SKing's Royal Rifle Corps44452Private --Link
34375Larkin, John EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21822Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21822 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203650 Private Link
34376Larkin, Simon JKing's Royal Rifle Corps897067Private [1] Devonshire Regiment 291812 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 897067 Private [3] Devonshire Regiment 01654 Private Link
34377Larkin, Timothy S JKing's Royal Rifle Corps61044Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61044 Private [2] London Regiment GS/92606 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92606 Private Link
34378Larkin, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps7365Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7365 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 61936 Private [3] South Wales Borderers 80442 Private Link
34379Larking, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps37776Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37776 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 144740 Private Link
34380Larkins, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200590Private [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 6193 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200590 Private Link
34381Larkins, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21811Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21811 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 48696 Private Link
34382Larkins, George HKing's Royal Rifle Corps25221Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25221 Private [2] Labour Corps 648973 Private Link
34383Larkman, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33626Private --Link
34384Larkman, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsV 1472Corporal --Link
34385Larkman, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps1472Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1472 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1472 Corporal Link
34386Larkman, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps7336Private --Link
34387Larkman, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps68112Private [1] Royal Fusiliers G/98367 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 68112 Private Link
34388Larley, Leonard VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA.205356Private --Link
34389Larner, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2734Private --Link
34390Larner, Charles RKing's Royal Rifle Corps10482Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10482 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10482 Corporal Link
34391Larner, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201016Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25953 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201016 Private Link
34392Larrett, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps9663Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9663 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9663 Private Link
34393Larsson, Charles FKing's Royal Rifle Corps64655Private [1] Rifle Brigade S-37087 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64655 Private Link
34394Larsson, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle Corps69433Private [1] London Regiment 323793 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69433 Private Link
34395Larter, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle Corps47615Private --Link
34396Larter, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR/13/979Corporal [1] Gloucestershire Regiment 15894 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR/13/979 Corporal Link
34397Larter, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps7315Private --Link
34398Lascelles, Evelyn HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Light Horse Regiment 357 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] Imperial Army - Second Lieutenant [4] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
34399Lasenby, Jonathan PKing's Royal Rifle Corps35474Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 35474 Private [2] Labour Corps 575610 Private Link
34400Lasham, George WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3733Private --Link
34401Lashbrook, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31829Private --Link
34402Lashley, John TKing's Royal Rifle Corps7158Private --Link
34403Lassam, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/35257Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/35257 Private [2] London Regiment 568157 Private Link
34404Last, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps57967Private [1] Bedfordshire Regiment 21660 Private [2] Labour Corps 406204 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57967 Private Link
34405Last, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10260Acting Corporal --Link
34406Last, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12753Private --Link
34407Last, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16280Private --Link
34408Last, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps20683Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 20683 Private [2] Royal Engineers 236789 Private Link
34409Last, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle Corps69958Private [1] London Regiment 492840 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69958 Private Link
34410Last, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10689Private --Link
34411Last, John JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8657Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8657 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8657 Corporal Link
34412Last, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR-21619Private --Link
34413Latarche, Phillip DKing's Royal Rifle Corps64437Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46703 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64437 Private Link
34414Latchford, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps71412Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 71412 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B 203043 Private Link
34415Latchford, Henry CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31964Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/31964 Private [2] London Regiment 474584 Private Link
34416Latchford, William CKing's Royal Rifle Corps58836Private --Link
34417Latham, ArchibaldKing's Royal Rifle Corps7125Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7125 Private [2] Labour Corps 133259 Private Link
34418Latham, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9947Private --Link
34419Latham, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps44260Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44260 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 131665 Private Link
34420Latham, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps10634Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10634 Private [2] Labour Corps 606917 Private Link
34421Latham, John SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6540Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/15188 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/6540 Private Link
34422Latham, John SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 6540Private --Link
34423Latham, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps10283Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10283 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 17037 Private Link
34424Latham, Reuben TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11447Private --Link
34425Lathwell, Albert DKing's Royal Rifle Corps58629Private [1] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 34790 Private [2] Labour Corps 417058 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58629 Private Link
34426Latimer, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15559Private --Link
34427Latimer, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/39642Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/39642 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/84337 Private Link
34428Latter, William PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37632Private --Link
34429Lauder, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle Corps202181Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 202181 Private [2] Labour Corps 599675 Private Link
34430Laugher, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps4822Private --Link
34431Laughland, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39459Private --Link
34432Laughlin, Albert CKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotP/8627Private --Link
34433Laughna, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8068Private --Link
34434Laughton, James CraigieKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Scots 43086 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34435Laundy, David JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13418Private --Link
34436Laurence, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10496Private --Link
34437Laurence, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps15419Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 15419 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 620161 Corporal Link
34438Lauria, William DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA217Private --Link
34439Lauridson, LanridsKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1594Private --Link
34440Laurie, Albert HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27680Private --Link
34441Laurie, David TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 35102Corporal --Link
34442Laurie, Herbert CrawfordKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 2082 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34443Laurie, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR42860Private --Link
34444Lavender, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15924Corporal --Link
34445Lavender, Frederick WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR15924Corporal --Link
34446Lavender, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2577Private --Link
34447Lavender, Robert TKing's Royal Rifle Corps10107Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10107 Private [2] Bedfordshire Regiment 59168 Private Link
34448Lavender, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1399Private --Link
34449Lavender, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotC/9661Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot C/9661 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot C/9661 Private Link
34450Lavenu, Henry Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Engineers 44388 Company Serjeant Major [2] Labour Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [4] Royal Army Ordnance Corps - Lieutenant Link
34451Laver, Harold HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6500Colour Serjeant --Link
34452Laver, Henry RKing's Royal Rifle Corps204880Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 204880 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 24525 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR/3/1404 (incomplete) Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/285613 Private Link
34453Laverack, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps6625Private --Link
34454Laverick, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6330Serjeant --Link
34455Laverick, FenertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5330Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5330 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5330 Serjeant Link
34456Laverty, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps1218Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
34457Lavidge, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9901Private --Link
34458Lavin, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203980Private [1] Army Service Corps 11085 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203980 Private Link
34459Lavington, Frank[1] North Somerset Yeomanry 427 Serjeant [2] Royal Rifle Corps - Serjeant [3] Company of Dragoons 14759 Serjeant Link
34460Lavis, Archibald JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6429Private --Link
34461Lavis, Joseph W LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3489Private --Link
34462Lavner, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA201016Rifleman --Link
34463Law, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37120Private --Link
34464Law, Alfred EKing's Royal Rifle Corps121014Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 121014 Private [2] Royal Field Artillery 128587 Private Link
34465Law, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14094Private --Link
34466Law, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps16222Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16222 Private [2] Labour Corps 201430 Private Link
34467Law, Douglas JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2870Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2870 Lance Corporal [2] Royal Engineers - Lieutenant Link
34468Law, Ethelbert RKing's Royal Rifle Corps50914Private [1] London Regiment 540512 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50914 Private Link
34469Law, FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6061Private --Link
34470Law, Frank E EKing's Royal Rifle Corps7225Serjeant --Link
34471Law, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34440Private --Link
34472Law, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps10954Private --Link
34473Law, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps833Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 833 Private [2] Labour Corps 575365 Private Link
34474Law, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1595Serjeant --Link
34475Law, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps53902Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53902 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52902 Rifleman Link
34476Law, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps1743Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1743 Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps attached King's African Rifles 19808 Serjeant Link
34477Law, James Mc LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1396Private --Link
34478Law, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps4032Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4032 Private [2] Labour Corps 445683 Private Link
34479Law, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA202110Private --Link
34480Law, John EKing's Royal Rifle Corps6589Private --Link
34481Law, Robert William RowlandKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [4] General List - Captain Link
34482Law, SKing's Royal Rifle Corps5137Private --Link
34483Law, SydneyKing's Royal Rifle Corps12018Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12018 Private [2] Labour Corps 145165 Private Link
34484Law, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps3160Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3160 Private [2] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 61969 Private Link
34485Law, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7935Private --Link
34486Law, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/3183Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/3183 Private [2] Labour Corps 355141 Private Link
34487Law, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201504Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201504 Private [2] London Regiment GS/84133 Private Link
34488Law, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/300Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/300 Private [2] Army Service Corps M2/120639 Private Link
34489Law, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4492Private --Link
34490Law, William GKing's Royal Rifle Corps65145Private [1] London Regiment 556548 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65145 Private Link
34491Law, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps25511Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25511 Private [2] Labour Corps 474526 Private Link
34492Law, William MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/522Private --Link
34493Law, William OKing's Royal Rifle Corps59032Private --Link
34494Law, William SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22713Private --Link
34495Lawday, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19568Corporal --Link
34496Lawes, Gilbert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps54430Private --Link
34497Lawes, John FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38894Private --Link
34498Lawes, Samuel AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201672Private --Link
34499Lawes, Walter RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps37449Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37449 Corporal [2] Royal Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant Link
34500Lawes, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps50133Private --Link
34501Lawford, Thomas JKing's Royal Rifle Corps64217Private [1] London Regiment 423719 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64217 Private Link
34502Lawler, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps47774Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47774 Private [2] London Regiment 497636 Private Link
34503Lawler, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps8553Private --Link
34504Lawler, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4527Private --Link
34505Lawler, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps58635Corporal [1] Cheshire Regiment W/188 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58635 Corporal [3] Labour Corps 426138 Corporal Link
34506Lawles, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5351Private --Link
34507Lawless, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40690Private --Link
34508Lawless, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202593Private --Link
34509Lawless, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5351Private --Link
34510Lawless, PeterKing's Royal Rifle Corps3244Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3244 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 138190 Private Link
34511Lawley, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17534Private --Link
34512Lawley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps45814Private --Link
34513Lawley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1246Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y/1246 Private [2] Tank Corps 75966 Private Link
34514Lawley, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16146Private --Link
34515Lawlor, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/324444Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/324444 Private [2] London Regiment 568158 Private Link
34516Lawlor, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps8553Private --Link
34517Lawlor, Ledwedge ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR15221Private --Link
34518Lawman, PercyKing's Royal Rifle Corps64354Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45941 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64354 Private Link
34519Lawrance, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1049Private --Link
34520Lawrance, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps44453Private --Link
34521Lawrance, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps58924Private --Link
34522Lawrance, William RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 3008Private --Link
34523Lawrence, A EKing's Royal Rifle Corps/ Staff-Captain --Link
34524Lawrence, AbrahamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5899Private [1] Army Ordnance Corps 040916 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/5899 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 13/9358 Private [4] Royal Engineers 608268 Private Link
34525Lawrence, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8893Private --Link
34526Lawrence, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps49990Private --Link
34527Lawrence, Alexander ErskineKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Temporary Major Link
34528Lawrence, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps44764Private --Link
34529Lawrence, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR36334Private --Link
34530Lawrence, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 2089Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 2089 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2289 Private Link
34531Lawrence, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201505Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201505 Private [2] London Regiment 325878 Private Link
34532Lawrence, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205536Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/205536 Private [2] London Regiment G/92676 Private [3] London Regiment 241875 Private Link
34533Lawrence, Arthur SealyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] Machine Gun Corps - Lieutenant Link
34534Lawrence, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31349Private --Link
34535Lawrence, BertramKing's Royal Rifle Corps21716Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 21716 Private [2] London Regiment 630037 Private [3] Royal West Kent Regiment G/41573 Private Link
34536Lawrence, Bertram CKing's Royal Rifle Corps10619Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10619 Lance Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 17096 Lance Corporal Link
34537Lawrence, C EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1218Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C1218 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C1218 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34538Lawrence, C HKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34539Lawrence, CecilKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20209Private --Link
34540Lawrence, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40602Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/4912 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R40602 Private Link
34541Lawrence, Charles GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32281Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/32281 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment L/19772 Private Link
34542Lawrence, Charles TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200747Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/14929 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200747 Private Link
34543Lawrence, CyrilKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9405Private --Link
34544Lawrence, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18172Private --Link
34545Lawrence, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204995Private [1] Army Service Corps 9615 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A204995 Private Link
34546Lawrence, Ernest CKing's Royal Rifle Corps43955Private [1] London Regiment 574694 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43955 Private Link
34547Lawrence, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle Corps59120Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment 201390 Private [2] London Regiment 59120 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 59120 Private Link
34548Lawrence, F CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203302Private --Link
34549Lawrence, F CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3741Private --Link
34550Lawrence, Francis CharltonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] London Regiment - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34551Lawrence, Frank HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200439Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200439 Private [2] London Regiment 497627 Private Link
34552Lawrence, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps616906Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 616906 Corporal [2] London Regiment 616906 Corporal Link
34553Lawrence, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3741Private --Link
34554Lawrence, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203302Private [1] Rifle Brigade S1116 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203302 Private Link
34555Lawrence, GeoffreyCambridgeshire Regiment attached King's Royal Rifle Corps325203Private [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 1485 Private [2] Cambridgeshire Regiment attached King's Royal Rifle Corps 325203 Private Link
34556Lawrence, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201660Private --Link
34557Lawrence, George EKing's Royal Rifle Corps4341Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4341 Rifleman [2] Devonshire Regiment 57423 Rifleman Link
34558Lawrence, George Robert AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC7588Private --Link
34559Lawrence, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps46889Private --Link
34560Lawrence, H W NKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] Guards Machine Gun Regiment - Lieutenant Link
34561Lawrence, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38341Rifleman --Link
34562Lawrence, Harry PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 38341Private --Link
34563Lawrence, Henry SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14282Private --Link
34564Lawrence, Herbert AKing's Royal Rifle Corps50234Private --Link
34565Lawrence, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5028Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5028 Private [2] Labour Corps 571062 Serjeant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5/5028 Serjeant Link
34566Lawrence, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202690Private [1] Army Service Corps Labour Company SS/1950 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202690 Private Link
34567Lawrence, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps8851Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8851 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR288160 Corporal 2nd [3] Rifle Brigade 207950 Corporal 2nd [4] Royal Engineers 273650 Corporal 2nd Link
34568Lawrence, Malcolm EytonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
34569Lawrence, MatthiasKing's Royal Rifle Corps58847Private --Link
34570Lawrence, R HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10861Private --Link
34571Lawrence, Robert CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27464Private --Link
34572Lawrence, Robert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12897Private --Link
34573Lawrence, ShadrackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34910Private --Link
34574Lawrence, SwailesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201261Private --Link
34575Lawrence, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps7738Private --Link
34576Lawrence, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps52216Private [1] London Regiment 275112 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52216 Private Link
34577Lawrence, W HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11075Private --Link
34578Lawrence, W HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11382Private --Link
34579Lawrence, Walter FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR24601Private --Link
34580Lawrence, Walter WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3391Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3391 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3391 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34581Lawrence, Wilfred ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Canadian Infantry 73046 Lance Corporal [2] North Staffordshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34582Lawrence, Wilfred LKing's Royal Rifle Corps11896Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11896 Private [2] Labour Corps 643872 Private Link
34583Lawrence, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR43054Private --Link
34584Lawrence, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps9523Private --Link
34585Lawrence, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1636Private --Link
34586Lawrence, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44613Private --Link
34587Lawrence, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5246Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5246 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5246 Serjeant Link
34588Lawrenson, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps2326Private --Link
34589Lawrenson, John AKing's Royal Rifle Corps44261Private --Link
34590Lawrie, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle Corps862Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 862 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 4914 Private Link
34591Laws, Leonard AKing's Royal Rifle Corps47341Private --Link
34592Laws, Marden EKing's Royal Rifle Corps9775Private --Link
34593Laws, Thomas GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2157Private --Link
34594Laws, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13167Private --Link
34595Lawson, Albert CKing's Royal Rifle Corps981Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 981 Private [2] Labour Corps 161218 Private Link
34596Lawson, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12222Private --Link
34597Lawson, Archibald NelsonKing's Royal Rifle Corps12469- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12469 - [2] Northumberland Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant Link
34598Lawson, BernardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3813Private --Link
34599Lawson, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200378Private [1] London Regiment 5278 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200378 Private Link
34600Lawson, DonaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7525Boy [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7525 Boy [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 68065 Boy Link
34601Lawson, Edwin HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21173Private --Link
34602Lawson, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12889Private --Link
34603Lawson, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12889Private --Link
34604Lawson, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 35214Private --Link
34605Lawson, George AndrewKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34606Lawson, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps3098- --Link
34607Lawson, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13257Private --Link
34608Lawson, John A GKing's Royal Rifle Corps44771Private --Link
34609Lawson, John CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR16982Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R16982 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 040131 Private Link
34610Lawson, John HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps4848Private --Link
34611Lawson, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12548Private --Link
34612Lawson, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/8292Private --Link
34613Lawson, Joseph RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8292Private --Link
34614Lawson, RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps55868Private --Link
34615Lawson, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/648Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y/648 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment S/36306 Private Link
34616Lawson, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34287Private --Link
34617Lawson, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56529Corporal [1] London Regiment 56529 Corporal [2] London Regiment 4335 Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56529 Corporal Link
34618Lawson, Robert JonathanKing's Royal Rifle Corps56529Corporal --Link
34619Lawson, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21076Private --Link
34620Lawson, Samuel BKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR2/076Private --Link
34621Lawson, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200351Private --Link
34622Lawson, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/41085Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/41085 Corporal [2] Border Regiment 23811 Corporal [3] Training Reserve Battalion 13/4618 Corporal [4] Royal Engineers 361183 Corporal Link
34623Lawson, William FKing's Royal Rifle Corps25447Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25447 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 147598 Private Link
34624Lawson, William SKing's Royal Rifle Corps37262Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37262 Private [2] Labour Corps 489873 Private Link
34625Lawson-Walton, James Hunter HKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Second Lieutenant [2] Tank Corps - Temporary Lieutenant Link
34626Lawton, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7712Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/7712 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/233221 Private Link
34627Lawton, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/42899Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/42899 Private [2] London Regiment R/42899 Private [3] London Regiment 540513 Private Link
34628Lawton, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/521Private --Link
34629Lawton, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps14311Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14311 Private [2] Labour Corps 394696 Private Link
34630Lawton, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps38Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 38 Private [2] Labour Corps 632686 Private Link
34631Lawton, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7349Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7349 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/279358 Private Link
34632Lawton, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11400Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R11400 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R11400 Private Link
34633Lawton, Joseph HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11822Private --Link
34634Lawton, Robert AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200929Private [1] Essex Regiment 6554 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200929 Private Link
34635Lawton, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9709Private --Link
34636Lawton, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15859Private --Link
34637Lawty, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12571Private --Link
34638Lax, JohnsonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12084Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R12084 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R12084 Serjeant Link
34639Lax, William TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204150Private --Link
34640Laxton, Herbert FKing's Royal Rifle Corps64683Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46851 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64683 Private Link
34641Lay, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19450Private --Link
34642Lay, Frederick JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC4026Private Rifleman --Link
34643Lay, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11913Private --Link
34644Lay, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32120Private --Link
34645Lay, Robert LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41190Private --Link
34646Laybourn, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps58414Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 2593 Private [2] Labour Corps 394569 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58414 Private Link
34647Laybourne, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps43722Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 21/1647 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43722 Private Link
34648Laycock, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps204551Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 204551 Private [2] Labour Corps 479618 Private Link
34649Laycock, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps4437Private --Link
34650Laycock, John HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34651Laycock, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps8348Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8348 Private [2] Essex Regiment 39856 Private Link
34652Laycock, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4868Private --Link
34653Laycock, Thomas BKing's Royal Rifle Corps2185Private --Link
34654Laycock, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7281Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/7281 Private [2] London Regiment C/7281 Private [3] London Regiment 540518 Private Link
34655Laydon, William PKing's Royal Rifle Corps13/9360Rifleman --Link
34656Laye, Peter Arthur WebbKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Major [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major Link
34657Layer, Cyril GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203547Driver [1] Army Service Corps T1/5335 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203547 Driver Link
34658Layfield, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9260Private --Link
34659Layfield, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12892Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12892 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12892 Private Link
34660Layland, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 6540Private --Link
34661Layton, Edward GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsM 4209Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps M 4209 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps M 4209 Serjeant Link
34662Layton, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 7651Private --Link
34663Layton, Stanley BKing's Royal Rifle Corps64469Private [1] The Queen's Regiment G-45115 Private [2] Labour Corps 69272 Private [3] Rifle Brigade 55157 Private [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64469 Private Link
34664Layton, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps56235Private [1] London Regiment 250984 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 2111073 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56235 Private Link
34665Layzell, Rupert HKing's Royal Rifle Corps7375Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7375 Private [2] Labour Corps 128459 Private Link
34666Lazarus, EmanuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsB21871Private --Link
34667Lazarus, IsaacKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1156Private --Link
34668Lazarus, JacobKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR42047Private --Link
34669Lazell, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20374Private --Link
34670Lazell, James T WKing's Royal Rifle Corps40433Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 40433 Private [2] Labour Corps 606919 Private Link
34671Lazell, Roland HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5035Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/5035 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 047517 Private Link
34672Lazell, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps201506Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 201506 Private [2] Labour Corps 569630 Private Link
34673Lazenby, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps2397Private --Link
34674Lazenby, Ernest RKing's Royal Rifle Corps8/28636Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8/28636 Private [2] Wiltshire Regiment 27720 Private Link
34675Lazenby, MauriceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12766Private --Link
34676Le Bas, Walter BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11034Private --Link
34677Le Beau, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21967Private --Link
34678Le Bernier, Louis EugeneKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major --Link
34679Le Bihan, B FKing's Royal Rifle Corps142845Private --Link
34680Le Blond, James EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR24321Private --Link
34681Le Bosse, PhilipKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR18213Private --Link
34682Le Butt, Dudley GKing's Royal Rifle Corps49769Private [1] London Regiment 492389 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49769 Private Link
34683Le Comber, John JKing's Royal Rifle Corps27596Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 27596 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 9142010 Private Link
34684Le Febve, Alfred LKing's Royal Rifle Corps64653Transport Serjeant [1] Rifle Brigade 48043 Transport Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64653 Transport Serjeant Link
34685Le Fevre, Duncan DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6150Private --Link
34686Le Grove, Charles A IKing's Royal Rifle Corps47350Private --Link
34687Le Huquet, John SKing's Royal Rifle Corps14331Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14331 Private [2] Labour Corps 40999 Private Link
34688Le Liard, Francis JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6102Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6102 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6102 Corporal Link
34689Le Liard, Yves MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16823Private --Link
34690Le Luyer, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14707Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/14707 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49498 Lance Corporal Link
34691Le Marchant, William GaspardKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34692Le Masurier, ValentineKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30350Private --Link
34693Le Masurier, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31488Private --Link
34694Le May, Arthur FKing's Royal Rifle Corps44767Private --Link
34695Le Mesurier, HavilandKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34696Le Miere, John LKing's Royal Rifle Corps6040Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6040 Private [2] London Regiment GS/84030 Private Link
34697Le Petitt, Harold PKing's Royal Rifle Corps59002Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 59002 Private [2] London Regiment 418068 Private Link
34698Le Plastrier, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6311Private --Link
34699Le Vallee, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps684126 (incomplete)Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 684126 (incomplete) Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52683 Rifleman Link
34700Le Vierge, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps534437Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 534437 Private [2] London Regiment 315333 Private Link
34701Le-Monnier, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5693Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/5693 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 19779 Private Link
34702Lea, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps8219Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8219 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8219 Serjeant Link
34703Lea, Charles JoshuaKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9898Private --Link
34704Lea, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps6991Private --Link
34705Lea, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 2946Private --Link
34706Lea, GilbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2199Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2199 Private [2] London Regiment 540524 Private Link
34707Lea, Harold CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33877Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/33877 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 040130 Private Link
34708Lea, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps6991Rifleman --Link
34709Lea, John AKing's Royal Rifle Corps8195Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8195 Private [2] Labour Corps 457114 Private Link
34710Lea, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19728Private --Link
34711Lea, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle Corps7692Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7692 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 138457 Private [3] Labour Corps 363559 Private Link
34712Lea, Richard Henry MadureKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34713Lea, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle Corps1754Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1754 Private [2] Labour Corps 397250 Private Link
34714Lea, W AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9261Lance Corporal --Link
34715Lea, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9261Private --Link
34716Lea, William AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9261Lance Corporal --Link
34717Lea, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps7441Private --Link
34718Leach, Albert SKing's Royal Rifle Corps64105Acting Corporal [1] London Regiment 427179 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64105 Acting Corporal Link
34719Leach, Alec RKing's Royal Rifle Corps26285Corporal [1] London Regiment 453237 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 26285 Corporal [3] Training Reserve Battalion 13/29909 Corporal [4] Royal Engineers 354354 Corporal Link
34720Leach, Arthur W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps63707Private [1] Suffolk Regiment 40690 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 63707 Private Link
34721Leach, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16240Corporal --Link
34722Leach, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps8684Serjeant --Link
34723Leach, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12249Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R12249 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R12249 Private Link
34724Leach, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps46865Private --Link
34725Leach, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps50038Private --Link
34726Leach, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle Corps5056Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5056 Private [2] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 82329 Private Link
34727Leach, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10753Private --Link
34728Leach, George AKing's Royal Rifle Corps1750Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1750 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1750 Private Link
34729Leach, H GKing's Royal Rifle Corps6888Corporal --Link
34730Leach, Harry GKing's Royal Rifle Corps6888Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6888 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6888 Acting Serjeant Link
34731Leach, Hubert CKing's Royal Rifle Corps47616Private --Link
34732Leach, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps9681Lance Serjeant --Link
34733Leach, JackKing's Royal Rifle Corps12250Corporal --Link
34734Leach, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13099Private --Link
34735Leach, JesseKing's Royal Rifle Corps9681Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9681 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9681 Corporal Link
34736Leach, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202111Private --Link
34737Leach, Percival GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4304Private --Link
34738Leach, Richard JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Rifle Brigade S/8184 Serjeant [2] London Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34739Leach, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps21105Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 21105 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 160769 Private Link
34740Leach, StephenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9646Private --Link
34741Leach, Stephen GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 6399Private --Link
34742Leach, TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/494Serjeant --Link
34743Leach, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/511Private --Link
34744Leach, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 976Private --Link
34745Leach, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/494Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/494 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/494 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34746Leach, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps8846Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8846 Private [2] Labour Corps 137967 Private Link
34747Leach, Thomas FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 60512Private --Link
34748Leach, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20441Private --Link
34749Leach, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps7100Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7100 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 042170 Private Link
34750Leach, Walter AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34822Private --Link
34751Leach, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps565Company Serjeant Major [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 565 Company Serjeant Major [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 565 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34752Leach, William GKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/18335Private --Link
34753Leach, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps4148Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4148 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/84282 Private Link
34754Leacy, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8049Private --Link
34755Lead, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps56555Private --Link
34756Leadbeater, NeilKing's Royal Rifle Corps59674Private --Link
34757Leadbeater, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12821Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/12821 Private [2] East Yorkshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
34758Leadbetter, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps1570Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1570 Serjeant [2] Royal Scots 49286 Serjeant Link
34759Leadbetter, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps10789Private --Link
34760Leadbetter, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14204Private --Link
34761Leadbetter, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps9079Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9079 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/37312 Private [3] Army Cyclist Corps 5792 Private Link
34762Leadbitter, Cecil EKing's Royal Rifle Corps65310Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/21682 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65310 Private Link
34763Leadbitter, Francis John GrahamKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34764Leadbitter, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps10789Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10789 Private [2] Wiltshire Regiment 27721 Private Link
34765Leader, Frank ClementKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34766Leader, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22841Private --Link
34767Leader, Leslie AKing's Royal Rifle Corps64352Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45943 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64352 Private Link
34768Leader, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/20072Private [1] Rifle Brigade G 23066 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/20072 Private [3] Army Pay Corps 20212 Private Link
34769Leadley, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200287Private [1] London Regiment 6371 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200287 Private Link
34770Leaf, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps2342- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2342 - [2] Royal Engineers 63970 Pioneer Link
34771Leaford, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps69500Private [1] London Regiment 325039 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69500 Private Link
34772Leagas, Albert FKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4388Private --Link
34773Leagas, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/200438Private --Link
34774Leah, Charles EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12215Private --Link
34775Leah, Ernest CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/12215Private --Link
34776Leah, Otto H J GKing's Royal Rifle Corps36862Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36862 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/441624 Private Link
34777Leah, SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC873Corporal /Acting Serjeant --Link
34778Leah, SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC873Corporal --Link
34779Leah, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/873Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/873 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/873 Serjeant Link
34780Leah, StephenKing's Royal Rifle Corps65146Private [1] London Regiment 556549 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65146 Private Link
34781Leahy, Alexander MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19881Private --Link
34782Leahy, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps3161Private --Link
34783Leahy, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps3161Private --Link
34784Leak, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps43455Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43455 Private [2] London Regiment 497388 Private Link
34785Leak, Arthur SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37964Private --Link
34786Leake, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15744Private --Link
34787Leake, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps7984Acting Serjeant --Link
34788Leake, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps25417Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25417 Private [2] Labour Corps 355124 Private Link
34789Leakey, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17736Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17736 Private [2] London Regiment 880744 Private Link
34790Lealman, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12598Serjeant --Link
34791Leam, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6605Private --Link
34792Lean, Walter CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200002Corporal [1] London Regiment 3778 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200002 Corporal [3] London Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
34793Leaning, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203550Acting Corporal [1] Durham Light Infantry 33469 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203550 Acting Corporal Link
34794Leaper, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps44766Private --Link
34795Leaper, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 26557Private --Link
34796Lear, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps792Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 792 Private [2] Army Service Corps R/388425 Private Link
34797Leard, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps58417Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/11505 Private [2] Labour Corps 39772 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58417 Private Link
34798Learmonth, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Scots 1397 Private [2] Royal Scots 350132 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34799Learmouth, AdamKing's Royal Rifle Corps202246Driver [1] Army Service Corps 1751 Driver [2] Army Veterinary Corps SE 34154 Driver [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 202246 Driver Link
34800Learoyd, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps43572Private --Link
34801Leary, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200364Private [1] London Regiment 5364 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200364 Private Link
34802Leary, Charles EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/162Private --Link
34803Leary, Charles EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18115Private --Link
34804Leary, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22230Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R22230 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R22230 Private Link
34805Leary, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps1336Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1336 Private [2] Loyal North Lancashire Regiment 31402 Private Link
34806Leask, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle Corps52078Private [1] London Regiment 535109 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52078 Private Link
34807Leason, Stanley BKing's Royal Rifle Corps860Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 860 Private [2] Yorkshire Light Infantry 64093 Private Link
34808Leat, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3037Serjeant --Link
34809Leat, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3348Serjeant --Link
34810Leatham, Claude GuyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
34811Leathem, John WilsonKing's Royal Rifle Corps Cadets-Lieutenant --Link
34812Leather, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6729Private --Link
34813Leather, BertramKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/720Private --Link
34814Leather, Herbert WKing's Royal Rifle Corps6339Private --Link
34815Leather, L OKing's Royal Rifle Corps1682Serjeant --Link
34816Leather, Luke OKing's Royal Rifle Corps1692Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1692 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1692 Serjeant Link
34817Leather, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6051Private --Link
34818Leatherbarrow, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR7767Private --Link
34819Leatherland, Ernest CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8006Private --Link
34820Leathers, Frederick MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23591Private --Link
34821Leaver, A ELate King's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1031Serjeant --Link
34822Leaver, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1031Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1031 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1031 Acting Colour Serjeant Link
34823Leaver, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps36794Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36794 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 9/42011 Private Link
34824Leaver, Henry EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4196Private --Link
34825Leaver, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps3432Private --Link
34826Leaves, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/3666Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/3666 Private [2] Army Service Corps S/368059 Private Link
34827Leavesley, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7617Private --Link
34828Lebatt, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/4643Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/4643 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR277640 Private [3] Royal Engineers 310498 Private Link
34829Lebiham, BertramKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/2845Private --Link
34830Lebovitch, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36615Rifleman --Link
34831Leckie, PeterKing's Royal Rifle Corps86691Private [1] Royal Scots Fusiliers 3739 Private [2] Labour Corps 581718 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 86691 Private Link
34832Leckie, W PKing's Royal Rifle Corps Transport820823Acting Corporal [1] London Regiment Transport 1449 Rifleman [2] Middlesex Regiment Transport 16881 Acting Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps Transport 820823 Acting Corporal [4] Middlesex Regiment Transport 395682 Acting Corporal [5] Royal Engineers Reserve 620123 Acting Serjeant [6] Royal Canadian Dragoons Special Reserve 230891 Serjeant Link
34833Lecornu, AdolphusKing's Royal Rifle Corps45067Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31142 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45067 Private Link
34834Lecroissette, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15525Private --Link
34835Ledbrook, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3079Private --Link
34836Ledbury, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5417Private --Link
34837Ledger, Harrie MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15250Private --Link
34838Ledger, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps attached London RegimentA/202112Private --Link
34839Ledger, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202112Private --Link
34840Ledger, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21766Private --Link
34841Ledingham, LouisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35900Private [1] Royal Scots 32579 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R35900 Private Link
34842Ledsham, Leonard WKing's Royal Rifle Corps52927Private [1] Liverpool Regiment 95254 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/13584 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52927 Private Link
34843Ledsom, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38223Private --Link
34844Ledword, Sidney TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5724Private --Link
34845Lee, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202662Private --Link
34846Lee, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps7775Private --Link
34847Lee, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps4152Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4152 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4152 Private Link
34848Lee, Albert AKing's Royal Rifle Corps57578Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57578 Private [2] Dorsetshire Regiment 47132 Private Link
34849Lee, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps58420Private [1] Royal Scots 325892 Private [2] Labour Corps 397575 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58420 Private Link
34850Lee, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps7715Private --Link
34851Lee, Albert EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12166Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12166 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12166 Private Link
34852Lee, Albert HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 5780Serjeant --Link
34853Lee, Albert R SKing's Royal Rifle Corps11310Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11310 Private [2] British Red Cross Society and Order of Saint John of Jerusalem - - Link
34854Lee, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle Corps10324Corporal --Link
34855Lee, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps465071Private [1] London Regiment 423751 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 465071 Private [3] London Regiment 465071 Private Link
34856Lee, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22066Private --Link
34857Lee, Alfred EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3201Private --Link
34858Lee, Alfred HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201398Private --Link
34859Lee, Alfred JKing's Royal Rifle Corps47340Private --Link
34860Lee, Alfred PKing's Royal Rifle Corps57709Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57709 Private [2] London Regiment 418158 Private Link
34861Lee, Alfred SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204019Corporal [1] Army Service Corps S4084624 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A204019 Corporal Link
34862Lee, AllanKing's Royal Rifle Corps12389Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12389 Private [2] Labour Corps 190729 Private Link
34863Lee, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/42945Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/42945 Private [2] London Regiment R/42945 Private [3] London Regiment 540514 Private Link
34864Lee, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18882Private --Link
34865Lee, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps11091Private --Link
34866Lee, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps22195Private [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 11035 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 22195 Private Link
34867Lee, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle Corps700985Private [1] London Regiment 1528 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 700985 Private [3] London Regiment 320213 Private Link
34868Lee, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3949Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/3949 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 206361 Private Link
34869Lee, Arthur PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37649Private --Link
34870Lee, Aubrey CKing's Royal Rifle Corps6282Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6282 Private [2] Labour Corps 609657 Private Link
34871Lee, BeltonKing's Royal Rifle Corps9770Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9770 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9770 Serjeant Link
34872Lee, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps60241Private [1] The Queen's Regiment G31188 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 60241 Private Link
34873Lee, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps12597Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12597 Private [2] South Wales Borderers 47328 Private Link
34874Lee, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11252Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/11252 Lance Corporal [2] London Regiment 395553 Lance Corporal Link
34875Lee, Charles JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56309Private [1] London Regiment 323846 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56309 Private Link
34876Lee, Charles WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC7959Private --Link
34877Lee, ColdwellKing's Royal Rifle Corps6849Private --Link
34878Lee, DanielKing's Royal Rifle Corps59089Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 59089 Private [2] London Regiment 418156 Private Link
34879Lee, Edgar CKing's Royal Rifle Corps345055Private [1] London Regiment 574891 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 345055 Private [3] London Regiment 345055 Private Link
34880Lee, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37554Private --Link
34881Lee, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6269Private --Link
34882Lee, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4871Private --Link
34883Lee, Edward JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps11056Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11056 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 207952 Private Link
34884Lee, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps1660Serjeant --Link
34885Lee, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37116Private --Link
34886Lee, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps8495Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8495 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8495 Serjeant Link
34887Lee, Ernest EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16754Serjeant --Link
34888Lee, Ernest GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1234Private --Link
34889Lee, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38374Private --Link
34890Lee, F PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/2056Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/2056 Corporal [2] Hampshire Regiment 37672 Corporal [3] Hampshire Regiment 37682 Corporal Link
34891Lee, F SKing's Royal Rifle Corps5969Company Serjeant Major --Link
34892Lee, Frank AKing's Royal Rifle Corps1650Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1650 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 19781 Serjeant Link
34893Lee, Frank SKing's Royal Rifle Corps5969Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5969 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5969 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34894Lee, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33786Private --Link
34895Lee, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4741Private --Link
34896Lee, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps23636Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 23636 Private [2] Labour Corps 655336 Private Link
34897Lee, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6028Private --Link
34898Lee, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9501Private --Link
34899Lee, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31520Private --Link
34900Lee, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle Corps201399Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 201399 Private [2] London Regiment GS/84069 Private Link
34901Lee, G EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1239Private --Link
34902Lee, G TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major /Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
34903Lee, G TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major --Link
34904Lee, G TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major --Link
34905Lee, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps6653Private --Link
34906Lee, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6775Private --Link
34907Lee, George CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36769Private --Link
34908Lee, George ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1234Private --Link
34909Lee, George HKing's Royal Rifle Corps241805Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 241805 Private [2] London Regiment 241805 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 241805 Private Link
34910Lee, George HKing's Royal Rifle Corps23154Private --Link
34911Lee, George JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33376Private --Link
34912Lee, George TrollopeKing's Royal Rifle Corps attached Royal Irish Fusiliers-Lieutenant Colonel [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps attached Royal Irish Fusiliers - Lieutenant Colonel [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Colonel Link
34913Lee, HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12091Private --Link
34914Lee, H JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12654Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12654 Corporal [2] Army Service Corps TR/52254 Corporal Link
34915Lee, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle Corps13000Private --Link
34916Lee, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7913Private --Link
34917Lee, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21045Private --Link
34918Lee, Harold AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200674Private [1] Hertfordshire Regiment 2113 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200674 Private Link
34919Lee, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6267Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/6267 Private [2] Army Service Corps R/353188 Private Link
34920Lee, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12091Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/12091 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34921Lee, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11731Private --Link
34922Lee, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21896Private --Link
34923Lee, HenryLabour Corps ex King's Royal Rifle Corps136166Private --Link
34924Lee, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21016Private --Link
34925Lee, Henry EKing's Royal Rifle Corps60676Private [1] Royal Army Medical Corps 206012 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 1967 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 60676 Private Link
34926Lee, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4017Private --Link
34927Lee, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204468Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/204468 Private [2] London Regiment 348372 Private Link
34928Lee, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15677Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/15677 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/427725 Private Link
34929Lee, Horace NKing's Royal Rifle Corps44980Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31484 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44980 Private Link
34930Lee, HubertKing's Royal Rifle Corps55910Private [1] London Regiment 55910 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 55910 Private Link
34931Lee, J HKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Second Lieutenant --Link
34932Lee, J HKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Second Lieutenant --Link
34933Lee, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 2787Private --Link
34934Lee, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15942Private --Link
34935Lee, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps12111Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12111 Private [2] Army Service Corps T-424978 Private Link
34936Lee, James HKing's Royal Rifle Corps12907Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12907 Private [2] Labour Corps 412297 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/108142 Private Link
34937Lee, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13772Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R13772 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B203333 Private Link
34938Lee, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps1191Corporal --Link
34939Lee, John DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7696Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7696 Private [2] Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry - Captain Link
34940Lee, John EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9586Private --Link
34941Lee, John EKing's Royal Rifle Corps61869Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61869 Private [2] York and Lancaster Regiment 208617 Private Link
34942Lee, John HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] London Regiment 1216 Corporal [2] Royal Fusiliers 1216 Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
34943Lee, John SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1415Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1415 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1415 Serjeant Link
34944Lee, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1669Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1669 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment S/23182 Private Link
34945Lee, Joseph AKing's Royal Rifle Corps7890Private --Link
34946Lee, Joseph JohnsonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Highlanders 3668 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
34947Lee, Joseph TKing's Royal Rifle Corps23941Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 53905 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 23941 Private [3] Labour Corps 442867 Private [4] Royal Engineers 363862 Private Link
34948Lee, LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6640Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/6640 Private [2] Military Foot Police D/9086 Private Link
34949Lee, L JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/806Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/806 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
34950Lee, LawrenceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201808Private --Link
34951Lee, Leonard WKing's Royal Rifle Corps11181Private --Link
34952Lee, Leslie FKing's Royal Rifle Corps50134Private --Link
34953Lee, Lovell GKing's Royal Rifle Corps64560Private [1] Rifle Brigade 48891 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64560 Private Link
34954Lee, N EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34955Lee, N EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
34956Lee, Noel EsmondKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
34957Lee, PhilipKing's Royal Rifle Corps56461Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 2385 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56461 Private Link
34958Lee, RKing's Royal Rifle Corps6838316Rifleman --Link
34959Lee, R GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5421Private --Link
34960Lee, R GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5421Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5421 Lance Corporal [2] London Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
34961Lee, Reginald GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment - - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] London Regiment - Lieutenant Link
34962Lee, RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps12593Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12593 Private [2] Royal Scots 302353 Private Link
34963Lee, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13286Private --Link
34964Lee, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13306Private --Link
34965Lee, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13700Private --Link
34966Lee, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 934Private --Link
34967Lee, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31364Private --Link
34968Lee, StephenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10074Acting Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/10074 Acting Serjeant [2] Rifle Brigade B/203256 Acting Serjeant Link
34969Lee, Sydney JKing's Royal Rifle Corps52168Company Serjeant Major [1] London Regiment 350021 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52168 Company Serjeant Major [3] London Regiment 179 Company Serjeant Major [4] London Regiment 658402 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34970Lee, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps5660Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5660 Private [2] Labour Corps 444669 Private Link
34971Lee, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8754Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8754 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 153028 Private [3] Rifle Brigade 52703 Private Link
34972Lee, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204639Private [1] Army Service Corps S4 140028 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/204639 Private Link
34973Lee, Thomas BKing's Royal Rifle Corps56878Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/8235 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56878 Private Link
34974Lee, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 202468Private [1] Army Service Corps T/3/028127 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 202468 Private Link
34975Lee, Thomas HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/202468Private --Link
34976Lee, Thomas SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38379Private --Link
34977Lee, U JLondon Regiment attached King's Royal Rifle Corps470892Serjeant /Acting Company Serjeant Major --Link
34978Lee, Uriah JKing's Royal Rifle Corps69407Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] London Regiment 470892 Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69407 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
34979Lee, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9750Private --Link
34980Lee, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/8615Private --Link
34981Lee, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps56726Serjeant [1] Suffolk Regiment 15614 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56726 Serjeant Link
34982Lee, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8615Private --Link
34983Lee, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2734Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2734 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2734 Corporal Link
34984Lee, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps1824Private --Link
34985Lee, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps4959Private --Link
34986Lee, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2069Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2069 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A2069 Private Link
34987Lee, William GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps59691Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 59691 Lance Corporal [2] London Regiment - Lance Corporal Link
34988Lee, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps2047Private --Link
34989Lee, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205358Private --Link
34990Lee, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps10999Private --Link
34991Lee, WilmasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20207Private --Link
34992Leece, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsG/204Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps G/204 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps G/204 Corporal Link
34993Leech, E BKing's Royal Rifle Corps8505Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8505 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 202206 Corporal Link
34994Leech, Frederick PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200884Private [1] Essex Regiment 40417 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200884 Private Link
34995Leech, Geoffrey Charles MartynKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 23122 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 23122 Commissary Link
34996Leech, James ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 757Private --Link
34997Leech, Percy HKing's Royal Rifle Corps47618Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47618 Private [2] London Regiment 395556 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons D/34172 Private Link
34998Leeder, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/277Private --Link
34999Leeder, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle Corps61761Gunner [1] Royal Field Artillery 68318 Gunner [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61761 Gunner Link
35000Leedham, Ernest FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2244Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2244 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers GS/9256 Private [3] London Regiment GS/9256 Private Link
35001Leedham, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203552Driver [1] Army Service Corps T2/17096 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203552 Driver Link
35002Leedham, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps7111Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7111 Private [2] London Regiment 84136 Lance Corporal Link
35003Leedham, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8145Private --Link
35004Leek, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37433Private --Link
35005Leek, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6334Private --Link
35006Leeks, Christopher FKing's Royal Rifle Corps973 (incomplete)Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 15895 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 973 (incomplete) Private Link
35007Leeks, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR26783Private --Link
35008Leeks, Herbert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps8619Private --Link
35009Leeks, William BKing's Royal Rifle Corps46968Private --Link
35010Leel, Edward CKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot48646Private --Link
35011Leembruggen, E LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR60178Private --Link
35012Leeming, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps12072Serjeant --Link
35013Leeming, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7127Private --Link
35014Leeper, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 35901Private [1] Royal Scots 32680 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 35901 Private Link
35015Leeper, Robert SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20485Private --Link
35016Lees, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12305Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12305 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 12305 Serjeant Link
35017Lees, Alfred HKing's Royal Rifle Corps39697Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 39697 Private [2] Dorsetshire Regiment 46666 Private Link
35018Lees, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2574Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2574 Private [2] London Regiment 395562 Private Link
35019Lees, DouglasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15802Private --Link
35020Lees, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/134 (incomplete)Private --Link
35021Lees, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/29611Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/29611 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/428298 Private Link
35022Lees, J V EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain/Acting Major --Link
35023Lees, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps345025Private [1] London Regiment 594715 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 345025 Private [3] London Regiment 418070 Private Link
35024Lees, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 12835Private --Link
35025Lees, John EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5074Private --Link
35026Lees, John Victor Elliott BartKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Brevet Major [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Lieutenant Colonel Link
35027Lees, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1274Private --Link
35028Lees, Joseph NKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10270Private --Link
35029Lees, PeterKing's Royal Rifle Corps2573Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2573 Private [2] Labour Corps 201435 Private Link
35030Lees, Ralph EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11256Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/11256 Corporal [2] Royal Engineers 112281 Corporal Link
35031Lees, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9562Private --Link
35032Lees, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/292Private --Link
35033Lees, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8961Private --Link
35034Lees, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12834Private --Link
35035Leesby, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps65148Private [1] London Regiment 556550 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65148 Private Link
35036Leese, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps9695Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9695 Private [2] Labour Corps 43714 Private Link
35037Leese, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps3583Serjeant --Link
35038Leese, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6771Private --Link
35039Leese, William FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11431Private --Link
35040Leesen, WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202407Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/4359 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202407 Private Link
35041Leeson, Ernest HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3022Private --Link
35042Leeson, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps26836Private --Link
35043Leeson, Henry AKing's Royal Rifle Corps18592Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 18592 Private [2] Labour Corps 489215 Private Link
35044Leeson, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR141Private --Link
35045Leeson, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/326Private --Link
35046Leeson, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202407Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/4359 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202407 Private [3] London Regiment GS92868 Private [4] Royal Fusiliers GS92868 Private Link
35047Leetch, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9668Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/9668 Serjeant [2] Middlesex Regiment - Temporary Lieutenant [3] Labour Corps - Temporary Lieutenant Link
35048Leete, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps33423Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 33423 Private [2] South Lancashire Regiment 65837 Private Link
35049Lefever, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27312Private --Link
35050Lefevre, BerhamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200333Acting Corporal [1] London Regiment 6130 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200333 Acting Corporal Link
35051Lefevre, James WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31862Private --Link
35052Leffer, ClaudeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17494Private --Link
35053Leffler, ClaudeKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/17494Rifleman --Link
35054Leftly, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21927Private --Link
35055Legard, Alfred DigbyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Link
35056Legg, Bertie EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202733Private [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 28499 Private [2] Labour Corps 96235 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202733 Private [4] London Regiment GS/92419 Private [5] Royal Fusiliers GS/92419 Private Link
35057Legg, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps45866Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/30400 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45866 Driver Link
35058Legg, Charles BKing's Royal Rifle Corps10094Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10094 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10094 Acting Corporal Link
35059Legg, Charles EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25181Private --Link
35060Legg, John T[1] North Somerset Yeomanry 422 Private [2] Royal Rifle Corps 422 Private [3] General Service Dragoons GS/13753 Private Link
35061Legg, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps64351Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45944 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64351 Private Link
35062Legg, Walter HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9641Serjeant --Link
35063Legg, Walter R LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203240Corporal [1] Rifle Brigade S/15289 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203240 Corporal Link
35064Legg, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10866Private --Link
35065Legg, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps47622Private --Link
35066Legg, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps47628Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47628 Private [2] Training Reserve Battalion 10/8899 (incomplete) Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 13/58855 (incomplete) Private [4] Royal Engineers 62055 (incomplete) Private Link
35067Leggatt, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12762Private --Link
35068Leggatt, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9674Private --Link
35069Leggatt, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/13914Private --Link
35070Leggatt, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1369Private --Link
35071Legge, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle Corps11097Private --Link
35072Legge, Thomas TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12187Serjeant --Link
35073Leggett, BertieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37152Private --Link
35074Leggett, Bertie FKing's Royal Rifle Corps38388Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 38388 Private [2] Labour Corps 680947 Private Link
35075Leggett, Cecil GKing's Royal Rifle Corps45201Lance Corporal [1] Army Service Corps S/30357 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45201 Lance Corporal Link
35076Leggett, Edwin JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56376Corporal --Link
35077Leggett, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps11657Corporal --Link
35078Leggett, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13914Private --Link
35079Leggett, Herbert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps43945Acting Corporal [1] London Regiment 573802 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43945 Acting Corporal Link
35080Leggett, John AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18184Private --Link
35081Leggett, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/27639Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/27639 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/27639 Private Link
35082Leggett, Robert W BKing's Royal Rifle Corps47611Private --Link
35083Leggett, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32700Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/32700 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 038835 Private Link
35084Leggott, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle Corps43569Private --Link
35085Legon, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle Corps64953Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/30689 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64953 Private Link
35086Lehmann, Andre CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34311Private --Link
35087Lehn, Julian BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/8097Private --Link
35088Leigh, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33787Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/33787 Private [2] London Regiment GS/92663 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92663 Private Link
35089Leigh, Alfred GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-205359Private --Link
35090Leigh, Arthur WellesleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/535Private --Link
35091Leigh, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps20775Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 20775 Private [2] Labour Corps 620944 Private Link
35092Leigh, George EKing's Royal Rifle Corps11359Private --Link
35093Leigh, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14796Private --Link
35094Leigh, Harold HKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/24002Private --Link
35095Leigh, Herbert GordonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Engineers - Lieutenant Link
35096Leigh, Horace HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22898Private --Link
35097Leigh, J EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Captain --Link
35098Leigh, J EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Captain --Link
35099Leigh, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 18658Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 18658 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 18658 Private Link
35100Leigh, John EgertonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
35101Leigh, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25357Private --Link
35102Leigh, Sidney WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5235Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5235 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35103Leighton, Albert LewisKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant and Captain Link
35104Leighton, Albert WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201266Private [1] Army Ordnance Corps 015626 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201266 Private [3] Army Service Corps T/450577 Private Link
35105Leighton, CharlesLabour Corps ex King's Royal Rifle CorpsB18388 3/7084Private --Link
35106Leighton, Charles FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203912Private [1] Royal Army Service Corps S4/094966 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203912 Private Link
35107Leighton, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 13124Private --Link
35108Leighton, Harold CKing's Royal Rifle Corps65333Acting Corporal [1] Rifle Brigade 46296 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65333 Acting Corporal Link
35109Leighton, Harry EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21411Private --Link
35110Leighton, James AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/352Private --Link
35111Leighton, William PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/10391Private --Link
35112Leist, William FKing's Royal Rifle Corps422671Private [1] London Regiment 4814 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 422671 Private [3] Middlesex Regiment G/44843 Private Link
35113Leitch, DonaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16882Private --Link
35114Leitch, Neil McKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203553Private [1] Army Service Corps T4/142637 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203553 Private [3] London Regiment GS/92657 Private [4] Royal Fusiliers GS/92657 Private Link
35115Leith, Alexander RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major Link
35116Leith, John A CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/30883Private --Link
35117Leivers, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2560Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R2560 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R2560 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35118Leivers, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps2320Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2320 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 141620 Private Link
35119Leivers, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2963Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R2963 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R2963 Corporal Link
35120Lelliott, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 41836Private --Link
35121Lemarquand, Henry PKing's Royal Rifle Corps45063Corporal [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31131 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45063 Corporal Link
35122Lemarquand, Henry PKing's Royal Rifle Corps45063Corporal [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31131 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45063 Corporal Link
35123Lemasurier, Charles GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17450Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17450 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B203372 Private Link
35124Lemm, Joseph HKing's Royal Rifle Corps12046Private --Link
35125Lemmermann, Conrad WKing's Royal Rifle Corps29336Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 29336 Private [2] Labour Corps 656596 Private Link
35126Lemon, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/907Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/907 Private [2] Corps of Hussars 60606 Private Link
35127Lemon, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201866Private --Link
35128Lemon, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps204469Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 204469 Private [2] Dorsetshire Regiment 46659 Private Link
35129Lemon, William JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps27375Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 27375 Private [2] Royal Engineers 312546 Private Link
35130Lemonnier, Albert DKing's Royal Rifle Corps45066Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31141 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45066 Private Link
35131Lemonnier, George FKing's Royal Rifle Corps12263Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12263 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 421951 Corporal Link
35132Lempriere, William HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps-- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - - [2] Cheshire Regiment - Lieutenant [3] Cheshire Regiment - Acting Captain Link
35133Lend, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR32821Private --Link
35134Leng, PennockKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/13015Acting Corporal --Link
35135Lengthorn, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39676Private --Link
35136Lenham, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps12570Private --Link
35137Leniham, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2349Private --Link
35138Lenney, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36623Private --Link
35139Lennie, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37867Private --Link
35140Lennon, PeterKing's Royal Rifle Corps59725Private --Link
35141Lenny, Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202542Private --Link
35142Lenny, Ernest CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsP3584Private --Link
35143Lenton, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle Corps44765Private --Link
35144Lenton, Richard JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 3075Private --Link
35145Lenty, DouglasKing's Royal Rifle Corps10205Private --Link
35146Leoffeler, Harold BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202665Private --Link
35147Leonard, Charles FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps11221Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11221 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11221 Lance Corporal Link
35148Leonard, Cyril DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC-4074Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C-4074 Private [2] Hertfordshire Regiment 42610 Private [3] Corps of Hussars 80911 Private Link
35149Leonard, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11504Private --Link
35150Leonard, FrancisKing's Royal Rifle Corps53974Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles D/22472 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53974 Private Link
35151Leonard, Henry AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17929Private --Link
35152Leonard, JKing's Royal Rifle Corps6838135Private --Link
35153Leonard, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps12158Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12158 Private [2] Labour Corps 596408 Private Link
35154Leonard, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps12815Private --Link
35155Leonard, John JKing's Royal Rifle Corps26069Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 21571 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 26069 Private [3] Traininig Reserve Battalion 72786 Private [4] Royal Engineers 312077 Private Link
35156Leonard, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR18683Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R18683 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R18683 Private Link
35157Leonard, TerenceKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/13521Private --Link
35158Leonard, Terence JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13521Private --Link
35159Leonard, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps46390Private --Link
35160Leopard, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps9480Private --Link
35161Lepine, Richard JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5153Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5153 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5153 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35162Lepley, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22152Private --Link
35163Lepley, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20591Private --Link
35164Lepley, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204872Private --Link
35165Leppan, Herbert DudleyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Imperial Light Horse - Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
35166Leppard, Albert WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6339Private --Link
35167Lepper, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle Corps53892Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53892 Private [2] Royal Army Service Corps R/436996 Private Link
35168Lepsey, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR20591Private --Link
35169Lerner, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 27540Private --Link
35170Leroy, Edwin PKing's Royal Rifle Corps11179Private --Link
35171Lescombe, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps64057Private [1] Rifle Brigade 0/287 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64057 Private Link
35172Lesley, J WKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
35173Leslie, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
35174Lesslie, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21182Private --Link
35175Lester, Charles JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/23199Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/23199 Private [2] London Regiment 497393 Private Link
35176Lester, CliffordKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25236Private --Link
35177Lester, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6637Private --Link
35178Lester, Ernest CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6803Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/6803 Serjeant [2] Border Regiment - Lieutenant Link
35179Lester, Ernest EKing's Royal Rifle Corps47620Private --Link
35180Lester, Frederick JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/790Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y/790 Private [2] Rifle Brigade attached Royal Air Force - Second Lieutenant Link
35181Lester, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11033Private --Link
35182Lester, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps8448Private --Link
35183Lester, John BeaumontKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] Inns of Court Officer Training Corps 627 Lance Corporal [2] Hampshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant [3] Rifle Brigade - Captain [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
35184Lester, John JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44896Private [1] Army Service Corps S4/070320 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44896 Private Link
35185Lester, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps1960Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1960 Private [2] Labour Corps 572362 Private Link
35186Lester, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1723Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1723 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1723 Private Link
35187Lester, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps8281Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8281 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 031265 Private Link
35188Lester, TomKing's Royal Rifle Corps16268Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16268 Private [2] Labour Corps 134403 Private Link
35189Lester, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/2504Private --Link
35190Letch, Alfred WKing's Royal Rifle Corps51237Private [1] London Regiment 532886 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51237 Private Link
35191Letch, Walter OKing's Royal Rifle Corps49008Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/31938 Private [2] London Regiment 880747 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49008 Private Link
35192Letcher, Edward AKing's Royal Rifle Corps6809Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6809 Private [2] Royal Engineers WR/25966 Private [3] Royal Engineers 197671 Private Link
35193Letchford, Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle Corps51469Private [1] London Regiment 472252 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51469 Private Link
35194Lethaby, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle Corps8543Private --Link
35195Lethbridge, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10461Private --Link
35196Lethern, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56762Bugler [1] London Regiment 1430 Bugler [2] London Regiment 56762 Bugler [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56762 Bugler Link
35197Letley, Edward AKing's Royal Rifle Corps64139Private [1] London Regiment 5025 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64139 Private Link
35198Letley, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps64353Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45946 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64353 Private Link
35199Letson, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps22145Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 22145 Private [2] Labour Corps 318389 Private Link
35200Lett, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/9248Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/9248 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/324747 Private Link
35201Lett, John EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/22617Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/22617 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 196909 Private Link
35202Lett, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 43034Private --Link
35203Letter, Charles AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19108Private --Link
35204Lettice, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps7439Private --Link
35205Letts, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps4391Private --Link
35206Letts, Frank AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21779Private --Link
35207Leuty, Douglas CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps10205Private --Link
35208Levell, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3835Private --Link
35209Levene, MorrisKing's Royal Rifle Corps58502Private [1] The Queen's Regiment G/25586 Private [2] Labour Corps 576005 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58502 Private Link
35210Levene, SolomonKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1163Private --Link
35211Levens, William DKing's Royal Rifle Corps25434Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25434 Private [2] Labour Corps 412277 Private Link
35212Levenston, Charles DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18854Private --Link
35213Lever, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps534789Private [1] London Regiment 534789 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 534789 Private [3] London Regiment 880374 Private Link
35214Lever, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps14476Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14476 Private [2] Labour Corps 213868 Private Link
35215Lever, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA692Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A692 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35216Lever, Percy HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10266Private --Link
35217Lever, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22717Private --Link
35218Lever, Thomas RKing's Royal Rifle Corps24126Private [1] Lancashire Fusiliers 20722 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 24126 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR/13/34145 Private [4] Royal Engineers 318421 Private [5] Royal Engineers WR/313080 Private Link
35219Leverett, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps534811Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 534811 Private [2] Labour Corps 633021 Private Link
35220Leveria, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6410Private --Link
35221Leverick, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps47619Private --Link
35222Leverington, SydneyKing's Royal Rifle Corps12744Private --Link
35223Leverington, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20960Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/20960 Corporal [2] London Regiment 418118 Corporal Link
35224Levett, Anthony RawdonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35225Levett, BertieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1702Private --Link
35226Levett, Charles RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps10427Private --Link
35227Levett, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9765Private --Link
35228Levett, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2365Private --Link
35229Levett, Harold CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/52919Private --Link
35230Levett, R W BKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35231Levett, SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/525Private --Link
35232Levett, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 325Private --Link
35233Levett, Walter BKing's Royal Rifle Corps10471Private --Link
35234Levey, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps58889Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58889 Private [2] London Regiment 418069 Private Link
35235Levey, Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle Corps60140Private --Link
35236Levey, Sydney AKing's Royal Rifle Corps47353Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47353 Private [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/12071 Private Link
35237Levey, Sydney SKing's Royal Rifle Corps55984Private [1] London Regiment 55984 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 55984 Private Link
35238Levi, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 358Private --Link
35239Levick, Geoffrey CarltonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [2] Royal Flying Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal Flying Corps - Lieutenant Link
35240Levine, Walter FKing's Royal Rifle Corps30408Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 30408 Private [2] Labour Corps 585615 Private Link
35241Levings, James GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4163Private --Link
35242Levings, Owen RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA594Private --Link
35243Levitt, Alfred EKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR20911Private --Link
35244Levitt, Sydney NevilleKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Training Reserve Battalion TR/10/26128 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35245Levitt, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps1679Private --Link
35246Levy, AbrahamKing's Royal Rifle Corps28813Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 28813 Private [2] Labour Corps 426618 Private Link
35247Levy, Abraham LewisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205537Private --Link
35248Levy, Arthur IKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1218Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1218 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1218 Serjeant Link
35249Levy, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps Rifles DepotR19731Rifleman --Link
35250Levy, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 31271Private --Link
35251Levy, Henry W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps18099Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 18099 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 37660 Private Link
35252Levy, Herbert GodfreyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps attached Trench Mortar Battery - Lieutenant Link
35253Levy, IsraelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202322Private --Link
35254Levy, Jacob LKing's Royal Rifle Corps21902Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 21902 Private [2] London Regiment 474687 Private Link
35255Levy, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 24295Private --Link
35256Levy, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 201248Private --Link
35257Levy, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps49768Private [1] London Regiment 5074 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49768 Private Link
35258Levy, MorrisKing's Royal Rifle Corps37294Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37294 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 147125 Private Link
35259Levy, PhillipKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18846Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/18846 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203220 Private Link
35260Levy, ReubenKing's Royal Rifle Corps46012Private [1] London Regiment 881609 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 46012 Private Link
35261Levy, SKing's Royal Rifle Corps17976- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 17976 - [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 25776 - [3] Suffolk Regiment 34032 - [4] Royal Engineers 214747 Pioneer Link
35262Levy, Solomon CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201797Private --Link
35263Levy, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204471Private --Link
35264Levy, Vincent CKing's Royal Rifle Corps13626Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13626 Private [2] Labour Corps 443378 Private Link
35265Lewbitz, IsaacKing's Royal Rifle Corps202055Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 202055 Private [2] Labour Corps 518401 Private Link
35266Lewcock, George SKing's Royal Rifle Corps65003Private [1] Rifle Brigade 59115 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65003 Private Link
35267Lewendon, George TKing's Royal Rifle Corps11897Private [1] Hussars 11897 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps Cavalry 41192 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11897 Private Link
35268Lewendon, Herbert CKing's Royal Rifle Corps65298Private [1] Rifle Brigade 49102 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65298 Private Link
35269Lewer, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14861Private --Link
35270Lewer, Richard RoyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
35271Lewer, Samuel R JKing's Royal Rifle Corps11903Private --Link
35272Lewer, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps56532Private [1] London Regiment 2608 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56532 Private Link
35273Lewer, William HoraceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12787Private --Link
35274Lewers, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps53942Acting Serjeant [1] Royal Irish Rifles D/21833 Acting Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53942 Acting Serjeant Link
35275Lewin, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsL/36810Private --Link
35276Lewin, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps3928Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
35277Lewin, Henry GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37292Private --Link
35278Lewin, Sydney PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29358Private --Link
35279Lewin, Walter EKing's Royal Rifle Corps453974Private [1] London Regiment 5536 Private [2] London Regiment 722452 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 453974 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/291789 Private Link
35280Lewin, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle Corps50306Private --Link
35281Lewington, F JKing's Royal Rifle Corps11397Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11397 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11397 Acting Corporal Link
35282Lewington, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA429Private --Link
35283Lewinton, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4291Private --Link
35284Lewis, A JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10421Private --Link
35285Lewis, AbrahamKing's Royal Rifle Corps69312Private [1] London Regiment 492038 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69312 Private Link
35286Lewis, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 18643Private --Link
35287Lewis, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA994Private --Link
35288Lewis, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps1214Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1214 Private [2] Labour Corps 400020 Private Link
35289Lewis, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps37816Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37816 Private [2] Labour Corps 608034 Private Link
35290Lewis, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps56707Private --Link
35291Lewis, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps203668Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/1179 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 203668 Private Link
35292Lewis, Albert GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/22590Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/22590 Private [2] London Regiment 497634 Private Link
35293Lewis, Albert HKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4978Private --Link
35294Lewis, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 39515Private --Link
35295Lewis, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2986Private --Link
35296Lewis, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle Corps441097 (incomplete)Acting Serjeant --Link
35297Lewis, Alfred HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18865Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/18865 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/427712 Private Link
35298Lewis, Alfred JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204868Private --Link
35299Lewis, Alfred T JKing's Royal Rifle Corps35521Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 35521 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 9/42042 Private Link
35300Lewis, Alfred WKing's Royal Rifle Corps56308Private [1] London Regiment 5638 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56308 Private Link
35301Lewis, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 14136Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 14136 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 14136 Corporal Link
35302Lewis, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps10863Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10863 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 30049 Private Link
35303Lewis, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1354Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 1354 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 1354 Corporal Link
35304Lewis, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps Rifles DepotA 203299Private --Link
35305Lewis, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203299Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/16704 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203299 Private Link
35306Lewis, Arthur DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201217Corporal --Link
35307Lewis, Benjamin J JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200493Private [1] London Regiment 4427 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200493 Private Link
35308Lewis, Brinley WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3731Private --Link
35309Lewis, C JKing's Royal Rifle Corps142183Private --Link
35310Lewis, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps9156Private --Link
35311Lewis, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9801Private --Link
35312Lewis, Charles AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7828Private --Link
35313Lewis, Charles RKing's Royal Rifle Corps56577Corporal --Link
35314Lewis, Charles WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps8403Private --Link
35315Lewis, Daniel JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9144Private --Link
35316Lewis, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/3888Corporal --Link
35317Lewis, Edgar JKing's Royal Rifle Corps11172Private --Link
35318Lewis, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps3888 (incomplete)Private --Link
35319Lewis, Edward GKing's Royal Rifle Corps49142Private [1] London Regiment 692431 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49142 Private Link
35320Lewis, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202518Private --Link
35321Lewis, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202154Private --Link
35322Lewis, Ernest GKing's Royal Rifle Corps8837Private --Link
35323Lewis, EvanKing's Royal Rifle Corps56515Private [1] London Regiment 2257 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56515 Private Link
35324Lewis, EvanKing's Royal Rifle Corps13080Private --Link
35325Lewis, Evan MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18141Private --Link
35326Lewis, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 204866Private --Link
35327Lewis, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 1121Private --Link
35328Lewis, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/949Private --Link
35329Lewis, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps8150Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8150 Private [2] Somerset Light Infantry 0935 Private [3] Army Cyclist Corps 0935 Private Link
35330Lewis, Frank EKing's Royal Rifle Corps8675Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8675 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 55906 Private Link
35331Lewis, Frank WynneKing's Royal Rifle Corps44454Private --Link
35332Lewis, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps12565Private [1] Royal Engineers 239721 Sapper [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12565 Private [3] King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 40326 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/265557 Sapper Link
35333Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/3852Private --Link
35334Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps5694Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5694 Private [2] Labour Corps 121398 Private Link
35335Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps65304Private [1] Rifle Brigade 6091 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65304 Private Link
35336Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 24099Private --Link
35337Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3290Private --Link
35338Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps2681Private --Link
35339Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200675Private [1] Hertfordshire Regiment 5769 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200675 Private Link
35340Lewis, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps56777Private [1] London Regiment 540527 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56777 Private Link
35341Lewis, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle Corps57605Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57605 Private [2] Corps of Dragoons D/34138 Private Link
35342Lewis, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12761Private --Link
35343Lewis, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle Corps65214Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25330 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65214 Private Link
35344Lewis, Frederick RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205103Private --Link
35345Lewis, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4120Private --Link
35346Lewis, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps51944Private [1] London Regiment 320354 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51944 Private Link
35347Lewis, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1889Private --Link
35348Lewis, George AKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
35349Lewis, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4561Private --Link
35350Lewis, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3133Private --Link
35351Lewis, George ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/34023Private --Link
35352Lewis, George FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
35353Lewis, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19298Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/19298 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 41539 Private Link
35354Lewis, HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15487Private --Link
35355Lewis, Harold CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20180Private --Link
35356Lewis, Harold CKing's Royal Rifle Corps8489Private --Link
35357Lewis, Harold JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200050Private [1] London Regiment 4284 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200050 Private Link
35358Lewis, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps3269Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3269 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers 129691 Private [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 207672 Private Link
35359Lewis, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps4583Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4583 Private [2] Labour Corps 176471 Private Link
35360Lewis, Harry YKing's Royal Rifle Corps47841Private [1] London Regiment 763465 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47841 Private Link
35361Lewis, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 30351Private --Link
35362Lewis, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 31178Private --Link
35363Lewis, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps10273Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10273 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10273 Acting Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6837529 Acting Corporal Link
35364Lewis, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15487Private --Link
35365Lewis, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps5992Private --Link
35366Lewis, Henry AKing's Royal Rifle Corps6031Private --Link
35367Lewis, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200074Private [1] London Regiment 4103 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200074 Private Link
35368Lewis, Henry JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps4536Quarter Master Serjeant/Orderly Room Serjeant --Link
35369Lewis, Herbert E CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201400Private --Link
35370Lewis, Herbert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5104Private --Link
35371Lewis, Herbert WKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/40501Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot R/40501 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot R/40501 Private Link
35372Lewis, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR846Private --Link
35373Lewis, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps4649Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4649 Private [2] Royal Engineers 249357 Sapper [3] Suffolk Regiment 25469 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/125826 Sapper Link
35374Lewis, James DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 40178Private --Link
35375Lewis, James WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17004Serjeant --Link
35376Lewis, JesseKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1526Private --Link
35377Lewis, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY1874Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y1874 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y1874 Private Link
35378Lewis, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7529Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7529 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/406601 Private Link
35379Lewis, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA824Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A824 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A824 Private Link
35380Lewis, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps13/25625Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13/25625 Private [2] Norfolk Regiment 73126 Private Link
35381Lewis, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR17612Private --Link
35382Lewis, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10021Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10021 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10021 Corporal Link
35383Lewis, John CKing's Royal Rifle Corps783Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 783 Private [2] Royal Engineers 206995 Sapper Link
35384Lewis, John EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1012Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y/1012 Private [2] London Regiment GS/84138 Private Link
35385Lewis, John GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/456Private --Link
35386Lewis, John HKing's Royal Rifle Corps45788Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45788 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 518726 Corporal Link
35387Lewis, John MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203551Private [1] Army Service Corps T4/262747 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203551 Private Link
35388Lewis, John TKing's Royal Rifle Corps58201Private [1] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 36816 Private [2] Labour Corps 416089 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58201 Private Link
35389Lewis, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9463Private --Link
35390Lewis, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33876Private --Link
35391Lewis, Joseph BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1236Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C 1236 Private [2] Army Service Corps 12525 Private Link
35392Lewis, Joseph BernardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1236Private --Link
35393Lewis, Joseph CKing's Royal Rifle Corps34168Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 34168 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 143813 Private Link
35394Lewis, Joseph JKing's Royal Rifle Corps11679Corporal --Link
35395Lewis, Lance WillKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Second Lieutenant [1] Honourable Artillery Company 940 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps - Temporary Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Second Lieutenant Link
35396Lewis, Leonard MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36795Private --Link
35397Lewis, LeslieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 204239Private [1] Army Service Corps 07479 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 204239 Private Link
35398Lewis, Louis VernonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Infantry Prince Alfred's Guards - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
35399Lewis, MaldwynKing's Royal Rifle Corps51122Private [1] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 13572 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51122 Private Link
35400Lewis, Norman GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
35401Lewis, Norman HKing's Royal Rifle Corps465059Private [1] London Regiment 424029 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 465059 Private [3] London Regiment 465059 Private Link
35402Lewis, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9957Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R9957 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R9957 Private Link
35403Lewis, Percy JKing's Royal Rifle Corps49270Private [1] London Regiment 545050 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49270 Private Link
35404Lewis, Percy JKing's Royal Rifle Corps11646Private --Link
35405Lewis, Philip HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3656Private --Link
35406Lewis, PhillipKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/946Private --Link
35407Lewis, Reynold Henry MorganKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35408Lewis, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203306Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/15504 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203306 Private Link
35409Lewis, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203306Private --Link
35410Lewis, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA237Private --Link
35411Lewis, Robert FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps attached Training Reserve Battalion-Second Lieutenant [1] Inns of Court Officers Training Corps 7741 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps attached Training Reserve Battalion - Second Lieutenant Link
35412Lewis, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21515Private --Link
35413Lewis, Roland CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5652Private --Link
35414Lewis, Selwyn FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/20086 (incomplete)Private [1] London Regiment 669 (incomplete) Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/20086 (incomplete) Private Link
35415Lewis, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203548Driver [1] Army Service Corps WT/4109261 Driver [2] London Regiment 474698 Driver [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203548 Driver Link
35416Lewis, Sydney GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202323Private --Link
35417Lewis, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps54302Private --Link
35418Lewis, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps9337Lance Corporal --Link
35419Lewis, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/20667Private --Link
35420Lewis, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps9337Private --Link
35421Lewis, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps42722Pioneer [1] Royal Engineers 346997 Pioneer [2] Training Reserve Battalion 14566 Pioneer [3] Rifle Brigade 36719 Pioneer [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 42722 Pioneer [5] Royal Engineers WR/204348 Pioneer Link
35422Lewis, Thomas CKing's Royal Rifle Corps47020Private --Link
35423Lewis, Thomas FKing's Royal Rifle Corps18585Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 18585 Private [2] Labour Corps 585607 Private Link
35424Lewis, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle Corps4182Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4182 Private [2] Labour Corps 385871 Private [3] Royal Engineers 606419 Sapper Link
35425Lewis, Thomas RKing's Royal Rifle Corps3770Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3770 Private [2] Labour Corps 572365 Private Link
35426Lewis, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14002Private --Link
35427Lewis, TrevorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30995Private --Link
35428Lewis, W CKing's Royal Rifle Corps10994Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10994 Private [2] Military Foot Police P/6453 Private Link
35429Lewis, W TKing's Royal Rifle Corps6841968Rifleman --Link
35430Lewis, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR28631Private --Link
35431Lewis, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps11723Private --Link
35432Lewis, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR788Private --Link
35433Lewis, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2518Private --Link
35434Lewis, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps47003Private --Link
35435Lewis, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA410Private --Link
35436Lewis, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps2886Private --Link
35437Lewis, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4915Private --Link
35438Lewis, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33815Private --Link
35439Lewis, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1341Private --Link
35440Lewis, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203790Private [1] Devonshire Regiment 41320 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203790 Private Link
35441Lewis, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1525Private --Link
35442Lewis, William EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1525Private --Link
35443Lewis, William GKing's Royal Rifle Corps47627Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47627 Private [2] Suffolk Regiment 70705 Private Link
35444Lewis, William GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot03437Private --Link
35445Lewis, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32427Private --Link
35446Lewis, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA202779Private [1] Army Service Corps S/4/064968 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A202779 Private Link
35447Lewis, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41454Private --Link
35448Lewis, William TKing's Royal Rifle Corps3375Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3375 Private [2] Labour Corps 232620 Private Link
35449Leworthy, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/42312Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/42312 Private [2] Gordon Highlanders S/43980 Private Link
35450Lewry, MauriceKing's Royal Rifle Corps44615Private --Link
35451Lewthwaite, Robert T AKing's Royal Rifle Corps47614Private --Link
35452Lewzey, David JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37198Private --Link
35453Ley, E MKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Major --Link
35454Ley, E MKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Major --Link
35455Ley, E MKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
35456Ley, Edward MarlboroughKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Colonel Link
35457Ley, Harry WKing's Royal Rifle Corps40027Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 40027 Private [2] Labour Corps 588066 Private Link
35458Leyburn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps325660Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/249566 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 325660 Driver [3] Machine Gun Corps 177772 Driver Link
35459Leyden, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16587Private --Link
35460Leyden, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16587Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/16587 Private [2] Tank Corps 305332 Private Link
35461Leyland, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps4944Private --Link
35462Leyland, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps7309Private --Link
35463Lezemore, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32791Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/32791 Private [2] London Regiment 497391 Private Link
35464Libby, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps58415Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 4579 Private [2] Labour Corps 397570 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58415 Private [4] Army Service Corps A/454954 Private Link
35465Libby, Edward AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle Corps58415Private [1] Middlesex Regiment 4579 Private [2] Labour Corps 4579 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58415 Private [4] Army Service Corps A/454954 Private Link
35466Lichfield, Ernest BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201156Private --Link
35467Lidbetter, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27340Private --Link
35468Lidbetter, Harry C WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37597Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/37597 Private [2] London Regiment 474700 Private Link
35469Liddell, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12529Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/12529 Serjeant [2] Leicestershire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
35470Liddell, George BKing's Royal Rifle Corps13034Private --Link
35471Liddell, TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12394Serjeant --Link
35472Liddell, Thomas FKing's Royal Rifle Corps19640Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 19640 Private [2] Labour Corps 318390 Private Link
35473Liddell, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12394Serjeant --Link
35474Liddiard, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6018Private --Link
35475Liddiard, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6018Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/6018 Private [2] Liverpool Regiment - Lieutenant Link
35476Liddiard, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6975Private --Link
35477Liddiard, William H RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7793Private --Link
35478Liddill, Thomas FosterLabour Corps Home Service Ex King's Royal Rifle Corps19640 Ex 318390Private --Link
35479Liddle, AlanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR36150Private --Link
35480Liddle, EricKing's Royal Rifle Corps55887Private --Link
35481Liddle, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps69985Private [1] Army Ordnance Corps D6490 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69985 Private [3] Cheshire Regiment 40917 Private [4] London Regiment 453879 Private Link
35482Liddle, Henry WeddellKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35483Liddle, John HKing's Royal Rifle Corps44768Private --Link
35484Liddle, Sidney GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32920Private --Link
35485Liddon, Walter FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/29422Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/29422 Private [2] Royal Engineers 319014 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/312566 Private Link
35486Lidlow, John JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35760Private --Link
35487Lidsey, Francis EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR842Private --Link
35488Lidstone, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/25454Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/25454 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] Welsh Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
35489Lidstone, Alfred MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17223Private --Link
35490Lidstone, William AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/42366Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/42366 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 54186 Private [3] Devonshire Regiment 01870 Private Link
35491Lidstone, William HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203213Private --Link
35492Lief, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6558Corporal --Link
35493Liens, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps28182Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 28182 Private [2] Labour Corps 222598 Private Link
35494Liffen, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps36979Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36979 Private [2] London Regiment 685328 Private Link
35495Liffen, George TKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4827Private --Link
35496Lifford, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps64954Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/28468 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64954 Private Link
35497Ligate, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37263 (incomplete)Private --Link
35498Light, A DKing's Royal Rifle Corps-- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - - [2] Royal Defence Corps 75016 - Link
35499Light, Reginald JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19447Private --Link
35500Light, Robert CKing's Royal Rifle Corps1731Serjeant --Link
35501Lightbown, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps46984Private --Link
35502Lightbown, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12970Corporal --Link
35503Lightbown, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12970Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R12970 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R12970 Serjeant Link
35504Lightfoot, Cecil EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsG-205104Private --Link
35505Lightfoot, Edward HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38711Private --Link
35506Lightfoot, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5424Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/5424 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 19923 Private Link
35507Lightfoot, George EKing's Royal Rifle Corps12/5424Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12/5424 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 19923 Private Link
35508Lightfoot, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13123Private --Link
35509Lightfoot, Hubert CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202026Private --Link
35510Lightfoot, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12180Private --Link
35511Lightfoot, W FKing's Royal Rifle Corps13001Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13001 Private [2] Army Ordnance Corps 040878 Private Link
35512Lightfoot, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps17170Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 17170 Private [2] Labour Corps 585606 Private Link
35513Lightfoot, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13001Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/13001 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 040878 Private Link
35514Lightollers, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37983Private --Link
35515Lighton, Christopher RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35516Lightowler, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR-24165Private --Link
35517Lightwood, Thomas Henry BerksKing's Royal Rifle Corps1617Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1617 Private [2] London Regiment 84132 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers 84132 Private [4] Royal Army Service Corps ES/68243 Private Link
35518Lilburn, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps13131Private --Link
35519Lile, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16235Private --Link
35520Liles, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps12526Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12526 Private [2] Labour Corps 411304 Private [3] Worcestershire Regiment 64747 Private [4] Army Service Corps ET/58393 Private Link
35521Liley, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle Corps11194Private --Link
35522Liley, John RobertsKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR18414Private --Link
35523Lilleker, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9552Private --Link
35524Lilley, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps1309Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1309 Private [2] Labour Corps 517231 Private Link
35525Lilley, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202155Private --Link
35526Lilley, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4348Serjeant --Link
35527Lilley, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/4348Serjeant --Link
35528Lilley, EdgarKing's Royal Rifle Corps7463Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7463 Private [2] Royal Engineers W/R/286379 Sapper Link
35529Lilley, EnochKing's Royal Rifle Corps4348Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4348 Private [2] Labour Corps 573761 Serjeant Link
35530Lilley, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201817Private --Link
35531Lilley, George T CKing's Royal Rifle Corps46129Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 46129 Private [2] London Regiment G/92751 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons D/34179 Private Link
35532Lilley, Henry CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1930Private --Link
35533Lilley, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10515Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 10515 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 10515 Corporal Link
35534Lilley, John F[1] North Somerset Yeomanry 641 Private [2] Royal Rifle Corps 641 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons D/23759 Private Link
35535Lilley, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7734Private --Link
35536Lilley, Thomas BKing's Royal Rifle Corps5123Private --Link
35537Lilley, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps7454Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7454 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 20299 Private Link
35538Lilley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21582Private --Link
35539Lilley, William BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/3848 (incomplete)Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/3848 (incomplete) Private [2] London Regiment R/3848 (incomplete) Private [3] London Regiment 540516 (incomplete) Private Link
35540Lillington, A HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4168Serjeant --Link
35541Lillington, Alfred HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsM4168Serjeant --Link
35542Lilly, Samuel GKing's Royal Rifle Corps11597Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11597 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 611071 Corporal Link
35543Lima, A J PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 202747Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/9487 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 202747 Private Link
35544Limb, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4677Private --Link
35545Limb, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/9228Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/9228 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B203003 Private Link
35546Limb, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps12526Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12526 Private [2] Labour Corps 573933 Private Link
35547Limmer, L JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] General List - Captain Link
35548Linacre, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps57969Private [1] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 4/22140 Private [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment 4/22410 Private [3] Labour Corps 406148 Private [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57969 Private Link
35549Linaker, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 204148Private --Link
35550Linay, Frederick EKing's Royal Rifle Corps25175Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25175 Private [2] Royal Engineers 234541 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/40706 Private Link
35551Lince, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10777Private --Link
35552Lincham, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR37984Private --Link
35553Lincoln, Alfred GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205360Private --Link
35554Lincoln, Austin TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-204472Private --Link
35555Lincoln, Charles FKing's Royal Rifle Corps64657Private [1] Rifle Brigade S-36460 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64657 Private Link
35556Lincoln, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33536Private --Link
35557Lincoln, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps65193Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25257 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65193 Private Link
35558Lincoln, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17569Private --Link
35559Lincoln, Lionel AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200927Private [1] Essex Regiment 5646 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200927 Private Link
35560Lincoln, William FKing's Royal Rifle Corps32249Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 32249 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 143135 Private Link
35561Lindley, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17582Private --Link
35562Lindley, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6706Private --Link
35563Lindley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps7854Private --Link
35564Lindley, WillieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7667Private --Link
35565Lindo, James FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36509Private --Link
35566Lindon, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17082Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17082 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203006 Private Link
35567Lindop, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 34343Private --Link
35568Lindsay, A EKing's Royal Rifle Corps49989Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49989 Private [2] Essex Regiment 48855 Private Link
35569Lindsay, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8352Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8352 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8352 Corporal Link
35570Lindsay, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps4945 (incomplete)Private [1] London Regiment 80 (incomplete) Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4945 (incomplete) Private Link
35571Lindsay, DouglasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2093Corporal --Link
35572Lindsay, Harold JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Transvaal Scottish 3616 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
35573Lindsay, Henry S WKing's Royal Rifle Corps54354Private --Link
35574Lindsay, James LKing's Royal Rifle Corps559977Private --Link
35575Lindsay, LionelKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Captain Link
35576Lindsay, Robert WKing's Royal Rifle Corps5637Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5637 Serjeant [2] Yorkshire Regiment 19573 Serjeant [3] Yorkshire Regiment 437963 Serjeant Link
35577Lindsell, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1295Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1295 Private [2] Tank Corps 302725 Private Link
35578Lindsell, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200620Corporal [1] Cambridgeshire Regiment 8033 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200620 Corporal Link
35579Lindsell, Thomas CKing's Royal Rifle Corps10165Private --Link
35580Lindsey, Owen LKing's Royal Rifle Corps40791Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 40791 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/417798 Private Link
35581Lindsey, Samuel CKing's Royal Rifle Corps11142Private --Link
35582Lindsey, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31621Private --Link
35583Line, JesseKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9294Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R9294 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R9294 Corporal Link
35584Lineham, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps16761Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16761 Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 143771 Corporal Link
35585Lineham, Francis M[1] Royal Rifle Corps - Sister Link
35586Lineham, James PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsP 3966Private --Link
35587Linehan, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37934Private --Link
35588Lines, Alfred WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35589Lines, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10037Private --Link
35590Lines, George HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 42726Private --Link
35591Lines, Henry AKing's Royal Rifle Corps50129Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50129 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/459930 Private Link
35592Lines, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3595Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/3595 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35593Lines, JohnDepot King's Royal Rifle Corps5326Private --Link
35594Lines, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5326Private --Link
35595Lines, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps12316Private --Link
35596Linfoot, Charles RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2444Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R2444 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] Army Service Corps - Lieutenant Link
35597Linfoot, Frank FKing's Royal Rifle Corps3339Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3339 Private [2] Royal Engineers 236488 Private Link
35598Linfoot, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3619Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3619 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3619 Corporal Link
35599Linford, Edward YKing's Royal Rifle Corps11/03118Private --Link
35600Ling, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsP3367Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps P3367 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps P3367 Corporal Link
35601Ling, Cecil WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19587Private --Link
35602Ling, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37275Private --Link
35603Ling, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR33234Private --Link
35604Ling, George BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY211Private --Link
35605Ling, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10541Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10541 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10541 Corporal Link
35606Ling, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Corporal --Link
35607Ling, NathanKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA493Private --Link
35608Ling, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps4904Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4904 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 24943 Private Link
35609Ling, William CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/20088Private [1] Essex Regiment 5/4416 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/20088 Private [3] London Regiment G/92635 Private [4] London Regiment 241863 Private Link
35610Linger, George CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11109Private --Link
35611Lings, HalletKing's Royal Rifle Corps4873Private --Link
35612Lings, James WKing's Royal Rifle Corps64656Private [1] Rifle Brigade 49120 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64656 Private Link
35613Linington, George AKing's Royal Rifle Corps64356Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45947 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64356 Private Link
35614Linklater, MaxmillienKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 31318Private --Link
35615Linley, J WKing's Royal Rifle Corps3277Private --Link
35616Linley, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4079Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4079 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4079 Private Link
35617Linley, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps2584Private --Link
35618Linley, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot2584Private --Link
35619Linn, Albert TKing's Royal Rifle Corps29283Private [1] Rifle Brigade 29460 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 29283 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion 29919 Private [4] Royal Engineers 311905 Private Link
35620Linnell, Joshua HKing's Royal Rifle Corps49987Private --Link
35621Linnell, Victor LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2322Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2322 Private [2] London Regiment 395554 Private Link
35622Linnett, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsG1161Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps G1161 Private [2] Highland Light Infantry 53421 Private Link
35623Linney, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 203666 (incomplete)Private [1] Army Service Corps S3 030600 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 203666 (incomplete) Private Link
35624Linney, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps45193Private [1] Royal Army Service Corps S4/042518 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45193 Private Link
35625Linney, Sydney WKing's Royal Rifle Corps54065Private [1] Army Service Corps T/31359 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54065 Private Link
35626Linsdell, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35456Private --Link
35627Linsell, Thomas BKing's Royal Rifle Corps4152Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4152 Lance Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 17107 Acting Lance Serjeant Link
35628Linsley, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps6737Private --Link
35629Linstead, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35584Private --Link
35630Linstead, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/34317Private --Link
35631Lintin, Frank BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12340Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/12340 Corporal [2] Tank Corps 77329 Corporal Link
35632Linton, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps8975Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8975 Private [2] Labour Corps 448673 Private Link
35633Linton, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202114Private --Link
35634Linton, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps59474Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 59474 Private [2] Labour Corps 512615 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58421 Private Link
35635Linton, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12567Private --Link
35636Linton, Percy JKing's Royal Rifle Corps64168Private [1] London Regiment 232759 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64168 Private Link
35637Linton, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Army Service Corps S4/065102 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major Link
35638Linton, Victor JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 22246Private --Link
35639Lintott, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204870Private --Link
35640Linturn, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201227Private --Link
35641Linwood, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32781Private --Link
35642Linzey, Reginald AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 32059Private --Link
35643Lipley, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/22152Private --Link
35644Lipop, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY 490Private --Link
35645Lippett, John R HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/75Company Quarter Master Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/75 Company Quarter Master Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/75 Colour Serjeant Link
35646Lippett, William CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR 24068Rifleman --Link
35647Lipscomb, J WKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
35648Lipscomb, J WKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Acting Captain Link
35649Lipscomb, J WKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Lieutenant --Link
35650Lipscomb, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/25460Private Rifleman --Link
35651Lipscombe, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3058Private --Link
35652Lipsham, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36493Private --Link
35653Lipyeart, IvorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3676Private --Link
35654Liquorish, Horace AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 455Private --Link
35655Liscoe, Richard SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12783Private --Link
35656Lisemore, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 5678Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 5678 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 5678 Private Link
35657Lish, George AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/430Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/430 Private [2] Welsh Regiment 88297 Private [3] Devonshire Regiment 54687 Private [4] Labour Corps 108921 Private [5] North Staffordshire Regiment 44171 Private Link
35658Lishman, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37982Private --Link
35659Lishman, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps6258Private --Link
35660Lisle, George RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR22072Private --Link
35661Lisle, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps8437Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8437 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 21147 Private Link
35662Lisle, John WynneKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/1750Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/1750 Corporal [2] West Yorkshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
35663Lisney, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14628Private --Link
35664List, Victor SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23039Private --Link
35665Lister, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5895Private --Link
35666Lister, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps7244Company Serjeant Major --Link
35667Lister, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps6837152Warrant Officer Class 2 --Link
35668Lister, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps7244Serjeant --Link
35669Lister, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps7244Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7244 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7244 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35670Lister, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR19956Private --Link
35671Lister, George SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203301Private [1] Rifle Brigade S3774 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203301 Private Link
35672Lister, Herbert SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202839Private [1] Army Service Corps S4/137916 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202839 Private Link
35673Lister, Joe MKing's Royal Rifle Corps12334Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12334 Private [2] Royal Engineers 343272 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/215209 Private Link
35674Lister, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA202778Private [1] Army Service Corps S/4/041948 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A202778 Private Link
35675Lister, Martin Douglas BKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35676Lister, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 6698Private --Link
35677Lister, W AKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
35678Lister, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps58633Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 19971 Private [2] Labour Corps 417150 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58633 Private Link
35679Lister, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203667Acting Corporal [1] Army Service Corps S4/158456 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203667 Acting Corporal [3] London Regiment 84134 Acting Corporal [4] London Regiment 241804 Acting Corporal Link
35680Liston, Daniel AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204473Private --Link
35681Liston, Edmund Rushton McLeodKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 22422 Corporal [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [4] Indian Army - Lieutenant Link
35682Litchfield, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps5768Lance Corporal --Link
35683Litchfield, Ernest PKing's Royal Rifle Corps27850Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 27850 Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 72337 Corporal Link
35684Litchfield, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8154Private --Link
35685Litherland, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps6772Private --Link
35686Litherland, Thomas AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19133Private --Link
35687Lithwyn, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps59632Private --Link
35688Litkie, Maximilian MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19951Serjeant --Link
35689Litolff, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7968Private --Link
35690Littell, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps42606Private [1] London Regiment 5568 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 42606 Private Link
35691Little, AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203670Private [1] Army Service Corps S2/11135 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203670 Private [3] Machine Gun Corps 143785 Private Link
35692Little, AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/439Lance Corporal --Link
35693Little, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC4022Private --Link
35694Little, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/248Private --Link
35695Little, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 439Private --Link
35696Little, BertramKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13696Private --Link
35697Little, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle Corps65065Acting Serjeant [1] Rifle Brigade 46894 Acting Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65065 Acting Serjeant Link
35698Little, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps12658Private --Link
35699Little, ChristopherKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3853Serjeant --Link
35700Little, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15893Private --Link
35701Little, Ernest EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200161Private [1] London Regiment 4209 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200161 Private Link
35702Little, Frank EKing's Royal Rifle Corps65260Transport Serjeant [1] Rifle Brigade 46538 Transport Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65260 Transport Serjeant Link
35703Little, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3693 (incomplete)Private --Link
35704Little, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps12237Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12237 Private [2] Army Service Corps ES/67943 Private Link
35705Little, H MKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4808Private --Link
35706Little, Horman HindKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 817Private --Link
35707Little, Howard VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32847Private --Link
35708Little, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 4023Private --Link
35709Little, WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/5559Serjeant --Link
35710Little, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps6975Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6975 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 140040 Private Link
35711Little, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9177Private --Link
35712Little, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19947Private --Link
35713Little, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5559Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5559 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5559 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35714Little, William EKing's Royal Rifle Corps6003Private --Link
35715Littlechild, George WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps4413Private --Link
35716Littleford, Edwin FosterKing's Royal Rifle Corps10300Private --Link
35717Littleford, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps27561Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 27561 Acting Corporal [2] London Regiment GS/92459 Acting Corporal [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92459 Acting Corporal Link
35718Littlejohn, Alfred WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/35748Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/35748 Private [2] London Regiment 880742 Private Link
35719Littlejohn, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps4464Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4464 Private [2] Labour Corps 475401 Private Link
35720Littler, AbrahamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 203946Private [1] Royal Army Service Corps T4/070927 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A 203946 Private Link
35721Littler, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps9173Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9173 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9173 Serjeant Link
35722Littler, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1145Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R1145 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R1145 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35723Littler, John ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR 14002Private --Link
35724Littlewood, Alan BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4305Private --Link
35725Littlewood, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2188Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/2188 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C762 Private Link
35726Littlewood, Edward WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17858Private --Link
35727Littlewood, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15807Private --Link
35728Littlewood, PlastagenetKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 8969Private --Link
35729Littlewood, WilliamDepot King's Royal Rifle CorpsR19262Private --Link
35730Littleworth, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38402Private --Link
35731Littley, Albert FKing's Royal Rifle Corps44098Private --Link
35732Livell, EdgarKing's Royal Rifle Corps56683Acting Corporal [1] Monmouthshire Regiment 15763 Acting Corporal [2] Labour Corps 479744 Acting Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56683 Acting Corporal Link
35733Livemore, Albert AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 27354Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 27354 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 27354 Private Link
35734Liversage, Albert BKing's Royal Rifle Corps56690Private [1] Royal Welsh Fusiliers 7055 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56690 Private [3] Labour Corps 415995 Private [4] Somerset Light Infantry 01732 Private Link
35735Liversidge, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41001Private --Link
35736Liversidge, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps2680Private --Link
35737Liversidge, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7411Private --Link
35738Liversidge, Percy HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203026Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203026 Private [2] London Regiment 418246 Private Link
35739Livesey, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16132Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/16132 Private [2] Royal Field Artillery 275746 Private Link
35740Livesey, Arthur VKing's Royal Rifle Corps48562Private [1] Royal Fusiliers 279063 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48562 Private Link
35741Livesey, BlusonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/2207Private --Link
35742Livesey, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/279Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/279 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/279 Serjeant Link
35743Livesey, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5313Private --Link
35744Livesey, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps5405Private --Link
35745Livesey, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9033Private --Link
35746Livesley, George AKing's Royal Rifle Corps2935Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2935 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 73193 Private Link
35747Livings, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21444Private --Link
35748Livings, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1211Private --Link
35749Livingston, C PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10173Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 10173 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35750Livingstone, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8110Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8110 Rifleman [2] Dragoon Guards D/34775 Private [3] Corps of Dragoons 392756 Private [4] Royal Engineers 310306 Private [5] Royal Engineers WR277508 Private Link
35751Livingstone, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle Corps1530Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1530 Private [2] Labour Corps 656526 Private Link
35752Livock, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32011Private --Link
35753Lizieri, SantoKing's Royal Rifle Corps9270Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9270 Lance Corporal [2] Rifle Brigade 9270 Lance Corporal [3] Rifle Brigade - Second Lieutenant Link
35754Llanos, Joseph HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18318Private --Link
35755Llewellyn, A JKing's Royal Rifle Corps28255- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 28255 - [2] Training Reserve 25637 - [3] Rifle Brigade S/27815 Private [4] Royal Engineers 206733 Private Link
35756Llewellyn, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps11592Private --Link
35757Llewellyn, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot0746 (incomplete)Private --Link
35758Llewellyn, J RKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
35759Llewellyn, JackKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10232Private --Link
35760Llewellyn, John AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20236Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/20236 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 48695 Private Link
35761Llewellyn, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9835Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/9835 Private [2] Tank Corps 318854 Private Link
35762Llewellyn, LewisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3493Corporal --Link
35763Llewellyn, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/913Private --Link
35764Llewellyn, William WynnKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] Somerset Light Infantry - Captain Major Link
35765Llewellyn, William YKing's Royal Rifle Corps58423Private [1] Durham Light Infantry 32766 Private [2] Labour Corps 32766 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58423 Private Link
35766Llewhellin, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle Corps36909Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36909 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 160612 Private Link
35767Lloyd, Albert EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21118Private --Link
35768Lloyd, Albert GKing's Royal Rifle Corps4683Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4683 Private [2] Royal Engineers 341416 Private Link
35769Lloyd, Albert HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34237Private --Link
35770Lloyd, Albert SKing's Royal Rifle Corps10990Private --Link
35771Lloyd, Alfred LKing's Royal Rifle Corps26428Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 26428 Private [2] Royal Engineers 311577 Private Link
35772Lloyd, Alfred TKing's Royal Rifle Corps47342Private --Link
35773Lloyd, AllanKing's Royal Rifle Corps12200Corporal --Link
35774Lloyd, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsD/20270Private [1] Dragoon Guards 5DG/5371 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps D/20270 Private [3] Dragoon Guards D/20270 Private Link
35775Lloyd, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps7042Private --Link
35776Lloyd, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps50254Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50254 Private [2] London Regiment 325876 Private Link
35777Lloyd, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8512Private --Link
35778Lloyd, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38696Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R38696 Private [2] Royal Army Service Corps 6836991 Private Link
35779Lloyd, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1637 (incomplete)Private --Link
35780Lloyd, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9204Private --Link
35781Lloyd, Francis GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30088Private --Link
35782Lloyd, Francis JKing's Royal Rifle Corps51997Serjeant [1] London Regiment 391012 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51997 Serjeant Link
35783Lloyd, Frank HarleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1381Private --Link
35784Lloyd, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle Corps44099Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44099 Private [2] Labour Corps 517208 Private Link
35785Lloyd, G ALondon Regiment Posted King's Royal Rifle Corps345175Private --Link
35786Lloyd, GeoffreyKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Second Lieutenant --Link
35787Lloyd, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17216Private --Link
35788Lloyd, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2968Private --Link
35789Lloyd, H CKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant --Link
35790Lloyd, Harold JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35217Acting Corporal --Link
35791Lloyd, Harold RKing's Royal Rifle Corps47621Private --Link
35792Lloyd, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR7239Private --Link
35793Lloyd, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16996Corporal --Link
35794Lloyd, Harry EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200051Corporal [1] London Regiment 4278 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200051 Corporal [3] London Regiment A/200051 Corporal [4] London Regiment 540519 Corporal Link
35795Lloyd, Harry GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14044Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/14044 Corporal [2] Rifle Brigade B/203071 Corporal Link
35796Lloyd, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps12013Private [1] London Regiment 42018 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12013 Private Link
35797Lloyd, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps7323Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7323 Private [2] Labour Corps 611128 Private Link
35798Lloyd, Hugh M FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6815Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/6815 Private [2] London Regiment 880633 Acting Serjeant Link
35799Lloyd, Humphrey CliffordKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Flying Corps - Captain Link
35800Lloyd, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40523Private --Link
35801Lloyd, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/40523Private --Link
35802Lloyd, James AKing's Royal Rifle Corps9683Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9683 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9683 Private Link
35803Lloyd, James ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps9683Rifleman --Link
35804Lloyd, James GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39431Private --Link
35805Lloyd, James LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32917Private --Link
35806Lloyd, James TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR20990Private --Link
35807Lloyd, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5993Private --Link
35808Lloyd, John CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38892Private --Link
35809Lloyd, John EKing's Royal Rifle Corps54092Private [1] Army Service Corps T4/365322 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54092 Private Link
35810Lloyd, LlewelynKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11839Private --Link
35811Lloyd, MatthewKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15709Private --Link
35812Lloyd, Percy E KKing's Royal Rifle Corps6705Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6705 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6705 Serjeant Link
35813Lloyd, Richard WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16961Private --Link
35814Lloyd, TrevorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/909Private --Link
35815Lloyd, VernonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32432Private --Link
35816Lloyd, W JDepot King's Royal Rifle Corps10182Serjeant --Link
35817Lloyd, WallaceKing's Royal Rifle Corps58418Private --Link
35818Lloyd, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle Corps47092Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47092 Private [2] Manchester Regiment 64604 Private [3] Suffolk Regiment 71042 Private [4] Suffolk Regiment 5821028 Private Link
35819Lloyd, Walter WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205105Private --Link
35820Lloyd, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsE/12706Private --Link
35821Lloyd, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR20952Private --Link
35822Lloyd, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps10404Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10404 Rifleman [2] Machine Gun Corps 74083 Private Link
35823Lloyd, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps5847Private --Link
35824Lloyd, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/497Private --Link
35825Lloyd, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps61005Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61005 Private [2] London Regiment GS/92967 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92967 Private Link
35826Lloyd, William Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12848Private --Link
35827Lloyd, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps10182Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10182 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10182 Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35828Lloyde, William Robert AKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/497Private --Link
35829Loach, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2587Private --Link
35830Loader, Edward JKing's Royal Rifle Corps65066Private [1] London Regiment S/36467 Private [2] Rifle Brigade S/36467 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65066 Private Link
35831Loader, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot12362Private --Link
35832Loader, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps3230Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3230 Private [2] Labour Corps 318392 Private Link
35833Loader, George PKing's Royal Rifle Corps51222Private [1] London Regiment 493000 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51222 Private Link
35834Loader, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2048Private --Link
35835Loasby, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29421Private --Link
35836Loates, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34490Private --Link
35837Loats, Herbert FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32864Private --Link
35838Lobb, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33364Private --Link
35839Lobb, Walter EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14093Private --Link
35840Lober, SimonKing's Royal Rifle Corps14737Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14737 Private [2] Cambridgeshire Regiment 37569 Private [3] Suffolk Regiment 37569 Private Link
35841Lobley, Douglas LKing's Royal Rifle Corps43571Private --Link
35842Lobley, Harry GKing's Royal Rifle Corps200621Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 200621 Private [2] Labour Corps 505119 Private Link
35843Lobley, Thomas AKing's Royal Rifle Corps64684Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46853 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64684 Private Link
35844Locchesi, J FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot8475Private --Link
35845Lock, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps10900Private --Link
35846Lock, Albert TKing's Royal Rifle Corps9916Private --Link
35847Lock, Arthur SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 1019Private --Link
35848Lock, Arthur SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/11019Rifleman --Link
35849Lock, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39163Private --Link
35850Lock, Charles A RKing's Royal Rifle Corps25317Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25317 Private [2] Labour Corps 606099 Private Link
35851Lock, Charles AugustusKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39163Private --Link
35852Lock, Charles ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/24972Private --Link
35853Lock, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps10705Lance Corporal --Link
35854Lock, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps10705Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10705 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10705 Private Link
35855Lock, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps851Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 851 Private [2] Labour Corps 491039 Private Link
35856Lock, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsZ/218Private --Link
35857Lock, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21204Private --Link
35858Lock, James E AKing's Royal Rifle Corps65330Private [1] Rifle Brigade 49376 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65330 Private Link
35859Lock, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22522Acting Serjeant --Link
35860Lock, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/35408Private --Link
35861Lock, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1339Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1339 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1339 Serjeant Link
35862Lock, V T E CKing's Royal Rifle Corps11998Private --Link
35863Lock, Victor P EKing's Royal Rifle Corps11998Private --Link
35864Lock, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps52356Private [1] London Regiment 735115 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52356 Private Link
35865Lock, William CKing's Royal Rifle Corps10338Private --Link
35866Lock, William GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35258Private --Link
35867Lock, William HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39995Private --Link
35868Locke, AubreyKing's Royal Rifle Corps64292Private [1] Rifle Brigade 45809 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64292 Private Link
35869Locke, Ralph CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR17425Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R17425 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B203357 Private Link
35870Locke, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41055Corporal --Link
35871Locker, Charles RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27317Private --Link
35872Locket, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203300Rifleman --Link
35873Locket, E GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203300Acting Corporal [1] Rifle Brigade S13377 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203300 Acting Corporal Link
35874Lockett, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps56076Private [1] Yorkshire Light Infantry 27598 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56076 Private Link
35875Lockett, JamesLabour Corps Eastern Command ex King's Royal Rifle Corps137966Corporal --Link
35876Lockett, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 7857Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 7857 Private [2] Labour Corps 137966 Private Link
35877Lockett, Thomas FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6748Private --Link
35878Lockett, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps37550Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37550 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 9/42030 Private Link
35879Lockett, William TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/2025 (incomplete)Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/2025 (incomplete) Private [2] London Regiment GS/924 (incomplete) Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/924 (incomplete) Private Link
35880Lockhart, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33538Private --Link
35881Lockhart, James HKing's Royal Rifle Corps49936Private [1] Royal Flying Corps 15202 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 45399 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49936 Private Link
35882Lockhart, Noel HKing's Royal Rifle Corps505221Private [1] London Regiment 2614 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 505221 Private [3] London Regiment 505221 Private Link
35883Lockhart, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps56481Private --Link
35884Lockley, Leonard AKing's Royal Rifle Corps46771Private --Link
35885Lockley, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11466Private --Link
35886Lockton, William TalbotKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30629Private --Link
35887Lockwood, BertramKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/204152Private --Link
35888Lockwood, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7646Private --Link
35889Lockwood, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41073Private --Link
35890Lockwood, Ernest EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Royal Berkshire Regiment 10694 Serjeant [2] Machine Gun Corps 19279 Serjeant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [4] Royal Air Force - Lieutenant Link
35891Lockwood, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps46890Private --Link
35892Lockwood, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps13634Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13634 Corporal [2] Corps of Hussars 41903 Corporal Link
35893Lockwood, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7887Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/7887 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 76393 Private Link
35894Lockwood, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11060Lance Serjeant --Link
35895Lockwood, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps54303Private --Link
35896Lockwood, John LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7695Private --Link
35897Lockwood, PhillipKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA457Private --Link
35898Lockwood, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16340Private --Link
35899Lockwood, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/205538Private --Link
35900Lockwood, Thomas EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 34024Private --Link
35901Lockwood, William S JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10265Private --Link
35902Lockyer, Charles JKing's Royal Rifle Corps4474Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4474 Private [2] Liverpool Regiment 95208 Private Link
35903Lockyer, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7907Private --Link
35904Lockyer, Frederick JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC7907Private --Link
35905Lockyer, H RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4799Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R4799 Serjeant [2] Hampshire Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
35906Lockyer, James GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201401Private --Link
35907Lockyer, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25487Private --Link
35908Loder, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle Corps30027Private [1] Essex Regiment 37793 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 30027 Private [3] Training Reserve Battalion TR/13/27934 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/284741 Private Link
35909Loder, Norman HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10180Private --Link
35910Lodge, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21449Private --Link
35911Lodge, Arthur FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] London Regiment - - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35912Lodge, Cecil JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps240Serjeant [1] Machine Gun Corps 13393 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 240 Serjeant Link
35913Lodge, Edward WKing's Royal Rifle Corps6632Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6632 Private [2] Dorsetshire Regiment 41124 Private Link
35914Lodge, Ernest FKing's Royal Rifle Corps5522Private --Link
35915Lodge, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19991Private --Link
35916Lodge, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16561Private --Link
35917Lodge, Gilbert FKing's Royal Rifle Corps7136Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7136 Lance Corporal [2] Labour Corps 447954 Corporal Link
35918Lodge, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/3792Serjeant --Link
35919Lodge, Harry EKing's Royal Rifle Corps193028Private --Link
35920Lodge, Henry GKing's Royal Rifle Corps3792Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3792 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 580952 Serjeant Link
35921Lodge, JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1467Private --Link
35922Lodge, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps64249Private [1] Rifle Brigade 38527 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64249 Private Link
35923Lodge, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21380Private --Link
35924Lodge, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps4200Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4200 Private [2] Army Service Corps R/441962 Private Link
35925Lodge, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7204Private --Link
35926Lodge, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR25250Private --Link
35927Lodge, William TKing's Royal Rifle Corps59035Private --Link
35928Lodge, WillieKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/26556Private --Link
35929Lodwick, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/9523Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/9523 Private [2] Royal Defence Corps 75648 Private Link
35930Loe, BertramKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 5297Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 5297 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 5297 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35931Loft, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15780Private --Link
35932Loft, Percy TrotterKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 29271 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
35933Loft, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25422Private --Link
35934Lofthouse, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1929Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1929 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1929 Private Link
35935Lofthouse, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30630Private --Link
35936Lofthouse, John TKing's Royal Rifle Corps13685Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13685 Private [2] Labour Corps 67477 Private Link
35937Lofthouse, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle Corps43699Private [1] West Riding Regiment 16970 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 41448 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43699 Private Link
35938Lofthouse, RaymondKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR23008Private --Link
35939Lofthouse, RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps11130Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11130 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 20759 Private Link
35940Loftus, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps927Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 927 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/427354 Private Link
35941Loftus, NormanKing's Royal Rifle Corps9110Private --Link
35942Loftus, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/30393Private --Link
35943Logan, A VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR-60180Private --Link
35944Logan, Edwin HKing's Royal Rifle Corps44100Private --Link
35945Logan, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 42842Private --Link
35946Logan, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21537Private --Link
35947Logan, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps7608Private --Link
35948Logan, James BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204779Acting Corporal --Link
35949Logan, Percy OKing's Royal Rifle Corps56118Corporal [1] London Regiment 352838 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56118 Corporal Link
35950Logan, R JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/351Serjeant --Link
35951Logan, Robert JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/531Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/531 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/531 Serjeant Link
35952Logan, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4132Private --Link
35953Logan, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps1287Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1287 Acting Corporal [2] Royal Engineers 310782 Acting Corporal Link
35954Logg, James SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/42149Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/42149 Private [2] London Regiment G/92531 Private [3] London Regiment 255459 Private Link
35955Logie, Leon LKing's Royal Rifle Corps65147Private [1] London Regiment 323919 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65147 Private Link
35956Logsdail, Frederick HKing's Royal Rifle Corps60532Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 60532 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 540525 Private Link
35957Logsdon, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 25496Private --Link
35958Logue, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9896Private --Link
35959Lohmann, Berkeley HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR13/62131Private [1] London Regiment 1502 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR13/62131 Private Link
35960Loines, Frederick SKing's Royal Rifle Corps51463Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 14/1539 Private [2] Gloucestershire Regiment 83561 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51463 Private Link
35961Loke, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/37985Private --Link
35962Loker, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle Corps47633Private --Link
35963Lomas, Albert FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37117Private --Link
35964Lomas, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12453Private --Link
35965Lomas, George SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 2667Private --Link
35966Lomas, GodfreyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/570Private --Link
35967Lomas, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1051Private --Link
35968Lomas, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1693Private --Link
35969Lomas, Henry GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19552Private --Link
35970Lomas, Percy ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/36906Private --Link
35971Lomas, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/423Private --Link
35972Lomas, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR755Lance Corporal --Link
35973Lomas, SamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3192Private --Link
35974Lomas, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/13769Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/13769 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 149470 Gunner Link
35975Lomas, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21598Private --Link
35976Lomas, William HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12454Private --Link
35977Lomasey, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps36537Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36537 Private [2] Labour Corps 626953 Private [3] Tank Corps 303117 Private Link
35978Lomasney, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37094Private --Link
35979Lomax, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle Corps7069Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7069 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 75995 Private [3] Tank Corps 75995 Private Link
35980Lomax, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/176Private --Link
35981Lomax, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR18462Private --Link
35982Lomax, RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps2935Private --Link
35983Lombard, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16031Private --Link
35984Lomer, Sydney Frederick McIllrieKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain [2] Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment - Captain Major [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Colonel Link
35985Londen, HiramKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7654Private --Link
35986London, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204867Private --Link
35987London, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps8617Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8617 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] Labour Corps 565268 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
35988London, Douglas JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA202355Private --Link
35989London, Frederick WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 7541Private --Link
35990London, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/25891Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/25891 Private [2] Royal Engineers 311179 Private Link
35991London, LouisKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15841Private --Link
35992London, PercyKing's Royal Rifle Corps56333Private [1] London Regiment 321840 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56333 Private Link
35993Lone, Frederick CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21100Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21100 Private [2] London Regiment 497389 Private Link
35994Lone, Henry TKing's Royal Rifle Corps7822Private --Link
35995Lone, HineyKing's Royal Rifle Corps7822Private --Link
35996Lonergan, HKing's Royal Rifle Corps10503Lance Corporal --Link
35997Long, A EllertonKing's Royal Rifle Corps5763746Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5763746 Corporal [2] Royal Signals 5763746 Serjeant Link
35998Long, Albert VictorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38498Private --Link
35999Long, Alexander RichardKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/745Private --Link
36000Long, AlgernonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR42791Private --Link
36001Long, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-205106Private --Link
36002Long, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle Corps54383Private --Link
36003Long, Arthur HKing's Royal Rifle Corps49988Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49988 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment L/19754 Private Link
36004Long, Benjamin GKing's Royal Rifle Corps64146Private [1] London Regiment 374890 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64146 Private Link
36005Long, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21656Private --Link
36006Long, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot43689Private --Link
36007Long, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 2389Private --Link
36008Long, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps12956Private --Link
36009Long, Charles WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA61Private --Link
36010Long, Cyril HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/900Private --Link
36011Long, Cyril HKing's Royal Rifle Corps12955Private --Link
36012Long, David JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17075Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17075 Private [2] London Regiment 880376 Private Link
36013Long, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC206Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C206 Private [2] Royal Air Force 104739 Private Link
36014Long, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle Corps8785Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8785 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8785 Private Link
36015Long, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/81Private --Link
36016Long, ErwinKing's Royal Rifle Corps8785Private --Link
36017Long, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56593Private --Link
36018Long, GKing's Royal Rifle Corps14706Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14706 Private [2] Military Foot Police P16636 Private Link
36019Long, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Rhodhesia Regiment 21 Private [2] Rhodesia Regiment 1554 Private [3] South African Infantry Brigade 1554 Private [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
36020Long, George SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9637Private --Link
36021Long, Harold ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps43918Private --Link
36022Long, Harry WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202544Private --Link
36023Long, Henry CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR34140Private --Link
36024Long, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39194Private --Link
36025Long, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps44101Private --Link
36026Long, Herbert CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38673Private --Link
36027Long, Hugh EKing's Royal Rifle Corps9873Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9873 Serjeant [2] Labour Corps 601879 Serjeant Link
36028Long, Hugh GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/34025Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/34025 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/353189 Private Link
36029Long, J RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8729Lance Corporal --Link
36030Long, James AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/30017 (incomplete)Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25955 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/30017 (incomplete) Private Link
36031Long, James DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38656Private --Link
36032Long, James RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201502Serjeant --Link
36033Long, John CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-205107Private --Link
36034Long, John RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8729Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8729 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8729 Corporal Link
36035Long, Lambert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsS/4977Private [1] Army Cyclist Corps 287 Private [2] Labour Corps 611814 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps S/4977 Private Link
36036Long, Norman FKing's Royal Rifle Corps56594Private --Link
36037Long, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/29354Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/29354 Private [2] Royal Highlanders S/27946 Private [3] Royal Engineers 364395 Private Link
36038Long, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/31800Private --Link
36039Long, Sydney RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 28248Private --Link
36040Long, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/26063Private --Link
36041Long, Thomas CKing's Royal Rifle Corps9060Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9060 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9060 Corporal Link
36042Long, Thomas HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33449Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/33449 Private [2] Labour Corps 529331 Private [3] Army Service Corps T/394478 Private Link
36043Long, WKing's Royal Rifle Corps48236Bugler [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48236 Bugler [2] Middlesex Regiment A/NO 6192248 Private Link
36044Long, W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major --Link
36045Long, W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major /Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
36046Long, W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major --Link
36047Long, W JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major /Temporary Lieutenant Colonel --Link
36048Long, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps11483Private --Link
36049Long, Walter GKing's Royal Rifle Corps14706Acting Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 14706 Acting Corporal [2] Military Foot Police P 16636 Lance Corporal Link
36050Long, Walter HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR/13/26791Gunner [1] Royal Garrison Artillery 344615 Gunner [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR/13/26791 Gunner Link
36051Long, Walter SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17048Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17048 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B/203103 Private Link
36052Long, Wilfred JKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Major [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Major [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Colonel Link
36053Long, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps10737Private --Link
36054Long, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps1208Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1208 Private [2] Labour Corps 278505 Private Link
36055Long, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1963Private --Link
36056Long, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7867Corporal --Link
36057Long, William HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotC/1636Private --Link
36058Long, Wilson CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12840Private --Link
36059Longair, AlexanderKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/5126Private [1] Army Service Corps A/963 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/5126 Private Link
36060Longbottom, ClaudeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/255Private --Link
36061Longbottom, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/694Private --Link
36062Longbottom, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6974Private --Link
36063Longbottom, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12570Private --Link
36064Longbottom, GarnettKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20555Private --Link
36065Longbottom, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12109Acting Serjeant --Link
36066Longbottom, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7752Private --Link
36067Longbottom, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
36068Longden, HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 7654Private --Link
36069Longden, Percy RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/23289Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/23289 Private [2] Army Pay Corps 19684 Private Link
36070Longdon, Evan MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/18427Private --Link
36071Longhair, AKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/5126Driver [1] Army Service Corps A/963 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5/5126 Driver Link
36072Longhurst, Alfred SydneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1756Private --Link
36073Longhurst, Frederick TKing's Royal Rifle Corps3643Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3643 Private [2] Worcestershire Regiment 53099 Lance Corporal Link
36074Longhurst, George AKing's Royal Rifle Corps45365Private --Link
36075Longhurst, George EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4292Private --Link
36076Longhurst, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204869Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A204869 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment L/22092 Private Link
36077Longhurst, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps57396Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/31852 Driver [2] Royal West Kent Regiment L/11710 Driver [3] London Regiment 57396 Driver [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57396 Driver Link
36078Longhurst, Harry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR7519Private --Link
36079Longhurst, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps616767Private [1] London Regiment 616767 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 616767 Private Link
36080Longhurst, Percy GordonKing's Royal Rifle Corps60428Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 60428 Private [2] Grenadier Guards 35811 Private Link
36081Longhurst, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/29436Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/29436 Private [2] Army Service Corps S/443277 Private Link
36082Longhurst, Stephen GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR31289Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 55666 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R31289 Private Link
36083Longhurst, Sydney AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1756Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1756 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/1756 Private Link
36084Longhurst, W MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5009Lance Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R5009 Lance Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Second Lieutenant Link
36085Longland, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle Corps47617Private --Link
36086Longley, Arthur HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] London Regiment 9300 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant [3] Jat Light Infantry - Lieutenant Link
36087Longley, Cecil GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205108Private --Link
36088Longley, Ernest FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR103Private --Link
36089Longley, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202324Private --Link
36090Longley, John LKing's Royal Rifle Corps64654Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46854 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64654 Private Link
36091Longley, RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/326Lance Serjeant --Link
36092Longley, RichardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA326Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A326 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A326 Corporal Link
36093Longley, Thomas GKing's Royal Rifle Corps13153Private [1] Rifle Brigade 6124 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13153 Private Link
36094Longman, Edwin HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6851Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/6851 Private [2] London Regiment C/6851 Private [3] London Regiment 540520 Private Link
36095Longman, Henry WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32294Private --Link
36096Longman, Reginald GKing's Royal Rifle Corps51666Serjeant [1] London Regiment 554060 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51666 Serjeant Link
36097Longney, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps44982Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31486 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44982 Private [3] London Regiment 348371 Private Link
36098Longshaw, ClarenceKing's Royal Rifle Corps64104Private [1] London Regiment 423070 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64104 Private Link
36099Longson, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16050Private --Link
36100Longstaff, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps5901Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5901 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5901 Private Link
36101Longstaff, SidneyKing's Royal Rifle Corps4582Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4582 Private [2] Labour Corps 353438 Private Link
36102Longstone, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9150Private --Link
36103Longworth, Charles DKing's Royal Rifle Corps44616Private --Link
36104Longworth, CorneliusKing's Royal Rifle Corps8748Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8748 Private [2] Labour Corps 511186 Private Link
36105Longworth, Fred HKing's Royal Rifle Corps51035Acting Serjeant [1] Liverpool Regiment 355455 Acting Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51035 Acting Serjeant Link
36106Longworth, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9257Private --Link
36107Lonnberg, Gustaf AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA204625Private [1] Army Service Corps T4/091550 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A204625 Private Link
36108Lonsdale, A C GKing's Royal Rifle Corps attached Royal Scots Fusiliers-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps attached Royal Scots Fusiliers - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
36109Lonsdale, Bertram WKing's Royal Rifle Corps1500Private --Link
36110Lonsdale, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps65489Private [1] South Wales Borderers 42274 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65489 Private Link
36111Lonsdale, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle Corps43570Private --Link
36112Lonsdale, Sidney GKing's Royal Rifle Corps20114Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 20114 Private [2] Royal Engineers 283027 Private [3] Royal Engineers WR/201553 Private Link
36113Lonsdale, VernonKing's Royal Rifle Corps58203Private [1] Cheshire Regiment 242134 Private [2] Labour Corps 416092 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58203 Private [4] Cheshire Regiment 79197 Private Link
36114Looker, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/9754Private --Link
36115Looker, MelvilleKing's Royal Rifle Corps12000Private --Link
36116Loomes, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR352Private --Link
36117Loomes, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps6526Acting Corporal --Link
36118Loomes, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps6526Lance Corporal /Acting Corporal --Link
36119Loomes, FKing's Royal Rifle Corps6526Serjeant --Link
36120Loomes, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps6526Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6526 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6526 Serjeant Link
36121Loomes, GKing's Royal Rifle Corps45716Air Mechanic 2nd Class [1] Royal Flying Corps 4191 Air Mechanic 2nd Class [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45716 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Link
36122Loomes, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps45716Private --Link
36123Loomes, James EKing's Royal Rifle Corps29651Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 29651 Private [2] Labour Corps 659511 Private Link
36124Loomes, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19879Private --Link
36125Looseley, Alfred GKing's Royal Rifle Corps50247Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50247 Private [2] London Regiment 325875 Private [3] Royal Army Medical Corps 146301 Private Link
36126Looseley, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps201507Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 201507 Private [2] London Regiment GS/84131 Private Link
36127Lopez, RosarioKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/15828Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/15828 Private [2] British West Indies Regiment 225 Private Link
36128Lord, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps7157Private --Link
36129Lord, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps57970Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 5861 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57970 Private Link
36130Lord, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19151Private --Link
36131Lord, C PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR-60179Private --Link
36132Lord, Charles AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3531Private --Link
36133Lord, Ernest AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/14506Private --Link
36134Lord, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR33798Private --Link
36135Lord, FredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR/13/61033- [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps TR/13/61033 - [2] London Regiment G/92324 Private [3] London Regiment 255383 Private Link
36136Lord, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps7485Private --Link
36137Lord, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA110Lance Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A110 Lance Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A110 Colour Serjeant Link
36138Lord, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9356Serjeant --Link
36139Lord, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR51Private --Link
36140Lord, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9694Private --Link
36141Lord, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC188Private --Link
36142Lord, James RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8667Private --Link
36143Lord, James TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13699Private --Link
36144Lord, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR30102Private --Link
36145Lord, Lawrence WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR9036Private --Link
36146Lord, Stanley WKing's Royal Rifle Corps47431Corporal --Link
36147Lord, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps9021Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9021 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9021 Corporal Link
36148Lord, W JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/30902Private --Link
36149Lord, Walter CKing's Royal Rifle Corps45366Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 45366 Private [2] Royal Field Artillery 293554 Private Link
36150Lord, Wilfred DKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30890Private --Link
36151Lord, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6294Private --Link
36152Lord, William ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/30902Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/30902 Private [2] Royal Berkshire Regiment - Lieutenant [3] Cape Town Highlanders - Captain Link
36153Lording, Alfred CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/205539Private --Link
36154Lording, Arthur F WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4085Private --Link
36155Lording, Frederick LKing's Royal Rifle Corps39762Private [1] London Regiment 39762 Private [2] Training Reserve Battalion TR/13/71225 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 39762 Private [4] Royal Engineers WR/286197 Private Link
36156Lore, AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/3645Lance Corporal --Link
36157Lore, Ambrose M MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3645Private --Link
36158Lorimer, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle Corps53998Private --Link
36159Lorkings, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotG/201768Private --Link
36160Lorraine, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps38164Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 38164 Private [2] Labour Corps 478195 Private Link
36161Losh, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps18037Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 18037 Private [2] Labour Corps 611127 Private Link
36162Lothian, Frederick RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4954Private --Link
36163Lott, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9558Private --Link
36164Lott, PercyKing's Royal Rifle Corps48761Private [1] London Regiment 5515 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48761 Private Link
36165Louch, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsM/36585Private --Link
36166Loudoun-Shand, E GKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Captain --Link
36167Loudoun-Shand, E GKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Temporary Captain --Link
36168Loudoun-Shand, Eric GordonKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] - - Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
36169Loughborough, F E S SL C EKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
36170Loughlin, Philip GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6744Corporal --Link
36171Loughman, John JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38387Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/38387 Private [2] Scottish Rifles 45219 Private Link
36172Loughran, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps43694Private [1] West Yorkshire Regiment 28958 Private [2] Northumberland Fusiliers 38957 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43694 Private Link
36173Louis, John WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4523Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/4523 Private [2] London Regiment 377755 Private Link
36174Louring, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3234Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C3234 Private [2] Rifles Depot C3234 Private Link
36175Louth, William George EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 9646Company Serjeant Major --Link
36176Lovage, Frank RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9362Private --Link
36177Lovatt, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/948Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/948 Private [2] Rifle Brigade TR/13/25648 Private Link
36178Lovatt, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11639Private --Link
36179Love, AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10545Private --Link
36180Love, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10545Private --Link
36181Love, Alfred FrancisKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Inns of Court Regiment - - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [3] Royal Engineers - Lieutenant Link
36182Love, George BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10639Private --Link
36183Love, James WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR37986Private --Link
36184Love, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps43997Private [1] London Regiment 594199 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43997 Private [3] London Regiment 497626 Private Link
36185Love, Marshall TKing's Royal Rifle Corps57376Private [1] Royal West Kent Regiment G/8560 Private [2] London Regiment 57376 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 57376 Private Link
36186Love, ReginaldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR17263Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R17263 Serjeant [2] Rifle Brigade B203368 Serjeant Link
36187Love, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps64685Acting Corporal [1] Rifle Brigade 0-104 Acting Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64685 Acting Corporal Link
36188Love, William HKing's Royal Rifle Corps11235Private --Link
36189Loveday, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps63093Private [1] Border Regiment 5492 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 63093 Private Link
36190Loveday, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44455Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44455 Private [2] Labour Corps 448156 Private Link
36191Loveday, F JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/820Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/820 Private [2] Army Service Corps S/278027 Private Link
36192Loveday, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40252Private --Link
36193Loveday, George ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22942Private --Link
36194Loveday, HarryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 3286Private --Link
36195Loveday, JesseKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32651Private --Link
36196Loveday, Percy WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 34026Private --Link
36197Loveday, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps44456Private --Link
36198Lovegrove, C FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6283Private --Link
36199Lovegrove, Ernest CKing's Royal Rifle Corps12017Private --Link
36200Lovegrove, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6283Private --Link
36201Lovegrove, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201508Private --Link
36202Lovegrove, Percy FKing's Royal Rifle Corps1525Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1525 Private [2] Labour Corps 436804 Private Link
36203Lovelace, Edmund CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC777Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C777 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C777 Corporal Link
36204Lovelace, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201509Private --Link
36205Lovelace, William GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps Attached London RegimentR/40275Private [1] - R/40275 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Attached London Regiment R/40275 Private Link
36206Loveless, Bertie AKing's Royal Rifle Corps34027Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 34027 Private [2] Labour Corps 456356 Private Link
36207Loveless, William G HKing's Royal Rifle Corps25361Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 25361 Private [2] Royal Engineers 310892 Private Link
36208Lovell, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle Corps23419Private --Link
36209Lovell, Albert HewittKing's Royal Rifle Corps11042Private --Link
36210Lovell, Albert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps46728Private --Link
36211Lovell, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21528Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21528 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 31809 Private Link
36212Lovell, Arthur HKing's Royal Rifle Corps7994Private --Link
36213Lovell, Bernard FKing's Royal Rifle Corps4248Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4248 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 105730 Private [3] Rifle Brigade B/203037 Private Link
36214Lovell, Edward GKing's Royal Rifle Corps20504Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 20504 Private [2] Royal Engineers 310910 Private Link
36215Lovell, Edward WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4627Private --Link
36216Lovell, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps2662Private --Link
36217Lovell, George JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/26755Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/26755 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 41536 Private Link
36218Lovell, Henry BKing's Royal Rifle Corps8734Warrant Officer Class 1 --Link
36219Lovell, James HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22443Private --Link
36220Lovell, John JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29362Private --Link
36221Lovell, Ronald SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/35407Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/35407 Private [2] London Regiment 474620 Private Link
36222Lovell, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 1014Private --Link
36223Lovell, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps10225Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10225 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10225 Corporal Link
36224Lovell, Walter CKing's Royal Rifle Corps28409Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 28409 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 047471 Private Link
36225Lovelock, Alexander GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200542Private [1] London Regiment 5433 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200542 Private Link
36226Lovelock, Alexander GKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/200543Private --Link
36227Lovelock, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/12669Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/12669 Private [2] Royal Army Medical Corps 145233 Private [3] Rifle Brigade 33902 Private Link
36228Lovelock, Arthur SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19576Private --Link
36229Lovelock, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-205109Private --Link
36230Lovelock, David JKing's Royal Rifle Corps22619Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 22619 Private [2] Army Service Corps M/404121 Private Link
36231Lovelock, Ernest JKing's Royal Rifle Corps47349Private --Link
36232Lovelock, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR10946Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10946 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R10946 Private Link
36233Lovelock, Henry WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12801Private --Link
36234Lovelock, Herbert SKing's Royal Rifle Corps2927Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2927 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 [2] Labour Corps 400697 Private Link
36235Lovelock, Wallace HKing's Royal Rifle Corps48045Colour Serjeant [1] London Regiment 470885 Colour Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 48045 Colour Serjeant Link
36236Lovelock, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7885Private --Link
36237Loveridge, ReubenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 137Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 137 Private [2] Labour Corps 695527 Private Link
36238Lovett, AaronKing's Royal Rifle Corps6302Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6302 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6302 Colour Serjeant Link
36239Lovett, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8963Private --Link
36240Lovett, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201155Private --Link
36241Lovett, Arthur E DKing's Royal Rifle Corps10005Private --Link
36242Lovett, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/40072Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/40072 Private [2] London Regiment GS/92732 Private [3] Royal Fusiliers GS/92732 Private Link
36243Lovett, Bert CKing's Royal Rifle Corps9234Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9234 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9234 Private Link
36244Lovett, Frank AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6438Private --Link
36245Lovett, George HKing's Royal Rifle Corps5099Private --Link
36246Lovett, George WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11650Private --Link
36247Lovett, HKing's Royal Rifle Corps6178Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6178 Private [2] Labour Corps 318395 Private Link
36248Lovett, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200343Private [1] London Regiment 6464 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200343 Private Link
36249Lovett, John HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7859Private --Link
36250Lovett, L SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 10129Private --Link
36251Lovett, MauriceKing's Royal Rifle Corps6178Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6178 Private [2] Labour Corps 318395 Private Link
36252Loving, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17036Private --Link
36253Low, Albert AKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/5027Private --Link
36254Low, Albert AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/5027Private --Link
36255Low, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps44763Private --Link
36256Low, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1088Private --Link
36257Low, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsL/37218Private --Link
36258Low, Harold AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR14347Private --Link
36259Low, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Gordon Highlanders 2852 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
36260Low, Walter KippKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/1357Serjeant --Link
36261Low, Walter RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps407Captain and Adjutant [1] London Regiment 407 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 407 Captain and Adjutant [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
36262Low, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32271Private --Link
36263Low, William RKing's Royal Rifle Corps9319Private --Link
36264Lowcock, George MKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/34887Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/34887 Private [2] Middlesex Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
36265Lowcock, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/1251Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/1251 Private [2] Royal Garrison Artillery 196573 Private Link
36266Lowday, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12737Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/12737 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 31712 Private Link
36267Lowden, Arthur JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202663Private --Link
36268Lowder, Charles EKing's Royal Rifle Corps13213Private [1] Army Ordnance Corps S/7639 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13213 Private Link
36269Lowdon, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12503Private --Link
36270Lowe, Alexander GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 4558Private --Link
36271Lowe, Alick CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 11572Private --Link
36272Lowe, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7089Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/7089 Private [2] Machine Gun Corps 19833 Lance Corporal Link
36273Lowe, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR33842Private --Link
36274Lowe, Arthur AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7761Private --Link
36275Lowe, Arthur GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36843Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/36843 Private [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry 48697 Private Link
36276Lowe, Charles FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot12110Acting Corporal --Link
36277Lowe, Charles JKing's Royal Rifle Corps4534Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4534 Private [2] Northamptonshire Regiment 30450 Private Link
36278Lowe, Edward TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21005Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21005 Private [2] London Regiment 474597 Private Link
36279Lowe, Ernest CKing's Royal Rifle Corps Depot49983Private --Link
36280Lowe, Ernest WKing's Royal Rifle Corps47047Private --Link
36281Lowe, FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2181Private --Link
36282Lowe, Francis GKing's Royal Rifle Corps58796Acting Corporal --Link
36283Lowe, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 38360Private --Link
36284Lowe, FrankKing's Royal Rifle Corps2181Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 2181 Private [2] Labour Corps 127896 Private Link
36285Lowe, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps65261Private [1] Rifle Brigade 49129 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65261 Private Link
36286Lowe, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4796Private --Link
36287Lowe, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2612Private --Link
36288Lowe, George NKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201815Private --Link
36289Lowe, George PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/35280Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/35280 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
36290Lowe, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44983Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31487 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44983 Private Link
36291Lowe, Henry JKing's Royal Rifle Corps5177Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5177 Private [2] Labour Corps 178699 Private Link
36292Lowe, Herbert John DennyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200007Corporal [1] London Regiment 4175 Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200007 Corporal [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
36293Lowe, Herbert TilsonKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR2940Private --Link
36294Lowe, IsaiahKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY611Private --Link
36295Lowe, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8599Private --Link
36296Lowe, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 40562Private --Link
36297Lowe, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps18475Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 18475 Private [2] Royal Highlanders 27870 Private [3] Royal Engineers 364569 Private Link
36298Lowe, James FKing's Royal Rifle Corps32777Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 32777 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 605166 Corporal Link
36299Lowe, James FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27327Private --Link
36300Lowe, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3777Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/3777 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/3777 Private Link
36301Lowe, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11706Private --Link
36302Lowe, John FKing's Royal Rifle Corps64401Private [1] Rifle Brigade S-29707 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64401 Private Link
36303Lowe, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2695Private --Link
36304Lowe, Leonard RKing's Royal Rifle Corps65387Private [1] London Regiment 495774 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65387 Private Link
36305Lowe, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/587Private --Link
36306Lowe, Percy ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7650Acting Corporal --Link
36307Lowe, Percy EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps4928Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4928 Private [2] Labour Corps 477529 Private Link
36308Lowe, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11629Private --Link
36309Lowe, SamuelKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 12195Private --Link
36310Lowe, Samuel EKing's Royal Rifle Corps71325Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 71325 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 71325 Acting Corporal Link
36311Lowe, Sidney CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33646Private --Link
36312Lowe, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps posted London Regiment17254Corporal --Link
36313Lowe, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/17254Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/17254 Corporal [2] London Regiment 395561 Corporal Link
36314Lowe, Thomas AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 34028Private --Link
36315Lowe, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3254Private --Link
36316Lowe, VictorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA203549Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/2/11843 Driver [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A203549 Driver [3] London Regiment 255423 Private [4] London Regiment G/92459 Private Link
36317Lowe, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps49794Private [1] London Regiment 495327 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49794 Private Link
36318Lowe, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/8561Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8561 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/8561 Corporal Link
36319Lowe, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16733Private --Link
36320Lowe, William CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA 204474Private --Link
36321Lowe, William HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12381Private --Link
36322Lowen, Ernest VKing's Royal Rifle Corps11704Private --Link
36323Lowens, A TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5585Serjeant --Link
36324Lowens, Arthur TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR5585Serjeant --Link
36325Lower, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19266Private --Link
36326Lower, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/38211Private --Link
36327Lowers, AlbertKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4942Private --Link
36328Lowery, C FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA202402Private [1] Army Service Corps R/4/0/66070 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A202402 Private Link
36329Lowery, George FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/202402Private [1] Army Service Corps R4/066070 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/202402 Private Link
36330Lowery, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain [1] Royal Army Chaplain's Department - Captain [2] Chaplain to the Forces - Chaplain [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
36331Lowes, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1249Private --Link
36332Lowes, IsaacKing's Royal Rifle Corps4595Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4595 Private [2] Labour Corps 318396 Private Link
36333Lowes, NicholasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC1295Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C1295 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps C1295 Serjeant Link
36334Lowes, William TKing's Royal Rifle Corps71424Serjeant --Link
36335Lowin, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27722Private --Link
36336Lowings, William JKing's Royal Rifle Corps35698Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 35698 Private [2] Labour Corps 449904 Private Link
36337Lown, Jack AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205357Private --Link
36338Lowndes, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/6103Private --Link
36339Lowndes, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13543Private --Link
36340Lowndes, HaroldKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16953Private --Link
36341Lowndes, Richard ForbesKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
36342Lowry, EdwinKing's Royal Rifle Corps44457Private --Link
36343Lowry, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps64507Private [1] Rifle Brigade 40845 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64507 Private Link
36344Lowson, RobertKing's Royal Rifle Corps7389Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7389 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7389 Acting Warrant Officer Class 2 Link
36345Lowther, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20041Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/20041 Private [2] Hampshire Regiment 55195 Private Link
36346Lowther, HenryKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1982Private --Link
36347Lowther, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps5966Private --Link
36348Lowthian, Leslie IrtonKing's Royal Rifle Corps41785Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 41785 Private [2] Royal Air Force - Second Lieutenant Link
36349Lowthian, LouisKing's Royal Rifle Corps43744Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 35274 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 43744 Private Link
36350Loxdale, Ernest FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/870Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/870 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 61628 Private Link
36351Loxley, Clement B OKing's Royal Rifle Corps70090Private [1] London Regiment 415043 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 70090 Private Link
36352Loyd, Godfrey BeaumontKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Temporary Captain Link
36353Loydall, Richard FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32918Private --Link
36354Loydell, Frederick AKing's Royal Rifle Corps46227Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 46227 Private [2] Labour Corps 631889 Private Link
36355Loynd, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps71426Private --Link
36356Loynes, James EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR4127Private --Link
36357Loynes, Montague JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/882Private --Link
36358Loyns, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3889Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3889 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3889 Corporal Link
36359Lubbock, Alick BKing's Royal Rifle Corps44617Private --Link
36360Lubin, PhilipKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9889Private [1] Army Service Corps T/291046 Private [2] Royal Fusiliers J/3098 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/9889 Private Link
36361Lubin, PhilipKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9889Private --Link
36362Lubinsky, Joseph LKing's Royal Rifle Corps65365Private [1] London Regiment 253655 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65365 Private Link
36363Lucas, Alfred TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC3791Private --Link
36364Lucas, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16842Serjeant --Link
36365Lucas, Arthur LKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201934Private --Link
36366Lucas, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202661Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202661 Private [2] London Regiment 418316 Private Link
36367Lucas, BernardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16452Private --Link
36368Lucas, Bert SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37227Private --Link
36369Lucas, Cecil PKing's Royal Rifle Corps53889Private --Link
36370Lucas, Charles Edward LeslieKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant [2] Royal Engineers - Second Lieutenant Link
36371Lucas, Charles RKing's Royal Rifle Corps1840Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 1840 Private [2] London Regiment 84135 Private Link
36372Lucas, ClarenceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR40226Private --Link
36373Lucas, DavidKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201933Private --Link
36374Lucas, EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/1706Private --Link
36375Lucas, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR21114Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R21114 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R21114 Private Link
36376Lucas, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1706Private --Link
36377Lucas, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA1706Private --Link
36378Lucas, Francis JKing's Royal Rifle Corps12896Private --Link
36379Lucas, FrankKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 34851Private --Link
36380Lucas, Frank HKing's Royal Rifle Corps49302Private [1] London Regiment 493419 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49302 Private Link
36381Lucas, FredKing's Royal Rifle Corps54429Private --Link
36382Lucas, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37803Private --Link
36383Lucas, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps8778Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8778 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 8778 Serjeant Link
36384Lucas, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps7827Private --Link
36385Lucas, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16533Private --Link
36386Lucas, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/11984Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/11984 Private [2] Royal Engineers 198018 Private Link
36387Lucas, George HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1654Private --Link
36388Lucas, George SKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/989Private --Link
36389Lucas, George SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205110Private --Link
36390Lucas, George SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37735Private --Link
36391Lucas, HarryKing's Royal Rifle Corps13284Private [1] Royal Army Service Corps T/34997 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13284 Private Link
36392Lucas, Harry LKing's Royal Rifle Corps7241Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7241 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7241 Corporal Link
36393Lucas, Henry CKing's Royal Rifle Corps64221Private [1] London Regiment 426027 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64221 Private Link
36394Lucas, HerbertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 1352Private --Link
36395Lucas, HoraceKing's Royal Rifle Corps23886Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 23886 Corporal [2] Labour Corps 572715 Corporal Link
36396Lucas, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/33578Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/33578 Private [2] London Regiment 474712 Private Link
36397Lucas, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR34851Rifleman --Link
36398Lucas, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11837Private --Link
36399Lucas, JosephKing's Royal Rifle Corps44984Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31488 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44984 Private Link
36400Lucas, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202412Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/8068 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/202412 Private Link
36401Lucas, LeonardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1893Private --Link
36402Lucas, Reginald TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13359Private --Link
36403Lucas, SKing's Royal Rifle Corps4805Lance Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4805 Lance Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
36404Lucas, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6595Private --Link
36405Lucas, Stanley FKing's Royal Rifle Corps47626Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47626 Private [2] London Regiment 568214 Private Link
36406Lucas, Stanley JKing's Royal Rifle Corps52197Private [1] London Regiment 254566 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52197 Private Link
36407Lucas, Thomas WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32519Private --Link
36408Lucas, WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA202412Private [1] Army Service Corps SS/8068 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A202412 Private Link
36409Lucas, W JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/6149Corporal --Link
36410Lucas, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps-- --Link
36411Lucas, Wilfred GKing's Royal Rifle Corps69405Private [1] London Regiment 6186 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 69405 Private Link
36412Lucas, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 21643Private --Link
36413Lucas, William GKing's Royal Rifle Corps8843Private --Link
36414Lucas, William JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6149Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6149 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6149 Serjeant Link
36415Lucas, WillisKing's Royal Rifle Corps6057Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6057 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6057 Corporal Link
36416Lucas-Calcraft, Edwin AnthonyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/21303Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/21303 Lance Corporal [2] Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry - Second Lieutenant Link
36417Lucchesi, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps8475Private --Link
36418Lucchinelli, IvorKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR15257Private --Link
36419Luce, Frank HKing's Royal Rifle Corps64070Private [1] London Regiment 427188 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64070 Private Link
36420Lucia, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16856Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/16856 Private [2] Rifle Brigade 203105 Private [3] Tank Corps 76432 Private Link
36421Luck, Alexander JKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4636Private --Link
36422Luck, CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201402Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/201402 Private [2] Army Pay Corps 23051 Private Link
36423Luck, Charles EdwinKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR476Private --Link
36424Luck, Ernest CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR472Private --Link
36425Luck, James AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR27499Private --Link
36426Lucken, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22460Private --Link
36427Luckett, Alfred WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA205361Private --Link
36428Luckett, BenjaminKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY1678Private --Link
36429Luckett, Charles FKing's Royal Rifle Corps51571Private [1] London Regiment 415044 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51571 Private Link
36430Luckham, PercyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR35281Corporal --Link
36431Luckham, StanleyKing's Royal Rifle Corps40896Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 40896 Private [2] Dorsetshire Regiment 47101 Private Link
36432Luckhurst, Frank WKing's Royal Rifle Corps45456Private --Link
36433Luckhurst, John WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3422Lance Corporal --Link
36434Luckie, WalterKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR22601Private --Link
36435Luckin, AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA909Private --Link
36436Luckin, J WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11819Private --Link
36437Luckin, John WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps11819Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 11819 Private [2] Labour Corps 410612 Private Link
36438Lucking, Horace CKing's Royal Rifle Corps533996Private [1] London Regiment 533996 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 533996 Private [3] London Regiment 248155 Private Link
36439Lucking, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps46878Private --Link
36440Lucking, RobertKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY/671Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Y/671 Private [2] Royal Flying Corps 146065 Private Link
36441Lucks, Percival JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 36207Serjeant --Link
36442Lucy, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/204155Private --Link
36443Lucy, Alfred HKing's Royal Rifle Corps36422Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 36422 Private [2] Royal Irish Rifles 9/42050 Private Link
36444Lucy, Charles RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR41795Private Rifleman --Link
36445Lucy, John AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11877Private --Link
36446Lucy, Sidney JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA-205218Private [1] Bedfordshire Regiment 7188 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A-205218 Private Link
36447Ludbrook, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR36494Private --Link
36448Ludbrook, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32825Private --Link
36449Ludden, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps5153Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5153 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 5153 Corporal Link
36450Ludeman, Joseph WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR13153Private --Link
36451Ludford, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR30176Private --Link
36452Ludford, William CharlesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/9287Private --Link
36453Ludgate, Cecil BKing's Royal Rifle Corps57591Private --Link
36454Ludgate, Frank HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32309Private --Link
36455Ludgate, William TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200495Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/21140 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200495 Private Link
36456Ludham, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps4946Private --Link
36457Ludlam, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle Corps51403Private [1] Hussars 9843 Private [2] Surrey Rifles 5385 Private [3] East Surrey Regiment 242011 Private [4] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51403 Private [5] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6841533 Private Link
36458Ludlam, GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle Corps4946Private --Link
36459Ludlow, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA2618Private --Link
36460Ludlow, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps202840Private [1] Army Service Corps S4/184938 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 202840 Private [3] Labour Corps 518378 Private [4] Royal Fusiliers GS/105198 Private Link
36461Ludlow, Ernest HKing's Royal Rifle Corps6/1110Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 6/1110 Private [2] Royal Sussex Regiment LSR 2388 Lance Corporal Link
36462Ludlow, HenryKing's Royal Rifle Corps46338Private --Link
36463Ludlow, Wilfred AKing's Royal Rifle Corps24243Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 24243 Private [2] Royal Army Ordnance Corps 038326 Private Link
36464Luesby, CyrilKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201767Private --Link
36465Luff, George WKing's Royal Rifle Corps58859Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58859 Private [2] Army Service Corps T-457502 Private Link
36466Luff, Thomas FKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY329Private --Link
36467Luffman, Harold JKing's Royal Rifle Corps65192Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/37742 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65192 Private Link
36468Lugg, Albert WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC 3856Corporal --Link
36469Lugg, Edgar WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 6130Private --Link
36470Luke, Arthur HKing's Royal Rifle Corps200496Private [1] Rifle Brigade 21756 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 200496 Private [3] Wiltshire Regiment 204282 Private Link
36471Luke, George EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201376Private --Link
36472Luke, John RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19235Private --Link
36473Luker, Albert VKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/20018 (incomplete)Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/25956 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/20018 (incomplete) Private Link
36474Luker, David JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR38153Private --Link
36475Luker, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps418198Private --Link
36476Luker, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/9600Private --Link
36477Lumb, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/7711Private --Link
36478Lumb, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12320Serjeant --Link
36479Lumley, EmrysKing's Royal Rifle Corps7/1588Private [1] Machine Gun Corps 4816 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7/1588 Private [3] Royal Engineers 368327 Private Link
36480Lumley, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/16027Private --Link
36481Lumley, Percy CKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36682Private --Link
36482Lumley, William EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37127Private --Link
36483Lumsden, Nathan JKing's Royal Rifle Corps58814Private [1] Northumberland Fusiliers 29759 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58814 Private Link
36484Lund, Arthur JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/204154Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot A/204154 Rifleman [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps Depot A/204154 Private Link
36485Lund, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps5380Rifleman --Link
36486Lund, JamesKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6350Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R6350 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 51380 Private Link
36487Lund, Robert BKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6408Private --Link
36488Lund, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12049Private --Link
36489Lunn, A EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/39362Private --Link
36490Lunn, Albert EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR39362Private --Link
36491Lunn, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3865Private --Link
36492Lunn, AndrewKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/203789Private [1] Liverpool Regiment 39669 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/203789 Private Link
36493Lunn, Frederick JKing's Royal Rifle Corps13146Private [1] Rifle Brigade 6337 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13146 Private Link
36494Lunn, JackKing's Royal Rifle Corps11975Private --Link
36495Lunn, John LightowlersDepot King's Royal Rifle Corps37987 (incomplete)Private --Link
36496Lunn, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR12427Private --Link
36497Lunn, SydneyKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/20115Private --Link
36498Lunn, WalterKing's Royal Rifle Corps4635Private --Link
36499Lunn, William GeorgeKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA149Private --Link
36500Lunt, John TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY487Private --Link
36501Lunt, William BKing's Royal Rifle Corps58204Private [1] Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1657 Private [2] Labour Corps 416093 Private [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 58204 Private [4] Royal Engineers 362022 Private Link
36502Lupini, Vincent ClarenceKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/27798Private --Link
36503Lupton, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle Corps97686Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 97686 Private [2] Army Veterinary Corps SE/34566 Private Link
36504Lupton, Charles WKing's Royal Rifle Corps32324Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 32324 Private [2] Labour Corps 473304 Private Link
36505Lupton, Harry RKing's Royal Rifle Corps8967Private --Link
36506Lupton, John FalshawKing's Royal Rifle CorpsT1429Private --Link
36507Luscombe, Arthur EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/32302Private --Link
36508Luscombe, Edward CKing's Royal Rifle Corps16018Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 16018 Private [2] Army Service Corps T/393493 Private Link
36509Luscombe, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19900Private --Link
36510Luscombe, George TKing's Royal Rifle Corps61698Private [1] Devonshire Regiment 1926 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 61698 Private Link
36511Luscombe, Henry PeeteKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Lieutenant [1] Middlesex Regiment - - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Lieutenant Link
36512Luscombe, William AKing's Royal Rifle Corps44985Private [1] Dorsetshire Regiment 31489 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44985 Private Link
36513Lush, Albert EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsTR/13/5665Private --Link
36514Lush, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps4909Private --Link
36515Lusher, Albert RKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29434Private --Link
36516Luther, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12083Private --Link
36517Luther, Charles HKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/12083Private --Link
36518Lutkins, Joseph GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200886Private [1] Essex Regiment 4217 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/200886 Private Link
36519Lutman, AlfredKing's Royal Rifle Corps7158Private --Link
36520Lutman, JamesKing's Royal Rifle Corps10410Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 10410 Corporal [2] Machine Gun Corps 15201 Corporal Link
36521Luttman, Henry AKing's Royal Rifle Corps4710Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 4710 Private [2] Labour Corps 604485 Private Link
36522Lutz, W HKing's Royal Rifle Corps56986Driver [1] Army Service Corps T/27696 Private [2] London Regiment 56986 Driver [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56986 Driver Link
36523Luxford, F TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201403Private --Link
36524Luxford, Frederick TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/201403Private --Link
36525Luxton, Arthur WKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37539Private --Link
36526Luxton, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR11932Private --Link
36527Lycett, Archibald JKing's Royal Rifle Corps44770Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 44770 Private [2] Labour Corps 651464 Private Link
36528Lycett, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant --Link
36529Lycett, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant /Acting Captain --Link
36530Lycett, TKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant /Temporary Captain --Link
36531Lycett, Timothy TKing's Royal Rifle Corps9822Colour Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9822 Colour Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9822 Acting Regimental Serjeant Major [3] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Captain Link
36532Lycett, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 14047Private --Link
36533Lyddiard, Richard A FKing's Royal Rifle Corps47348Private --Link
36534Lyddon, Arthur BKing's Royal Rifle Corps52238Private [1] London Regiment 232561 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 52238 Private Link
36535Lydford, John SKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/4725Private --Link
36536Lydiatt, StephenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36883Private --Link
36537Lye, Herbert JKing's Royal Rifle Corps3978Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3978 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3978 Private Link
36538Lye, WilfredKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/1768Private --Link
36539Lyell, Angus ChambersKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
36540Lygo, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle Corps53846Private [1] London Regiment 53846 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 53846 Private Link
36541Lygo, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/26744Private [1] East Surrey Regiment L/7567 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/26744 Private [3] London Regiment 92869 Private [4] London Regiment 242042 Private Link
36542Lymm, Tom PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/602Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A/602 Private [2] Royal Engineers 356835 Private Link
36543Lynach, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle Corps54206Private --Link
36544Lynam, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR6031Private --Link
36545Lynch, Albert H TKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/200850Private --Link
36546Lynch, AnthonyKing's Royal Rifle Corps47623Private [1] Labour Corps 34770 - [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 47623 Private [3] London Regiment 556047 Private Link
36547Lynch, Dennis Michael PKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/3893Private --Link
36548Lynch, Frederick PKing's Royal Rifle Corps32365Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 32365 Private [2] Leicestershire Regiment 43573 Private Link
36549Lynch, Jeremiah PKing's Royal Rifle Corps49770Private [1] London Regiment 492411 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 49770 Private Link
36550Lynch, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps13439Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 13439 Private [2] Labour Corps 416374 Private Link
36551Lynch, John PKing's Royal Rifle Corps54230Private [1] Royal Irish Rifles 22277 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54230 Private [3] Royal Dublin Fusiliers 33091 Private Link
36552Lynch, NicholasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA3575Private --Link
36553Lynch, OwenKing's Royal Rifle Corps47613Private --Link
36554Lynch, PatrickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/34266Private --Link
36555Lynch, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/7468Private --Link
36556Lynch, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps11606Private --Link
36557Lynd, JohnKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotA/203806Private --Link
36558Lyndall, Joseph GwynneKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Second Lieutenant [1] Officer Training Corps 6695 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps - Second Lieutenant Link
36559Lyndon, Frank WKing's Royal Rifle Corps465069Private [1] London Regiment 424039 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 465069 Private [3] London Regiment 368057 Private Link
36560Lynds, Harold JKing's Royal Rifle Corps46866Private --Link
36561Lyne, William RKing's Royal Rifle Corps47629Private --Link
36562Lynes, ErnestKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA1424Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1424 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A1424 Private Link
36563Lynes, Wynne ParrKing's Royal Rifle Corps-Captain --Link
36564Lynham, EKing's Royal Rifle Corps attached London RegimentR/40039Corporal --Link
36565Lynham, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 40039Corporal --Link
36566Lynham, TheodoreKing's Royal Rifle Corps56402Private --Link
36567Lynn, FrederickKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR29166Private --Link
36568Lynn, Frederick GKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 13233Private --Link
36569Lynn, Thomas CKing's Royal Rifle Corps20750Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 20750 Private [2] Labour Corps 449846 Private Link
36570Lynn, Walter JKing's Royal Rifle Corps64238Private [1] Rifle Brigade 38528 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 64238 Private Link
36571Lynne, Charles EKing's Royal Rifle Corps65067Private [1] Rifle Brigade S/27069 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 65067 Private Link
36572Lynock, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/2253Private --Link
36573Lyon, EdwardKing's Royal Rifle Corps12227Rifleman [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 12227 Rifleman [2] Labour Corps 411078 Rifleman [3] King's Own Scottish Borderers 47143 Rifleman Link
36574Lyon, EricKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/19165Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/19165 Serjeant [2] West Riding Regiment - Second Lieutenant Link
36575Lyon, Ernest R HKing's Royal Rifle Corps9/200589Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 9/200589 Private [2] Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 64296 Private Link
36576Lyon, JosephKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/185Private --Link
36577Lyon, ReubenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/620Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/620 Private [2] Labour Corps 202490 Private Link
36578Lyon, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 9088Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 9088 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 9088 Serjeant Link
36579Lyons, AbrahamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/37474Private --Link
36580Lyons, DanielKing's Royal Rifle Corps9620Private --Link
36581Lyons, DavidKing's Royal Rifle Corps37865Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 37865 Private [2] Royal Army Service Corps M/396896 Private Link
36582Lyons, George JKing's Royal Rifle Corps56733Serjeant [1] London Regiment 4170 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 56733 Serjeant Link
36583Lyons, James AKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 301Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R 301 Private [2] Rifle Brigade B 203285 Private Link
36584Lyons, James EKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR 26481Private --Link
36585Lyons, JeremiahKing's Royal Rifle CorpsY970Private --Link
36586Lyons, JohnKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR3368Serjeant [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3368 Serjeant [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps R3368 Private Link
36587Lyons, John WKing's Royal Rifle Corps13817Private --Link
36588Lyons, Leonard JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR1690Private --Link
36589Lyons, Leslie SKing's Royal Rifle Corps54370Private [1] Rifle Brigade 46707 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 54370 Private [3] Welsh Regiment 87443 Private Link
36590Lyons, LouisKing's Royal Rifle Corps39941Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 39941 Private [2] Labour Corps 571510 Private Link
36591Lyons, Michael JKing's Royal Rifle Corps12271Private --Link
36592Lyons, PeterKing's Royal Rifle Corps5/4282Private --Link
36593Lyons, StephenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA202721Private [1] Army Service Corps 7056 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps A202721 Private Link
36594Lyons, StephenKing's Royal Rifle CorpsA/202721Private --Link
36595Lyons, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps7176Serjeant --Link
36596Lyons, ThomasKing's Royal Rifle Corps7176Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7176 Lance Corporal [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 7176 Serjeant Link
36597Lyons, TomKing's Royal Rifle CorpsC/8Lance Corporal [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps C/8 Lance Corporal [2] Labour Corps 144978 Private Link
36598Lyons, Wilfred JKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/36850Private --Link
36599Lyons, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle Corps DepotR/38262Private --Link
36600Lyons, WilliamKing's Royal Rifle CorpsR/9773Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps R/9773 Private [2] King's Royal Rifle Corps 50870 Private Link
36601Lyth, ArthurKing's Royal Rifle CorpsB/7963Private --Link
36602Lythgoe, Thomas PKing's Royal Rifle Corps3584Private [1] King's Royal Rifle Corps 3584 Private [2] Labour Corps 516527 Private Link
36603Lyttle, AKing's Royal Rifle Corps59823Private --Link